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Little man...

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posted on Oct, 9 2006 @ 03:08 AM
Hi Orla, thanks for the info on the Banshee, has it ever been photographed or caught on film?

And to Blue Soldier, no I didn't see any mist or smoke. It had been raining the night before (I think) and the ground was wet. When it appeared it had scuttled from out of a bungalow's garden backing on to the woods. I felt quite threatened by it to be honest, I can't really say why! As soon as it had disappeared into the bushes I was quick to get out of there! I'll search for the thread you mentioned.

posted on Oct, 9 2006 @ 04:40 PM
I don't think that its ever been caught on tape or anything... I think it's more of a tale more than anything....

posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 06:13 AM
There was a report of an English banshee, I seem to remember it taking place in a small village somewhere (sorry about the incredibly vague nature of that sentence). The locals were waking up in the middle of the night to what they purported to be a 'high-pitched female wailing sound'. These events went on for a few nights until some local farmers traced the sound to a nearby cave, wherein they found NOTHING. What an anti-climax eh?

Has anybody else heard of this?

posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 09:36 AM
Well the 'high-pitched wailing soung'.... Well that was probably the banshee. And she had probably fled/disappeared before the farmers got to the cave....

I don't know....

If I had to chose ONE being to NEVER come across in my life... I would chose her!

posted on Oct, 16 2006 @ 02:28 AM
Well if she's that terrifying then I'll just keep hoping its the little man I encounter again... I wonder where it lives!

posted on Oct, 18 2006 @ 05:52 PM
Well my theory is......

You shouldn't call them "it"..... I think that they will get offended....

They are prob just like us.....

Ya know....

Another race like.....

posted on Oct, 19 2006 @ 02:36 AM
You're probably right... I'll call it a 'he' then. Im pretty sure it was a 'he' anyway!

posted on Oct, 23 2006 @ 11:32 AM
' The box'; hi and sorry I haven't responded sooner to your enquiry re: my own Little People experience. I haven't been in the forums for a month or more.
Anyway, I've read all posts since my last visit and I'm happy to see that you've remained resolute about your sighting, despite the occasional cynical remark here in the thread.

I'm not surprised you've stuck by your claims. Those who've seen the Little People tend not to forget the experience.

My experience occurred approx. twenty years ago. I had just returned from an overseas flight. During the flight, I slept. During the return drive from the airport (approx. one hour) I slept. I was well rested during the week I'd spent out of the country. I was accompanied throughout the trip, the flight and the drive home, by a work colleague, who plays a role later in the experience and who was well aware that I was NOT under the influence of alcohol, drugs, tiredness or stress, etc. The return flight (from New Zealand to Sydney Australia and then another short hop interstate) was only of brief duration; thus I was not suffering from jet lag either. I was healthy and fit. My eyesight was close to perfect. My hearing was perfect (still is). I held a responsible position. My judgement was respected.

At the time the experience occurred, I had no interest at all in Little People. If asked, I would undoubtedly have said I didn't believe in them and that they were the stuff of children's fairy tales and myth. Prior to the experience I had not read any books or seen any movies or been involved in any discussion concerning Little People, elves, gnomes, fairies, etc. etc. It came out of the blue.

What happened is as follows: my work colleague drove me to my home from the airport. He carried my suitcase inside for me and turned on the lights. In fact, he turned on far more lights than I usually used. He checked the house thoroughly. It was a small house. Everything was as I'd left it before going away. My colleague then departed.

After he'd gone, I turned on the tv and then went to the kitchen and made a cup of tea. It was mid-evening; approx. 9 pm. or thereabouts. The front door was open, but the security screen door was locked.

I was wide awake and feeling great after all the sleep I'd had, and decided to unpack, take a shower and then spend a few hours watching tv and/or reading.

I sipped some tea, had a cigarette and watched tv for a few minutes, then took some clothes from the suitcase and carried them to my bedroom. The bedroom light was on. It had been turned on by my colleague, a short time earlier. The clothes were still unworn and on hangers. All I had to do was hang them in the wardrobe.

