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E-Mails Force Rep. Mark Foley R-Fla. to Resign

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posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 08:29 PM
...dusts off fingernails

Here we go, looks like I called it on Saturday (pg 2):

Originally posted by psyopswatcher

I want to know what made him do it (besides the obvious...power hungry pervert). One of the few bios left online for him says he's a catholic, and was born in Massachusetts.

Now you don't think he could have been a victim of a pedophile priest?

Only it happened in Florida, not MA where he was born...

Attorney: Foley was molested as teen by clergyman

WEST PALM BEACH — Former Congressman Mark Foley was molested by a clergyman from the time he was 13 until he was 15, his attorney said today.


Roth said Foley wanted to announce the name of the individual and the denomination of the church, but upon counseling decided to wait until after his treatment to release those details.

Foley is Catholic and was an altar boy at Sacred Heart Church in Lake Worth.

And for anyone who can still laugh past their anger...

Here you go, Jon Stewart's (what I call) "Fluffers of Liberty"

And this is pretty good too, a take on the AIM chats from some poor man:

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posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 09:13 PM
How old is Foley right now?

And he wants pity for a problem that it took this long to surfaces?

Give me a brake.

The man is sick.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on Oct, 4 2006 @ 03:00 AM
something i havent seen brought up yet is how old the boy was when this all started. some reports say others knew about it as early as spring and some reports are now surfacing saying they knew in late 2005. its 3 months from the end of the year at present and that boy had a 16th birthday sometime - so when did he turn 16?

posted on Oct, 4 2006 @ 03:23 AM
Sounds like this is going to get real good with sleaze upon sleaze and who is the worst of the bad guys. I heard tonight on the radio that that the Democrats had all of this info as much as a year ago and held it till now. Man the scum just gets deeper on both sides so do we ask everyone involved with Full knowledge of the text messages to get out?
The first emails that were sent are nothing because even if someone would have wanted to they could not have done anything about them. Only with the hindsight of the text messages can you make any case with the Email. Who knew what and when will be the key and old Nancy P just may be wearing Egg soon.

posted on Oct, 4 2006 @ 06:20 AM
Factfinder, there were no text messages (released as of yet). Only Instant Messages (IM's like chat) and emails have been shown to the public so far. Text messages are a cell phone tool and when you use that terminology, you add to the hype and confuse the isse.

Stick with the facts, FF.

Marg, Foley is 52, born in 1954--hence the 54 in Maf54.

Justyc, in the emails Tone quoted on the last page, the boy tells his correspondent that his birthday is in December. I think that would make him 17 last December, and 18 in two months from now.

(Tone, I can't copy/paste from that .pdf either--even using the Adobe toolbar. They must have it protected???) source: PDF

He also goes on there to name two other pages, Will, who he didn't like and goes on to trash, and Kerianna, who he confided in.

Then he talks about starting a TARS chapter at his local school. But looking over that site I don't see one registered in Louisiana.

posted on Oct, 4 2006 @ 07:38 AM
Here's another question that's been on my mind.

Is Mark Foley Really in Rehab?
By Justin Rood - October 3, 2006, 4:48 PM


Three Web sites have now reported that someone using Mark Foley's AOL account -- "Maf54" -- signed on as recently as 10 a.m. today. Readers familiar with dryout programs have noted that in the vast majority of facilities, after admittance patients aren't allowed contact with the outside world for a period of several days to a few weeks.

Of course, Foley could have given his login information to a confidant. Who knows. But it's unusual, nonetheless.

Also, I note that the AP, in its first article on the matter, reported Foley was at a "rehabilitation facility for alcoholism treatment" -- the Palm Beach Post today says he's "in treatment for alcoholism and mental illness."

That's a subtle shift, adding "mental illness" to the description, and could mean nothing. But add it to other oddities surrounding the identity of the center, and it makes a person wonder: is everything as Foley's lawyer claims? Or did they just need to get the guy somewhere that was out of the way of cameras and questions -- quickly?

Did he abscound? Or is he really in rehab?

About the priest accusation: Saying he'll reveal his abuser at a later date (after the election?) gives his victim(s?) permission to come forward too. But only when they are ready and it's convenient to them.


posted on Oct, 4 2006 @ 07:50 AM

Originally posted by xmotex
If you think 16 year olds qualify as "young children" I guess

Considering 17 year olds are eligible to join the US military, does that mean we're recruiting young children as soldiers?

