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And, as I predicted....They're after your fat!!!

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posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 03:47 PM
Our bodies do not need preservatives, additives, qimical, fillers or anything man made , is already prove that is damaging to our health, then why food producers and manufactures keep pumping all these poison into the food that we consume?

We can not even process our own food unless you live in a farm with plenty of animals to eat and greens in the fields.

We depend on them for our survival, at least they should be held accountable for what they put in our food.

Or we can starve, right?

posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 05:57 PM

Originally posted by dawnstar
how often do people go to a resturant? once a week? twice, maybe three times?? most of the food that is eaten is in the just how effective will this be in making anyone healthier? I don't think it's that much. it would seem that making the factories and stores eliminate it from their products would be much more effective, wouldn't it? it will hurt the resturant business with very little benefit whatsoever.

Most people in cities don't eat meals they've actually made, most
people eat at restaurants and other food establishments, like

That reminds me, is it including places like McDonalds, or just

posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 08:48 PM

Originally posted by dawnstar
so, let's see, factories and stores can still use the transfats and sell you the goods....and sell them to resturants if the resturants want to buy them...
but, the resturants cann't us them in their food preparation, or use anything the factories or stores have added them to....

That is really just an arguement for outlawing it in general. THe cities don't are telling the restaurants that they themselves are licensing and that are operating within their borders to follow this regulation. They're deciding that it doesn't make sense to tell a company based in idaho that they have to make special batches of their food product to ship into their city.

how often do people go to a resturant? once a week? twice, maybe three times?? most of the food that is eaten is in the just how effective will this be in making anyone healthier?

its about as effective as the city governments are permited to make it. Again, just an arguement for making a federal ban on trans-fats.

it will hurt the resturant business with very little benefit whatsoever.

How is it going to hurt the restaurants? By making people that tend to eat a restaurants a little bit less likely to die from heart attacks?? People aren't going to stop going to a restaurant because their fries aren't cooked in trans-fats but are cooked in other fats. Peopel won't even be able to tell the difference. Heck, everyone said that restaurants are going to close up all over NYC because of the smoking ban, none of them did, and some saw more people showing up, because they didn't ahve to deal with smoke filled rooms anymore.

That reminds me, is it including places like McDonalds, or just

Beleive it or not, McDonalds is a restaurant, its a fast food restaurant. Its fast food restaurants that this legislation is really intended for.

posted on Nov, 30 2006 @ 02:43 AM

Originally posted by iori_komei
I mean it's not like the governments coming into our homes and telling
us what we can and can't eat.

If a measure like this was put to vote where I live, I'd vote for it.

Don't you see??? That is the ultmate goal. They will start with the restraunts on one ingrediant. Then the food companies, which will determine what types of foods you will be able to buy. The brand of margine, cooking oil, butter that you were so use to being able to buy will no longer be buyable. You may hate the alternative, but have no choice.

Don't worry, it won't stop there since there is so much "bad" things they can target such as all of your junk food, all pop, anything that has caffeene in it such as coffee and tea, white flower since you are suppose to be eating wheat, salt, sugar, and etc. They could even put bans on beef or make it so you could only buy so much.

Eventually they will get to the point where they can tell you what to eat or not to eat. Most likely all of your comfort foods will be banned, and you will not be able to make it at home since you will not be able to buy the ingrediants to be able to make it.

Then they will start targeting other unhealthy activities, or even somehow force people to execrise so often or else. Maybe they will out right say being obese is illegal and that we will have to go to "health camps" and loose so much weight for our "own benefit".

If you want to vote your life into governmental, servitude, nanny, big brother state be my guest. Leave me out of it. That is one of my nightmares. I guess you can't, since your vote will be affecting me also. I would have to vote against you, and be angry that people such as you wittingly or non-wittingly want to enslave me against my will.

It's about time we stand up for our rights now before they all get taken away. What seems like a good cause now will turn very sour and evil later on.

For those of you who still think it is good, I hope you don't mind missing your coffee, chocolate, doughnuts, birthday cakes, muffins, white bread, cereal, pop, chips, cookies, orieo cookies, your all time favorite junk food snack, marshmellows (roasting in a camp fire), and etc. What will we be left with? Mostly fruits and vegetables, and I hope you like your salad without the dressing.

I like fruits, but I think they will find a way to limit them, possibly coming out and saying even the "natural sugar" isn't good for you either.

posted on Nov, 30 2006 @ 03:01 AM
I have to agree with Nygdan, trans fatty acids don't even make the food taste better like say for example MSG which was banned in asian restaurant cooking in Australia because of how sick it was making people (not sure about the use of it in the USA).

But are we going to get up in arms over making something illegal that is helping to make you and your kids fat ?
I avoid eating out as much as possible and when I do I choose carefully, although I still can't be sure what's going in the food on my plate. Now I don't know about you but that doesn't sit well with me. But I was just brought up that way.

I would support this also if I was a citizen of the good ole USA, because I am proof of just how unhealthy American food and food products are. I moved from Australia to an US military base overseas and I can't tell U how lethargic I feel for all the weight I have gained and BS that is in these food products, including the meat and poultry. Even for all the efforts I make to buy fresh, healthy food that I prepare at home, it's hard because there isn't alot of it on American supermarket shelves, well not on base which is understandable but doesn't make sense to me still that the few items they would stock are just unappetizing and so unhealthy.

