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DHS Tracking Software

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posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 02:30 PM
Knowing people that have worked at homeland security they are pretty much a joke but something has come up we need to be paying attention to.

In 2004 DHS was developing software that would erase government files and news stories now we have this article come out. I know that when the annoucement was made about the disappearing software it was already taking place. Chances are this above news story could be one of the reasons we are seeing news articles and past stories disappear from the web.

Past information from 2003 shows the pattern of past homeland security fbi and other agencies would go out of there way to shut down damaging information.


Evidence also shows that the recent homeland security so called threat list was nothing more then a polticial laundry list for activist that was recently on the news yesterday.


Point is ATS has reason to call attention to both the possible misuse of this program and the effect it could have on our abilities to document evidence.

By the way technically speaking homeland security is against the law because it violates seperation of powers. This is the reason that FEMA recently wanted to seperate itself from homeland security because homeland security when it associated itself with FEMA made it part of the justice system or DOJ and DOJ is part of the FBI and that violated seperation of powers.

Now if the other memebers of homeland security would seperate themselves from HLS and everyone would go back to using the CTRC they wouldn't be breaking the law.


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