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the mall.....epicenter of all evil

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posted on Sep, 28 2006 @ 07:24 PM

Originally posted by LoneGunMan
I hate the mall too, it is set up to feed the ego, to make you feel like you are part of the herd if you buy some expensive crap with a manufacturers name displayed for all to see. I heard somewhere that those little mall-rat girls prostitute themselves so they can shop more. I am talking about middle-class girls who's parents already give them money to shop.

We are becoming divided in so many ways, left vs. right, spiritual vs. materialism/ego.


posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 03:06 AM
I am overlord 1 you have begun a line of thinking here where there is the possibility of a huge can of worms being opened.

I used to work in a mall years ago and still havent quite gotten over the revulsion of what I finally learned through this employment.

I no longer frequent malls unless absolutely necessary which is almost never anymore with the advent of on line purchasing.

For me time is a valuable commodity. I dont enjoy spending it in a mall or standing in line anywhere. I work graveyard shift or second that I dont have to spend undue amounts of my time standing in line somewhere.
Some of us with half a brain can calculate how much of our lives we spend ..those of us who work day shifts...standing in line somewhere. I have been known to leave my grocery cart complete with perishables when the lines dont move rapidly enough to suit me or the cashiers are airheads. My time is to valuable to tolerate this dumbness. I can get groceries anywhere.

Malls are no different to me than lines in the grocery stores. I dont need artificial atmospheres to make me feel more relaxed so as to come off my moneys. This to me is seduction. I prefer better foreplay than that offered by a shopping mall.
Artificial atmosphere is also why I dont go to places like Hooters. I dont need that kind of artificial atmosphere or allure to get me off my hard earned moneys. No pleasure in it. IT is insulting to me. Not enough foreplay in it for that kind of cheap seduction too.

There is a word in English .. Amuse..or Amusement. The word translates

A without...


Without thinking. Amuse or Amusement.

Malls are places where people go to enjoy the shopping experience...our thinking is let down by atmospheric seduction...the whole thing the whole concept of a let your guard down and enjoy the Shopping Experience. No thinking going on. Some go there to escape certain kinds of thinking. To luxuriate in the "experience!!"

These places are geared mostly to women since in western nations women often have two sources of moneys from which to choose to spend. Theirs if they work or their mans if they dont...or even if they do work. This is not really a line of thought considered by most men since men dont usually factor mentally or emotionally thier womans moneys as a option for themselves. Manufacturers and sales peoples know this. In affluent economys the female..the woman is the determiner of economic directions...the woman is the main mover and shaker of the economy...not the male. This explains the Malls..being geared up for women/females.

Go into any mall or imagine the set up at your local mall. Check out the more upscale stores. Notice what counter is usually close to the main mall will be either the Jewelry counter or..or the makeup/cologne counter. This is not accidental. Jewelry because it has a tradition of male to female giving and the cologne counter is obvious. You can find this variation even in the non upscale stores too. Notice this if you havent up to now...about many stores when you walk in the main entrances.

IN most stores ..mall or not ..the ratio of floor space dedicated to womens goods verses mens goods is about 7 to 1. This is quite a disparity. However it is very telling of who spends the bulk of moneys and what for this country. Hence the appeal of the malls. It also tells you if you are awake who is the economic powerhouse in this country. The economic powerhouse means that they are also the political powerhouse..since economics means politics.
I believe this is a concept for which most men are totally oblivious. Way to dumb.

Yes you can get all this from looking closely at a mall..or any other store in this country...once you think a little. I can get it in a grocery store too.
Actually some places seem to be combining the grocery store and department store concept together for some reason. Sort of one in all. I am not sure how this has affected the sales at malls...since I dont frequent malls much at all.
Do any of you know the trend line on this??

I wonder too if on line shopping has cut into the mall buisness and if so how much.

If malls disappeared tears would be shed by me. One of the greatest things happening in my town is that Barnes and Noble put a outside door to their buisness establishment. I dont have to go into the mall to frequent their store. Halelujah!!!

I also notice that some of the little strip shopping centers seem to be making a comeback here. Have any of you noticed this trend?? Does this mean the mall fad is dying out??
I am glad to see this myself. I can go right into the store I want and never have to traverse a mall..this is great..just like Barnes and Noble. Halelujah!!


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