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Propaganda or Need to Know: WARNING VIDEO may be contrary to opinions

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posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 12:30 PM
This video has been out for a few months now. I agreed with the majority of it until it reached towards the end with all the religious overtones. Its a great video though and for the most part very true.


posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 12:51 PM
Personally I think IIB suffers from MASSIVE ADD...this thing is all over the place and once you get the damn text away from the funky tracks and the flashy pictures and graphics...basically you're left with absolute SHYTE. A few interesting things to look up on a boring Sunday...but...pretty much...once typed out in plain english it's CRAP.'s the transcript. I do not own it, did not compose it...I merely transcribed it for ease of understanding (sadly nothing makes this an easy to follow "film"...except maybe a re-write and some english lessons and a few Tranquilizers)



Watch this video while sitting down!! Heart patients should not watch this in one sitting.IIB isn't responsible for head trauma resulting from watching this film. You may need to watch several times to grasp it all.You may have trouble believing all of the contents herein. To see the facts for yourself visit:

Brain scans revealed that the politically biased are virtually addicted to lying to themselves to maintain their view that their party and leaders are flawless.

People of both political "sides" are equally affected by bias .

When viewing truth that doesn't suit our ideals most of us deny it and go on as if it never happened, mainly because few of us even understand the way bias effects us and makes us completely irrational.

Millions of Americans suffer from this, and nationalism bias runs even deeper.

Most people think that blindly believing what our government tells us is patriotism.

That is false.

Most people doubt that our leaders would ever do anything that wasn't in our best interest.

Most of us live in a delusional reality based on denial as a result.

By definition most of us are in fact "sheeple" ...


"Freedom of Press" = All media outlets owned by 5 (five) mega-corporations, and that means your entertainment too.

Decades of controlled TV and Radio indoctrination has brainwashed US into lifestyles and thought patterns of ignorance.

Polls revealed that Americans know more about the Simpsons than about the 1st (first) amendment.

Most don't even notice when they rape or manipulate our rights.

The 2 (two) political parties have merged into one system.

They have become a hybrid, especially the "Neo-Cons" What exactly are the trying to "conserve"?

Now both parties embrace both "big government" and "big corporation".


How is that good for "The People"?

They've maxed out the "National Debt" but the Dems still vote in favor of Police State programs (and the rest) that we can't afford as a nation.

They also enjoy those tax cuts (for the rich) but you probably don't.

As everyone pretends that our government is good in its entirety, they build they system of economic, political, and technological eslavement.

"Democrats" are just as guilty, they're just not as good at it lately.

American Sovereignity = the elite deporting of our jobs for bigger profits.

Our govenment has allowed corporations to grow out of control.

Not only do politicians get payouts, but they usually own stocks in the companies (or have other incentives) that profit from their decisions and our problems.

The bigger the disaster the more money they make.

This includes, 9/11, Katrina, Bird Flu, War in Iraq, etc...

Even if it's mostly the Reps, the Dems still allow it.

The motivation for being in power is which side gets the most perks.

In "pop" politics there is no right or wrong, only Left and Right.

"Freedom of Religion" = Leaders converging our political and religious biases to better manipulate our minds.

They don't practice what they preach but your bias tells you they do.

To be a politician you must also be a liar.

Do you faithfully trust them??

Bush has gotten away with challenging over 750 (seven hundred and fifty) laws, and congress has allowed it. (Including the Dems)

Bush and Kerry have each admitted to being members of the elite secret society known as "Skull and Bones".

S & B has no more than 800 members at any given time.

This fact actually made the "news" but everyone ignored it because Reps and Dems are equally biased.

Bush has 11 (eleven) S & B members in his cabinet. (But it's only a coincedence)

It doesn't matter because it's been proven that election result can and have been hacked.

But nobody cares.

Our democracy is destroyed, because people refuse to see the plain truth.

As bias and ignorance marches on.

That bias brain scan revealed that when people see contradictions they subconsciously lie to themselves. And then the brains reward centers fire next.

