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Rep. Foley and the Republican House leaders

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posted on Sep, 30 2006 @ 12:52 PM
I am sure that most of you have heard by now that Rep. Foley from Florida resigned yesterday after being caught texting erotic messages to under age male pages. Thing is, the boy in question reported this 11 months ago to his own Rep (R) Rodney Alexander who reported it to Speaker Boehner and House Majority Leader Hastert. They KNEW of this for almost a YEAR!

Hastert said that he would take care of the problem and Boehner then retracted and said he can not remember reporting it to Hastert. Including Alexander and Foley, we have at least 4 high ranking members of the House aiding and abetting a crime and covering it up for almost a year! Aside of the natural embarrassment, one wonders if there is soomething else happening in the House. THESE ARE THE LEADERS OF A PARTY THAT TOUTS ITSELF AS FAMILY VALUES! THIS CREEP WAS EVEN CHAIRMAN OF THE MISSING AND EXPLOITED CHILDREN CAUCUS. WE REALLY HAVE REACHED A NEW LOW WHEN LEADERS LIKE THIS DO NOT RESIGN IN SHAME WHILE THEY TRIED TO IMPEACH A MAN FOR A BLOW JOB. ONE RULE FOR THEM, ANOTHER FOR THE PEASANTS!

Sorry for the rant above, but when it comes to children and hypocrisy, it gets me steamed.

posted on Sep, 30 2006 @ 02:33 PM
Rant away blackthorne. As a one time Republican, I saw the we/them brand of arrogance and hypocrisy even in the lightweight local politics at the village level.

I wonder if the GOP leaders are going to hold to the same standard, one of their own as they would a democrat or libertarian.

Probably not, I'm sure the coverup and spin professionals will be working overtime for awhile trying to salvage what little dignity is left in the GOP.

This incident will probably blow the whole Gannon/Guckert whitehouse scandal wide open again especially if Foley gets religion/remorse and sings.

Yep, one rule for them and another one for the peasants!!

posted on Oct, 2 2006 @ 02:16 PM
Foley, I believe was a sacrificial lamb. Yes, he was certainly guilty, but he represents an extremely small fraction of the level of pedphillia and sexual impropriety which engulfs Washington today. Much like the photo op type drug busts to make us think DEA is doing their job, Foley fell out of favor and was sacrificed to make us feel as though the GOP is tough on this kind of behavior. One doesn't get arrested or charged any longer in this country unless the powers that be want it done.

posted on Oct, 4 2006 @ 10:17 PM
Well, there is FOley and his texting and then there is the lunatic in PA that slaughtered all those little girls.

As different as their crimes are, their "got to fool around with underage boys/girls" mental state is identical.

Never mind that those victims would grow into very angry, very bitter adults. Fooling around with them before they turn 18 is a priority over all.

Dateline's "To catch a predator" isnt working. isnt working.

And now we all begin to realize that when 100 people deplore the sexual abuse of children, a number of them are lying.

Thats what distresses me most. The risk of public humiliation, getting your mug on TV, or getting "loved" in prison appears to be worth it in many a pedophile's mind.

They lie about their opinions of abusing children. They abuse them. They get caught. And then they tweak their lie; rather, they try to.

Foley has already checked himself into rehab. For being a child rapist wanna-be? No. He's an alcoholic. And, of course, he was abused as a child by somebody in a church? Mr. Foley, his name please.

So he wants to rape teenage boys and he is worried about being a drunk? Interesting....

As a law maker, if he tried to seduce teenage boys, he needs to go directly to jail.

Further, I want to know who knew what and for long.

I want to know if his crime was reported in an effort to protect other teenagers from him or was it a simple political stunt without concern for minors?

I want to know the names of the Republicans, the Democrats, and the media that knew what he did and didnt tell for more then 24 hours.

Children were in danger. These mystery people knew it. And they didnt care.

Watch boys and girls as everyone suddenly forgets overnight what they remembered for the last 3 years. They can say they are outraged. Obviously, they arent.

The people in DC that knew should be impeached. And that should be the beginning of their troubles, not the end.

I have a feeling (get it? thats a pun) that allot of Republicans knew about it and kept it quiet because he is one of their own, just like when Bill and Newt were doing their thing. Except for the minor detail that they fooled around with adults. What a waist of a perfectly good kid, eh?

I am also of the opinion that a number of Democrats knew and willing put the issue on the back burner for a rainy political day.

And I think some people in the media knew and played right along.

Round up everyone of them and put everyone of them in jail.

The media is above the law; truth or fiction is always the option. And the Republicans and Democrats are just a bunch of baby kissing pedaphile protectors. until, of course, the day comes when so-n-so needs to be out'ed. Again, never mind the kids, it's all about politics baby!

Well, I will sit here and stew. DC will mastermind another fake committee that will spend millions pretending to investigate and in the end, they will hope we believe the lie that none of the pedo-protectors did anything wrong.

Then, we will all feel great about our awesome political system and we'll wait with baited breath for the next great political scandel or exciting terrorist attack.

Seriously, dripping sarcasm aside, I think there are a number of political zombies on both sides who suddenly cant remember. It's never to late for a million Americans to march to DC and make all those elected sellouts leave.

But that wont happen. DC learned from the 1960's and they have successfully dumbed us all down to the point that protesting no longer has an effect.

I can tell you this. I know my dad pretty well. Had some freak tried that with me when I was a kid in DC, Im afraid there would have been a dead law-making pedo in DC.

And where is this kid right now? Does he have younger brothers or sisters? His parents seriously forfieted their right to be a parent when they asked DC "forget about it."

"Make him stop contacting my son but dont go after him for it." His mom and dad must be retarded! He's a threat to all the other teenage boys in DC but hey, who cares?

As long as he promises to never, ever do it again, mom and dad dont mind if he is free to do it again, utterly unpunished except for a "dont do that again" wink and nod from his peers.

"Dont tell my wife what I do and I wont tell your wife about you and teenage boys."

And that, boys and girls, is why I wont even tolerate adultry. Everybody ends up owning everyone else's soul.

Folks, it's time to collect all those souls and donate them to the devil.

But it doesnt matter what I say or how upset the whole thing makes me. Aside from the multi-million dollar fake investigation, absolutely nothing is hoping to happen.

If America and it's political leaders have such a low reaction to the abuse of it's youth, why are we even bothering with the war on terror?

We might as well just surrender to the pedophilles and let them all come out of the closet and due their worst.

White flag, please. And que the fat lady.

You know what is sad? This nation has national protest in support of illegal aliens. Where is the national outrage in support of our youth.

If all your doing is cussing out the TV and chatting about it at your job's water cooler, you aren't doing anything at all. Except act like the unknown pro-pedo liars who do the EXACT SAME THING!

There needs to be a major national uprising. Or is "yeah, okay. He's out of office now" good enough? That's some message we are sending to our youth.

With love like that, why bother at all?

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