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BMD: Back on the table...

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posted on Oct, 5 2006 @ 11:06 AM
CDN Senate just pumped this out... it's a bit "thick" but those with an interest will be of "enhanced-intrigue"... fits with all the "Fortress North-America' and the notion of "Pax-Americana", SPP, deep integration, un-monitored FBI forays into Canada, etc.

The following link is from Colin Kenny's Senate homepage:

This may switch the focus from Rona "The Machine" Ambrose to "attentions-other" for a bit... might make this news cycle... perhaps not. If it does it'll break out of the "offices-Asper" 1st.

Victor K.


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posted on Oct, 6 2006 @ 10:24 PM
Thanks for the link. It's a long report, after I slog through it I'll have more to say. I've briefly skimmed the section on BMD and the report seems to strongly suggest that we should sign on.

I'll be curious to see how Harper brings this up, or if he even does. Support for that program could kill him in Quebec and Ontario.

posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 11:08 AM
Having read the report and done some digging on who wrote it, and their histories, and in light of current political "anticipatory-hypotheticals" - I see a "brainpan joust" at some point between the Senate and "Harpo's Marksmen" (marks-persons) and Iggy's "shidavists" and or Rae's SPP-ish baggage handlers.

The Senate says "why bother defending the North?" and "no new icebreakers (neither armed nor unarmed)" and the current regime's position of "we want icebreakers, not neccessarily armed". If one prowls the recent news the USA believes that the Arctic sovereignty of the Dominion of Canada may be worth contesting as evidenced by the recommendation of Polar-class armed icebreakers and desire for a "settling" of who owns what "on the part of the planet marked as this-side-up".

The Senate seems really big on "ubiquitous-integration" and "collabortive-transformation" in those areas of interest which may be of mutual-perceived-benefit between North American national entities. Our other choices in talking heads whether Lib/Con/Mil/Media/Corporati "Feel The Same Way Too" (Rankin Family - great tune). This scares me most and suggests that long-held plans for self-determinative-extraction were not entirely without merit and that the notion of sovereignty is perhaps in it's last vestiges or at the least under perceived threat. I so wanna be wrong.

The Senate wants us "in" on BMD... so do many in the machines of the two big political parties and their agencies corporate and civil and they talk in "honey-tones" as opposed to "vinegar" and Ted and Sarah get to "fly" to a perceived choice... perhaps that's it - a set of formulated presented "choices" from a limited menu of "media-projected-realties". They will count "on the path of least resistance" using day-to-day events as re-inforcers of the need for "transparent" public security and stability...

Then again, it is the Senate and haven't they been discounted as rubber-stamp stuff? There appears to be an agenda, what it is we may only ever know bits of and not till long after it would have made a difference... elements of such an agenda would appear to be pervasive in our cultural diaspora - takes a long, long time to position that many players on both (actually all) sides.

It's the end of the first period in a late regular-season game and the public stands a slim wildcard chance of making the playoffs and every one of us is hurtin' from a long season... give up? Try? If not the American owned teams will eat us to the North Pole and drink from the Cup that used to be ours "Canada". OMG - I'm a Nationalist! Is that now considered bad or good? A Libertarian-Socialist-Democratic-Nationalist? Arrgh... can't even tell what my own politics are anymore! LOL.

Oh my, seems conflict of all sorts are on the horizon.

Victor K.


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