That's right, when biased people deny they get a sort of a rush.

That parallels drug addiction.

You might be experiencing this right now, but it's not your fault...

We've all been programmed to live in ignorance and false realities after decades and generations of ignorance promoting TV and Radio.


And they know that most people are either biased or just don't care.

So how can't they know that they can do almost anything they want?

Their conduct reflects this every week (more like everyday). (And not just the Reps either...)

It used to be a few bad apples, now it's a few good apples, and everyone is too biased to accept it.

People think our nation can't crumble. Nationalism has us refusing to accept it's slipping when we see it happen.

Bias combined with ignorance allows it to happen!

But it's fear that drives it.

Our government had prior knowledge of 9/11.

They had approximately as many ties, indicators, and ways to stop 9/11, as this video has talking points.

...and allowed it to happen!

They declared that our "freedom" was attacked by the "terrorists"...

But only the Fed is attacking our freedom.

The motives of the Islamists had nothing to do with your freedom, but Bush and both sides of congress declared that.

QUOTE The Pearly Harbor of the 21st Centurt took place today... GWB END QUOTE

Even the History channel says that FDR allwed Pearl Harbor to happen...

Becasue he too had prior knowledge.

Pearl Harbor was investigated NINE times...but 9/11 only once.

Why hasn't anyone been held accountable for 9/11?


posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 12:53 PM

Why hasn't anyone been held accountable for 9/11?

(Besides Maussaui, who didn't even take part in the attacks)

The FBI hasn't even issued a warrant for Osama, for 9/11 because of no hard evidence.

The 9/11 commission was biased; with an absolute lack of cooperation from the White House that underfunded them.

They reported many inaccuracies, while omitting key issues, and provided the final report with 28 (twenty eight) blanked out pages.

For Starters!

Many things have changed since 9/11, including the almost comlete dismantlement of the Constitution.

...but many of the programs were already started under Clinton.

So why doesn't the media ask the hard 9/11 questions?

Whistleblower rights = possible criminal prosecution.

The FBI spies on reporters.

The media is controlled.

Post 9/11 Terrorists = "Defenders of the Constitution" - "anti-glabalization bloggers" - "anti-war protesters" - "property rights activists" - and more...

Government documents say so.

Congress passed the Unconstitutional "Patriot Act" the 1st (first) time...without even reading it.

Now it's been expanded if anything.

It basically voids the constitution.

Fourth Amendment = annihilated!

Freedom to Protest = get added to the terrorist watch list.

They're proliferating high tech weapons to stop protesters, and developing high tech mass broadcast Psy-Ops capabilities, and are now spying on social networks (MySpace)...

all in the name of "fighting terrorism".

= US the terrorists?

After 9/11 they said that terrorists probably have suitcase nukes.

400,000+ illegals cross the Mexican border each year...

So instead of increasing security they build concentration camps. And five years later turn it into a wedge issue debate, while informing us of their new high tech security plans.

The Afghani/Iraqi wars were already being drawn up before 9/11...

Now they say we need to attack Iran!

After each cabinet member has been busted lying about every single reason we went into Iraq.

Meanwhile the Dems want "universal service", meaning every male/female between 18 - 42 is subject to mandatory draft.

(but then the Dems claim they're the ones trying to defend out liberties...)

Truth = it was always the Dems who were big government. least until they all went hybrid.

The middle eastern wars were planned before 9/11 by the "Project for a New American Century" PNAC think tank...

Jeb Bush, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz and Don Rumsfeld are PNAC members.

In total there are 16 (sixteen) PNAC administration members, plus Jeb Bush.

Before 9/11 they called for:

...these wars, "Net centric" computing, and a "technological transformation" in the "military revolution"...

...and requiring a "new Pearl Harbor"!

Is America the land of opportunity or the land of coincidences?

PNAC has gotten all of their pre-9/11 wishes

Mainstream media finally reports that the NSA literally traps virtually every single phone in the country.

