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Why is it that.....

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posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 10:21 PM
Please explain to me why it is that when the Muslim faith is insulted/made fun of....there are constant threats of violence.

Now, I fully realize, no one wants here religion made fun of or mocked, but is that a good reason to become violent or threaten violence?? NO, really!

Furthermore, in relatively recent times-say about last 50-100 years, have the other major religions (Christianity/Jewish/Hinduism and all the other ism's) become violent about being made fun of??

Let me be clear about this, I mean insulting a prophet or his teachings, not threatening the actual people of that faith.

Please, only give your answer/opinion.
I would like to see examples-links-if it is true.

I have found in almost all my local and world media, only "NEWS" of Muslim violence, or threats there of.

Either it is not as peaceful a religion as I have been told or the news is purposely biased.
I will note that a local muslium comunity group did take out a full page add in the LA Times condeming violence.

A better question might be, if it is the news/media doing this, what can be done to get the truth out????


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