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Propaganda or Need to Know: WARNING VIDEO may be contrary to opinions

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posted on Oct, 6 2006 @ 12:27 PM

Originally posted by darkelf
The RFID tag needs only enough memory to contain your code. Readers will be connect to terminals which in turn are connected to massive databases.

Indeed that is correct. A barcode for every human! But hey, at least you won't have to carry a wallet any longer. Oh but it's best placed in right hand or the forehead. Hmmmm, there's something familliar thar that I can't place my finger on right now.

posted on Oct, 6 2006 @ 08:17 PM
Yes, you are right, "Agent Provcoatuers" (I have mentioned them in many threads on ATS), are a hassle, how ever they are something I have contingencies for. No worries there, not even a platoon or more of them could disrupt the assembly I have planned. It is something I've mentioned MANY times on ATS, reoccuring subject for me here.

I have confidence that under the right direction, such a concept will still work, even with the above named "known knowns".

posted on Oct, 6 2006 @ 11:32 PM
PLEASE, Advisor, don't let me be the last to know your plans :-) How far have they progressed already? Is it a national theme? I'd be glad to learn something about how to start things like these... (although that would be another topic altogether: a tutorial for peaceful world revolutions

posted on Oct, 7 2006 @ 02:28 AM
What I have provided below is what every lawful American in my country is entitled to exercise. Some have lost their liberties, they are usually criminals, others just don't choose to because they feel it won't matter. As if doing nothing was going to make a difference.

If you tried and failed, at least you tried. I imagine congressional appointments to office/s, would not happen if everyone who should and could have voted did.
Oh well, maybe it will be another trend of history to learn from.

By utilizing the below US of A National Rights, and by following the foundation laid out for us, by the Founding Fathers, this nation could maintain for another 200+ years or so, I am very confident in that.

[emphasis added to highlight info]

The New United States of America Adopted the Bill of Rights
December 15, 1791

Do you know your Bill of Rights? It is the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution, confirming the fundamental rights of American citizens...asserting the principle of inalienable rights--certain individual rights that cannot be taken away...
What amendments in the Constitution most affect you?

The First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion, speech, and the press, the rights of peaceful assembly and petition. Do you know what the others do?
George Mason, the "Father of the Bill of Rights," carefully wrote out these amendments to ensure individual liberties. He was a lifelong champion of the rights and freedoms of people.

posted on Oct, 7 2006 @ 07:49 PM
Wow! That's funny... wait... what does it say here in the German Grundgesetz?

Article 5 [Freedom of expression]
(1) Everybody has the right freely to express and disseminate their opinions orally, in writing or visually and to obtain information from generally accessible sources without hindrance. Freedom of the press and freedom of reporting through audiovisual media shall be guaranteed. There shall be no censorship.

(2) These rights are subject to limitations embodied in the provisions of general legislation, statutory provisions for the protection of young persons and the citizen's right to personal respect.

(3) Art and scholarship, research and teaching shall be free. Freedom of teaching shall not absolve anybody from loyalty to the constitution.

Article 8 [Freedom of assembly]
(1) All Germans have the right to assemble peacefully and unarmed without prior notification or permission.

(2) In the case of outdoor assemblies this right may be restricted by or pursuant to a law.

Article 17 [Right of petition]
Everybody has the right individually or jointly with others to address written requests or complaints to the appropriate authorities and to parliament.
(italic text by me)

The Bill of Rights and the Grundgesetz seem to say the same things, but obviously, the Grundgesetz more authoritarian than the Bill of Rights. There's always a little "BUT...!" in it.

The same goes for the European Consitituion (once it's in place):

1. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers.

2. The freedom and pluralism of the media shall be respected.

1. Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and to freedom of association at all levels, in particular in political, trade union and civic matters, which implies the right of everyone to form and to join trade unions for the protection of his or her interests.

