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How the N.W.O. will succeed (and why it’s too late to stop them)

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posted on Oct, 5 2006 @ 06:11 AM
It's already in motion, look at the way that America are trying to take over the world.
Look at N.Korea for instance, they want to do nuke testing but America say no we don't like that idea. But it's ok for America to test nukes? hmm
Then what about Iraq? Saddam says he wants to bring an end to trading oil in Dollars, So what happens? America go in take over the Country. How is that fair?
To me The leaders of the NWO are America, and they are nothing but Bullys in this world, Fighting, killing and taking over countrys, rewriting new laws that justify them the means to do it, but no one else can? They want everyone to do as they say!

posted on Oct, 5 2006 @ 06:20 AM

Originally posted by spanishcaravan

Like I said though, I hope i'm wrong.

Unfortunately,i believe you are correct.It's become rather obvious that 9/11 was the foot in the door they needed. All they need now is like you stated, a series of terrorists attacks here,or a major one to happen.After that the masses will be willing to give up everything to be protected.Then they can do any and everything they want and we can do nothing.

yes 9/11 was ritual magic just like the invention of money but things are shifting in reality and soon they will pay the ultimate price for their actions of altering our reality.

ps: take the first step today on the 5th of october it may not change things per say but it will show our collective consciousness that we don't just stand here and accept being robots for their purpose and we do know what is going on and won't stand for it anymore.

posted on Oct, 7 2006 @ 11:02 PM
I somehow hate this topic.. on the other hand its a very attracting topic at the same time. I hate those feelings.. and dont look at me like I was an em0-kid or something.

Feels like a moskito.. being attracted by some deadly lightbulb.
And that I'm using "osram" as a pseudonyme is just a mere coincidence. (I realized this type of relation right now)

It's just that I am not capable of closing my eyes and ignoring all those horrible things going on.. Maybe because my life is #ed up anyway, and made many mistakes in my young life.. which made me lose too much time.
Maybe it's the fact that I can't know if in maybe 2-3 years every effort becomes obsolete. Maybe it's tomorrow... In the End I hope it won't happen at all because we manage to prevent all of this crap in first place.

All i can say is that there certainly are enough people who are looking at this world with their eyes opened. With a clear view.. as clear as possible. As clear as the blue sky, or the blue water.. in a peaceful world. Making this their fundamental motivation.

If i look at communities like this one.. or writings from J.B. Koeppl (impressive german nato-expert: I'm sorry it's in german only. But it is so clear... Awesome.). I start feeling confident that there is a way, to wake everyone up from this nauseous "nightmare"!

We would have to create some type of information workflow through some organization which allows people all over the world to access this topic easily. The problem I noticed is: That even if you know quite a few things already and you're really interested to find out more about it.. You end searching in so many different spots.. It's very hard to concentrate.

I mean even if you are registered here; there are so many different topics distracting.
I searched the last few days for some type of IRC channel related to this issue solely. And it's actually impossible to find anything?

I want realtime communication. I want Real-Life Activity in the Society of every single city..

If it is so hard to find the right spot on Internet where people actually are DOING things in RL to change our situation.. there will be no chance.

Together.. with all the experts, professionals, normal workers etc. young and old.. already unblinded.. and sitting/communicating in the same spot with the same Motivation.. Our situation would change drastically.

And I really hope my Associative/Strange writing style was able to express what I mean.

posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 10:30 AM
MrWupy, I can't read your username without chuckling. And when someone posts a serious response and includes "mrwupy"

I wanted to add here. Wupy, I've had similar dreams. One involving forced innoculations. Dreams like these are pretty nightmarish. But it's very important to separate from reality these imaginative take-offs on conspiracy theories. It's hard to say if these (pandemic, or NWO, or military state) dreams are premonitory, or have anything to do with reality (although, the theories themselves are based on real information).

Conspiracy theories take shape and gain momentum, because they are partially based on reality, and contain truthful information, but that information is often mixed with a lot of sensational, hyperbolic, very provacative theories that strongly act on an emotional and visceral level. Things that act on our psyche like this tend to manifest in dreams, so it's hard to say either way. In my entire life, I've had one dream that I can recall that I consider to be somewhat premonitory, so you have to weigh these carefully.