First Bush was caught tapping a few thousand, and said that only they were being tapped.

Before that he said there weren't any unconstitutional wiretaps at all.

HE lied!


He also declared that Clinto did it first.

They have nearly complete histories of all our phone calls/conversations, emails, search engine records and all pages that have ever been on the internet.

"DARPA" designed the internet.

And now the Fed is trying to pass laws to end Free Speech and Network Neutrality with their Internet2...which is already built from special new "DARPA" designed main hardware...

to centrally connect everything to the Fed.

They monitor everything we buy and do: that can be tracked, and have so much data that they probably can't effectively mine it all yet...

They do it under a DARPA program titled TIA/MATRIX.

On February 20, 2003, congress terminated the unconstitutional program, but instead the NSA decided to take it over and are even combining with the DNA bank and more...

But the NSA is only supposed to spy on foreign enemies and known terrorists otherwise it's unconstitutional.

They passed the unconstitutional National ID ("Real ID") into law (set for 2008)... and now they say we even need "Global IDs".

They GPS track us with our cell phones...they're already proposing to track and tax (per mile) ALL vehicles with GPS...

all in the name of "fighting terrorism".

All street cameras are part of the federal artificial intelligence (AI) system known as "ITS"...

All national cameras are hooked into the Dept. of Homeland Security.

It was developed by DARPA who also developed its bigger brother..."Combat-zones That See" (CTS) designed to "track everything that moves in a city."

ITS's camera surveilance began under Clinton.

The Senate and Supreme Court say they will rule on mandatory "Biochip Implants" !

So what are they waiting for?

Must be for those suitcase nukes ot go off?

The current public sector implantable bio-chip tracking system is titled "Digital Angel".

It can track schools of fish underwater...


The federal government's "net centric" military computer is already built,

and is titled the "Global Information Grid" (GIG)

It makes "Digital Angel" look like played out SEGA 8-bit.

It's mainly a military system but it's also completely integrated with "Homeland Security"...

but then again all levels, agencies and departments have converged anyways.

This is "concentrated power" gone wild.

The new "National Initiative" is Nanotechnology.

Nano means building things atom by atom at the molecular scale.

"Things" includes "self assembling" machines and synthetic biological creations.

What the media doesn't tell is what "public" .GOV documents say they intend to do with it.

The media keeps the public ignorant about Nanotech.

(just like everything else)

Whenever they do talk about nano or the other enslavement technologies,

they usually tend to glorify them if anything, (and/or use fear monger tactics).

The Fed's stated goal is to "converge" nanotech and infotech.

With synthetic biological cells for "cognitive" uses...


...that means satllite uplinked brain implants that are already injectible by vein.

but it's also for the rapid evolution of mankind.

(known as "transhumanism")

And transforming us into what the Fed calls the "hive mind" - "collective society".


posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 12:55 PM

Humanity is the sacrifice for this goal!

And the goal is to literally converge us with the system.

To achieve this goal they have converged all national and university laboratories,

and are building Super Artificial Intelligence (AI) under DARPA and w/NASA.

Bush says: QUOTE - This funding will support the work of America's most creative minds as they explore promising areas such as nanotechnology , supercomputing..." 2006 State of the Union Speech - END QUOTE

NASA says their AI "intelligent archive" will be online in 2010.

DARPA says their 20+ Super-Computing / Cognitive Computer AI programs will be online by 2012.

...and you can bet they'll be hooked into the GIG.

and all of the other vast data archives of all our behaviour...

and US into it.

It will be omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient...

it will be a "god on earth" by all definitions...

The Transhumanists call it the "Singularity".

Do you think the Fed hasn't considered the "Terminator" apocolypse sceanrio?

The only certain way to prevent that is to hook us all into it.

Resistance is Futile

Do you think men are capable of doing that to us to achieve infinite power?

Should that even be a question?

New Agers / Transhumanists have already developed this coming system into an occult esoteric religion.

