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Republican aid posted misleading blogs.

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posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 06:34 AM

The poseur had raised suspicions among liberal bloggers after he pooh-poohed a recent poll showing Bass tied with Hodes and suggested that Democrats should not waste any more time or money on the Hodes race and instead should invest their resources in other races.
Finally, after noticing that lots of things he said just didn’t add up, a couple of the bloggers traced IndieNH’s IP address to the House of Representatives.

And they thought, “How many offices in the U.S. House would be interested in one race in New Hampshire?” The answer: Very few. Probably only one.


Im not really sure what to make of this the aid in question was dumb enough to get caught. I can understand why he/she might have read Liberal leaning blogs to get an understanding of rival voters. But given the great divide in US politics I dont know why anyone would bother to set out to try and change who people will vote for.

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