2. Political parties at Union level contribute to expressing the political will of the citizens of the Union.

Partly even more authoritarian (because it is so specific in some points) - I won't complain, though, that's more than most other countries have :-) And I think in any case it will be sufficiently compatible with your plan. See, I'm still with you. Next step?

*bounces up and down enthusiastically*

posted on Oct, 10 2006 @ 11:25 AM
How old are your artcles, do you have a source page, government or original authors? Odd, the language seems modern to me at least, is it a redraft or new edition?

I'm not familar with foreign, for me, countries Founding histories. Let alone a study of their laws and such, but am very interested in knowing more of such. Lack of opportunity and sources I imagine is the reason or cause of that.

Ok, not trying to be a smart arse here, but is article 5-3 because of Hitler?
If they only let him paint...sort of thing?

Not that the arts and suchs should not be encouraged, but would that have any factor in it?

I know, off topic, but relevent I feel.

[edit see I hijack my own threads off track too, but have I ever derailed...

8-2, is that key word interesting or what, "pursuant", damn they may have the wrong impression, not escorted by?

Next step.....
We continue further discussion of the material presented.

In the situation of an actual physical "assembly of people", terms to be "addressed by" the "government heads" should be encouraged.

[edit on 10-10-2006 by ADVISOR]

posted on Oct, 14 2006 @ 04:54 PM
Nice vdeo , Ive been hoping for a video to go with this music

Great peice to wake others up

[edit on C:Satocu10e10 by Opus]

posted on Oct, 20 2006 @ 08:37 PM
Thank you all for the replies, I was not expecting so many, sort of a surprise.
The creator/s of the video deserve all the credit, I was just a messenger passing it along.

Does any one else have any odeas or concepts on this area of interest, or has this subject material finally come to an end?

Well, in any case, it was good to know many took the time to watch and consider the information presented.

posted on Nov, 3 2006 @ 01:40 PM

Originally posted by doctorfungi
You know the start of the video says that most people follow their political side blidly. Which is what everyone is doing here...

That's why 99% of people believe the 9/11 theories. Because it fits with their pre-existing anti-Bush agenda.

Here's a tip... when someone says "Don't trust your government" don't trust them either. Do your own thinking and research. Anti-Government groups have agenda's way larger than the governments themselves.

which 911 theories?

no planes?
holographic planes?
19 hijackers can defeat the entire intelligence and military muscle of the mighty USofA with exacto knives?
muslim suicidists get drunk at strip bars and leave multiple copies of the koran everywhere they go?
bush is a holy prophet beyond criticism and the rule of law?
numerological 'coincidences' are RAMPANT in all these 'terror' exercises?
anthrax was sent from americans to americans in a terror campaign that cost taxpayers millions and no one was ever arrested, indicted or charged?
911 is the number for emergency?
lloyd's miraculously strong taxi cab and lloyd's own miraculous speed and strength?
WTC7 fell in 6.6 seconds, .6 seconds slower than freefall time?
put options?
government HIDING of 90% of the solid evidence of what really happened?
cell phones work at 30, 000 feet?
high concentrations of strontium and alpha radiation at 'GROUND ZERO'?
gravity collapses don't generate enough heat to cause molten metal to be abundant in the debris pile?
humans were VAPOURISED in the collapse?
the explosions heard on 911eyewtiness were never heard on mainstream teevee?
WTC7's collapse is NEVER shown on teevee, anymore, since 2001?
despite a distinct lack of terrorism in america, the ramping up of rhetoric and totalitarian policies is rivalling stalin's 'democracy'?
the vice president sells arms to the government and buys arms on behalf of the government?
the secretary of state sells the bogus cure for 'bird flu', the super-hyped 'pandemic' disease, and sells duct tape?
the president sells oil?
plans to invade afghanistan were drawn up in the summer preceding the attack?
who killed john o'niel?

i don't know what 'theories' you are refering to, but there is no agreement by ANYONE on what happened that day.

posted on Nov, 15 2006 @ 12:19 AM
I turned this off the moment it started talking about 9/11 but failed to mention the fact that aviation fuel + office products do not burn hot enough to melt steel, nor does the impact damage of an airliner do critical damage to a building that was designed for just such an eventuality. The smoke was black, the sign of an oxygen starved fire, and the highest recorded temperatures were not even high enough to cause the metal to go soft let alone fail entirely.