Wonder bread is frozen and flown in and the worst part is, it doesn't mold for WEEKS! I couldn't believe it, fresh bread is supposed to mold in a few days but Wonder bread has so many additives and preservatives it will last weeks lol Have you ever stopped to read the ingredients on the package ? It's a paragraph for bread! smh

it contains calcium propionate to retain it's "freshness" lol do you know what calcium propionate can do to you ?

Reactions can be anything from the usual range of food intolerance symptoms: migraine and headaches; gastro-intestinal symptoms including stomach aches, irritable bowel, diarrhoea, urinary urgency, bedwetting; eczema and other itchy skin rashes; nasal congestion (stuffy or runny nose); depression, unexplained tiredness, impairment of memory and concentration, speech delay; tachycardia (fast heart beat); growing pains, loud voice (no volume control); irritability, restlessness, inattention, difficulty settling to sleep, night waking and night terrors.


At least it was named aptly

I just feel disgusting

I had never even heard of High Fructose Corn Syrup and trans fatty acids and what not before, now I have nightmares that they're comin to git me

[edit on 30-11-2006 by ImJaded]

posted on Nov, 30 2006 @ 05:16 AM
the main gripe with me is this....

they will go through all kinds of legal shannigans to control the population at large as far as what they chose to eat, drink, smoke, ect....
they'll even go through the shannigans to tell the resturants and bars what to do.

but, when it comes to the factories and corporations that are putting the crap into our food to begin with, they ain't gonna touch it. what make a bunch of laws telling the people not eat the harmful food, tell the resturants not to serve the harmful food, but well let all the producers produce the harmful food?? ya know what the end result of all this would be, don't you? grocery store shelves filled with harmful food that the starving people are forbidden to eat!! ya, this approach to the problem makes loads of sense!

posted on Dec, 13 2006 @ 04:28 AM

Originally posted by dawnstar

NYC Mulls Ban on Trans Fats in Eateries

Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK (AP) -- Three years after the city banned smoking in restaurants, health officials are talking about prohibiting something they say is almost as bad: artificial trans fatty acids.

The city health department unveiled a proposal Tuesday that would bar cooks at any of the city's 24,600 food service establishments from using ingredients that contain the artery-clogging substance, commonly listed on food labels as partially hydrogenated oil.

Artificial trans fats are found in some shortenings, margarine and frying oils and turn up in foods from pie crusts to french fries to doughnuts.

Doctors agree that trans fats are unhealthy in nearly any amount, but a spokesman for the restaurant industry said he was stunned the city would seek to ban a legal ingredient found in millions of American kitchens.

"Labeling is one thing, but when they totally ban a product, it goes well beyond what we think is prudent and acceptable," said Chuck Hunt, executive vice president of the city's chapter of the New York State Restaurant Association.

He said the proposal could create havoc: Cooks would be forced to discard old recipes and scrutinize every ingredient in their pantry. A restaurant could face a fine if an inspector finds the wrong type of vegetable shortening on its shelves.

dependancy=servitude!! when the cost of healthcare is so high that a large portion of the population is depending on another (either health insurance company or government) to pay the bills.....the next logical conclusion is that those paying the tab should have a say as to what you may and man not eat!!!

another logical conclusion.....NY City doesn't want any resturants, matter of fact, NY State doesn't want any residents anyways, so well, what do they need resturants for?

[edit on 27-9-2006 by dawnstar]

I completely agree with your point about the increasing socialization of medical care having everything to do with the push for healthier living. Of course it goes beyond food and includes seat belt laws, smoking, etc. It's cost cutting, simple as that.

The subject of trans-fats goes way beyond this however. This stuff is poison plain and simple, and I'm convinced it's the main cause of the heart disease epidemic here in the USA. Try this simple experiment. Get yourself some Crisco, the old fasioned solid white stuff in a bucket that your mom used to fry chicken with. It's basically fake lard. Put some on a plate and set it outside. Nothing will touch this crap; not flies, not ants, not even dung beetles. It will sit there for weeks. If a s***-eating fly won't touch it, you might want to avoid it also.

Now I'm staunchly libertarian, and not in favor of any government power that isn't absolutely necessary, but this is the very rare case where I believe the USA should follow Europe's example and outlaw this stuff completely. Just try to find a packaged food that doesn't have 'hydrogenated oil' in it. It's in about 80% of what you buy at the store, and you don't even know it. It's used because it's profitable; it's mammon over man as usual.

Here's a link with some good info. You can find much more.

edited to add link

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posted on Dec, 13 2006 @ 04:41 AM

Thats why they call it WONDER bread. You Wonder how many more days it will sit there, looking like that. Loafing on the shelf for days and days.

Prepare for BIG BAD BUTTER, to make a comeback.
Remember when butter was bad? We actually thought it ws healthy replacing it with Margarine..LOL.
We're stupid..

posted on Dec, 13 2006 @ 10:49 AM
I have no problem with this issue. I don't want to sound like a preacher here or anything. But I used to eat fast food on a regular basis. It was a convenience thing for me. Working two jobs and trying to get through college I felt I didn't have time to cook for myself. I now haven't eaten "ANY" fast food in about 9 months. I have lost about 20 pounds without changing anything else about my lifestyle.

posted on Feb, 2 2007 @ 05:36 PM
If doing that will take my fat and make women want to jump my bones, who am I to curb progress

posted on Feb, 3 2007 @ 11:15 AM
If postage costs weren't so ridiculously high, I'd send the OP a 20 pound carton of McDonald's for providing me a much enjoyed burst of laughter every time I see the topic heading:

' And, as I predicted .... They're after your fat !!!! '

It's brilliant funny.

Thanks :-)

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