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New Scifi show tonight!! This show is going to rock!

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posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 07:50 PM
Sci-fi channel has just begun airing a new show that will scientifically look for the paranormal. They include UFOs. The first show is tonight at 10pm Eastern time. I had a great Idea for a show just like this one but I guess they beat me to the punch. They have scientists and experts who are going to find scientific proof of UFOs, ghosts, bigfoot etc. The head scientist is the archeologist who dug up the Roswell site for new evidence for the scifi channel a few years back.

[edit on 11-10-2006 by Cabanman]

posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 07:54 PM
And Boston Rob is on there! Dont forget Boston Rob!!!

I dont see why they are putting that dude on this show, what does he know??

In my opinion, throwing Boston Rob in with a group of experts is kind of a blow to their credibility.

posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 07:59 PM
Sci-fi channel do not play around!! These guys are really serious about UFO disclosure. The have campaigned against the Government in the past, and are pro UFO disclosure. The even have a website that is about getting to the truth about the UFO phenomena. Check out

They even have ties with Clinton advisor John Podesta, who a few years back was very close to blowing the lid on UFO secrecy.

posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 08:07 PM
Sci-Fi has aired some tremendous shows on the whole UFO/Alien phenomena in the past, but they sort of ventured away from that in recent times. I will be looking forward to watching this tonight. The show prior to it, Ghosthunters, is one of my favorites.

posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 08:39 PM
That does sound good. Voodoo, Bigfoot, Mothman, The Afterlife, Roswell (60th anniversary comin' up) and paranormal hotspots are mentioned as episodes.

The Roswell episode interests me most the "startling new evidence has recently sufaced" does grab my attention and I hope it is more than a re-hash of the previous stuff, but with that claim I will for sure watch it at some point.

Perhaps they found something of interest in the samples they took of the soil in the past couple of years? That'd be neat. But if they really had "something big" might we not already know about it? Perhaps we already do... I don't think we'll have reasonable consensus without a public incidence of unquestionable verifiablilty... some will still say otherwise.

This is the 60th Anniversary of Roswell I'm hoping for a "Diamond" and not another official lump of coal. The first gen researchers are aging and to them I say - job well done. They have told us some reasonable elements to consider for the future and much more both good and "other".

Could just be Sci-Fi has "da bomb" but I doubt it. They are doing their part and I look forward to good science as oppossed to good edutainment.

Victor K.


posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 09:08 PM
Watching this now, thanks for the heads up Cabanman

The episodes do look good so we'll see how this turns out. Plus it has Richard Dolan who's book "UFO's & The National Security State" I'm halfway through.


posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 09:12 PM
Wow, Richard Dolan!! This guy is da bomb
He is the writer of the book UFOs and the National Security State. This guy is my hero!!!

Check his porfile out here

posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 09:55 PM
Gotta say I was disappointed with this premiere. It came off a bit too reality based which I absolutely detest (ie survivor and other crap). The topic was kinda blah as well. Hoping for better next week.


posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 10:06 PM
yeah, I agree. Voodo hudu, whatever! I personaly do not believe in magic and vodoo. I can't wait till the UFO episodes. Dolan must try his best and use all his knowledge to point these other researchers into the right direction. Hope for the best

posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 10:07 PM
How is that guy a sceptic? If he says the stuff scares him, then he obviously believes it has something to it, no? If he was truly sceptic, than he would have nothing to be afraid of, eh?

posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 10:10 PM
Yeah, I thought the same thing. Why is he so scared of voodo crap. I bet he is a skeptic all right, a UFO skeptic. I saw a preview of the UFO show, and he was arguing with Mr. Dolan about some UFO pics. What a prick!! Believes in mumbo jumbo but not in ET UFOs.

posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 10:13 PM
What is coming up on the next show, maybe I can catch it? I know that disclosure is coming I can just feel it. We are going to win this war.

posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 10:15 PM
I think the next episode will be on Bigfoot.

posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 10:32 PM
yeah the next episode is bigfoot. this first episode i wasn't too impressed with. the girl, whatever her position is supposed to be? she comes off as slightly immature and didn't really contribute much to the premier. and as for the survivor guy, what's that about? i'm suprised they couldn't come up with a couple of better people. why not that ...uhhh...shermer? guy from skeptic magazine? personally i don't like him, but he'd be a better choice than some reality tv dork. however i did notice that in a clip for the next episode(bigfoot) that they lady and her crew from that bigfoot show that used to be on the outdoor life network is gonna be in it, so it looks like there will be a little more hope for a decent mini investigation for bigfoot. and i say mini because, as i'm sure many here on ats can attest, one hour is hardly enough time to go over all evidence good and bad of even a part of one of these subjects. that's why i hardly pay attention to many shows similar to this, they insinuate they've solved the case in one hour without even taking a full quarter of the relevant information into consideration. " lets take the best known cases factual and fraudulent and see which conclusion we can get" sounds perfectly fine but lets be honest here almost every show with a title similar to National Geographics "is it real?" or subject similar, they slant waaaay too favorably on the side of no. and then neatly say " although you never know" i mean what kind of science, or even cursory look into any subject is that??
so as i said, i'm looking forward to further episodes and hope it doesn't turn into what i've just mentioned, as i'd lose major respect for scifi if that happened.


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