The wardrobe was of the built-in variety, meaning it was constructed at the same time as the house and was an integral part of the structure. It had two sliding mirrored doors, on parallel tracks. If you slid either door to the side, you gained access to one half of the wardrobe.

The house was standard brick and tile and was less than ten years old. It was of very sound construction, bright, cheerful, and neatly landscaped.

Ok: to summarise: I was wide awake, well-rested and cheerful, and not under the influence of anything. The house was secure, well-lit. I was the only person in the house as had been ascertained shortly earlier by my colleague.

I entered the small room and slid back the wardrobe door and a split second later, the clothes had been hung up. During the fractions of a second it took to open the door and hang the clothes, I was hit by a strange atmosphere. I didn't have time to think about it. Immediately, I was overcome by physical weariness so severe that I didn't even have the time or strength to turn around. Instead, I walked/toppled backwards and fell on the bed. The feeling was one of total exhaustion. I lay full length, face up, on the bed. My last thought, before succumbing completely, was concern that my shoes would make dirty marks on the quilt. I remember fighting the exhaustion and raising my head with much difficulty, in order to make sure my shoes were not marking the quilt. Because the memory of the entire event is so strong, I am able now to tell you the irrelevant detail of my shoes being yellow. Ordinarily, I would not be able to remember the detail of shoes worn twenty odd years ago. Another detail from that moment is that the light in the room was extremely bright.

Next I knew, I could hear voices, several of them. They seemed to be arguing between themselves, and urging each other urgently to 'hurry'. I don't know if they spoke English. But I understood what they were saying.

I raised my head with difficulty and looked down to the foot of the bed, which is the direction the voices were coming from. There I saw several small people, all working together. They were in the process of trying to drag me feet first from the bed and into the wardrobe, which was less than one metre from the bed-foot. At this point, the left hand side of the wardrobe was open. However, when I had hung up the clothes, I had used the right side. Therefore, they had slid the doors to the right. This detail did not occur to me at that point.

The creatures were aware I was watching them. They had been aware I was 'waking up' prior to my doing so, obviously, and this had caused them to urge each other to 'hurry'.

I looked at the Little People. They stopped what they were doing and stared back at me. Absurdly, I felt no alarm or surprise. Instead, I told myself that because I was so big and heavy in comparison to them, it would take them some further time to get me off the bed. I told myself I could safely close my eyes for a while longer.

At the time, I believed, I suppose, that 'I' had reassured myself in this way. In hindsight, I suspect those thoughts must have been placed in my mind by the Little People, just as I now believe the Little People were responsible for the overwhelming exhaustion I felt when I hung the clothes in the wardrobe, prior to falling on the bed.

Next I knew, I was looking up at the Little People, who were clustered around the upper part of my body. I was lying down. When I opened my eyes, they filled my sight. Again, I felt no alarm or fear or surprise. In fact, I thought of nothing at all. I was a blank. I must have been similar to a camera, simply recording without thought (continued below)

posted on Oct, 23 2006 @ 12:25 PM
(continued from above post)
They looked at me and I at them. Not a word or sound occurred. They were in very close proximity to me. I saw them very clearly. The memory has remained throughout the years.

There were between five and seven of them. Some were standing behind others because of the space situation. The bed was up against the wall on one side. There were male and female amongst them. The bed was of standard height from the floor and was the type that has two large storage drawers built into it. From this, I would estimate the height of the creatures to be not more than two foot six inches; possibly smaller in some instances. One of them -- a male -was slightly taller and bigger than the rest and appeared to be the leader. He stood closest to me. He gave me a penetrating look that is still in my mind. His eyes, in my memory, seem to zoom up in a 'close up'.

They were all basically the same in appearance. The DID look like the gnomes of myth and fairy stories. Maybe that's how they chose to appear to me, in order be regarded as a 'dream' or 'hallucination', if I told anyone about them later. Their skin was an odd colour, but they definitely looked Caucasian. Their skin was also very weathered looking, like people who spent most of their time out in the elements. Their skin was a light yellowish-tan, or 'muddy' looking. They had wrinkles. The skin was coarse.