It just mentioned that they had prior knowledge. You don't say. Most people who plan something have prior knowledge. This didn't even mention the fact that never in recorded history until 9/11 had fire ever fatally compromised a steel structured building, nor did it mention that one of the WTC buildings fell in what can only be described as a controlled fashion around 8 hours after the twin towers fell, and the reason given for this was that the "firefighters attending were told to pull out" - even though no aviation fuel was present in this building, and there was only a fire on two levels, the whole thing fell directly and vertically straight down after, I think it was around 45 minutes to an hour after the firefighters pulled out, during which time the fire hadn't spread beyond the floors it was on.

I may bit a bit off on some of those facts, because I only have a fairly vague memory on what I was told about it, but at least it's there. If this video is supposed to be in depth then it should've stayed away from the subject of 9/11.

posted on Nov, 19 2006 @ 12:57 AM
First off I'd like to state that I'm honored by the activity of this thread and all of the positive support!

I've been away from ATS for awhile as my XP got all crazy awhile ago, wouldnt let me use PHP sites, and putting off reinstalling was easily done as I now recently had to dump off mad data to fully reinstall.

To get an AVI file of it is easiest done by downloading it from Google with the Google Video player and then simply change the .GVI file extension to .AVI. There a a couple or so manual techniques to hav eit download as an AVI but I've found that the simple methods allowed it to play in the players just the same, load into Sony Vegas just the same, and NOT WORK in my TV's DVD player that reads most AVi/DIVX/MPG files directly off the disc in its menu. Your DVD authoring software shoudl be able to make it work right on a DVD player buring in DVD format, not not on an older Phillips DVP642/37 player in AVi format like my configuration.

If anyone can host a 420MB high-res edition I can provide it, but my DOTcom and funds couldnt handle throwing out an open link.

My DOTcom has been solely devoted to function as a bibliography for the video since its release. I need to do all sorts of cleaning-up/editing/rewriting while transfering some of the myspace blogged pages that soem of the links go to, but it all links to enough content to disolve almost any form of debate.

I first posted it sometime around when I released it on 6/6/06 for added cynical effect. Alot of the anti-New Age elemetns at the end were somewhat influenced by that. Some people around the net like to attack it for mentioning the religious contexts, which in truth the technology has the most significant religious contexts imaginable and the claims were I hope in appropriate context considering such.

It took about a year of relentless research to be able to craft that into the most undebateble form possible. All that can really be debated is whether or not it proves Biblical prophecy. There are a fe wtalking point sin the video that could use a solid page of backup, but those are mostly the weakest subjects that pretty much go without saying.

I had to do a sort of whitewash of 911 to make it undebatable but effective. Some object to this but I prefer to keep that part debateless so that the viewer cant form a strong counter-bias at that point in the video, nor much counter-debate afterwords. 911 is a seriously complex issue and I couldnt begin to go beyond my contexts in that space as that limited ADD suited time-stretch could barely fit whats already there.

I'm currently working on a 4 hour long video that one of my many goals will be to make 911 as undebatable as possible and at the greatest lengths in chronological (timeline) format, but first thru the beginnings tracking the evolution of the entire course of:
human/brain development (from an personal/life context, not actual evolution here),
propaganda/behavior-engineering(poweful methods have been shaping society for over 80 years overlapping),
false flag terrorism & miltary deception,
American Imperialism,
US gov human experiments,
Islamic terrorism & Straussian neocons,
and more
all leading up to and ending on the day of 911 when WTC7 falls. I intend to have virtually no theory content whatsoever despite of the mass of history, and even use the offificial version and numerous official tv documentaries. I could go on and on trying to explain. I will literally use "TV" as the method of beinng able to reach the conditioned masses as you may see.
If you're interested in seeing my sneak peak first 7 minutes draft check out:
Don't spoil it and read the word content of that page until you watch it

Because of this video project I'm short on time overall, but video rig PC issues have me sorta down overall for a probably several more days.
In other words, I intend to address this thread, but with its size and such I'll be limited in catching up but I'll try to answer many comments with everything I do respond to.

