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posted on Sep, 28 2006 @ 10:34 AM
Once again, it seems the cascades are acting up a bit. I do not have much time now, but will come back later and add some more info. This is a topic I thought needed some attention. Strange things seem to happen around the times the cascades act up. One oddity I noticed today is that all the cascades picked something up at the same time (the second 9/28 to the right) 23:34PDT.

PNSN webicorder - USGS

If you have time to go through, you will see that they are all showing unusual signs of activity. The last time this started to happen was a couple of years ago before St. Helens began to rebuild and before the large quake that caused the tsunami on 12/26.

They say that many of these are not connected, so I do find it odd that they are all picking up similar things at the same times, though they are spread out over different states.

Here is a link to the recent quakes in the area....notice a 3.0 on St. helens.


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