Their faces were wide: wide cheekbones, wide jaws. Very strong noses and chins. Strong bones, all of it. Their eyes and mouths were deep set between the strong noses and chins. The eyes and mouths were wide (from side to side) but narrow (from top to bottom). They had very strong bodies. Broad chests. Wide waists. And thick through, from front to back. But they were not fat. Their heads were in proportion to their bodies.

They wore a lot of clothes -- as if they were accustomed to the cold. Where I lived, it was usually hot and humid. Their clothes were of another, earlier era. Their clothes were what peasants must have worn. They looked home-made, and although of very coarse fabric, they were neatly made. In fact, they were neatly dressed. All of them wore some form of head-gear. The women wore scarves tied under their chins and the men wore hats but not pointy ones.

The colours of their clothes were 'dull' in comparison to those of today. All their clothes were in shades of browns, tans, dull greens, etc. As I say, they wore a lot of clothes. All of them wore a short type of jacket or coat over their other clothes. The big one had a wide belt over the jacket. My vision was limited to what I could see from my prone position. I could not turn my head. A lot of detail was lower down, beneath my field of vision.

They were not friendly. They didn't like me. The women wore nastier expressions than the men. Most of them seemed middle aged. There were a couple of males who looked a bit younger. The big one was middle aged looking. To be remembered is that I am speaking from memory. At the time, I had no thoughts or opinions or emotions at all.

They didn't appear particularly intelligent. They weren't stupid though. More cunning looking and basically ignorant, particularly the women. My feeling now is that they were used to hard work and used to working without questioning. I was a job to them, I think. The big one though, appeared quite intelligent. They way they behaved was similar to a class of school kids whose humdrum day has been livened up by a novel event. Glad of the opportunity, they clustered and stared at me. They knew I was helpless. It made them -- the women in particular -- feel powerful for once. They seemed a downtrodden lot, the women. The women's expressions were cruel. The men seemed just more curious, or perhaps interested is the word -- to see what I would do. From this, we must presume they weren't used to being in the 'power position' with regard to humans. The feeling that came from them was one of: ' How do you feel now, huh?', in a sneering way. There was resentment (also cowardice) in the women's faces. They were a little uncertain, as if worried that any moment I might leap up. I should stress once again that I am able to put words to this based on my memory, which is like a video recording. At the time, I had no thoughts, no emotions, no reactions.

Based on my memory, I am able to say now that when they were clustered around me, I was lying with my head at the FOOT of the bed. This is the opposite direction to the way I'd been lying before. So clearly, the creatures WERE able to move me around.

Next I knew, I heard their voices once again urgently urging each other to 'hurry'. I forced my head up and again saw them in the process of dragging me feet first into the wardrobe ----- only THIS time, they had almost succeeded, and had managed to pull almost the full length of my legs from the foot of the bed. Adrenalin shot through me. I realised that very soon, gravity would take over the work for them and would pull me from the bed. The creatures would then have needed only to steer my falling body into the wardrobe cavity. I was very angry with myself for underestimating them.

Adrenalin gave me the impetus I needed to kick them away from me and leap from the bed and into the middle of the room. The light in the room seemed incredibly, unnaturally bright. I was screaming and yelling at the creatures during all of this. I was angry with them. I was not at all frightened of them at that point.

They groaned and muttered amongst themselves. I could see the resignation in their faces and posture. They were bitterly disappointed. As I continued to stand underneath the light, yelling at them .... they filed and retreated into the open-half of the wardrobe. They seemed to go in and then down, as if there was a ramp there or something.

Then I was alone in the room. The light still seemed very bright. I stood there for a moment. Don't know how long. And then I left the room and went down the hallway. Then there was the living room before me. Everything was exactly as before; the lights were all on; the open suitcase was on the coffee table; the tv was on; the front door was open but the security screen was closed.

At that point, I fell to pieces, worse than at any time in my life, before or since. The fear just escalated, very rapidly, in seconds. (continued below)

posted on Oct, 23 2006 @ 01:09 PM
(continued from above post)

I was very close, I think, to completely losing control. And that's saying quite a lot, because I've been in some horrific situations.