Again I'm not trying to justify what the man did, he's a dirtbag, but the pedophilia stuff is a crock, and a distraction from the real issue.

[edit on 10/3/06 by xmotex]

I'd say someone who is 16 is still a child yes. Young, Well thats all in interpretation really. But I would say too young for a grown man to be emailing and asking for pictures of and what not, sending raunchy emails to and what not. And this has been going on for quite some time.

As for the military recruiting 17 year olds, Yes it's too young, these kids are given high hopes by recruiters who are BS-ing them to make numbers.

Now, the pedophile thing is touchy.. This is the way I look at it... I think fantasizing about a 16 - 17 year old wouldnt classify him as a pedophile, UNTIL!!.. He acted upon it, then I would begin to question it..

posted on Oct, 4 2006 @ 08:09 AM
In a never ending battle of political ethics and fair and balanced reporting,

Fox News stooped to a new all time low yesterday broadcasting an image of Foley showing him
as a Florida Democrat.

In response, Daily Kos has posted a transcript of a conversation last Friday between Karl Rove and Fox News' Roger Ailes.

ROVE: Roger, you gotta' help me out here.
AILES: Anything, Karl, you know that.

ROVE: Okay, I--

AILES: Well, I mean anything in the sense that I can use the network to help you.

ROVE: Look, Rog, I've forgotten all about that night. It was a one time thing. For both of us.

AILES: Yeah...

ROVE: Anyway, this Foley thing could really kill us with the fundies. I mean, they are quickly figuring out that we covered for a queer pervert who molested boys just to extort money to funnel into other congressional races.

AILES: Brilliant plan, Karl, like so much of your work. And just to make clear: I'm not gay.

ROVE: Me neither. Anyway, you know how #ing stupid these fundies are...

AILES: Abso-#ing-lutely! They thought Terri Schiavo was coming back to life!


ROVE: Well, here's what I'm thinking...

AILES: Go ahead. I'm all ears. Just don't grab `em and pull my head down to your crotch!

ROVE: [LAUGHING] Did I hurt you last time?

AILES: Shut up. I think I bugged my own phone last week, but I was too drunk to remember if I really did it. Go on...

ROVE: Okay, here's the plan. Keep running photos and video of Foley but instead of putting the tag "R dash FL" for "Republican-Florida" under his picture, put "D dash FL" for "Democrat-Florida."

AILES: I... I don't...

ROVE: The fundies will think Foley is a Democrat!

AILES: Holy #ing #! That's genius!

ROVE: Of course!

AILES Those dumb#s will really believe Foley is a Democrat!

ROVE: It's on FOX News!

AILES: So it must be true!

ROVE: Exactly.

AILES: And that will make them turn out more, not less.

ROVE: Nevermind the work they do in get-out-the-vote.

AILES: Damn. You're good.

ROVE: Next time you see me, you can kiss my pinky ring.

AILES: You put a ring on it now?

ROVE: My baby finger, Rog, not my Karl Column.

AILES: I love that you've named your thing.

ROVE: Luntz ran a focus group and came up with it.

AILES: Among the male pages?

ROVE: Wait, did you or did you not bug your phone?


AILES: # if I know. I was trashed.

ROVE: So, FOLEY dash D dash FL.

AILES: Got it. Consider it done. And kick your boss in the nuts for me and tell him he's the dumbest # on the planet.

ROVE: I do that everyday.



posted on Oct, 4 2006 @ 08:16 AM
I know someone asked how old Foley was, news this morning reported his as being 52, I think that's a little old to be privately emailing underage teen boys.

Yahoo News

"Can I have a good kiss goodnight," Foley was said to have messaged in one. A boy responded with cyber symbols and "kiss."

Well, that seems a little over the top, Yes I would say pedophile.. I mean, if this were you or I and this happened and we were charged we would be labelled a pedophile, so why shouldnt he be?

In another message, Foley invited the teenager to his Capitol Hill town house "for a few drinks" even though he knew the boy was under the legal drinking age. "We may need to drink at my house so we dont get busted," Foley messaged.

