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Propaganda or Need to Know: WARNING VIDEO may be contrary to opinions

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posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 03:54 PM
"They" is me, IIB. This is an ancient work of mine. Quite a few things in there arent in my work of recent years, however there's some choice bits in there that I still dont see enough talk about after all these years.

Originally posted by LadyGreenEyes
reply to post by ADVISOR

1. They assume that most people trust the government, when the fact is, most people might, maybe, trust the ones they voted for, and almost never the other side. Are people easily lead? Sadly, too many are, but not the way they lay it out.

Most people do trust the government... when it's 'their' guy in there. So half do half the time, and then when the hand changes the other half do again. I just witnessed a vast sea change in all the Dem's that I agreed with for years, on many issues during the Bush years, do a 180 and now lick Obama's boots as bad as the Bu#es ever could. At least they had 9/11 and the way the Right twists Christianity to control their mobs. You merge "God", country, party, military and its the ultimate in sociological propaganda. But now the lib's are practicing exactly what I watched them (rightfully) criticize the Bush worshippers for being such 'crazy' 'fools' etc all the other things I used to hear them say.

2. They take the position that large companies are a bad thing, when in fact, a properly-run company provides needed jobs. No, everyone doesn't get rich, but whoever said everyone should be?

"Companies"? No. Multi-national mega-conglomerations, who dont even owe any national allegience, are the enemy. In particular, the sorts involved in nefarious aims like those in international central banking and military industrial complex type activities, to name 2 kinds.

3. They take the position that the government hasn't had enough control of businesses. Gee, I though we wanted less government control, not more. All this time, I must have been confused.....*insert eye roll here*

I'm not sure where you got that. Please do quote me.

4. They use that old standard anti-religious tactic of stating all religions are controlled by governments, to control the people. Simply not true, and getting to be a rather old and moldy argument.

Not quite. Not sure what words you're applying this context to, but, the point I was trying to make (its hard being clear in a fast paced visual-music-verbal matched video like that) is that they wield it to control the masses.
See my old thread here that focuses on my sociology propganda concept:

Nowadays ObamaCo. using the only one the NeoCon's didnt use openly: RACE.

5. A very obvious anti-Bush and anti-Conservative bias runs through the whole piece. They try to cover this by blaming Democrats (at least for supposed inaction in failing to stop the "evil Republicans", but they never once mention the current administration. Oversight? Hardly; the bias could not be more clear.

Anti Bush, Republican, Democrat, Military Industrial Complex, and many others to list. If I made it today Obama would be in there with Bush. Video is quite out of date. Stop by my wordpress site and you'll see all of the above drug thru the mud in my own kind of way:
Obama is even on my radar like Bush never was in terms of the technological totalitarian portions of the video. I just did a new little summary with Obama in another older ATS thread last night that someone brought up from the depths of ancient ATS threads:
In fact that thread is slightly older than that video, and its reflected some of the latter bits of the film.

6. The got one thing right; bias combined with ignorance can and will cause the fall of a nation. However, they failed to mention the most obvious ways this is being carried out. They even got the fear tactic part right, but failed to see the actual culprits. Disinformation at its finest.

lol. Please elaborate...

7. The flat out deny that Islamic terrorists are a threat to freedom. Gee, the terrorists state that they are such a threat. They don't want freedom; they want all to agree with them or die. But, hey, why should facts get in the way at this point in the video?

To "freedom" huh. Who's freedom? If you're a large stakeholder in global imperialist, 'NWO' type agendas then your "freedom" would be at stake. But that freedom isnt the kind of freedom most people envision whenever they hear the word. When Bush / whoever says it they're talking about the Ruling Elite's 'freedom' to dominate, overrun, rob, cheat, overthrow elections, spy, steal, pillage, impoverish, destabilize, etc. You might enjoy my old "Freedom = Imperialism: Its in the Language" thread.

8. They assume that FDR (a Democrat) knowing about Pearl Harbor beforehand (a fact I won't dispute) is somehow proof that Bush knew about 9/11 beforehand. They utterly fail at logical argument.