The fear was overwhelming. It was non-specific -- just complete, unthinking, unreasoning terror that seemed to come from inside me and shake me apart. I couldn't think at all. I wasn't really thinking of the Little People or of anything. It was as if I'd been taken over by a hurricane of fear. I was jibbering. The more fear I felt, the more it created. I nearly lost my mind.

I was aware of the Little People and what had occurred of course, but the terror was so extreme that I couldn't piece any of it together -- there wasn't time; the fear just kept growing. Impossible to describe.

I managed to dial the number of the colleague who'd brought me home earlier in the evening. I must have said something about the Little People but can't remember. I asked him to come to my house. I must have sounded deranged and incoherent.

Then I ran outside into the street and stood in the darkness, desperate to see another human soul. I couldn't bear to be inside the house.

My friend arrived, put me in his car. Then he went into my house. He emerged soon afterwards. He never told me if he saw anything there. But I feel he left the doors unlocked -- simply walked out of there. He certainly left all the house lights on; I can clearly remember that.

When we reached his house, I was in a bad state. I was freezing and no amount of covering could warm me. I was terrified to be alone. He was forced to sleep in a chair next to my bed the entire night, with the lights on. Next day I learned the entire Little People experience had occurred within an approx. 20 or 25 minute period.

Apart from my work colleague, I told no-one about my experience, for fear people would think I was crazy. Some time later, I sold my house. Approx. a decade later, I finally revealed my experience to an old and trusted friend. The expression on her face revealed that she did not believe me. However, my now- adult daughter overheard and entered the room to assure me that she did believe me, because many years earlier, she'd also been terrified by the Little People in the same part of that house.

For many years, I tried to find out anything I could about others' experiences with Little People. This was before I had internet, so I had to rely on books. I found nothing, apart from reference to Fairy Stories and myths. I knew I hadn't dreamed or imagined it; it had happened. I still had the clear memories.

Later, I looked on internet, and still nothing. Then gradually, I discovered a few references to others' Little People experiences and learned that the Native Americans, amongst others, had long been aware of and afraid of the Little People. Then, much to my surprise, I discovered that a town (Burnley, UK) near to where I was born, had a legend about a version of Little People, which was said to appear at specific times of year, during which the locals avoided a particular location. It was claimed that within the past couple of hundred years, a traveller had refused to heed the locals' warning and had been taken and killed by the local Little Person, who had left the traveller's skin under the bridge in question.

I'd never been able to understand why Little People would appear in my modern house in Australia, because I'd never heard of Little People (gnomes, elves, etc) appearing in tropical countries. And I'd wondered if the fact I was of British Isles heritage was the reason I'd seen Little People, as some form of inherited memory or something. But I was later informed by Prof. Butler of ELFEN project, that research had revealed numerous sightings of Little People in places like Hawaii, many of the South Pacific island communities and Australia and New Zealand in particular apparently. I still wonder if this is attributable to the fact that Australia and New Zealand were peopled by British Isles pioneers --- and it seems now that Celts were in New Zealand long before the Maoris.

Finally, after twenty years, my experience was vindicated in a most unusual way. I submitted my experience to an Australian UFO research group, in the hope they could tell me if anyone else had had a similar experience, and because I simply didn't know anyone else who I could approach about the subject.

The UFO group replied that they had never heard from anyone who'd had a Little People experience before, and wanted to print my submission in their next issue. I agreed, in the hope someone who'd had an experience like mine might read it. Or, failing that, at least my experience might help someone who'd also seen the Little People and let them know they weren't alone.

The weeks passed. Then one day I was contacted by the UFO research people, to say that on the very night the magazine containing my article was to be printed, they'd received a phone call from a woman in a southern State, to say that she and her adult daughter had been seeing Little People darting about inside their house all afternoon. The woman was terrified and almost incoherent, apparently, and begged the UFO group to help her. The woman lived more than 1,000 kilometres away however and the best the UFO group could offer was to put the woman in touch with an investigative group in her own area.

When they contacted me, the UFO group was stunned by the coincidence. They had never heard of Little People sightings and then I'd contacted them and on the very night my story was to be printed, another woman, at the other end of the country had ALSO contacted them to say that she was seeing Little People.