Concerning your specific dream I will say I've been following the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (link) organization that Bush has just created with Mexican president Vincente Fox to address, among other things, border security. Given this newly formed alliance between the U.S. and Mexico, it's hard to imagine a scenario that you're presenting.

I will say that aside from this cursory observation that the scenario you present does seem valid, and I can't think of a reason why it couldn't come to pass (not that there wouldn't be resistance, but it could be implemented). If it were, it seems an airtight case from the gov./military side as far as instituting martial law, and is a terrifying scenario. I wouldn't put it past them. If you follow Alex Jones, he's keeping an eye on these military drills around the nation...

All of this ties into what I wanted to say to osram, which is yes, there is so much information on so many subjects out there. ATS is a HUGE step to making all of this accessible to the general public, along with sites such as,,,, Zephnet (the news section, not his personal writings, which are too religious for my tastes [no offense to Zeph]) etc... Our news media is NOT, and it's certainly not because of the sensationalistic nature of the material, because our national media has devoted themselves to being meretricious to to the point of totally erasing what, if any, credibility they had left.

The threads here on ATS are astounding in their breadth and wealth of information, and it would be a monumental task to go through each thread and create a website with a topic for each item. But I think we need to try. ATS, Alex Jones, Rense, and others are providing links to news stories (or their own) that are serious, relevant and critical, I repeat, critical in disseminating as real, true and factual a picture as possible to the largest number of people of what's going on in our country and the world. Our national media has left this critical social service behind for Anna Nicole Smith stories. Afghanistan and Iraq have become footnotes, and take a back seat to celebrity stories. Most people have no idea what's going on around them (most are happy to hide their head in the sand).

For those of us who want to know, read some of my suggestions on the Google Censorship thread. One of them was to create a "vote verification" site. is a good example of categorizing information. Google's has been censoring search terms, preventing acces to certain info. It's critical that a site be created for us, by us, with categorized, accessible info, and real time news. You know how these things get started? Right here!

posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 10:58 AM
A very nice reply, OnTheDeck ;]

I think you really got a point..

But I dont believe or trust in some alliance done by bush and vicente. Who knows, as so often in south-america, most of the powerful leaders are directed by bush/nwo or whatever you want to call it. Looking at history in the last century (and specially the events in recent years), i would personally never dare to "trust" some bush/administration paperwork and words.

What I actually wanted to express is the need of a worldwide community dedicated to one single motivation: To prevent what MIGHT be coming next for us.
If you go on an irc searching tool, with specific terms the interested people should be able to easily find corresponding channels. Naturally, there would be a Website, there would be Forums etc. But the important thing would be real-time communication and rl-life contact.
How do you want all the people to notice something which is "only" words and numbers.. somewhere on Internet?? After searching 2-3 days the user finds some useful communities, but all of them are dedicated to more "general" questions.

I am talking about effectively doing something. Hold meetings. Do some crazy # you know, handing out freaky newspapers.. doing some actions in public. Provoking Reactions and getting noticed.

All under the same "Movement/Name".. with the same Motivation. Because we can keep here talking for a looooooong time. With some infantile patriot vs. progressive scrim-discussions once in a while.

This certainly won't change our situation.

posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 11:41 AM
There is an immense, growing and very vocal outrage in this country that is reaching an intense pitch. And it is in response to this administration's abandonment of its own citizens, and its ardent pursuit of its violent, and single-minded agenda.

The continued legislation and enactment of human rights violations and atrocities has put our government at the level of the countries and individuals they consider deserving of contempt, and they are asking us to withhold this contempt when our government's own actions sicken us.

The website I wanted to add a link to is (link). Take a look at the site. If only to see who is standing up and crying out for these things to stop. You might also ask yourself some questions. Prime among them should be, Are you afraid to speak up against your own, the U.S. government? No? Are you afraid to post your dissenting views on this site (or any site)? Do you share some of the views expressed at that website? Do you feel it's right (or fair) to be afraid of your own government? Do you believe that one's fear of one's own government is one of the things that separated us from other criminal governments? From tyrannical regimes? You're right.

