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Where have all the possibilities gone??

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posted on Jan, 13 2003 @ 11:20 PM
I lost the feel for this conversation, that is why I sorta dropped it a while back. I was going one direction and it seemed like you were going another. I'm not sure if there was a right/correct direction, but... oh well.

Here's what I'll respond with:

Consider a piece of a puzzle in which the whole image is not clearly represented. One, who has free will, can draw several conclusions as to what the whole puzzle looks like as well where it fits in relation to that conclusion. But the fact of the matter is one can be completely wrong as to how the puzzle actually looks as well as where the piece fits.

But at least they would understand that piece that they had. As humans, do we even understand a single piece? We are a wasted half-creation if we can't. I get a lot of the "whole picture," but I'm not impressed. A puzzle is just a jumbled picture of a place that you would like to be. So now it's like saying that life is a jumbled puzzle of "heaven" and you have to figure out the pieces. I can tell you that this puzzle blows.

Using the analogy of a person who has drawn the wrong conclusions in relation to a piece in a puzzle, one question which comes to mind is how God would consider the relevance of the false conclusion. Also to what extent does the false conclusion affect the fact that it is in reality a piece of a puzzle which belongs to another image?

Well, right now we are thinking about blowing the pieces of the puzzle up with a bomb, chemical and biological weapons, and suppressing more and more freedoms. I wonder what God's thinking about the "false conclusion" at this point? If this false conclusion does fit with the big picture, I think God should be shot. If I was God, I would resign for being a dumba$$.

In relation to God that would depend on your opinion. Once you were able to perceive the puzzle for what it was meant to look like (as well how the piece you had, fit into that image)... Protector my impression of the term God is that whatever conclusion we draw as to its structure and meaning, will always not be enough. Awareness as we understand it exists, because reality (in order to truly be real) must be complete and we are the result of that conclusion.

Well, then God needs to pull out his pencil and use that little pink thing on the end and fix some shizznit. If all else fails, I'd vouch for being 'imaginary' at this point. I would rather be the dream, than the whimsickle (sp?) existance that we call life and reality.

Therefore any determinations we make about infinity are not conclusion about God, but rather about ourselves. ... What are your thoughts?

Then I should be shot! And God should suffer with the fact that He screwed up when He made me, because I sure am.

What are my thoughts? If I had a penny for each one of God's actions, I'd be a pauper.

At this point, I'm not sure what sustains what little faith I have... it's either my hatred or my stupidity.

posted on Jan, 14 2003 @ 12:24 AM
I'll say it a BIZILLION TIMES....Man has lost all direction and sense of humility, when he traded the trees for towers, and grass for concrete, and stars for blackness.

Athiests ARE idiots, I don't really mean it in a bad way though, I know what they are getting at, but they are fools who have never lived with nature, been hunted by an animal, or seen the heavens without interfering cities.

And any athiests who wish to challenge me, please tell me the last time a bear hunted you, you stood in the presence of a 3000 year old tree that was as tall as a sky scraper, and you've seen the milkyway as bright as a moon lit cloud.

Please oh athiest, tell me the last time you've wandered the mountains and heard the river's voice, the wind through the pines and seen the snow blow off a mountain peek for over a mile...hanging like a cloud only to fall in an arch into nothingness...'ve experienced so little, in this pampered world....get out more, really...much more.

(Hmm I am interested in hearing when you last did those things

But anyways, that's a bit besides the point...the point is ALL of mankind is suffering because of this lack of reality.

Reality is not what we build, but what nature builds, our false reality is a small necessity, that we need to progress, but man has yet to find the balance, to find a way to progress while not losing himself, and while not putting himself on an almighty pedestal.

Damn how I wish there were never cities like LA or even Reno is too big....too many live and die, without seeing the can't exist when we experience nature...

...I don't think our ancestors were wrong, for I have seen what they've seen...Alaska is still a nice place, and Nevada is fairly abandoned, when you go out into the east but it seems to have a perpetual haze that always ruins star gazing heh...

Anyways...athiests are not sutpid literally, many are quite intelligent people, hence why they don't buy into that "Vengeful//Loving God" crap, but I have yet to meet one who's gotten to live at Nature's Mercy...