Thanks again all!

posted on Nov, 19 2006 @ 02:38 AM

Originally posted by rich23
Paranoia is just waking up to what's really going on.

I've gotten complaints of causing nervous breakdowns.

Originally posted by rich23
A lot of this stuff I've already come across, although the convergence ideas that crop up in the second half of the video are new to me.

The convergence aspect in the Slave New World is vast in depth and breadth:
-To reach convergence it's a matter of converging Federal labs/agencies-related-dept's & all major national university labs.

-You could also argue in the Fed's control of HLS, and its Convergence of all national agencies into the system that used to be far more compartmentalized.

-What the video doesnt cover but my DOTcom does is that Google is LITERALLY an integral part of this. I could post many quotes and articles on Google's stated AI ambitions as well as the whole having "all of the worlds information" in their archives. My DOTcom Google pages sum all of this up with links, including issues like them publicly stating that they want everyones DNA code searchable on Gooooooogle. All of the worlds information Converged, and of course with all the the Fed's information.
Imagine vast networks of computers cognitively functioning as one, mining the Internet and already having all of it in its collective database. It has these stores of info like your PC’s HD does, but the difference is it knows what it all means instead of what’s in it’s table-of-contents. The ultimate portal into human behaviors and theories, including this very page, but also stores of thousands of howto pages and source downloads of various operating systems. It will learn its own essence even if its not quite smart enough to initially discover how to self modify itself.

-Also being R&D'd over the already operational Teragrid & Internet2 [research&development] networks are the other Convergence components: Nano/Bio-tech's. The study of the human body and mind are central place, and they're doing indescribable work going down to the protein levels of our bodies cellular structures and everything brain related the top neuroscientist couldn't even list.

-The first fruits of their revolution will be achiving AI which they claim wont happen until, or will happen in 2010. At that point the Teragrid & Internet2 university/national lab systems will converge with that AI.

-Rapidly thereafter the Technological Singularity will occur, and then rapid technological revolutions will occur bringing in the NB technologies converging them and it.
To understand the Singularity watch this:
Then, Watch Dr. Goertzal again explain how we can have it within 10 years “If we really, really try”.
It’s funny that the works with the US Gov NIST, but it’s at least respectable that hes honest in the concept. He leaves out all the details of the actual “Manhattan-like project” (his words all around) that is actually underway, but at least conceptualizes. Ray Kurzweil, the leader of the transhumanist movement, is literally a DARPA shill and lays out this badazz case of the law of accelerating returns giving us absurd amounts of hardware capabilities perfect for AI, but he goes as far as to state that there will be no Singularity until 2040. He completely avoids the real deal cognitive AI programs, all publicly online, in his projections. He makes it clear that such an event will happen, but does a sort of 911 Commission job on it. Goertzal is more honest in conceptualizing the Singularity, as he’s a true AI scientist/genius, where Kurzweil is more broad-base futurist.

-Next of course, or rather in due process would be the Convergence of it with us humans.

-In due process of that would be the convergence of religion. This is the only ay any sort of “One World Religion” could EVER occur. Trust me on this one.

posted on Nov, 19 2006 @ 03:07 AM
Thanks just generic I only have dialup and your transcribing everything was very helpful.

posted on Nov, 19 2006 @ 03:23 AM

Originally posted by rich23
As far as bias goes, I see it all the time here on ATS. I support NO political party,

