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Evidence that mapping and imagery “ tampering “ is often nothing of the sort

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posted on Sep, 27 2006 @ 06:01 AM
Evidence that mapping and imagery “ tampering “ is often nothing of the sort

i was unsure where this should go - as it touches on Area 51 , and aliens / UFO , even space exploration - so i figured putting it here will be best .

Hi – I often get a bee in my bonnet on the topic of image “ tampering “ and the refusal of those who claim it is deliberate acts to “ hide moon bases “ and such to review the other available imagery of the same locations honestly to check if the other available images show anything untoward

Thus I am please to report that a bit of idle exploration on the" target="_blank" class="postlink" rel="nofollow">Google mars resource rewarded me with clear evidence that 2 different cameras record 2 different “ anomalies “ and the possible allegation of “ tampering “ while filming the same location

Here is my evidence , The visible and IR feeds of the same location [ see the two features bottom right ]

Viewed in isolation – either photo could be taken as evidence of “ tampering “ but viewed together its clear that no such shenanigans have occurred – there is nothing to hide

Alas , I cannot find any way of extracting location / co ordinate info from Google mars , so you only have my word that the images are of exactly the same location with only the “ visible “ and “ infra red “ view toggled

Also Google mars is a composite of various mission data – so its almost impossible to verify where the data was sourced from

Sometimes the same platform has multiple cameras images at differing resolutions , these generate

The field of view may be different , and also the “ angle of attack “ can change – as can absolute altitude

That it is perfectly possible that to photograph a 10km * 10km area , ne camera on the same platform may take 5 shors , another 25

This is something to bear in mind

Lastly – tiling and producing mosaics from photographs is not a simple exercise of sticking them edge to edge , in the correct order , Each image must be distorted intentionally to produce a composite image . This review of the software required illustrates this ,

Of course there are some anomalies That appears to be willfull tampering , The Google earth obfuscation of an civil airport , spotted by planesman – is a case in point .

But – as has been said repeatedly there are often multiple images of the same locale , taken with different systems – and the fact that the anomalies only appears on one of them should alert the honest researcher to the obvious conclusion that the anomalies is not tampering / hiding something – but simple code or tiling errors or damage to original film stock .

So before crying foul – it’s a good idea to check all available amagery of the area in question .

Because , to state the obvious – if you can show that an anomolie exists on multiple images – then you have strong evidence that there is actually something “ on the ground “ at the location in question

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