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R2-D2: Move Over! PC-BOT is shipping!

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posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 02:31 PM
I love computers and gadgets... good ones. This is both and perhaps more. This is on my list of "I want one!" items... this bot has been around for a while but only in pre-prototype examples... it'll be neat to "drive-around" from the office and see what the cats have gotten into... MS and Linux too... here's a link to PC-BOT 914. I can think of lots of interesting uses for such devices...

Victor K.


EDIT : Video

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posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 03:35 PM
What are some of the things you'd have it do?

This is different from other robots because it uses regular pc operating systems? So you could, say, program it if you can program with windows or something along those lines?

What are the advantages to having home computer like bays on it?

Could it, say, check for your email, and then if there are new messages, it'll drive over to you, or at least to your chair, and tell you you have new email? And other sorts of things that it can check online?

It looks liek this is less of a consumer product, and more of a product that people already working in robotics will use to develop robotics applications and the like no?

Seems like something like that could make a huge difference in terms of robotics though, sort of like the same difference that the Personal Computer made to computing.

posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 08:45 PM
You see the potentials involved both positive and negative. My own preferences lean toward employing such devices for assisted living, health care monitoring, fire and emergency awareness and such.

The first thing I'd use it for is a computer problem that pops up from time to time... and causes no end of hassle is even in a PXE (pre-executable network environment) that can use "magic packet" to wake and reboot machines - there are times that doesn't work - such a bot with an extra-I/O board could be modified to give the balky machine "a single finger tune-up"; press reboot.

Having some unoccupied 5.25" bays will allow generic PC items to be fitted without too many mods.

Yes, it could be programmed to do such a task as you mention or it could just read out your email using the voice-synthesis software.

I took away the meaning that Mr. Burick intends for the programming aspect to be "brought-down" to the level that "Joe and Martha Average" could program easier tasks... whether with the macro-recording interface or downdloadable snap-in's from the user community.

Previous to this design there were many complicated ways to achieve similar results... these folks just put it all together in one...

It is a great starting point for more advanced designs and uses... swarm semi-autonomus goal-seeking and task oriented programming are also mentioned in the video clip. That has potentially more good and "less than good" possibilities...

Burick is hooked up with Kanata tech-darlin' Frontline Robotics and their "Team Intelligence" ROC module is already in use guarding and patrolling using semi-autonomous ATV's... how difficult would it be to weaponize such tech? I'm sure that's were most of this stuff comes from anyhow... military. As always it cuts bi-directionally.

Some of the compatible sensor modules are interesting... laser ranging, IR, audio, video, face recognition, bio-metrics, card swipers, RFID, GPS, all available by IP... from just about anywhere.

A couple of points to ponder... a WiMax version is coming, one could scrap the chassis and battery/motive system for something more robust, wheeled, tracked, legged by dumping the differential steering in favour of other sorts... a "smart-dock" although not available commercially is do-able... with a pneumatic or hydraulic system grafted on - many highly energetic tasks could be performed... even Caterpillar is all over this...

Yes it could be the "Window" on a whole new Robotic "Vista" of tele-prescence, tele-operated... "Where do you want to go today? - "Start Me Up"!

Victor K.


EDIT: Frontline "GRUNT" video - goin' to S. Korean places of interest.
DailyPlanet source ( Same tech, same differential steering.

The big thing for me is the Frontline ROC box "shades of Von Neueman"... in the wrong hands these puppies could be "tag-team nasty". For the petrol heads: Add two automotive batteries (70AH each) and an MSD Ignition CDI box and 70KV coil set with a DC driven timing flag... a little compressed air... some gossamer wire and a delivery 'trode... most odious. Funny what happens when you go lookin'...

Victor K.


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posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 03:52 PM
There is only one thing I don't like in it, the price.

My modest budget limits my robotic attempts to simulators like the one that comes with the Microsoft Robotics Studio, even the price of a decent Lego Mindstorms NXT is too much for my low finances.

posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 08:03 PM
The price will drop... always does... I just talked to a guy today who wants one for his home and he works for a security company. LOL. Yep, 5K is steep and it is not all that powerful a PC (VIA 1.3) but they'll have a niche for sure.

One could design and build something similar and perhaps more advanced from mostly off the shelf stuff (electronics-wise), but they did it first and have a pretty slick product... and all the clunky R&D out of the way... I want one to fiddle around with and maybe modify it for different uses... do what comes natural - soup it up - apparently you can order it with a tracked motive base... they'll sell out this production run without problem and I wouldn't be surprised if they have to expand their manufacturing and assembly facilities...

It'll be a real help to lots of disabled folks under certain circumstances. I'd like to get one and see what the potential is. Not having a smart recharge dock is a major impediment but I'm sure that could be worked out and stairs are a no go too. The heart of what you might want in a robot tele-operation system is there. These things amongst other developments like the DARPA Challenge seem to indicate a shift from the concept of bots as toys to something potentially very useful or otherwise.

Victor K.


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