It wasn't a 9/11 film. It used 911 as the pretext to get the ball rolling on what follows. But it brought up the "New Pearl Harbor" phrase that the Bush regime has used before and after 9/11 as the pretext to enact PNAC's techno-military global domination objectives.

9. The people they call "post 9/11 terrorists" were labeled as such by Obama and his people, but they somehow fail to mention his name at all when discussing that issue. Another accidental omission?

The video is over 3 years old. Older than the first post in this thread, which is over 3 years old. This answers a few other of your bullet-points below...

10. They talk about the so-called "security/concentration camps", which no one seems to be able to prove, or get picture of, and which people in the areas where they supposedly are seem unable to locate. Can't help but chuckle at this, after that recent post on one such "camp".

Back then I was basing it on the documents that had turned up before that time:
Now we do have pictures, last I heard:

12. They make statements that all the wars in the Middle East were "pre-planned", but offer zero evidence, and not even a reference, for proof of such an outlandish claim.

Read up on the Project for a New American Century.

13. They talk about the government keeping a database of all calls, all internet posts, etc. Can we be serious here??? ALL calls, ALL internet activity? There aren't enough people to keep track, and no one would waste the computer space for that. Something like Carnivore? Sure, looking for key words and phrases, and recording those instances for review. That is feasible, but ALL the data? Someone isn't thinking.

Thats what the AI is for. Maybe they dont save every bit of data ever transmitted, but they DO monitor virtually every bit. I wasnt as well spoken in those days. For archiving you can bet they have compression algorithms that make 7zip look silly. 30 years ago they had underground facilities the size of 2 football fields etc filled with massive in size while massively inefficient computers. Today they have they same filled with computers and hard disk databanks millions of times in capacity. And they have outfits like Google and Yahoo as their minions with their own cloud computing server farms that one could argue are modeled after what the NSA was doing decades ago. From there, for many years now, that we know about, the NSA has main interceptor links tied into the main fiber optic communications hubs at virtually every major telecom station, not even getting into their satellite monitoring ops.

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posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 04:17 PM

Originally posted by LadyGreenEyes
reply to post by ADVISOR

14. They mention "the Fed" planning a takeover of the internet, and yet again (four times now...), they fail to mention that Obama is the one talking about doing that.

Yeah. Obama is now the one in charge of that. Being such an old video that I rarely even think about let alone watch, its fun seeing a summary like this where so many points were true then under Bush and are really coming into fruition now under Obama.

15. They talk about a "DNA bank", even though most people have never donated a sample of DNA for archiving. Yeah, yeah, I know, "the doctors do it when you go in sick". Give me a break. Is it possible when they take a blood sample? Sure, but that would hardly count most people. Again, no evidence, no reference to anything as proof, just another statement they expect us to swallow whole. If we don't, we must be biased, of course...*insert another eye roll*

16. They speak of taxing cars per mile as though that would be to "fight terrorism", when in reality, the people proposing that are the environmentalists, trying to scare people with tall tales of "global warming".

There's been talks and even documents etc related to the car taxing idea, for years. Originally all of the privacy invasions were wielded by the right after they got the big ol 9/11 excuse for everything they could come up with. Today the Dem's use the environment to do many of the same things.

17. They talk about a military computer system as though that is somehow an evil thing, and not one of practicality. Gee, I guess in their world, the military should still use swords and shields.

The military is already top notch in tech. Does it really need to build 'Skynet'? Do they have the right when it faces humanity with extinction?

18. Then they go off the deep end entirely, and discuss nanotechnology as though we will all soon be.....the BORG!

Good parallel. Nano scale generators are already a couple years old now meaning the right nano implant will have endless power. The things scientists can already do in the brain would take a whole other thread to even try to list. SO the right nano implants jacking us into the "Global Brain" god computer would be the first step to becoming 'BORG". And with the efforts being put in by the military and related technocracy AGI / Transhumanist agenda it could be closer than you think.