With some obvious intent. Wouldnt you agree? It seems he would know that the boy is underage and inviting to his house, getting him a little tipsy, for what? I mean, we all know that judgement is impaired when you've been drinking. Thankfully it seems this never happened.

Roth said Foley, 52, had himself been molested between the ages of 13 and 15 by a clergyman but added that Foley "does not blame the trauma he sustained as a young adolescent for his totally inappropriate e-mails" and instant messages. "He continues to offer no excuse whatsoever for his conduct."

No Excuse? Like, being an alcoholic? Or being molested himself as a teen? Ohh those arent excuses right?

Hastert sought to blame Democrats for leaking sexually explicit computer instant messages between Foley and former pages from 2003.

"Democrats have ... put this thing forward to try to block us," Hastert told Limbaugh.

Uhh leaking criminal acts should be blamed on someone? I think hiding them should be blamed on someone and just for the hell of it, lets point the finger at you Hastert.

Oh yeah and the Democrats are putting this out there to block the Republicans, cause you know, they were a shoe in for reelection anyway...

And wasnt it Hastert who forced a vote to block an Ethics committee investigation? Oh yeah it was, Why? has he been involved as well? And it's the Democrats doing the blocking right? of course it is.. yeah... Well.. All I can say is, Looks like this isnt finished by a long shot and there is probably alot more people going down for this.

posted on Oct, 4 2006 @ 08:29 AM
All I see so far, outside of two minor confessions, is more projection and denial, not just from Mr. Foley, but from DC pols in general.

Mr. Foley has admitted to being gay, and an alcoholic, blaming his actions with regard to the page on alcohol, and his sexual preference, presumably, on a clergy-abuse scandal from his own past. His proteges in DC are falling all over themselves as they condemn his actions and try to distance themselves from the scandal.

The two admissions themselves seem designed to deflect personal responsibility for his actions. He was drunk when he made inappropriate, possibly criminal advances on a teenage boy (remember, the guy is 52)? He is gay because of his own early experience with sexual abuse from an older man? Therefore, he can't be held responsible for his actions?

Is he trying to say what he did is the fault of the priest who molested him when he was young? Piggy-back it on the on-going clergy-abuse scandal?

It all seems calculated for damage control. Watch Mr. Foley claim he was temporarily insane, "lost it," or "went off" due to his alcoholism and buried memories of abuse.

The problem I have with this scenario is it didn't seem to be bothering Mr. Foley that he was an alcoholic with a penchant for young boys until he got caught. Now he is sorry and remorseful and getting treatment and addressing his problem.

Now. A bit late, it seems.

[edit on 4-10-2006 by Icarus Rising]

posted on Oct, 4 2006 @ 08:43 AM
Is the above transcript from KOS real?

Or is that a joke?

posted on Oct, 4 2006 @ 09:00 AM
Hey it's on the internet so it MUST be true!

posted on Oct, 4 2006 @ 09:02 AM

Originally posted by Icarus Rising
The problem I have with this scenario is it didn't seem to be bothering Mr. Foley that he was an alcoholic with a penchant for young boys until he got caught. Now he is sorry and remorseful and getting treatment and addressing his problem.

Now. A bit late, it seems.

perhaps this would be the perfect opportunity for a call for all other closet pedophiles, gays and alcoholics in politics to out themselves and seek help publicly so that they may never again use the same excuse ONCE THEY WERE CAUGHT and say they were sorry for what they did and blame it on someone else's actions forty years or so ago.

if he was so sorry he should have sought help years ago. it would have looked better on him to have done that years ago than to have given in to his 'urges'. its the lesser of two evils.

posted on Oct, 4 2006 @ 09:11 AM

Originally posted by FallenFromTheTree

Hey it's on the internet so it MUST be true!

Of course...if anything is on the Internet it can NEVER be true.

Thanks for clearing that up.

posted on Oct, 4 2006 @ 09:38 AM
Here's the original source

Read the posts for Bush on Torture, The Early Years

July 13, 1950 - Four-year-old George W. Bush nabs a house fly that is sitting on the edge of his cup of chocolate milk and proceeds to pull the fly's wings off. George's mother, Barbara, chuckles and says, "What a chip off the old block! I used to burn ants with a magnifying glass!"