The "truth" is causing these people - these regular people - to stand up. This is a truth that can only be concealed by our media's misdirection for so long. This truth is real and strikes at the heart of regular people. It's sickening.

Our administration has derailed and destroyed not only our country's standing in the world, but the balance that had until then, nurtured a forward momentum occurring around the globe. But even worse, has fractured our government itself, and placed its citizens', at all levels, not only in growing opposition to their government, but fearful of it. Actually afraid of their own government.

This is occurring because the offensive, unethical, dangerous and criminal reality of this situation demands, and has evoked a response in sincere, honest, caring, earnest, regular people. Bush's approval ratings have shown that his own country, the country his administration has turned his back on (and a deaf ear to), is showing its outrage toward our government's sins against its citizens and the foundations that made this country stand as a bastian for freedom and basic, individual human rights and civil liberties everywhere.

The link I provided should show Bush's ratings in a downward spiral, so it can look like its circling into the toilet, which is where it's gone. This is our country speaking. These are the people that our founding fathers sought to protect and serve, and these are the regular people who pay taxes, hope for not only their and their families' bright, peacful future, but hope for all people's happiness and prosperity - but not at the cost of the values that make a human being a human being.

Our government has stopped listening to its people, and is now acting recklessly, dangerously, egotistically and calously toward its own ends. The ends of which we are all totally in the dark about, but whose terrifying movement is stunning, dangerous, shameful and sickening to observe. Much like Isreal's philosphy in destroying lebanon in response to what amounts to a kidnapping/murder (totally disproportionate to the crime), our government has sought to destroy countries in response to an attack THAT MOST AMERICANS BELIEVE OUR OWN GOV. PERPETRATED! The majority of the citizens of this country are either as crazy as our government, or there is something seriously wrong in what this administration has done.

There is outrage at the events of 9-11, but regular citizens don't want to perpetrate atrocities on other peoples/countries any more. We want to mourn and move on. When the actions of an adminstration sicken and bring outrage from its constituents, it's time to listen.

posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 02:04 PM

I've been stalking the pages of ATS for some time now but have never felt the desire to post because while there are some pretty outlandish things being said there are more often than not enough voices of reason to counter-balance the scale. I thoroughly enjoy reading the views of the many open-minded people who chose to participate in this forum.

That being said, while I agree that some serious sh*t may indeed hit the fan, I'm not so sure it will be isolated to an immigrant uprising. I believe instead that it may well be a combination of several things. Considering personal and government debt is worse now than it ever has been, I think a major economic collapse may well be the catalyst, if not the direct result of a major crisis within our society. Keep in mind that corporations such as Wal-Mart are in cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security going so far as to have mutual offices. I am aware of one compound in Nevada being called a distribution center complete with housing and a perimeter fence run by, you guessed it, Wal-Mart.

Where I'm going with this is, everything is set up to take in large numbers of people and essentially put them into forced labor camps when the economy crashes. It's always said that you need only follow the money. Why should this be any different? Our lives are controlled by money. When the economy crashes and with so many people in debt as it is, they may have no choice but to turn to large corporations where work is guaranteed. What makes this whole thing particularly insidious is that everything is strictly controlled by the powers that be. Unless a viable alternative is set up by we, the people, the future looks very dark.

As I said before, in all likelihood, it wont just be the economy. It may be a false flag attack, a general uprising, an alien uprising, or something we haven't even guessed at yet. It could be a combination of these things. We're at a tipping point right now where anything is possible (they certainly haven’t won yet). I'm still trying to figure out how the NAU will fit into all this as that's still a little unclear. Anyway, that's just my two cents. I'm interested in seeing where this discussion ends up


posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 03:22 PM
I agree that there will be many things that could trigger such events as we are discussing, I also have one nagging suspicion that floats in the back of my mind. The powers that be are facing their last hurrah, Bush 43 will be the last chance for them to succeed with their plans. They are running out of time simply because they are growing too old. Cheney, Rumsfeld, all of their ilk will start dying of old age soon.