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posted on Jan, 14 2003 @ 06:51 PM

But at least they would understand that piece that they had. As humans, do we even understand a single piece? We are a wasted half-creation if we can't. I get a lot of the "whole picture," but I'm not impressed. A puzzle is just a jumbled picture of a place that you would like to be. So now it's like saying that life is a jumbled puzzle of "heaven" and you have to figure out the pieces. I can tell you that this puzzle blows.

Predator you sound depressed.....
Have you ever wondered what a wild animal considers while it its eating its prey? Consider that the feelings are probably no different than when a person is having dinner. I do not really consider the image to be a jumbled puzzle of heaven. But rather what has been afforded to us in relation to intent and understanding is jumbled and specifically we do it to ourselves.

The generalizations found is almost all religions, pretty much cover what is needed to be understood. It is really up to the observer to understand them in relation to a value.

Beyond that Predator there are formats of formal training which simply stated require an investment of time on a scale of at least 10 to 15 years.

When I was 3 Predator I was exposed to my fist experience with an animal spirit. By the time I was 6 what is today often accepted as Remote Viewing was
Childs play to me. This year I turn 41 and to be very honest, in the time that has past since my youth. I have maintained consistently a process of education, training and development.

Finding someone to blame for how you presently feel Predator. Only justifies that feeling the way you do have to do with something external and that is never completely true. It takes two to start an argument and if your one of them. Then you need to resolve what part you started before you can expect the other to do the same.

posted on Jan, 14 2003 @ 07:58 PM
So my name is Predator now eh?... I think I like it

For one, we are much more intelligent than wild animals. A better question would be to say, "when does a wild animal think of his kill/food as anything other than food?" That would probably be the day he starts swinging through the trees... which would be a sight in itself

I don't disagree that I do things to myself, nor do I disagree that I need to address my own interal problems. The fact is, I address those everyday. The questions I never get answered are those that relate to the Universal. Ok, that's a lie. I rarely get a glimpse of an answer from the Universal. I think God likes to watch me walk into walls and bang my head into hard objects before I get any response.

How does training fit into this? I've been trained for many things in my life. I consider many of my skills to be top notch. The fact that I argue with my God-friend is just my way of explaining my feelings and the desire to have questions answered. You sometimes help me find some answers, but many constantly go unanswered.

I've had a few little things answered recently, which I feel a bit better about, but my journey is still long. A helping hand is always appreciated. Well, I'm going to keep this short. I'm sure more things will come up soon enough. Let's just hope my head doesn't explode in the meantime.

posted on Jan, 15 2003 @ 07:50 PM
Hey Protector I do apologize for not getting your name right.

The ability sense and interact with objects is something that requires development. As a baby it took time to grasp the levels of awareness needed to walk, talk and meet other basic needs.

Though meditation, study and becoming more aware of our surroundings, we develop a capacity to sense alternatives. Perspectives, which allow us to understand and comprehend how human existence, are tied to all things that real.

You do have many questions Protector and if my efforts to respond to them have not always helped, then might I suggest you try being more specific. I am not perfect but I do care and if you can take that into consideration, Then you and I will never have a problem.

Might I suggest developing a background in Ninjitsu as well as learning about the Cabala.

Ask me anything you would like

posted on Jan, 15 2003 @ 10:45 PM
I do have a small background in ninjitsu. Very small, but I've read quite a bit and tried some of the exercises and techniques for myself. In other martial arts classes I have learned similar techniques and knowledge that I can use. I am not familiar with Cabala, however.

Perhaps the problems between you and I are the fact that I don't believe training is necessary to be closely connected with God. I'm not trying to achieve magical powers... just merely finding answers to difficult questions... very difficult questions.

I may seem misguided, but I assure you that I gain a lot of knowledge and answers in my endless searching. Within the last couple days, quite a few small answers were revealed to me. Whether this be supernatural or not is not for me to say, but the answers were there none the less.

For me, understanding God is a passion and a necessity to living a more full and rewarding life. To you, as I see it, performing rituals and communing with your God/god/gods is how you feel closer to your Universal.