July 14, 1950 - Four-year-old George W. Bush squats in his Midland, Texas yard, burning ants with a magnifying glass. His mother says, "Can you hear them sizzle, Georgie?"

September 11, 1952 - Six-year-old George W. Bush set up his Alamo Real Action Battle Set®, and, after losing the Alamo to the Mexican army, declares that it is time to invade Canada. George W.'s father, George H.W. Bush, says, "I think that's a bad idea, son. Focus on the task at hand." George W. calls his father "a weenie" and prepares his soldiers to invade Canada.

February 15, 1953 - George W. Bush's new brother, Jeb, comes home from the hospital with his parents. As soon as his parents retreat to the library for their evening cocktail, George jams his index finger into his infant brother's eye. Jeb's screaming brings Barbara Bush into the nursery as George stands innocently by. Barbara flips Jeb over on his stomach and slaps him hard on buttocks three times, shouting, "No crying during cocktail hour, goddamn it!" George W. smiles.

May 13, 1956 - Nine-year-old George W. Bush lures a squirrel close by offering handfuls of peanuts. When the squirrel nears, George snatches the squirrel by the tail and begins spinning it around rapidly, in close proximity to the trunk of a large walnut tree. Just then, Barbara Bush runs out to the yard, shouting, "George! Don't bash that squirrel's head on the tree! Not when you're wearing one of your good, white shirts!" George is forced to release the dazed squirrel and retreat to his bedroom where he changes into a navy blue pocket-t-shirt before resuming his squirrel-whipping.

November 12, 1958 - The Bush family dog, Chester, squirms uncomfortably in the backyard as George W. Bush yells at his brother Jeb to "hold the goddamn dog down, Jebbie!" as 12-year-old George pushes a broomstick into the dog's rectum. Barbara Bush comes outside to investigate the howling and says with a chuckle, "Your grandfather use to do things like that to the kitchen help!"

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posted on Oct, 4 2006 @ 10:41 AM

Originally posted by loam
Is the above transcript from KOS real?

Or is that a joke?

Looks like has the screenshot from the video, loam. That part is true.

How'd it happen is the question then.

[edit on 4-10-2006 by psyopswatcher]

posted on Oct, 4 2006 @ 01:29 PM
The screenshot is real - it's been all over.

I'm pretty sure the transcript is a joke though.

posted on Oct, 4 2006 @ 02:38 PM
To tell you the truth I'm not really surprised at all. I don't know if it's bene brought up yet or not but there is a documentary that was meant to air on either History or Discovery channel but was pulled shortly before it aired.

It's called "Conspiracy of Silence" and it's about underage sex and slavery perpetrated by politicians and such. Apparently this already goes much deeper than we think. It talked about Boys Town being a major resource for sex traffickers. They interviewed many people who said that a good portion of the customers were politicians or other such powerful people. You can find the video on Google Video, I didn't watch the whole thing as the graphic stories made a poor companion to my lunch.

These "leaders" we "elect" play by a much different rule book than the rest of us. We all have our vices but could you imagine what you would do if you if you knew you would get away with it? We may think that Foley hasn't gotten away with it but who's to say this is the only incident? I think it's a safe assumtion to make that he has gone farther than just having explicit convorsations with underage boys. Most people like Foley have a very exact idea of what about this turns them on, to put it bluntly, they know what they like from experience.

If we ever found out the amount of drug and alcohol abuse, sexual perversion, bribery, and corruption there is in our government there would be anarchy.

Foley sure is a sicko but he's not the only one.

posted on Oct, 4 2006 @ 03:14 PM
Great news, everyone! According to Fox News, the Republican Party's troubles are over: Foley's a Democrat!.

Watch this video clip closely. Two cut-aways to Foley during O'Reilley yesterday labelled him (D-FL)!

edit: huh?? why did the rest of my post get cut off??
anyway, what i wrote before was that perhaps is was a mistake but it's not likely. this mud slinging is getting on my nerves. i understand that politics are supposed to be 'dirty', but geez! its things like this that has got me not looking at the tv.

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posted on Oct, 4 2006 @ 03:37 PM
Bill O'Really doesn't know his hole from a head in the ground...he is so full of himself, that if it weren't for the fact that he is passed off as a "no spin zone" political commentator I would think he's there for comic relief.

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