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What are the UFO orbs?

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posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 01:54 AM
The way you decribe them in your thread is spot on,they really do seem move this way and that as if avoiding radar. Wow that sort of makes sense; after the sightings I wrote to the MOD and they sent me back a nice letter, saying they'd had nothing of any defence significance in the region at that time and stated that I could do what I wanted with my film as it was my property! lol it made me smile. The lights are always there I think as we find like you they pretend to be stars.

posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 02:11 AM
THanks for sharing your stories English Speaking Alliance. You get my 'way above' vote this month. I have nothing to add other than these orbs form the framework of my understanding of a 'ufo' presence as they have been seen by people close to me on more than 1 occassion, so i have no problem realising they are an actual phenomenon. They were seen in the 50's by someone close to me doing things as you describe, over open ocean as seen from the shoreline. imo that predates anything mankind could've duped despite what others may say. look forward to seeing your video & happy to help with a web-ready conversion if you like.

posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 01:38 PM
Just a quick post, English Speaking Alliance what was the date you saw them, as I saw the lights on the 4th of October early in the morning like well we have another poster

that saw a UFO on the 4th at York, would be interesting if we all saw these things on the same day.

And on the colour, the very large one, was by far the largest light in the sky, it flashed green blue red white, perhaps a yellow as well, it flashes/twinkles so fast its hard to tell its colours but it isn't flat white like everything else in the sky, a white object flew off at speed from it, another object, same size a a star and colour of a star was 3.5 inches to the right, both of these objects tremered or wobbled, both moved across the sky, particularly the small object.

I have seen this large flashing light before, just ignored, thought it odd but ignored it, I only stopped to watch as I asked 'them' to show me themselves, that's when I went to the kitchen and saw it, I kept watching and that's when the movement happened.

recently out of my front window I have seen a light in the sky, this is say 4pm - 6pm in virtual day light, no other stars out at all as its too light, I would see a single light in the sky, this would then move up and down 2.5 inches, I would watch for say 10 minutes, I could watch longer but a cloud may obscure or I just get bored, incidentally my step farther lives up the road, he is always saying he has seen the space station move across the sky, is there still a space station, if its not a space station he will say he has seen a satellite, I find this unbelievable and think he may be watching the same lights, incidentally after both of us us had informed of seeing lights there was a helicopter flying over my parents house, later we say the same helicopter 2 miles down the road hovering right next to a power line, like right next to it, seemed a bit odd, I have heard of UFOs being seen near power sources.

My step farther also once had an experience of driving and having orbs follow him then after a while they sped off into the air.

But really you talk to most people around this area and they will tell either they or someone they now has seen things, its kind of common round here, oh just remembered, we had an area near here, I think it was Leek, that had a mass sighting in its local paper, about 13 people reported it, not sure if someone saw one landed on a hill, I found out about it as the local news paper was pinned on a display board in Buxton library.

As for myself I must of seen them (ufos) about 60 times at least, its a heavy area for it.

posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 01:56 PM

Originally posted by probedbygrays
Yes I realized I had encountered intelligent beings from outside our ordinary reality and it opened my mind to believing that anything is possible.

God always appeared as lights of different sorts so open minded people could readily accept that you are encountering God and angelic beings maybe. I certainly accept that as a distinct possibility.

What I think this is about:

What if the orbs like the light craft were some very advanced technology of annother realm which came in to shoot down the enemy the lizard. They are protectors but advanced to us and look out for us. The lizard is the controller and usurper of mankind for his own benefit.

God doesn't intervene personally when there are other entities to do so.

posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 02:31 PM
if you said it was around stonehenge, it could explain something. I was reading something a little while ago talking about the natural powersource our planet has that we dont know about, that can be tapped into. And yeah so this source is strong in certain areas and it said stonehenge was built on top of one of these areas. There was even a little illustration to go with it I think. So stonehenge could be like a source of energy for them? Just like how UFOs have been seen over nuclear plants and by the sun, absorbing the radiation and converting into energy.

I dont know if you believe any of that, but its just something I read and I feel it could be relevant. If indeed orbs consist entirely of energy, they might need to feed off it from a source.

Ah i just re-read your message, it was a stone circle SIMILAR to stone henge, well maybe it works the same as stonehenge? even if it works at all?

OH and heres a link that talks about what i'm trying to say:

Its not the best link to the subject but if you want more just look for it yourself.

And heres a quote from it:

"A study of the make up of the original stones from the henge, coupled with the electromagnetic lines of force in the ley lines, has lead some to speculate that Stonehenge may have been a fantastic power source used for communications, manifestations, energy applications, and other ancient sciences still being explored. Creating a global grid map of all the sacred stone sites reveals that they are all connected, energy wise, as if by one designer. Unfortunately, many of these sacred stone sites are now underwater (and not yet found) or have been plowed under or built over."

Anyways, just throwin that out there. Somethin for you guys to ponder.

posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 11:43 AM
Hi there Ti Cha, good to hear from you, and your things on the orbs. I really want to get this on the net, or this site as its very similar to what folk are talking about. If you can help I would be most grateful. The computer is a Win 98 and thats why I couldn't download my film footage . We've got it on DVD now, but for some reason the sound has not transferred. Nevermind I got the original on CD and on the memorycard of the phone. My girlfriends PC has got a DVD player, but she hasn't got the software for it, that is possible so I'll look at that tonight. I may have to use a friends PC to put on line I think. Your help will be most useful.

posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 11:49 AM
Hi there the first meeting took place on 1st May 2006 and the one we filmed was 6th May 2006. Its amazing the area around Buxton, Leek and Ashbourne, its literally teeming with orbs and UFO's. I know what you mean about being in contact with them, it works, but can take alot of concentration. It sounds like you've seen them loads, we could meet up some time and go on a Orb expedition.

posted on Oct, 13 2006 @ 12:56 AM
Here's a DVD player that might work? It has a 14 day free trial without limitations.

I uninstalled my DVD player and installed the one above and it worked perfectly.

While the DVD is playing you can capture it on AVI file using this AVIScreen Classic program. You'll just need to set the capture size first and also set it to not capture the curser. Also you can set it to capture as many frames per second as you like. You press Ctrl+Alt+S to start the video capture, and then press Ctrl+Alt+F to stop the capture. It will open windows media player and play the captured video as soon as you stop the capture unless you first unclick that option as well. All the captured files will be kept in C:\Program Files\bobyte\AviScreen classic\Captures\.

Good luck

Numerous Orbs appear in photo

[edit on 13-10-2006 by probedbygrays]

posted on Oct, 13 2006 @ 02:49 PM
Thats really strange.

Any photo experts here?

I believe you I'm not trying to debunk you or anything, but wow!

if those are all orbs.... well, They're crowding us. Glad thats not my backyard.

posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 01:36 PM
ORBS are the conciseness of quanta.

2 cents

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