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Controlling their Scents???

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posted on Oct, 10 2006 @ 01:10 AM

So this school trustee is attempting to ban all scents from his schools? It's like telling someone they can't wear deoderant. Jeez.. What next? They can't brush their teeth with certain toothpastes??? Here's an excerpt from the report (click the above link for the full story):

School Trustee Thinks Something Stinks About Student Body Spray

It's called Axe and it's supposed to be the cutting edge when it comes to fragrances for men.
Instead it may be chopped by school officials in the G.T.A.

The reason? The Toronto District School Board is angry at the way the body spray is being marketed and believes it may be violating a fragrance-free policy it hopes to institute.

It's being sold as an aphrodisiac for boys, a way to get girls to come after them. That in itself upsets trustees like John Matlow. "I think these fragrance companies know what they're doing, they're focusing on young boys 'cause they want to let these boys know they can meet girls if they spray it on them," he condemns

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