If they don't act within the next two years, their time and window of opportunity will have passed.

Just something else to keep us awake at night


posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 04:16 PM
The secret government has had free energy technology, knowledge of and meetings with aliens, and knowledge of many answers to the world's problems, but has deliberately left the world to be on a course of selfdestruction.
My view on this is that they are doing this to the planet because they need to set up the official arrival of the aliens so they can some how offer all the solutions to all of the world's major problems so a one world government may be astablished.

posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 04:25 PM
Just a little something... I think there is more than 12 millions illegal immigrants in the US... maybe it's more around the double of that... 25 millions.

And by the way, you're scenario is very possible. But I don't think the militias, right activists and people who understand how their government work will buy this story and fight the NWO all the ways they can.

posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 04:37 PM
ok, so your thought handles the final takeover of the US. What about the rest of the world? I mean, it is supposedly a new world order, will everyone else just fall in line? Will a few billion chinese see the situation in the US and submit themselves to the will of this so callled new world order? NK? Russia? England? France? etc?

Is this the final stage of their plan that they put into place some time before the US was even a thought?

posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 06:19 PM
Well... Germany has already delivered their national gold to the Private FED/US "National" Bank under Mr. Kohl.

If that somehow answers your question.

posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 10:36 PM
mrwupy, thank you for sharing. I've never had visions of conspiracies and the NWO, but I had dreams with bombs and missiles going down on my hometown, floods and infernos and all that scary kind of stuff... but maybe, when we sleep, our mind/brain/spirit tries to digest what we have seen, felt and experienced, helps it make sense, trys to cope with reality. I don't know. It may be subconscious warnings so we can do something about that. Those are our fears, each one is the complement of a strength deep within us. With that strength, lovers of freedom and peace will save the day :-)

Hi osram! You seem to know a few things about Germanys and Europes involvement in the "NWO" (or whatever you call that beast we're feeding). What's true with the rumor that there still are no peace treaties with the allies since WW2?

And anyhow, for all those of you who sometimes believe we may even get... programmed or brainwashed to be paranoid - through carefully placed "secret documents" and rumors that keep us just as distracted from the greater Reality (because in many of our arguments, we'll never be sure) as the alleged "sheeples" by "American Idol" and "Lost". What if it's way more complex than we think?

How does the rest of the world - Asia and the Indian subcontinent, for example - fit into that view of the NWO? China alone has the US economy by its.. ähm - mods, may I say "balls"? - thanks to American money politics and the Fed, the $ wouldn't be worth the paper it's printed on when China decided to say so. Japan has (or had) its own agenda. How will they be implemented into the NWO, given their relative economic and military strength, especially if it can be bundled against a common enemy? And let's not forget the formation of "Rogue Nations" who held their meeting in Cuba a few weeks ago: I bet they're underestimated. Plus there are more than 1 Gig of muslims out there. What side will Europe be on then? What about Switzerland? And please


beware when Africa wakes up.

Of course those are all theories, just like life on other planets and pancake models and pyramids. But they all get promoted and discarded, proven and ridiculed - who really sees through this curtain of lie and deception?

We're trying to puzzle it all together in our dreams. Maybe it's genetic memory, intuition, inspiration, experience, programming, scheming, brainwashing, a meme virus. But in any case, it somehow tells us something about ourselves.

But that's maybe a little bit Off Topic.

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posted on Oct, 9 2006 @ 10:34 AM
I too have been wondering how the elite believe the rest of the world will fall into the NWO. I don't think it will happen over night so to speak but will be gradual. Their first goal seems to be focused on dividing the world up into regional trading blocs--this is what NAFTA/CAFTA/EU etc etc are all about. I can see them trying to extend their sphere of influence in my neck of the woods but so far it doesn't seem to be working. After these regions come under an EU type council I don't think it would be very hard to integrate them into a one world government. They may even run the individual regions in a modern feudal-type system. I doubt they will ever get that far though, too many people will refuse to fall in line. The non-aligned movement that Akareyon mentioned for example, seems to be a thorn in the NWO's side.

mrwupy, these guys believe in reincarnation so they're not too worried about time IMHO. They've manipulated most, dare I say all, major wars throughout history in order to bring about certain desired results. However, I do agree with you in that the plan is to bring it all together within the decade. You can do a quick google search for their supposed overall NWO plan but I wouldn't take it at face value as that kind of information can obviously be somewhat unreliable. I believe Zbigniew Brzezinski's The Grand Chessboard would be a good place to start though if you're interested.

