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School Shootings- Suspicious

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posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 11:45 AM

Originally posted by snoopyuk

Originally posted by Galiega
Give me a Ingram Mac-10 or a handgun and i will go shoot up my school...not out depression or hatred, just for fun

as for you my friend you have some serious issues , and you cert should be banned for posting that kind of #$%£ !!!

are you even aware young children have actually died ??

you should be ashamed of your comments.


i think he was being sarcastic playing the role of the person who did the shootouts just to tell his reason why he thinks people are doing it.

posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 11:46 AM

Originally posted by banditboo13
Just thinking in regards to rescent rash in school shootings. The last one in the Amish community stands out as more than suspicious. The perp in question had a family and a good life, he had a daughter and like to play and be involved with his children from articles I have read. Being a father myself it would be hard to imagine shooting a little girl without imagining my own while completing the horrendous act.

This screams conspiracy to me. This goes right along with not being able to trust anyone no matter if it is a good neighbor, child, local priest, or even a family member. It makes the average joe feel the only thing he can trust is a governmemnt agency, like the police. We are creating a fearfull society that does not trust one another. I cant help but to think something is missing here. I am not one to believe in mind control, but holy crap it sure seems our trust in ine another is being eroded. Heck in major downtown cities of Canada they dont even lock there doors.

What the people who think the terrorists are out to destroy us fail to realize is that they want our attention to there cause, not destroy us. They know what will happen if America goes into complete chaos, they know they will suffer for it and there cause will not be helped. It is not them that is behind things like this, terrorism is so the ones with the money and influence over there situation will do something to fix it. Like put a tight leash on Isreal and have us get the hell out of the middle east.

This all smells of something much more nefarious than that. A 32 year old family man doesnt shoot up a school full of children when they go off the rocker. They either kill there own family, or shoot up there place of work. Not someone else children. This is so we fear each other. It is so the boogyman is not just Osama/Usama, not just gang-bangers, or crackheads but you and I. It will keep getting worse until we give up our guns and willingly accept martial law.

Our kids are being raised on violent video games, TV and the like that have no moral content. One day they will be making desicions about how we all live. One day this country will be locked down tight, unless we take it back. We are being manipulated plain and simple, slowly but surely.

posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 12:26 PM
Could it be related to HAARP? NOt that they are doing it on purpose but that the LF waves they are sending into the ionisphere are interrupting our brainwaves and making people do things they can't control?

posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 12:47 PM
LoneGunMan- Are you privy to information that know one else is?

A 32 year old family man doesnt shoot up a school full of children when they go off the rocker. They either kill there own family, or shoot up there place of work. Not someone else children.

How can you possibly make a statement like this?

Are you telling me no one else has commited mass murder without killing their family?

Who knows what lead to this.........supposedly he mentioned something in one of his suicide letters about payback for something that happened 20 years ago. Or maybe it had to due with the death of his baby girl in 1997. It has also been recently mentioned that he wanted to sexually abuse these little girls.

Your statement is asinine.

posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 12:59 PM
For those of you saying that removing guns would 'fix' the problem, I'd like to draw your attention to Kennesaw, GA for an example that shows the exact opposite. It rarely gets any press, which does surprise me, but in Kennesaw they require every household to have a firearm. Crime has dropped drastically since this law went into effect in 1982.


The city's population grew from around 5,000 in 1980 to 13,000 by 1996 (latest available estimate). Yet there have been only three murders: two with knives (1984 and 1987) and one with a firearm (1997). After the law went into effect in 1982, crime against persons plummeted 74 percent compared to 1981, and fell another 45 percent in 1983 compared to 1982.

And it has stayed impressively low. In addition to nearly non-existent homicide (murders have averaged a mere 0.19 per year), the annual number of armed robberies, residential burglaries, commercial burglaries, and rapes have averaged, respectively, 1.69, 31.63, 19.75, and 2.00 through 1998.

Just thought I'd show an example where gun ownership has helped in a community with amazing effectiveness.

posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 01:24 PM

"He said 'I am not coming home,' and he states I molested some minor family members that were three and four-years-old 20 years ago'," Pennsylvania police commissioner Jeffrey Miller said of Roberts' call to his wife.

Mr Miller said there was no evidence that any of the girls at the school had been sexually abused.

However, he said Roberts had been equipped with a "restraint kit" and two tubes of lubricant gel, which he could have been planning to use in a sexual assault.

Mr Roberts pointed out that all of the victims were young girls aged six to 13 and that all of the older women and males in the classroom had been made to leave.

Again, where is the conspiracy? What we have here is a stark reminder of the damage a sick mind is capable of wreaking.

In both the suicide notes and the call to his wife, Roberts spoke of his trauma following the death of his infant daughter Elise nine years before.