I contacted the UFO people shortly afterwards, hoping to be put in touch with the other woman, in order I could find out if the Little People she'd seen had been like mine. But the woman, once she had calmed down, had refused to discuss the matter with anyone, apparently. The UFO people said this is often the case -- people shut down and blank unpleasant or confronting situations from their minds.

Later, I got in touch with the people at ELFEN. They were completely unfazed by my experience. Apparently it's pretty common. ELFEN told me that LIttle People form attachments to locations, rather than to people. I have never seen them since the experience detailed in these posts. (continued below)

posted on Oct, 23 2006 @ 01:39 PM

My memory of the LIttle People experience is obviously faulty -- or, should I say, my memory and possibly my mind were manipulated BY the Little People.

Because ....... as the Little People WERE able to move my body around, it doesn't make sense that they should have struggled (as I saw them doing) to pull me into the wardrobe. After all, if they were able to reverse my position on the bed, then they would have been perfectly capable of pulling me into the wardrobe.

And they proved they were able to manipulate my mind and/or consciousness by the fact they literally 'knocked me out' from the moment I opened the wardrobe to hang up the clothes. I'd had hours of sleep. I was not tired, not even remotely. Yet when I opened the wardrobe, I was overcome by total exhaustion. So I suspect -- no, I BELIEVE -- that the Little People were responsible. And I believe they were responsible for my comotose state while i was on the bed.

Then there's my weird understanding of what they were saying. Surely they weren't speaking modern English, yet I understood them to be urging each other to 'hurry' on several occasions. And I heard more, lots more, but I can't remember it.

I also believe they were able to 'fuse out' my mind so that I was unable to experience any normal emotions or reactions while I was in their presence. I'm not brave, yet I felt no fear -------- until AFTER they'd gone, when it hit me like a ton of bricks.

So what did they want, and what did they do to me? I dont' know. I'll probably never know.

For a while, I suspected I might have had some sort of 'UFO-alien' experience, with the aliens disguising themselves as 'gnomes'. Then I suspected my OWN MIND might have presented the aliens to me as 'gnomes', because being of British heritage, 'gnomes' may be the way Brits have always 'seen' aliens, throughout thousands of years.

But since learning about Charles Bonnet syndrome and ELFEN Project, I'm beginning, finally, to accept that gnomes-Little People is literally what I saw -- as I KNOW I saw them, but which my mind has been trying to talk me out of ever since it happened. The Little People must laugh themselves sick at us. We see them, but because we know we're not supposed to see them (because we're told they don't exist) we make liars of OURSELVES ! We make it possible for these Little People to get about in broad daylight, because even when we see them, we deny it to ourselves.

They're not nice, the Little People. They're not cute. They scare children and small toddlers and babies and then they hide like the cowards they are and allow children to be called liars and attention-seekers by their parents, who then walk away and turn off the lights and leave those terrified little kids on their own with these Little Monsters, night after night, for years. If a human did that to small children, or the elderly and sight impaired, that human would be called an unfeeling bastard. So even though they're Little People, they're still bastards. They don't have what it takes to come out in the open amongst fully grown, fully awake humans, and take their chances. Instead, they sneak around, using witch-craft to steal people's consciousness in order to do whatever it is they do.

The Native Americans didn't trust them and were very afraid of them. Yet these days, there are entire forums devoted to 'fairy folk' worship, in which Little People are portrayed as 'kindly, shy Earth spirits', etc. and children are encouraged to have their walls decorated with sweet little Little People designs. Anyone who's had a genuine experience of them will tell you that the Little People do not make you feel happy and safe. And if their intentions were good, they wouldn't behave as they do and wouldn't have the reputation they have amongst indigenous people OR amongst the northern European peasants of as recently as last century.

In the last decade, according to a report on internet, two Central American women saw one Little Person on a track they used to walk to work. One of the women was so traumatised that she had to be taken away in an ambulance and hospitalised for shock. If there ARE 'nice, kind, helpful, well-meaning' Little People out there, it's high time they went public in an effort to improve Little People's reputation, I feel.