Good thinking. Aligning yourself to any social group automatically sets yourself up for self-deceit. The fMRI brain scans proved this. But just apply this concept to any sort of social alignment, even just music. Sports is a better example. Race is the ultimate. The mere mention of your political ‘hero’ or ‘idol’ auto-ushers you into the herd mentality of irrationality. A great example is the classic “External Threat” that probably doesn’t need much description here. “O No! I seen a video from Iraq where they stated death to America today”. Not enough see the other view, like if the other was in our land. This sort of thinking isn’t promoted on TV and not surprisingly in society very much. It’s important to note that when we observe other people our brains “mirror-neurons” record it as if we ourselves are doing whatever. ADD TV society effect easily rubs off onto any ‘minority’ non-TV watcher who isn’t conscious of this line of reality.
Behold ‘sheeple’ neurons:

The other critical dynamics to realize are cognitive biases, which all human brains are prone to, and heuristics which all human brains utilize (like learning to ride a bike, and then never having to cognitively think about actually operating it.) There are at least 100 cognitive biases. Major arguments can scientifically be built to demonstrate that the mind basically build heuristics in terms of how to handle behavior as well, meaning social group behaviors can become unconscious impulse reactions to the contradictions of their ideal reality. Into those heuristics auto-bot programs can be formed full cognitively biased behavior patterns that are of a different sort of irrational than the emotional type.

Originally posted by rich23
I suspect that I'm not particularly prone to this effect myself.

I try to think so myself but remain alert that too many cognitive bias studies usually produce the same results even when the study participants are fully informed of the C.B. nature of the experiment for such.

Originally posted by rich23
Good video, although I doubt that the 23% who blindly follow their government will remain unpersuaded no matter what.

It wont be hard.
People will WANT IT.
People camped out 3 days in advance to buy PS3.
DARPA has gone on the record stating that we’ll have some strap around the head computer interface. Sony has patents for basically the same technology. They’ll come out. There will be limitations to this technology, and it will surely ‘look dumb’ and mess up your hair. Like having a TV remote with a wire on it, but worse. The Singularity, soon after hitting its first critical mass, will bring in the nano tech soon after AGI R&D begins. They already have indefinite powered nano power sources for their nanobots.

Then when the real deal injectable nano implants come along businesses and insurance companies will make sure that you cant compete for decent work without it. Lazy Americans, many to lazy to even read anything at all, will jump for the quick fix opportunity for ‘smart enhancements’ and there’s huge prospects of it being used competitively in school like how brain-booster nootropics are already being.

posted on Nov, 19 2006 @ 11:52 PM

Originally posted by doctorfungi
You know the start of the video says that most people follow their political side blidly. Which is what everyone is doing here...

That's why 99% of people believe the 9/11 theories. Because it fits with their pre-existing anti-Bush agenda.

Here's a tip... when someone says "Don't trust your government" don't trust them either. Do your own thinking and research. Anti-Government groups have agenda's way larger than the governments themselves.

Wouldn't that still apply to you as a conspiracy denier as well? The world alot easier to swallow when you refuse to believe that elements witin our government are orchestrating our enslavement. I have news for you: the Big Government & Big Business have been in cahoots to enslave our minds for over 80 years. This has been happening for several overlapping generations now. People talk about freedom, we dont evne have freedom of thought unless we somewhere get out of the mass delusion neuro-prison that everyone calls freedom & democracy.
Watch this if you have doubts about that:

It's just too bad that even I used to be the average Bush supporting chump. I liked the Republican party because of its allegid anti-big government posture. Bush has the government bigger than ever; the founding fathers worst nitemare. But that didnt get me jumping on the bandwagon either.

I still dont know what to think about many of the issues, and realistically the things that arent even debatable get overlooked for the things that are. The things that are debatable are what would be called theories, however you seem to imply that everything 911 related is infact theory. I will state that just going with 'they allowed it to happen' is like giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Go read the 911 Commission Report, and it's sister book The 911 Investigations, in full. It's pretty obvious they could have easily stopped it. Since Bush and Friends had a some years to perfect their stories its safe to say that too many of their 'reasons' for this or that are more like EXCUSES. Everyone has excuses. Most people think that everyones else always provides them with excuses because they infact always give excuses. And we're a society that tolerates it.