Elise was born premature in 1997 and only survived for 20 minutes.

Roberts said that following the girl's death his life had "changed forever" and that he was angry at God and himself.


It's a sad story, a tragic example of what man at his worse is capable of, but a conspiracy? I think not.

posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 02:15 PM

Originally posted by shots

Originally posted by dgtempe
What if they are some sort of brainwashing/psy-op stuff to keep the fear going?

OMG that is all we need is some to try and turn another tragedy into a conspiracy :shk:

Isn't it bad enough for you when some nut job goes wacko and shots people???

How can you not see the potential here for this? With all your points and priviledged position I would think you would be leading the charge on an issue like this?

It is obvious that somebody' is trying to disarm the populace of the western countries and for maximum impact choosing violence among young people and using schools to create fear in parents as a place of great insecurity. The effects are great and nearly everyone that has shot has had links to military too which is the tip off that something is afoot here. Not everyone that does time in the military goes on a shooting spree and a lot of these characters seem to be booted out of the military also yet they are not watched?

posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 02:42 PM
I got this from here on the Ats


So yes something like this does not surprise me if our government is doing mind control. And if they are people thats scary!!! Time to turn off tvs and radios or something. I don't know but we need to get a handle on this. People needs to say they are not going to take someone elses life just because theirs is screwed up.

posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 02:43 PM
deny - do you realize just how many schools are in the US? In order to 'subvert' the public and have the gun rights given up you'd need a heck of alot more tahn a few schools.

You'd need to have a hundred schools in a week with large casualities to have any type of effect.

posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 03:32 PM

Originally posted by LoneGunMan
This screams conspiracy to me. This goes right along with not being able to trust anyone no matter if it is a good neighbor, child, local priest, or even a family member. It makes the average joe feel the only thing he can trust is a governmemnt agency, like the police. We are creating a fearfull society that does not trust one another.

I couldn't agree more. This and the whole Dateline trap "To Catch a Predator" show that kids can't trust adults and adults can't trust other adults and no one can trust anyone except the governemnt. Absolutely spot on!

Nice post.

posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 04:27 PM
Ok I read like 10 posts on this.. I play alot of video games and watch alot of scary and action movies.. im 21 and been doing it since i was approxametly 4 yrs old playing commanche the very first one with green and black graphics.. Your telling me this has corrupted my life? Hell naw.. im a normal human being and i hate violence... I hate real guns.. i would only use one for target practice.. i dont like harming animals.. And for the drug thing... about wiggers or whatever.. You got your pages all wrong.. you might as well call your self racist.. I do not dress nor act like one but I do still respect people for their choice of being. I should quote these people but its a waste of time. People blame it on so many things... but personally I do believe there is alot out there we have no clue about.. We are just a fly on dog poo..

posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 04:31 PM
Well, i'm glad i started this thread. Its not very often i can say that.

So, many of us are suspicious. What do we do? We live in a time when we are being forced to suspect everyone, we are apprehensive now sending our kids to school, our kids are targets on the Internet, (notice how much emphasis on the kids, our most priceless things) they cannot go outside alone, etc.

I guess, for starters, we as parents can demand that schools be lockeddown during school hours.....that sends a message to the kids, doesnt it?
Not a good idea.
Does anyone have any brilliant solutions as to how to approach this?

We can't keep them home....Home schooling is fine for the little ones, but what about elementary and high school? Are we going to take away their socializing skills and higher learning?

So, what do we do?

posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 04:54 PM
I'm also open to the idea that many of these shootings and similar over-inflated media events are smoke and mirrors to deflect controversy in the District of Columbia. There are still so many unanswered questions and lies dealing with broad-reaching issues like War (thousands of deaths) and incompetence (3000 deaths for one example (9-11)) that I can't fathom why local issues with a handful of victims always dwarfs the much more important issues regarding public policy and civil rights and political crimes.

It's like when I play with my cat or dog. They'll both chase the toy on a string around until they figure out that my hand is in control.

I bet if I turn on the news on any channel right now I'll get an earful about this Foley screwball hitting on teenagers because that is the most important issue in government right is isn't it? Soldiers and civilians aren't dying any more and our crackerjack administration is really on the ball.

posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 05:08 PM
I see that a lot of people are blaming tv, movies, music, and video games. I have to disagree.....kind of. I do believe that they give ideas. They do not however make a person so full of chaos that they do these deeds.

Do I think there is a conspiricy? Yep, but not in the way you all are talking. I dont think it is a brainwashing thing or an angle to take away our guns (which would never happen by the way) I think it is something not many people give much thought to. It is something many people blow off totaly.