We may be attempting much of the same process, but from two different points of view. Think of me as relativity and you as quantum mechanics. A grand unified theory needs to come along so that we can see eye to eye

Since you gave me suggestions, how about I give you a few. Next time you talk to your Universal (our Universal), have a regular conversation with Him as if He was a friend. I usually notice that my best answers come when I feel most relaxed with asking the questions. For instance, have you ever wished God a Happy Birthday, a Happy New Year, a Good Morning, .. ever yelled at Him for feeling misguided... each of these ways of communing helps, both, you to understand and Him to give answers. ... Just don't be irrational

What are your thoughts Toltec?

[Edited on 16-1-2003 by Protector]

posted on Jan, 16 2003 @ 01:12 PM
My thoughts are that there are as many paths to understanding the intent of God, as there are people.

As a reuslt the validity of your path is something only you can truly judge. Advice is a good thing, given freely is of greater value than is often considered and so your advice is greatly appreciated.

Consider protector when I have presented to you to date in relation to a perspective upon a solid state.

Ying as what is accepted to date and Yang in relation to a point of view in which time and length have something in common.

Length and width, depth and time; defining what is surreal is a matter of perspective.

And one other consideration/advise I can give you at this time, this that the present is infinite and the past is part of the here and now (The wave function in relation to electron spin. Carries information about the past in the present), as a reuslt the past need not exist.

Attached is several links to understanding the Cabala but do suggest you learn about the practice on your own.


Map of correlations

A quest

posted on Jan, 16 2003 @ 05:42 PM
I have read things on the Tree of Life and sacred geometry and whatnot. I was never that interested in it. I've never found real life evidence to support much of what it claims. I stay away from any sort of religious ties and any backwards form of spiritual practices. I keep myself grounded in fact and personal faith. I am very picky about what I allow to join my arsenal of knowledge. I've been lied to too many times to allow myself to form a false faith once again.

I am interested, however, in what made you suggest reading into Ninjitsu some more. I find it to be a fairly intesting, and fairly boring, subject. I was fortunite to pick up some good books and some SLOOOOOOW books on it. I'm sorry that I don't have much for you in the ways of discussion, but I'm not always searching for the same answers everyday.

Until next time.

posted on Jan, 17 2003 @ 05:23 PM
Protector when looking into the Quabalah takes into consideration that the Talmud includes the Lords prayer. As well do those only handle the Ark of the Covenant so trained in these secrets of Jewish faith. The links offered is merely what the Internet present; the nature of the Quabalah is inherent in what were called the Judges of Israel.

In relation to Ninjitsu it is often depicted as being taught in a Dojo but it is also taught in a Lair (this being the next level).

posted on Jan, 19 2003 @ 04:59 PM
The way I see the universe is different than most people in all of existance. I think my views of it help me to piece together concepts that most people cannot even fathom. Because of my understanding, at this point, of how the whole Thing works, I have found it very difficult to relate to any religious view, natural practice, or spiritual blindness that many others claim. One day I hope to share my views with the world and then others might share in my perspective of It All.

About Ninjitsu, yes it is taught in a Dojo because any type of teaching is done is a Dojo, which is a school or place of learning. As far as a Lair goes, I don't know how that would translate in Japanese, but I'm sure it goes along the same lines... a place of being, isolated from others, yet still a place for them to learn and train. Last I knew, the original Ninjas taught on the Misty Mountain or Shadow Mountain or Cloudy Mountain, or whatever it was called. Among the cloak of darkness and/or the clouds, they could practice anywhere they felt.

Where does an elephant sit? Anywhere it wants.
Where do martial artists practice? Anywhere they want.
In what universe does Toltec exist? Nobody Knows... I don't know what this line has to do with anything

[Edited on 19-1-2003 by Protector]

posted on Jan, 19 2003 @ 07:13 PM
For me the universe as we understand it is a part of a reality which is far older than we have ever conceived of.

An expanding universe is expanding at all levels then what of this issue?

According to the EOU model, the Universe is a closed (into itself) four (at least)- dimensional structure of spacetimematter, which is currently in the state of spatial-expansion, that being just a phase in the continuing motion between two borderline, extreme-initial states, defined by the qualities of a black and a white hole, where this motion includes both the "inside" and "outside" motion and changes of some elements which influence one another. The term "inside" here denotes anything situated on the concave side of a certain closed structure with an accepted number of dimensions.