Akareyon, indeed, the evil people behind the attempted takeover have grossly underestimated the potential of the human spirit and I don't think that's off-topic at all considering it's the very thing we're fighting for. Unfortunately, as you said, they've done a good job at designing tools for brainwashing. American idol is a good example, and latin american/canadian idol are exact clones of their american counter-part. Can you say global entertainment? Regarding the rouge nations, I'm just speculating but perhaps this is how a perpetual war will fit into the picture? What are your thoughts? Personally, I think most of the major players are on the same team.

posted on Oct, 9 2006 @ 11:09 AM
I wanted to say that this planet has about 6 billion people on it. Barring use of a nuclear device, I would be hard pressed to see how any large number of people could be controlled (at least by force). This doesn't mean that those entangled in our government and military who wish evil won't try. They might, but if they try to use force I'm afraid they will fail.

Bush has not only left his constituency behind, but his own staff are concerned that he's on a dangerous track. In particular, Colin Powell, Bush's former Secretary of State cautioned Bush saying, "that "the world is beginning to doubt the moral basis of our fight against terrorism." Go get 'em, Colin! Or Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.), "When conservative military men like John McCain, John Warner, Lindsey Graham and Colin Powell stand up to the president, it shows how wrong and isolated the White House is...These military men are telling the president that in the war on terror you need to be both strong and smart, and it is about time he heeded their admonitions."

Hitler had a 95% approval rating and a massive and powerful military totally behind him and we still took him down. Bush's own staff is questioning his motives and reasoning. And our troops are as well. The crazies entrenched in our government and military institutions are outnumbered by us - the sane, rational, and good individuals. They are power hungry, greedy, paranoid, dangerous (mostly to themselves), reckless and megalomaniacal, but are also predictable (at least as far as their motives are easily ascertained).

Our military/troops are US. Many of them are the poor of this country, those who power brokers and executives keep enslaved in minimum wage jobs, and then send off to fight and die in other countries at our government's whim. They are our neighbors. It's difficult to see them turning on us (more so to see them aiding an aggressive movement for a government who seems to have trivialized life and death, and who treats human life, esp. our troops' lives, simply as a tool for attaining more wealth and power). In fact, there are members of our military (and no doubt others at all levels of our society) that are ATS readers, or people who follow Alex Jones' exploits, etc. They are regular people, who believe in what’s right, and who just want to live their lives. It's going to be difficult to marshal forces when you have no support, anywhere...

And then there are the citizens. We are really, really watching this administration, and what's going on in this country and around the world. I'm on the east coast ( U.S. ), but I see people posting from Germany and the Ukraine ! If a bomb explodes, or there’s some other tragedy, we're all watching it - and esp. how the government responds.

I wanted to post this to say to Wupy that my pandemic inoculation nightmare is also an even greater possibility, because force is not necessarily needed (although it would probably be used). In fact, it could invite more cooperation from citizens if it were to happen - sending us virtually running into the arms of governmentally regulated health centers, which would, I’ve found, include the Dept. of Homeland Security.

Why, you ask, would a health crises involve the military? That’s a good question, and one that has already raised concern. You’re using the threat of an outbreak to gather people In this scenario, those infected would be quarantined - along with their families. And all of this would be done at the urging of the CDC and World Health Organization, but, it looks, under the control of the U.S. military. That would definitely put this nation under control, and would warrant gathering up large groups of “infected” people and bringing them to these detainment centers. More info comng

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posted on Oct, 10 2006 @ 11:18 AM
What do you mean by "we" took hitler down?..