And they refer to it as "EDEN II" "Heaven on Earth", "Genesis II", and the "NEU - Tower of Babylon".

Old news: "Rat brain flies F22 Flight Simulator"

Their AI system will be a hybrid of silicon, biological and nano processors.

Biological means "humanized" rat brain neurons (or worse)

The software will be math models of biological bbrain functions

It will be a beast "brain" by definition.

And the implant will each be marks of the beast by definition.

and more..

Neural Implants will provide holographic mental imagery

a completely delusional realityoffering drug like experiences

but they're not being developed for entertainment nor by the entertainment industry.

They will be the ultimate tempatation for the flesh.

and the most forever binding ever conceived by man.

revelation Prophecy mentions "worshipping" the "beast" and it's "image" in the "forehead" ...TEN times.

But millions will line up to get our totalitarian government's implants

Becasue bias marches on.

The Mayan Calendar makes a good case to account for evolution and time while maintaining a 7-day creation based on cycles.

The cycles work like gears that get smaller as time moves on.

They calculated it using advanced astrology.

New Agers make a case for "Transformation of Consciousness"

When the Mayan calendar ends in 2012

They claim we'll be like the hive mind with telepathy.

The real transformation will be when DARPA's AI goes online.

The real mass-telepathywould be the brain-implants.

Do you really think God mapped out the stars to tell us to

to worship this manmade "god on earth" after Revelation warned against it?

"They want your soul"

Written and directed by IIB

Credits continue......

Transcribed from the short film "They Want Your Soul"

I've already given my opinion...I had nothing better to do so I transcribed this nutter's film. It is entirely the "property" of IIB...I am just a bored Generic who gets pissed off by all flash and no substance.

Read it. It's crap.

Edited to add: I do believe that we are progressing to a certain "state" of controlled's a natural progression if you're in politics to want eveyone to be on the same as to the intelligence insulting "information"that this IIB present as coherantly as a drunken sailor...hey you know what...substance is better than flashy music...this production was lame and messy. Visit the webpage for a relatively good collection of info...but this 'film" is shyte. Look up some things and follow the progress as Advisor suggest and does himself...don't rely on Vid's to get your info fix...they're only a small blunt tool.

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posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 12:55 PM

Originally posted by Ed Littlefox

I just took a first view on the Video. What is covered is a large range of very truthful information on which this writer has a good deal of expertise. (I joke you not). I know a good bit about the "hidden" side of DARPA--GIG--NAIS--NIS--and LOT of the rest of it. I have been heavily involved in studying these linkages for upwards of 10 years.

For others who wish to take Advisor up on this video, I'd strongly suggest that you keep your mouse pointer on the pause button. The Text moves pretty fast, and the busy background and music--done for impact--is somewhat of a distraction. As Advisor has ststed, it takes more than one view.

I have already subscribed to this Forum and will be tracking it closely. Since I have just made my first view, I will reserve any comment on any parts of it until I digest it and see questions and comments on the Forum.

Thanks, Advisor-- I feel this one is extremely important, and should be very interesting. Really, this video should send numerous Red Flags up with anyone who views it.

Agreed. Which is why I roll my eyeballs at the people who don't believe in it. It takes ages to get them to realize what's going on. It's really sad. Seriously.

posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 01:35 PM
The melding images and chanting has me thinking that they're trying to brainwash the viewer. This is evidently meant for the more ignorant masses who are easily misled.

If you want to get MY attention, give me the information straight-up or talk to the hand.

posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 02:14 PM
I listed all the phrases out, and there are many that need research to prove are fact. I will work on that and list them as I find them.

I feel that this was written by more then one person because of the way the words are put together. Use of apostropies gives me this idea.

Any mention of religion turns me away. Does this mean i'm biased? Or does it mean that I like to look at facts to find the truth?