The term spatial-expansion assumes a four-dimensional motion transferred into our three-dimensional world, and we have to make a clear distinction between this and the meaning of classical expansion- an explosion, for instance, where particles move in all directions at once, but which is in fact the sum of a finite number of common straight-line motions, where all velocity vectors of certain elements of the expanding object have the same starting point. With spatial-expansion, contrary to an explosion, all points of (a part of) a volume or "space" are equal, since in every little part of its little parts there is a motion from the "inside" to the "outside", where there is always an infinite number of infinitely small points, and inside each of those points, in succession with the 'expanding' process there appears an infinite number of infinitely small points. In this sense, something can be inside or outside a sphere of certain dimensions, while the expressions: under, left, above and the like, cannot define the position of an object in this dimension.

The claim that the Universe is in the phase of spatial-expansion, means that it is in a state of motion which implies that not only the distance between various celestial bodies (Hubble's Law) - planets, stars, galaxies, etc. is increasing, but also the distance between the atoms of elements those bodies are comprised of, and between the "parts" of those atoms, i.e. the quarks which constitute hadrons, leptons, etc. (EOU Model).

The thought that this applies to us, our bodies and everything around us, should not make us worry. According to the suggested model, our Sun would, in some fifteen billion years, which is roughly how old the Universe is, "expand" only by 0.00001 percent of its size in this manner. The distance between atoms is on the scale of 10-10 m. In, let's say, five thousand years, it would be greater by only 10-22 m. The Pyramids in Egypt, which are just about that old, have in all that time grown by a one- millionth part of a millimeter, which makes about 10-9 ratio to their size. Such a small relative growth in size is impossible to measure, especially in such a long time interval. A number of generations could not measure this, since the measurement etalons (e.g. meters), change their "size", while the relative ratio remains the same, which could create a "picture" that nothing is actually changing. Still, although they "remain the same", they, as we say, "grow old", so the "passing of time" has left its mark after all, which is something we can see (e.g. as a change in structure, mechanical qualities...) Greater distancing speeds and a more significant increasing of the distance to us are a privilege of the borderline areas of Space. Of course, according to the Model, from their point of view, we are the ones "running away" towards "the outside"...

If we accept "spatial-expansion" as reality, then the above-mentioned "problems" of the red and blue shift not only do not contradict the relativity theory, but they even support it, by confirming the positive curving of our space and in the fourth dimension, at that, which, in fact, would imply its being closed in that dimension as well.

Owing to the described model, the question: "When did the Universe come into being?" has in some way become pointless, along with the question: "Where did the Universe come into being?".

As far as a Lair in relation to Ninjitu what is called a Sage trains you to become a Shadow Warrior and by the way it is never borring.

[Edited on 20-1-2003 by Toltec]

posted on Jan, 20 2003 @ 10:09 PM
I'm not sure how "fun" Ninjitsu classes are, but I know there are a few books that are very boring on the subject. I've read chapters that were like 20 pages where perhaps one paragraph was actually useful information.

What info can you give me on "white holes"... are they a myth or no?

posted on Jan, 20 2003 @ 11:41 PM
As far as I know Quasars (at least in theory) are considered White Holes

Perhaps Protector we should explore the issue of

See link.....

Nimpo Karumijutsu

[Edited on 21-1-2003 by Toltec]

posted on Jan, 21 2003 @ 04:25 PM
Yes, I've read quite a bit on Nimpo and Ninjitsu/Ninjutsu.

I've practiced Kempo, Jujitsu, Tai Kwan Do, Aikido, and small aspects of Wing Chun and Judo. I'm not that skilled in any of them, but I'm not that half bad at a couple. I seem to be predisposed for good combat skills.. probably runs in the genes/jeans
. I'm very aware of much of what the article was talking about. I've done training on shifting Ki/Chi to different parts of the body. I have a natural flow, so I sometimes get recognition for good ki flow although I'm not trying to do so. I think I understand the dynamics of movement better than most people, so I know how to make moves more effective. I'm currently out of practice/training, but I'll probably pick it up again soon... plus I could lose a bit of weight

If I could focus, and not move around, I'd probably be closer to having a reputable amount of formal training. Lately, I've been wanting to learn Wing Chun, but no one teaches it around these parts... let alone Ninjitsu which is more rare. Kempo on the other hand is not as rare as it claims. I do admit... Kempo has some nasty, effective strikes that you won't pick up by learning how to box.