You see, we thought my son had a problem a while back. We were not sure if it was manac depression, ADD, ADHD or what, we just knew he had a problem. So, we did a lot of reading, and talkin to Dr.'s. To make a long story short, he was alergic (highly sensitive) to chemicals that are put in our food. We keep him off all foods that contain such chemicals, and he is a normal, goofy loveable fella. When he eats foods that contain a lot of these chemicals, he has absolutly no self controll at all. If he is irritated, he will go into a rage that is fit for horror stories. If he is in a good mood, he will just bounce off the walls....and run around the house a million times, etc. Fact is he doesnt like it anymore than we do. He says it makes him feel funny, like his skin is crawling, and he has no controll.

To get on with it, our food and beverages are laced with toxins that DO HAVE mental effects that would make a nice fella into a timebomb. I dont know if those effects are intentional or not, but either way, does it matter? The toxins should not be there. Fact is that a lot of people (note I am not saying all!) on antidepressiants were put on them because of effects from the toxins. A lot of them know about this, but it is easier to take a pill than it is to change your eating habbits.

Who knows, maybe it is a pharmacitutical conspiricy.

posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 06:25 PM
the people shooting up the schools are just stupid and cant deal with anything and you guys are paranoid lol

posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 06:33 PM
As a father, I gotta say that we should feel free to speculate, but let's not forget that children died here.

Blaming things on video games, heavy metal, or the other usual suspects isn't completely right, but it's not completely wrong either. How many people come to this site after they've seen (insert "documentary" here) and are 100% believers? Some people are more easily influenced than others, and some of those people perceive a different message.

But as was mentioned a couple posts ago, entertainment is not entirely to blame for a sick mind. I myself am a huge video game nerd, have been for some time, yet I didn't enjoy one second of combat in the sandbox, nor does the thought of anyone dying please me if I take a moment to think about it.

I think partly the media itself is to blame. How many stories of death and injury do we hear (even before the war) versus stories of good wholesome family stuff? That's just human nature; we'd rather watch people get hurt and laugh about it. Even most children's shows are different, more prone to violence and exhibiting more mature themes.

So I guess it's just human nature at work. My opinion anyway.

posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 06:49 PM
IMO, entertainment has nothing to do with this.

This has to do with some type of mind control...these perpetrators had no real reason to go into a school and kill girls. This has the earmarks of government involvement to further an agenda.

You are all entittled to your opinion, and should post them...however, this thread was started with the presumption that "something" is making these men go into schools and commit these horrendous crimes.

"Something": I know this is hard for many to swallow, but turning our schools into concentration camps is something i see happening here. Start with the young- condition them. They're impressionable. They're our future.
Get my drift?
Not to mention the fact that this would make a great case for taking guns from the people. Dissarm the people- they have nothing left.

Crazy? No- think about it.

I could see a depressed child doing something crazy, like hurting their mates in school- its happened before; not everything is a conspiracy.
BUT now we have middle age men commiting these crimes, and it stinks to high heaven of Something is not quite right....not by a long shot.

posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 07:20 PM
I believe if the government was trying to outlaw guns this would be the worst way to go about it...first, it will very likely cause more people to want guns to protect their family against sick perverts like these who just about anybody knows could get ahold of guns on the black market easier than in a store. Second, it is just another glaring example of the government's ability to protect it's own citizens, even children in public schools (or the House of Representatives
). Finally, it's gonna make alot more parents seriously consider home schooling, which means less money for government schools. Not a good idea at all....

posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 07:27 PM
Humanity has become such a desperate lot, haven't we?

Life sucks so much for some people and they decide to go for the big moment. Going out in a blaze of glory. To me it seems like these perpetrators need for the world to see just how desperate and hopeless they are. They also have no value for the life of innocents, obviously.

I can't help but wonder if sometimes these people somehow let their potential for shocking criminal activities be known to some people (like websites, etc) who may encourage and work them up to act on this kind of tragedy. This perpetuates the fear of each other we have begun to foster in our society and of course encourages us to wring our hands together and happily allow someone else to solve this seemingly unsolvable problem of so many people existing in their own private nightmare of lives.

We need a return of HOPE

posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 08:06 PM

Originally posted by ferretman2
deny - do you realize just how many schools are in the US? In order to 'subvert' the public and have the gun rights given up you'd need a heck of alot more tahn a few schools.

You'd need to have a hundred schools in a week with large casualities to have any type of effect.

Now who is making an asinine satement? One hundred schools in a week with large casualties. You really have no clue about the racheting effect do you. You take it one notch at a time, you dont blow your cover like that. Shock and awe only lasts so long, I know I get shocked and awed once a week on the job. To have a real effect it has to be done slowly, so we learn over time not to trust each other. Like a cop learns not to trust the public, they want the public to learn not to trust each other.

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