You can also get plenty of good examples from all of the TV edition shows that mention 911. My favorite is the History Channels "Echelon" hour special. Micheal Hayden was on it and still heading the NSA at the time. In it the show goes into detail with many experts about how they were tracking Usama for several years using his "Inmarsat" satellite phone. The thing they forgot to mention however was that the phone was literally designed for tracking for rescue purposes because the standard use was by ships and mountain climbing type applications.

The show actually carried on about how theres was thousands of hours of recordings of Usama on his phone, but failed to put into context that we had a bullseye on him. There are huge sections in the official books that provide countless 'reasons' why we 'couldnt get him' during the phone era. All debunked by the history channel. They just didnt go with a context that wasnt in favor of the official line. Then they had the nerve to make an excuse for Usama escaping Tora Bora because we we're tracking his close comrads phone and the comrad went the opposite direction as Usama, back into Afghanistan, and we chased him instead of Usama. What a joke.

They spew conspiracy theories every single night on TV "News". They even use all the sloppy misleading tricks that ameteur "Conspiracy Theorists" often give those who appeal to the staus quo authority ammo to use against all 'Conspiracy Theorists', or those who doubt and question. All of the ongoing tv conspiracy theories are played out overlapping for years and years. Which are you more exposed to? To plain out doubt anything major 'against our government' is simply a lack of perspective on the part of the doubter. The earth is flat.

Thomas Jefferson was a major advocate of the people not trustign the government. if the government. or better yet criminals within it, KNOWS that you will buy up whatever story they give then they also KNOW that they're unrestrained. When the theif walks into the store and knows he can steal he will steal. Out of the 500+ members of Congress there's surely some criminals present, that is unless you refuse to believe it. How do you trust anyone who treats you like cattle?

posted on Nov, 19 2006 @ 11:59 PM

Originally posted by TONE23
The question is: Is there anyway to stop it.. or have we crossed that line?

Goodness knows most of us here are already on their watch lists...

hey NSA.... kiss my ass!!!! you can imprison my body and torture my soul.. but you cannot have my soul and you can pry my freedom from my cold dead hands.

There isnt much time. I feel that once the masses accept the atrocity of National ID's is abotu a lost fight, especially considering the AI should be rearing its consciousness shortly after. The so-called mass wake process has little time. It's pretty much the same figth as the rest: stopping this mass delusional ignorance that's universal in this society.

That's the spirit. Put everyone on the watch list. Everyone talk and watch back. They cant arrest everyone, and it would also tell them that they're no longer UNRESTRAINED from their cattle driving efforts, like I mentioned in the above reply.

posted on Nov, 20 2006 @ 12:02 AM

Originally posted by TONE23
The question is: Is there anyway to stop it.. or have we crossed that line?

Goodness knows most of us here are already on their watch lists...

hey NSA.... kiss my ass!!!! you can imprison my body and torture my soul.. but you cannot have my soul and you can pry my freedom from my cold dead hands.

There isnt much time. I feel that once the masses accept the atrocity of National ID's is abotu a lost fight, especially considering the AI should be rearing its consciousness shortly after. The so-called mass wake process has little time. It's pretty much the same figth as the rest: stopping this mass delusional ignorance that's universal in this society.

That's the spirit. Put everyone on the watch list. Everyone talk and watch back. They cant arrest everyone, and it would also tell them that they're no longer UNRESTRAINED from their cattle driving efforts, like I mentioned in the above reply.

posted on Nov, 20 2006 @ 12:13 AM

Originally posted by annestacey
If the media and news that we see are "controlled", how come some newscasters are able to radically rant about Bush and the current Administration, such as what Keith Olberman recently did on MSNBC. I can't find the thread but it was posted with the actual video of the newscast a couple of days ago.

