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warped logic of Alien UFO believers

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posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 07:32 AM

Originally posted by Shamanator

Originally posted by alienesque
so you REALLY believe we are alone in this vast universe?..

...forgive me..but that is on a par with flat earthers beliefs..

I believe there will be other life out there somewhere maybe not very Intelligent but the distances between stars and taking into account whole speed of light barrier I don't think two kinds of life from different planets will ever meet it's extremely unlikely.

So while I think some life in the universe is probably possible the chances of Earth ever being visited by it would be very very close to Zero.

I don't believe speed of light travel is possible and even at that velocity it would take us 4.3 years to get to the nearest star now the distances across galaxys would take millions of years at light speed that isnt even taking into account how anything could survive the trip.

No I'm quite confident Earth has never had Aliens on it.

hi..i cant see how anyone can rule anything out when it comes to such things...if they exist..which they probably do....some are vastly more advanced than we are..we have no idea what is possible regarding travel between planets or star systems.....who would have though 100 years what would possible now..

....ever heard of the guy who claimed it would take 10000 years before man would fly...2 weeks before the wright brothers took to the skies?

for me its obvious..the chances that beings exist on other planets is very high...thats a listen to all the eye witness accounts from very serious people....look at the films and photos..(not all obviously)..add to that the amount of ancient artifacts or paintings that show UFOs and/or rockets and it all does seem to tell us we have been visited..many times.. throughout our history..simply saying that because our current limited understanding of science makes it impossible that they have ever been here seems to me to very short sighted....

look at the evidence that exists..not what you think is the absolute truth.

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 08:35 AM
reply to post by Shamanator

Well at least you say when you don't believe aliens are flying the ufo's you admit to being "biased". That being said, to date many countries have come forward officially to state ufos are real, Italy being the latest. You must have a very sheltered and secluded kind of mentality. Ufology is what it is due to the existence of many countless people affected by the ones flying the saucers, and for everyone who likes to ignore the average person's accounts, it is the heart and soul of ufology, beginning with the Betty and Barney Hill case. And in the current releases up to date, it is the little peoples accounts that are now happening in mind blowing amounts that is responsible for these disclosures. The evidence is staggering. The sitings numerous. The experiences with occupants of the crafts in the millions now.
Science is not really something to bring up in defense of this. We are barely emerging from the most primitive conditions, and don't know much . But the new Collider should be telling you something, eh? Or did you imagine that it was exploring the mundane principles taught in school. Well mundane? My son, who gets an over 90% average in college psychics was taught about String theory. Whatever they may say its for to the masses, I read about the collider in Switzerland years ago, and that it was being built to test String Theory, which allows for many dimensions, worm holes, and even time travel. However even the smallest evidence that gave credence to this was hard to try and prove, but collider would be able to do this. That was years ago. And this is physics! And my son was told this in school as well.

The channeling aspect is one that I have always avoided until I discovered what is being called channeling. A kind of possession is one thing, but psi contact is not channeling. It is nonverbal communication. This does seem to be how our visitors tend to communicate.
Even if it weren't for the experiences we've had that force us into the polar opposite camp as you on this, I would never have closed my mind to the possibilites in science, or to the actual evidence in terms of testimony of so many people.

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