Of course, as I write all this, I'm accompanied by a sense of unreality about the entire subject, and can perfectly understand the scepticism it must arouse in many. I'd be very sceptical myself, if I hadn't experienced the improbable. However, my memory is very reliable, added to which is the fact I've never claimed to have seen Little People before or since that once isolated experience. Combined with my daughter's experience and that of the woman who phoned the UFO people, I at least have others these days, who've experienced the same thing. But regardless of this, my mind has a hard time accepting what it knows to be true -- let alone attempt to convince anyone else.

posted on Oct, 23 2006 @ 02:27 PM
Wow... umm... that was a very strange story...

Do you have any idea why they were trying to pull you into the wardrobe? Did you notice any strange light or aura coming from the wardrobe? What do you think would have happened if you went into the wardrobe with them? Did you continue to stay in that house? Did you attempt to contact the previous owners of that house to see if they had any similar experiences?

Sorry for all the questions but I'm really curious as to how and why that happened to you. By the way, you don't need to answer all those questions.

posted on Oct, 24 2006 @ 02:55 AM
Thank you for sharing that story Dock6! It is of course far more detailed and extreme than my encounter...!

The main point I can relate to is the fear. As I approached the little man I felt no fear, just curiosity. And as it ran I still felt curiosity. But once it had disappeared into the undergrowth and the event hit me, I ran, terrified! Like I've said before, I didn't see it's (his) face, but the memory of it's presence in general still disturbs me.

Burnley isn't far away from Bolton, maybe the north-west little people originated there...

Please stay in contact Dock6, I would really like to hear more about your research into the phenomenon.

posted on May, 29 2007 @ 04:35 AM
At invitation of the box on another thread i came here to read this thread. This is my experience reproduced from that other thread:

I commend Dock6 for his/her bravery in admitting to seeing them.

It is an admission which immediately causes one to become subject to scorn.

Like undertrees, there was a time when I was quite hostile to tales of fairies and little people. In 1981, I went on a mountaineering expedition in the new zealand alps. Immediately prior to this, I still recall denouncing the idea of fairies to my friends.

We camped in a huge cave looking down onto a gacial stream beneath a coluior from Malte Brun. I woke up in the night about 1:25am. I had a weird dream that I was a bubble of air rising to the sea's surface. When the bubble broke surface, I awoke with a feeling that I had to sit up.

I sat up propping myself on my left elbow. I saw three little figures which glowed iridescent white (like neon lights). I could clearly scale them against the boulders beside the stream. They were about two and a half feet tall. They were male and I could see the ouline of clothes which looked medievil. Their style of dress was exactly like that which is seen on Garden gnomes.

I thought this can't be real. I must still be asleep and dreaming. I switched my attention to clues around me to learn if i was awake or asleep. I could hear the roar of the stream a short distance away. Little granules of gravel dug into my elbow and were hurting me. I looked around at my alarm clock with it's luminous hands and concluded that I was indeed awake.

I looked back at these three figures as they moved from left to right. I felt very afraid. My heart was pounding and I could feel the throb of my own pulse. I was scared they might hear me (although they wouldn't over the roar of the stream) so I became too frightened to even breathe. My chest constricted and my breathing became very shallow.

After they disappeared from view I stayed awake and bolt upright for some time until finally I nodded off again. It wasn't a pleasant expaerience. I was quite frightened.

Afterwards it occurred to me that bees can see in ultra violet which humans can't. Snakes can see in infra red which humans can't. Dog's can hear sounds which we can't.

I figured that what if there were parallel dimensions which we normally can't perceive, but at rare moments we can tune in, much like changing frequency on a radio receiver ?

That, I think, is your answer Dock6. Thank you for sharing your experience. You were very brave doing so.

I am an intensely logical person, so I don't like to subscribe to little people, but I have seen them just once.

I researched after my experience and found out that fairies and little people feature in the mythologies of many cultures around the world.

Tibetans called them Dakini. The Maori of New Zealand believe in fairies too. It was not just the Irish. My research was not exhaustive but I became comfortable with the idea that there must be something to this if cultures with no contact through history held similar views.

I was struck reading Dock6's description of his little people as Gnome like and the intense light in the room that they sounded much like the figures which I saw.