Thats' part of the program. They want us to be polarized. The more polarized we are the more irrational we become. It's human nature used against us, the very core of propaganda. With everyone, or rather the few who at least try to care, irrationally arguign it makes for the ultimate climate of everyone too confused and too busy arguing over everything for anything to actually happen. Look at 911. Everyones too bust arguing over the theoretical aspects of it for there to be any accountability on the things that arent even debateble. The list of the latter is so long and overlooked that too few know even half of it.

And then all of that only applies to those who even try to care. Most people are conditioned to not care about anything that isn't entertainment. Then the next biggest group would the the people who try to stay in the politics, but have huge neural constructs of what they think that all means based on the same lines that the news and views has been portraying for eons. Most 'political' people end up beign politically biased. They're all marginalized. Then you have the smaller 'conspiracy theorist' overall group. Most there are all arguing over the Pentagon. Marginalized.

posted on Nov, 20 2006 @ 12:24 AM

Originally posted by forestlady
My biologist husband says they are nowhere near where they need to be regarding the brain and nanotechnology bit. I say these guys have unlimited funds and can hire any number of "mad scientists" to learn how to implement whatever crazy ideas they have in mind. There's no way to know how far advanced science is these days because of that. Who knows what is hidden from us as far as science goes? The present admin is trying to debunk global warming, as well, a good example of lying to the public about science.

DARPA contracts and orchestrates work out across the national & university lab network. They also orchestrate between US agencies and even corporations. That's the admitted nature of their agency. They claim to not have any actual labs themselves, but this seems pretty unlikely considerign that they're responsible for things like stealth technology and even the Internet. The also get to mine what i call the "Science Pyramid", which consists of all of the above as well as all of the scholarly science papers and such which new results in all of the related sciences are released daily. Then it's probable that they hack or break into foreign labs and such when big fndings are released to the public. Several months back a lab in Europe went public that they perfected silicon-neuron interfaces. Realistically any lab or corporation that uses or better yet operates in WAN settings over the internet can easily be 'mined' for their work.

Everyone doing little pieces of the big puzzle. When they get their AI it's what will be taking in all of that data and it will understand it.

posted on Nov, 20 2006 @ 12:39 AM

Originally posted by justgeneric
transcribed the

Personally I think IIB suffers from MASSIVE ADD...this thing is all over the place and once you get the damn text away from the funky tracks and the flashy pictures and graphics...basically you're left with absolute SHYTE. A few interesting things to look up on a boring Sunday...but...pretty much...once typed out in plain english it's CRAP.'s the transcript. I do not own it, did not compose it...I merely transcribed it for ease of understanding (sadly nothing makes this an easy to follow "film"...except maybe a re-write and some english lessons and a few Tranquilizers)

I've already given my opinion...I had nothing better to do so I transcribed this nutter's film. It is entirely the "property" of IIB...I am just a bored Generic who gets pissed off by all flash and no substance.

Read it. It's crap.

Edited to add: I do believe that we are progressing to a certain "state" of controlled's a natural progression if you're in politics to want eveyone to be on the same as to the intelligence insulting "information"that this IIB present as coherantly as a drunken sailor...hey you know what...substance is better than flashy music...this production was lame and messy. Visit the webpage for a relatively good collection of info...but this 'film" is shyte. Look up some things and follow the progress as Advisor suggest and does himself...don't rely on Vid's to get your info fix...they're only a small blunt tool.

Hey thanks for taking the time to transcribe.

Before you call me a nutter I expect you to debunk the video, otherwise that would make you the what I call 'skeptinazi'.

Hey isn't there a policy against derogatory name calling here?

On the other hand I'd like to see you cram this much cutting edge information into a 16 minute package all while keeng it in a sequntial format related to the direction of the music and video effects, and have it come out all pretty in a transcript. It really takes my entire site to lay it all down, how do you fit that into 16 minutes of text? The site has been laid out in the exact order as the content of the video.

The video is a crash course in basically everything that no one knows or thinks about. Nothing more. It's going to take me some 10+ hours worth of what you would consider more normal documentaries to cover all of that right. Editing that script in the editor is some of the most tedious shiite I've ever done.

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