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stupid moronic skeptics view

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posted on Oct, 2 2006 @ 03:50 PM
I thought I made it pretty clear that I respect what you said...however we have are differences..

Originally posted by jbondo

Obviously you didn't read my post before you responded to it. Although I did not agree with the way you conveyed it, I did agree with allot of what you said.

However, after really giving that site the once over I can definitely say I agree with 99% of what they are there for. I just don't agree with their views on the existence of visitors to our planet. That's not to say that I 100% believe we have visitors but I do have an open mind about it.

As they said on one page of that site, you can't see magnetism but it is there. Who is to say there are not worm holes or hyper drive, etc...? Most scientists accept the existence of black holes so I wouldn't just discount something purely because I've never seen it.

posted on Oct, 2 2006 @ 04:04 PM
I think people are taking this post way too personally. I understand that people who share the point of view that I oppose ARE going to be offended. And that fine, I have new use discussing issues with these people, so save this arrogance? Perhaps. Its also a filter, I dont need anymore of this useless clutter. I fed up with people telling me "THIS IS HOW IT IS AND THAT IS THAT, OH AND DONT MIND THE STRANGE FLYING THINGS BUZZING OVERHEAD DAILY WITNESSED BY MILLIONS". Thanks to all these so-called scholars, we have solved all the mysteries of the universe. These so-called scholars ignore some of the unexplainable goings-on in quantum mechanics, they sweep anything they cant explain under the carpet. We sure as heck dont owe any credit to the freethinkers throughout time who have "unscientifically" came up with theories and inventions that ARE POPULAR SCIENCE TODAY.. some of you probably still believe the whole universe rotates around the youre at the planetarium.

Hey look how arrogant I am....all I did was try and suggest that we as a whole as humanity try and think for ourselves and not take everything at face value. That the universe is a wonderful and mysterious place and that we need to accept that we cant explain everything and that we probably never will.


PS Im probably just some dumb joe shmo, so please let me suggest the ignore button.

posted on Oct, 2 2006 @ 04:07 PM
That's fine; I just thought you misunderstood my post because of your first sentence where you assumed that I was offended.

posted on Oct, 2 2006 @ 04:07 PM

Originally posted by Beyonddeath
I swiped this quote from some website.... how ignorant do yo have to be to not be able to imagine a possibilty of some sort of non-linear travel..perhaps warp, etc.

If he had to imagine then it is not a question of ignorance, it is a question of being able to use his imagination.

But imagination alone means nothing when we want to know what surrounds us.

We need it to try to find different ways of seeing things, but too much imagination is even worse, we may see things that can only exist based on what we had imagined and for which we do not even have an explanation.

For example, using my imagination, I can say that UFOs are animals that live in space, feeding themselves on invisible space plants, and that sometimes they come down to Earth to clean their feet.

Does this brings me closer to the Truth?
Even if this is true, I still do not have any way of proving it.

Also, if someone does not like my imagined solution, they can provide their own imagined solution, and we can keep on this forever.

We need to see all possibilities, but to be a possibility it means it must not be an impossibility, and, as Sherlock Holmes* used to say "When we rule out the impossible, what is left, even if it looks improbable, it is the only possible solution." (or solutions, I say)

Do we really want these "scientists" writing our science books, or teaching our children? Im infuriated with this type of thinking. To me this is how an animal or a monkey would think. In a very primitive manner.

Yes, we need these scientists writing our science books and teaching our children, but only about the matters where they really can teach something.

That person you presented as a scientist is a biologist, so he may be an excellent biologist but a lousy astrophysicist, we only need to pay attention to what he says when he is speaking about what he knows.

And this is part of the problem, people usually only see if someone is a scientist, like Laverne from the "Day of the Tentacle" game said about some strange situation where they did not know what would happen.
Everything will be OK because:

After all, he is a doctor...

*Sherlock Holmes is only a product of imagination.

[edit on 2/10/2006 by ArMaP]

posted on Oct, 2 2006 @ 04:31 PM
PHeweee..... That's some tough-minded rhetoric. If you don't believe it, in spite of the lack of evidence, you must be stupid. Nah... I'm not taking it personally. I'm simply amused that you can throw away the right to think, ponder, and consider, and weigh evidence or lack thereof, so easily.

You are right. You won't have to discuss it with me, and probably not a lot of other folks. I just kind of wanted to be seen on this thread ...


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