I don't consider myself good with ki/chi, so I've been hesitant about my future with the arts. I'm not in it for a colored belt, but more for the actual lessons. I don't like to spar either, but I've won quite a few matches. Maybe, one day, I'll settle down and get a good amount of formal training. For now, I'll stick with my local Aikido lessons.

...also, I don't have much patients... when learning, yes!... while in the dark... NO WAY! I'm a learning machine and if no advice or knowledge is handed down, then I go looking somewhere else. It is the difference between and active and passive learner.

Thanks for the post... if I come across any good ones, I'll post em for ya.

[Edited on 21-1-2003 by Protector]

posted on Jan, 21 2003 @ 10:21 PM
it seems to me the expanding universe would imply a beginning and an end even if it is an extremely long time frame especailly in regards to our brief lives. But attempting to infer a beginning or an ending from it would be rediculous. The current assumtion is that it was very fast at first and then began to slow. If that is the case, is it still slowing and if so will it stop or turn back in on itself and therefore begin to contract again. I've read a lot of theories on in that regard to, but nothing that convinced me either way.

On a totally different not I think there is the posbibility that the observed expansion is a product of *us observing it. We being very linear and not understanding the relation between time and space might be inferring an expansion based on the limited abilities of our observation.

Back to God... It is my belief that it is impossible for anyone in our realm of existence to ever truly *know god. Because his infiniteness so beyoind anything we can experience. We can't even fully understand what exists in this plain let alone the the other infinite possibilities, but its fun to try!

posted on Jan, 22 2003 @ 11:27 PM
About your "God comment"...

I believe people like you are either afraid to understand God or not willing.

Yes, I believe in natural selection, therefore people who ask big questions get big answers and form big brains and lead big lives... God may be an unreachable goal to you, but I think He's right there, waiting for someone to discover His infinance... but even Indian Jones would just be a history teacher if he didn't go out and explore. Excuse the non-real life example.

I'm getting to the point where I want to scream to a room full of people, "THIS IS NOT ENOUGH!!"

Just for reference, you are wrong about the expansion slowing down. Recently scientists found that we are expanding faster. I believe there is an article on MSN.. probably archived... about this finding. Time to reformulate your views of the universe

posted on Jan, 30 2003 @ 07:59 PM

Nimpo came to stand for all of the auxiliary forms of training which could lead to spiritual enlightenment and had the side benefit of making a person's martial arts much more effective and efficient. One of the most useful and distinctive arts which came to be practiced by both monks and warriors was known as Karumijutsu, the body lightening art.

Me thinks Protector ye are not understadning???
Form and thought


posted on Jan, 30 2003 @ 08:15 PM
Aministorial, the universe is expanding. The idea started out first when they noticed the "red shift" dopplar effect in the light...but now we've long since proven it through math (the ultimate truth), The universe is expanding, and it boils down to two questions...will it continue to expand until it is spread so thin that it will be 1 particle per million light years squared...and beyond.

Or will it collapse.

I think the first is much more true, and sad, either way our existance in this current form is doomed, since there is no way for it to last, either we fade into virtual nothingness, or are horribly crushed.

I think science is man's search for god, so religions fear it because they fear that science will prove that their view was wrong, and man uses science to support athiesm, because they don't realize that science doesn't explain why and how it all came into simply is easier to be NOTHING...the very fact anything is here at all, is a proof of god. The fact that we have mass, is just gravy.

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posted on Jan, 31 2003 @ 08:58 AM
You know, the universe might be attempting to find equilibrium... why does it have to keep expanding or collapse. Most systems tend to continue towards a state of equilibrium, not a cyclical attempt at destruction and rebirth... that is just a human ideal.

posted on Jan, 31 2003 @ 09:01 AM
I wouldn't call mass "gravy." It is more like a long bound bondage ploy at slavery and supression of the soul. Maybe that's a sad way to look at it, but I certainly would like to try my shoes out at stepping up to a "Q." (Star Trek).

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