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Scientists Teleport 2 Objects

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posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 07:17 PM
Honey, I melted the kids!

posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 08:06 PM

Originally posted by Cruizer
Be interesting if anyone had estimates of future power requirement projections for more substantial objects. Is it relative to distance? IE., Would it theoretically take more power to transport a dog 500 miles than it does 500 feet

Well there are a few problems. For larger items, the amount of energy required is huge. The energy in a 1 kiloton nuclear blast is about 4.2 x10^12 joules. The energy of a 1 kg mass, which is 2.2 lbs, is 9 x 10^16 joules (E=mc^2). That means a 1 kg mass has over 20000 times more energy than a 1 kiloton nuclear blast. Also, the amount of memory required to store all the information necesary for even 1 kg would be huge. The entire world might not have enough computing power to teleport a single person. The reason why so much data is needed is that you need to know the exact location and momentum of every atom, electron, quark, etc. in the object, and then replicate that at the other end. If you transmitted the energy resulting from beaming up the person, distance would matter. However, all you would need is the same mass of anything at the other end to get the energy necesary to beam down the same object. You could transmit the data to the destination, beam up the same amount of mass of anything to get the equivalent energy, which could then be used to beam down the object. Because of any one of these things, not to mention the other things that I'm not going into, Start Trek style teleporting for any significant mass is not likely to happen soon. Though it would still be very interesting if scientists really have taken that first step.

posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 08:20 PM

So Metaphorically, I have just created a 'Teleporter' that is built to transport myself to my local Booze Hut and back.

Now, I have just programmed my DNA, my Molecular Grid and even the atoms that
make up my butt into my Computer.

I'm pretty sure it got everything, hell, I even tinkered with it so I could retain
memories, dreams and other stuff like that.

Right, so now all I do is step in and let the computer and the machines do their thing.

What happens next is un-thinkable, un-FATHOMABLE!

The speed of the computer's chips.
The speed of one and Zero.
The way computers work in general.

While my computer was loading me in, my thought process at the time would have been entered as well, but fragmented as the primitive computer (compared to the
crazy, super-fly brain) kept up as best as it could, but to no avail.

I came out on the other side a raving lunatic that can't get out of an eternal brain loop of thinking about beer. My thoughts about beer would sound like:

"M a nI1010 C@ a nTTTTTTTTTTTTERROR wai 1010T2ERRORo
. . . BEER b bbb b bERROR (goto: beer)"

- and I wouldn't even know why I ended up in Booze Hut.

The Moral of the story is Don't ever use a 'Teleporter' , because it will only
transport evil and misfortune into the minds of the average alcoholic.......



If I flashed a strobe in the chamber as I was being teleported, do you thnk I
might come out glowing and shiny?


[edit on 8-10-2006 by Unrealised]

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