If you think about Krupp Stahl, as far as i know a collaboration between Nazi-Germany and Bush Junior's Grandgrandfather, supporting Hitler's weapon machinery took place. I'm afraid i dont find my old ressources of this information, and Bush's Grandgrandfather has a really wierd first name too.

Maybe someone can help out..

And the Hollerith Counters used in the Nazi concentration camps to calculate slave-worker's distribution at the different "working sites". A collaboration between IBM John Thomas (?) and Hitler.

So if you look at the amount of fake BS and intrigues done by the lobbyists.. why would the military not be a realistic option to supress citizens?

For instance look what i found on..

If you search for "krupp" on that website you will find this:
Thirteen Families Effectively control the Central Banks

You should really read that .pdf stated above

I am already looking forward to the day where i exit my apartment-house somewhere in switzerland, and when i come out the next thing i see around the corner is a modern warfare US "swords" robot looking at me with his M249 mounted and telling me: "Please go back home.. remain @ home for the own good."

posted on Oct, 13 2006 @ 06:04 PM
i know this has already been said... but...
we all know this post will not happen.

because we all know USA breaks into civil war soon. almost too soon because it occurs within my lifetime(dammit).

nothing has ever been said that 12 millions illegal immigrants have guns or even anything above a steak knife.

but everything has been pretty safe and secure on betting that we eventually attack Iran and Iran launches nukes at the Britain, France, USA, etc... of course it's suicidal for Iran to do that, but sometimes a dude just kills his damn self. simple as that.

New world order? bah hum bug BS. New world chaos and after that, just a New World.

I seriously doubt your post because if the 12 millions mexicans instantly become "soldiers" as you say, and martial law/New World Order is imposed- how can they defeat 12 million in urban warfare? nontheless the 200+ million of us domestic people in urban warfare?

face it, urban warfare is unwinnable. Vietnam and Iraq are prime examples. imagine urban/guerilla warfare in America. they'd have to kill damn near every one of us. and what is to stop them from doing that(killing all of us) now if that is what this is about? nothing!

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posted on Oct, 13 2006 @ 11:00 PM

Originally posted by chibidai_rrr
they'd have to kill damn near every one of us. and what is to stop them from doing that(killing all of us) now if that is what this is about? nothing!

Over 100 million registered gun owners is a good start!

No one but the US citizens have that kind of firepower, you think Iraqi insurgents are bad for holding a country? Try 100 million mostly educated Americans.

posted on Oct, 16 2006 @ 07:04 AM

Originally posted by LoneGunManNo one but the US citizens have that kind of firepower, you think Iraqi insurgents are bad for holding a country? Try 100 million mostly educated Americans.

I read in the paper this morning that we are up to 300,00,000 americans. granted, we aren't all adults and some of the adults are children but still, you might want to work that number upwards.

posted on Oct, 16 2006 @ 07:53 AM
I don't really like our current society anyway. I am disgusted by the way we treat other people, animals & our environment. Our religions are hopelessly outmoded. Our industries are inefficient & wasteful. Our institutions are utterly corrupted. Our democracy is a joke. IIRC the NWO want to reduce the world's population to around 10% current levels. Probably through a combination of nukes, war, disease, famine & death camps. Bring it on. There'll be winners & losers, I'll take my chances.

Those were the thoughts that crossed my mind earlier today. Of course, I usually try to be more positive, but so many people make it so hard.

The world has got to change, we need to move into a global system of governance. We need to completely reform the unsustainable way we live, the unreasonable way we think, the uncompassionate way we feel. There is more than one possible outcome of a NWO, but the only people who seem to be actually doing something just seem to be the wrong ones. They are following the left hand path & taking shortcuts. There is a better NWO which can be achieved, in a much less traumatic & painful way. More decent people should be working towards it.

Transparency is the antidote to secrecy. Working on solving problems via open forums is the only way to move forwards. We should be working on a positive & sustainable model for a global human civilisation, starting from the ground up. The dark cabal think the ends justify their means, but they are actually getting in the way of positive progress & the natural graduation of the human race.

So yes the NWO is coming, but who's NWO will it be?

Ps Someone mentioned amnesty for the cabal, and although I prefer justice, I think he is right.

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