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North Korea says nuclear test successful

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posted on Oct, 13 2006 @ 07:15 PM

Originally posted by blackened
dgtempe what do you mean by turning all your efforts to these people?
do you want the american navy to kill another 600k people who are generally civillians?
this way of thinking is really sick

Well, i meant that instead of chasing nothing in the middle east, and causing chaos there, we should perhaps focus our attention a little more to where a "real" threat might be. I do not want war, but i would say this government cannot be all over the world at once policing it, and therefore should pay a little attention to these people- hell, give them what they want.
Everything can be settled with diplomacy. Everything.'
Send them $$$, whatever it takes to shut them up. Everything and anything can be negociated for a price. But we should pay attention to them. They are crazy.
And they do live with their lights off after 9 pm.

posted on Oct, 14 2006 @ 03:06 AM
"i meant that instead of chasing nothing in the middle east"
are your soldiers dying for nothing in the middle east?

"Everything and anything can be negociated for a price"
price=655000 dead people and a lot of US soldiers too who had absolutely no idea what they were doing
gain=control over the middle eastern petrol reserves + incredible economy pumped with weapons of war + pumping the terorism in the surrounding countries like turkey, co-operation with the well known terrorist organisations, supplying them with sufficient fire power and intelligence and resurrecting a dead terorist organisation in the northern side of iraq letting them cause havoc inside the borders of another country like turkey who in the last decade lost over 100000 people of their own while fighting against the same terorist organisation to protect their civilian population. now all those dead people's efforts became invisible thanks to the leader of the free world. also the pesmerges killed a lot more people than the bodycount we saw to make their organisation along the northern border more stable in cooperation wtih the US military, killing turcic people taking their properties through illegal ways like burning the whole governmental archieves of the cities. as well as some other minority.

dgtempe tell me honestly where are the nuclear weapons or weapons of mass destruction that this war started for? they must have been pulverized by the mighty american navy for sure! saving all the neighbouring countries, what a leader!

dgtempe america is fighting for its own people naturally as all the governments do but where is your war over terorism? america is not a terorist country is it? why didnt they stop the invasion and call their troops back after they saw that there is no such threat as nuclear weapons or weapons of mass destruction under the control of saddam huseyin? there is no legal explanation to the genocide that has taken place in iraq. all you have to do is face the facts. what the hell is your army doing with the pesmerges in the northern side of iraq? do you know what america has to do with the kurdish people? why are your generals creating new maps, maps that cover the entire middle asia? what would you think of a canadian navy officer who has created a map that took washington dc into canadian borders? just think about it please.

arent you the civilians that suffered the terrible consequences of 9/11? how can a country that has suffered so much from terorism be pumping other terorist organisations? even resurrect the dead ones?

i do not know what america's intentions could be if they strike north korea
to free the people who do not have sufficient resources to have electricty on after 9 pm!
what a tragedy, the leader of the free world is working on such tragic issues, i am amazed!

dgtempe as a friend i think you should stop being so naive.

posted on Oct, 16 2006 @ 11:51 AM
It was confirmed today that North Korea did indeed use a nuke, from air samples taken from last week.

Researches say that the explosion was equal to 1 kiloton.

posted on Oct, 16 2006 @ 11:55 AM
And yet another abysmal failure for Bush diplomacy. If he had a sec. of state worth something, this might have been prevented.

The N. Koreans say they want one on one talks with the US.

We say has to be regional.

Can anyone give me one good non-partisan reason why we shouldn't have one on one talks with them?

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