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Conflicting News Stories about an Overweight Dog Named Noah

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posted on Sep, 28 2006 @ 08:17 PM
I saw a news story on CNN Headline News a few months ago about an overweight dog named Noah.

In the original news stories, it was reported that the foster family was exercising him back to health by swimming in the pool and that he was overweight because his owners had fed him a steady diet of doughnuts and beer. Being a pet-lover, I was so disgusted by this, but glad he was getting proper care.

Then this morning, I saw a new story about Noah on CNN Headline News that stated he lost like 60 lbs due to the swimming exercises with his foster family... and that his weight was due to a thyroid problem.

So I was shocked to say the least. Now I'm searching for information about this dog and the original story and cannot find anything on Google. I sent a message thru the CNN website requesting information about this dog.

This seems like a coverup. Why would they suddenly change this story with no explanation of why there is a major difference in the cause of his weight gain?

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