If there will be a massive brain implantation going on by 2010/2012 there should be some type of system being put in place. Who is making the impant? Has it been tested yet? How can they force everyone to get these? or will they be sneaky and figured out which drugs most of us take and insert the nanotech brain implants into them for the best distrubution? Will they put this stuff in the major brands of food that we eat? What about the people who live in remote areas that don't have contact with most of the world and live off the land? How will they be found and added to the hive?

Makes you think, and I hope that is what this is supposed to accomplish. Super-computers and all this AI talk may be real, but using this as a way to control the entire world won't be as easy as they say it will be. I can only see mass protests and many casualties, not to mention some sort of attack on our government by many groups from inside and outside this country who won't go along with this.

Unless the gov't tells us the truth I don't see the millions lining up to get these implants, if this is ever going to happen.

posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 02:33 PM
What is so ironic about this is that the globalists could be behind it too, references to neo-cons, governments and political parties is made negative and that fits into the hands of the global elite and their plans to remove those things.

In general I agree that lies are the norm of the day and they system does not work for the average man anymore. But be very critical in your analysis of any propaganda. Always find some fault in it or bias it may have. This flick talks about bias but does not fully accept the bias it has. It may be the good guys reaching out to us or?

posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 02:50 PM
...bias marches on. How true. ...turn the cheek now and get ready for the sucker punch... true too. What do you think is more reasonable?

1) There are really semi-covert programs out there with the ultimate goal of total hegemonic control?


2) The powers that be are really good guys with the best intentions and would never do something to totally enslave and control the large masses

There is no "in-between". it´s either 1) or 2).

2012 sounds just about right. Hopefully by then I will be gone and living in John Lear´s strip mine on the moon.

How to stop this future? You can´t. Unless you nuke all the bastards from orbit and start all over again that is. Either that or rise, rise, rise you revolutionaries.

Do you really think that a bio-implant will be voluntary?
Every MD and hospital will become obliged to insert one into you under a new "law" when you go for your yearly checkup. Once in, oops, cannot get it out. Another soul lost.

Great find Advisor, now I´m seriously depressed. ´Scuse me while I continue to build my suitcase nuke. Death or Drone, Death or Drone, Death or Drone.... (new mantra). hmmhmm.

posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 04:17 PM
I just find it hard to believe that society will collapse so readily to the whims and fancies of facist government. It will take a fight my friends...yeah there's your "sheeple" mentality to deal with...but overall I find much of this to be sciophobia (fear of science).

It's a tech age and natural progression dictates that tech will continue to explode. It is also natural to expect that in many ways that tech will cross over into biological experimentation.

It is also natural that gov. would be interested.

Millions of people don't just anything. There are revolts, uprisings, coupes, civil wars, mass protests...

Ever see the cartoon Pinky and the Brain? Who does the Brain remind you of huh?

Anyway...yeah...the gov. will run roughshod only so long as is allowed. That is a simple explanation to a complex issue I time we as people will be forced to protest. The government will be forced to react to that protest and thus it begins...

But mass telepathic take over by 2012 - give me a break.

Internet2 - already in place...and yeah it likely does have a secret agenda or two attached...will they shut down the Internet to shut down the subversives? LMAO...and do it by 2012 or 2010 when NASA supoosedly comes on line with their big arse program to screw the people?

I spent an hour transcribing that nut's little "fillum" and as I said it's mildly interesting and brings a few "programs" into the forefront...the film was was a void...a vacuum...and it was biased.

God? Squeeze me? Nuff said...I transcribed it to the T (I did write out numbers in paranthesis though out of habit) and I may have made a few typos, but that text is exactly what he says in the film - which should have a warning for epileptics due to the stupid flashy scenes and lettering...just to save ya'll some time and make it easier to discuss the points (there are a few) of the piece.

I too get truly nauseated when God, enters a suposed political arena...think he oughta keep his nose out of it.

People I have faith, will take a stand. We'll get to that point in a distant future...I don't think 2012 is distant enough.

posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 04:44 PM

Originally posted by justgeneric
I just find it hard to believe that society will collapse so readily to the whims and fancies of facist government. It will take a fight my friends...yeah there's your "sheeple" mentality to deal with...but overall I find much of this to be sciophobia (fear of science).

