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What I Love About The USA

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posted on Sep, 29 2006 @ 02:54 PM
One day i said to my freinds "i support the iraq war" and there mouths hit the ground lol , see most people just dont suppport the war because they hear paris hilton or jessica simpson said bush is an idoit , he is by god he is a complete but ..what captavates me about the american people is..that even tho you know the iraq was wrong (in some ways) even tho you know its imoral even tho you know its an unbeilavbly big drain on the american will still fight for your country...that why i think the USA will last forever ...i love the american people and what they stand for ,90% of them will lay there life on the line for her with a smile and still not even ask for a paycheack

Basicly....The American people, not Goverment...Are the best and most patrotic people in the world and for that..i salute you

PS:Iam not American

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