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NSA's declassified publications list

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posted on Sep, 28 2006 @ 12:19 AM
You can download the PDF files at

A few samples of some interesting titles:

Cryptologic Almanac Index
  • "Collection and Processing at NSA", Jul-Aug 2002

  • "No Such Agency", Nov-Dec 2002

Cryptologic Spectrum Index, 1969-1981
  • "Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence", Lambros D. Callimahos, Spring 1975

NSA Technical Journal Index, April 1956 - Fall 1980
  • "Signals from Outer Space", April 1958

  • "Extraterrestrial Intelligence", Howard H. Campaigne, Spring 1966

  • "Key to the Extraterrestrial Messages", Howard H. Campaigne, Winter 1969

  • "The Voynich Manuscript: The Most Mysterious Manuscript in the World", Brigadier John H. Jr Tiltman, Summer 1967

  • "The Voynich Manuscript Revisited", Summer 1976

  • "The Fallacy of the One-Time-Pad Excuse", Summer 1969

  • "Cranks, Nuts, and Screwballs", David R. McLean, Winter 1966 (click Next)

Cryptologic Quartely Index, Spring 1982 - Winter 1996
  • "Artificial Ionospheric Modification: Practical and Potential Applications", N. C. Gerson, September 1990

  • "Meteor Burst Communications: An Ignored Phenomenon?", Fall 1990

  • "Creativity: Can It Be Taught?", Spring 1994

  • "Obscenities in COMINT: A Need for Cognitive Knowledge", September 1985

  • "Dirty Little Secrets: Military Information You're Not Supposed to Know" David A. Hatch, Summer 1993


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