Millions of people don't just anything. There are revolts, uprisings, coupes, civil wars, mass protests...

I agree... but when the government forces things like vaccinations and flouride in the water, all "for your own good", at what point do the toxic substances in our bodies start to affect our minds to the point that we have no control over ourselves?

posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 04:59 PM
I can't say enough about the power of this video. And the fact that they (the producers) invoke Bill Hicks speaks volumes to me personally. I credit Bill with opening my third eye to what is happening to us in this country.

I've never believed that we were free and now I am more terrified than I was prior to viewing. The fact that DARPA actually named this thing that will replace our beloved internet the "matrix" is beyond astounding.

Someone asked how to stop this but I don't think there is a way. Possibly the exposing of the criminality of 9/11 would be a step in the right direction. Unfortunately I firmly believe that this snowball has been rolling downhill since before Kennedy was shot and stopping now would mean laying down ones life to slow it's progress.

Welcome to your mind…we hope we've made it pretty enough for you here.

posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 05:00 PM
ever hear of saying NO?

Good grief people...I would die gladly to avoid being forcefed a dang mind melding drug...I do not take anything unless it is explained in full...and yes you can LEGALLY refuse to immunize if you choose, and you CAN say no to FLOURIDATION if you choose...there are so many options to say NO and people do not excersie the right. So...thank you...THAT it what gives the gov. the footing to start sneaking in the old backdoor...

use that little word. NO.

Yes it makes life a bit difficult but compared to the scenario that is depicted in this film...and the "poor me" mentality of many people...

I say no...I'll keep saying it. If they threatened my kid's life I'd say it even louder...if they threaten my entire family I will scream it...NO.

So I guess that makes me a terrorist and a subversive huh?

C'mon...practice saying no. Practice questioing the things you don't understand...get ready for what this film (if that what's you truly believe) is saying will only have six years according to this bit of anti-sci fluff to get used to saying NO...

Or will ya'll lay down and let it happen?

I am shocked that there is so much talk of "end of the world as we know it" and so little action against it. If it truly is bearing down on us...where are we?

Really...I'm being facietious and I's just that this is getting abit silly...6 years it is 2012 (less than six years actually huh?) and many sound as though they're ready to go out shopping for straight razors and fancy writing paper to write their last will and testament.

Slow down and breath. Read. Explore and learn...there's lots of time to practice saying no while we prepare for the big revolt.

2012 - Mayan calendar...oh Geez...Alien's are easier to believe in.

posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 05:00 PM
Great job embedding it SO, thank you. Wow, lots of replies, wasn't expecting such a huge turn out, guess I picked a good one. There is a another video just like this one that is the original, this is en edited version, only slightly different, I havnt figured out all the changes. Will be compareing this to the original though.

Looking forward to what is turned up, much of the beginning content was familar to me also, as was the DARPA and other esearch developments. Some of the later ifno was a bit new to me however not all of it was, as I have encountered it in my past studies and readings.

posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 05:05 PM

Originally posted by justgeneric
ever hear of saying NO?


2012 - Mayan calendar...oh Geez...Alien's are easier to believe in.

You are saying that all the evidence (e.g., bills that have been passed, RFID tags, widespread apathy and the use of the media as the great divider) is just meaningless? You're saying that all this hasn't been leading up so something? I'm sorry but that's just naive. You, justgeneric, need to open your eyes and connect the dots.

posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 05:18 PM
Thanks deluded for telling me what I think and feel so glad we cleared that up.

At no point did I say anything was meaningless.

What is required is education.

What is required is for people to start questioning information...from all sources.

People have lost there spines and fear going against an opinion...

the fear is that others who do not share that opinion will resort to personal attacks. *ahem*

At any rate...the points covered in the film...look 'em up. I am. That's why Advisor posted it yes? To get both get varying opinions...