I can also understand why the Indians were frightened of little people. I felt fear from my experience though they did nothing overtly threatening nor seemed to know of my presence.

I was young and fit at the time. Had perfect eyesight and held a pilot's license. Due to a dispute over custody, in order to dispel a malicious claim by my ex wife that I was mentally ill, I requested and submitted myself to examination by a forensic psychiatrist who declared me perfectly normal. Therefore I am in the rare position of being able to say with confidence that I suffer no psychosis. Another thing I don't drink very much at all. I don't smoke and I don't do drugs period.

The only thing I can say about the time of my experience was that I was practising deep transcendental meditation. I believe that this made me more susceptible to unusual perceptions. About the same time as this mountaineering expedition, within a few months or so, I had two vivid experiences of astral travel. I had a lady friend at work and in one of my meditations I found myself remote viewing her house in darkness. next morning at work i frightened her by recounting her home in exceptional detail. She had never told me about her home.

I stopped practising meditation and these amazing experiences stopped too.

posted on May, 29 2007 @ 07:11 AM
Here is a old thread about brownies. There is some video in it to, maybe you saw similiar.

posted on May, 29 2007 @ 08:25 AM
Thanks for the link, but I think anyone who has seen these creatures will agree they were not optical illusions, but unmistakably clear.

Unfortunately before I saw them I would never have believed in them either.

Once you have seen them, it makes you feel quite alone because nobody will believe you and many scorn you. I hope you never see them and have to experience the social isolation.

People who see these creatures don't want to talk of it because we know others will not believe us and shun us with contempt. I realise others struggle to make sense of our claims, but there is little to understand. If you've never seen them your mind will not allow you to accept their existence.

posted on May, 29 2007 @ 05:41 PM
When my cousin was a baby he was kidnapped by a little dude that lived in a big tree at his grandmother's home. No kidding, brothers. Very strange things happen in Mexico. If you fear something, you just do not go out at night.

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posted on May, 30 2007 @ 06:34 AM

Originally posted by Franz von Humboldt
When my cousin was a baby he was kidnapped by a little dude that lived in a big tree at his grandmother's home. No kidding, brothers. Very strange things happen in Mexico. If you fear something, you just do not go out at night.

[edit on 29-5-2007 by Franz von Humboldt]

And was this baby returned? Was this 'little dude' captured?

posted on May, 30 2007 @ 07:35 AM

Originally posted by Strangerous
can't find it on the web so here's what I remember:

I used to visit a client south of Chorley - in that area (M61 J5/6) there was a large temple built by some religion / cult. It was massive and many millions were spent on it. Local rumours abounded about what went on there so they had an open day for invited locals to have a look around, those that went reported it was incredibly opulent with marble, fountains and some kind of floating gold ball. The cult (etc) arranged the day to show they had nothing to hide / quell the rumours but only allowed visitors access to part of it and said it was a strictly one-off event.

This would have been '90/92 ish.

I remember reading the report in the local paper but which one I don't recall (deffo Chorley/w'hton etc not the MEN).

I know this is sketchy and probably nothing to do with your little man but maybe you can find out more than I can find.

Is this what you are talking about?

posted on May, 30 2007 @ 07:57 AM

Originally posted by Jibbs

Originally posted by Strangerous
can't find it on the web so here's what I remember:

I used to visit a client south of Chorley - in that area (M61 J5/6) there was a large temple built by some religion / cult. It was massive and many millions were spent on it. Local rumours abounded about what went on there so they had an open day for invited locals to have a look around, those that went reported it was incredibly opulent with marble, fountains and some kind of floating gold ball. The cult (etc) arranged the day to show they had nothing to hide / quell the rumours but only allowed visitors access to part of it and said it was a strictly one-off event.

This would have been '90/92 ish.

I remember reading the report in the local paper but which one I don't recall (deffo Chorley/w'hton etc not the MEN).

I know this is sketchy and probably nothing to do with your little man but maybe you can find out more than I can find.

Is this what you are talking about?

Wow I've been looking for info on this for a long time! Time to pay it a visit me thinks...

Mormon Temple eh?

Found a google maps link -

Mormon Temple

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