19. Next, they label a vast, global tech system as "god", a ploy meant to scare people, but in reality, yet another jab at religious beliefs.

Whats funny is I used that wording a good 2 years before Google co-founder Sergei Brin said their quest is for Google to be like the "mind of God":

But yes, if you build a self-evolving system that grows exponentially more intelligent than a human, in a few short years it would be more intelligent than ALL humans (combined), and then millions uopn billions, upon trillions of times beyond (via exponential doubling). That would be by most definitions a 'god'. Then jack everyones brains into it and you tell me what to call it. I have video clips of scientists working on that saying we'll all "become god" when we jack in to the collective.

20. After this, they display an appalling lack of any real knowledge in matters of religious belief, by calling mandatory implants "the mark of the beast", completely overlooking the fact that this is something people would take voluntarily.

I dont recall Revelation using the word mandatory. But my argument was always that the 'everyday' verichip is irrelevent in my old model, instead it would be the neuroimplants that put an image into ones forehead. Although I suppose the verichip would be more ideal to police ones ability "to buy and sell". I think youre being a bit anal here. But beyond that, and definitely not mentioned in my n00bish video there is that when the mind (or physically) augmenting devices begin to permeate those wihthout them will not be able to compete in school / work / society. But for sure many will run to them, for many reasons. Before too long you wont have much choice but to join the collective, or leave technological totalitarian society to build new 'Neoamish' communities, if they'll let you... It's the only way to postpone the inevitable inter-species conflict, that I've been able to come up with after years into this stuff.

21. Last, but not least, they show their lack of original thought by telling us we will all soon be living in "The Matrix".

It's been some time since I've watched it, but I dont recall saying that. It was my first attempt at making any sort of video and I basically downloaded the editor and spit that video out in less than 2 weeks. I'm such a better filmaker now that its painful to watch all of my little mistakes. Plus religious type smut has been out of my work for years. Please do quote.

In fact, my ability to not be taken in by all the images and sounds and carefully woven lies is exactly the sort of thing they pretend to want, but which would in reality tick them off.

What LIES?!?

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posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 02:34 AM
reply to post by justgeneric

Gratitude for expressing your opinion, no disrespect intended to you or anyone as i am just doing the same....

Apologies if you have since changed your mind in later posts on this thread.....Forgive me as i have not got time to read the whole thread right now as the hour is getting late and i have other priorities...

I have no doubt that the poster who started this thread is telling 100% proof....if there are any little discrepancies 2 be found that will only be because of truths like....Only God is outside of Time, Space and Matter cos he created all only He can have total perspective....also this eternal battle between good and evil may be reaching the end but is a way that we are all creating destiny so things can change...

From some peoples current perspective it will appear that the original poster has ADD but i doubt that someone this aware would have ADD or anything like that cos these mental illnesses etc are caused by this system i.e. mercury in innoculations, fluroide and hormones in the water, contraceptive pills, fast food, alcohol and drugs etc etc etc

There is lots to indicate that these physchiatrists and mental health departments be the ones spreading mental illness...obviously is lots of people who work for these government departments are doing so from good intentions but when the hierarchy is corrupt then this trickles down and comtaminates even good intentions at times....

The ones who are brainwashing us be the mainstream media and entertrainment ppl like jay-z rhianna et al......this video is more like an antidote to this government and fake religious brainwashing...

btw im starting to also believe that english is a corrupted language so would be hard to see the plain truth staring us in the face if we just read it in english....lots of things make me think this....among them.....Arabic is read right to left etc.......when people like oliver cromwell and others started their colonism and indoctrination and genocide in places like Eireann/Ireland they tried extremely hard to stop us talking gaelic or celtic languages....

obviously there is a danger to them if we can talk amongst ourselves but is also an advantage as in they could have used this for spy purposes....


posted on Jan, 21 2013 @ 03:44 AM
It is still an amazing amount of information, more so relevant now than even then.

Perhaps, it's the right time to mention this again, since the subject seems so prevalent.

Any one else having video issues?

Found a working link to the video here from page 8;
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