My eyes are open...BTW as I'd have a hard time typing if they were closed...

So there yah go...I do feel the film is crap. That's why I transcribed it to text...easier to read it than watch it. I could have not bothered but was interested.

cheers...will be following to read more ops

EDITED: does anyone have better sources for the information other than the author and his consistent and kinda nutty love for "Shock and Awe" which seems to be his primary news source??

Apologies for being unclear...BTW I read back my irritated post...the film is terrible mish mash...his site isn't much better to be honest, not to say the info isn't worth investigating...sadly the film is an eye sore and the info gets lost...

The guy is a nut! Clearly...but the tech, bio and politics have truth to them.

Sorry if I offended with my lambaste of the film...and the maker. Seek the truth LOL

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posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 05:25 PM
That is why I posted it, so BOTH SIDES could openly discuss the subject matter.

So let us keep it friendly, and maintain tempo.

posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 05:28 PM
THANK YOU advisor.

Hate to go all egocentric, but damm it's good to know I'm not alone.

Off to do some digging.

posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 05:31 PM
I also made note of the web site that the film originates from ignorance isnt bliss

The author has done point form URL pointing to sources of information.

If you can't follow the film read the transcript I wrote (I did have to watch the entire film to do too you know)...

The sources and information provided on the site give you a much better idea of teh tech/bio marriage and the progression of this into society. I disagree with timelines, Mayan calanders and their "dooms day" interpretation for the record...

I see it all happening in a future time...and I see the people of the world standing up against it. That doesn't mean I don't know what's out there...

check the website. plain jane information highway it is.

posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 05:35 PM
Hi, all--

Having read the current posts, and seeing where the major questions are, let me try to treat at least a couple of them here.

National Identification Program-

"Digital Angel" is, in fact, not a "code name" as mentioned in the video. It IS an actual Company, which for years has been involved in digital branding of animals, and further developement of RFID chips. NIS/NAIS, the later being the National Animal Identification System, is a Reality. How do I know? I am a Horse Farmer and operate a breeding farm, so, I am affected. just like beef farmers and the dairy industry. This also includes your Pets. We are fightng the implimentation of NAIS for many reasons, all of which can be found, along with fully documented and truthful information at Liberty Ark. Org

On the RFID chips to be used, they are self activating, using muscle movement to produce the necessary electrical energy. Each is programmed with a unique 15 digit ID #. The information can be read via GPS sattalite, much in the same way as LoJack, and locate the source signal within 1 meter, anywhere on Earth.

The next step is RFID tags for Humans, This is already being done as a mandatory practice in 2 Hospitals in Va. with Newborns--"for their own good and Safety". For what it's worth, scientific research has been done to determine the best location for implantation of the chips in both animal and Human bodies for best remote reception.
There are 2 optimum locations regards Humans--the right hand and the forehead. Read Revelations as to where the "mark of the beast" will be located.

All of the above, plus a lot else, will be made accessible via database to GIG--the Global Intelligence Grid, which is already in place, up, and running. GIG is less well known (to the public) as "DoD Diretive 8100.1". Those interested in that aspect covered by the Video can do further investigation hereGIG

All in all, I hardly believe that this sloppily produced Video was designed to do any "brainwashing". Maybe the reverse ifs true, in which case it is still sloppy. A white-paper would be far more effective. Just understand that the subject matter, however ill presented, is at the crux factual.

Of couurse, the excuse for every bit of it is "Internationsl Terrorism" and the, at least, Political Paranoia surrounding that center. Terrorism doesn't particularly scare this writer. I and you have a far greater chance of being struck by lightening than being a direct Victim of International Terror. At this stage, and given what I actually know is happening behind our backs and out of our direct sight and control, have quite a bit more concern regards Victimization of All of us by our own Government, than by any factiion or friend of Usama bin Laden and radical Islamic Jihadists.

That's it for now.

[edit on 1-10-2006 by Ed Littlefox]

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