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Link for info on the NK Nuclear test

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posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 04:47 AM
This is the link for an article about the announcement about the NK nuclear test.

BBC - NK announcement about Nuclear test

North Korea is to conduct a nuclear test, the foreign ministry has said in a statement. The move would "bolster" the country's self-defence in the face of US military hostility, North Korea's official KCNA said. "[North Korea] will in the future conduct a nuclear test under the condition where safety is firmly guaranteed," the ministry said. Pyongyang has come under mounting pressure over its nuclear programme. Six-nation talks on its plans have been stalled for nearly a year, and the US has imposed financial sanctions on North Korean businesses. North Korea is believed to have a handful of nuclear warheads but is not known to have tested one. 'Grave situation' The statement from Pyongyang said "the US daily increasing threat of a nuclear war and its vicious sanctions and pressure have caused a grave situation on the Korean Peninsula". The ministry went on to say that "under the present situation" in which the US moves to isolate and stifle" North Korea, the country "can no longer remain an on-looker to the developments.

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