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Why haven't you joined the Taleban?

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posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 01:57 AM

Originally posted by XphilesPhan

I will take my culture and my homeland over any friggin zealot anyday.....

It was my homeland that was attacked and we are defending ourselves...

otherwise go join the taliban and live in a cave.....

I dont have much breath to waste on traitors to their own.

Dunno... seems to me the bling-bling is getting played out. Downtown stench is becoming much and the horizon is looking brown. I know a dozen people off hand with cancer. 99 channels and nothings on.

Perhaps its time to listen to the Zealots.

What I consider homeland has yet to be attacked. Those corporate towers and that war mongering concrete complex in washington had it coming. And as for the people burning jet fuel to get somewhere faster that day... well they're not saints.

One who serves their nation before God is a traitor in my book.


Originally posted by tom goose

your own government killed your people, and you re-elected that government.

so who is the pacifist?

If the electorial process was less of an illusion and actually could change the regime in power, that would be a fair jab.


Originally posted by Amaterasu

So please. Define "good;" define "evil." Define them so that perspective is moot.

I ponder that one often as I squeeze fleas between my finger nails after picking them off my dog.


Originally posted by timski
The post-title is meant as a direct opposite to joining the coalition armed forces to fight a war of conquest and profit, and meant to be interpreted as 'Why haven't you joined the resistance?'

The free-market must continually strive to seek new markets, create more profits, and fulfil an artificially-created consumer demand. The resources to keep the wheels of the free-market turning must be leveraged at the cheapest possible cost, and maximised for the greatest return in profit, and if that means taking those resources by force from another group or nation, as long as the consenting majority can be convinced that such actions are necessary to 'preserve our way of life' then use of force will always be justified.

we're eye to eye here


Originally posted by FlyersFan
A survivor of radical Islam tells her story.

Radical Islamics hate.

I see your point, but I have to right that off to intergenerational bad karma. No different than a 13 year old growing up in Iraq during the US invasion. They'd be screaming "US soldiers hate".


Originally posted by HooHaa

I totally see where you are coming from and I agree 100%. There are many things that I do not agree with or like but I seem to be doing little or nothing to prevent them from happening. You got me thinking and thats dangerous!

I can write my congressmen an petition to try and prevent some of the things I disagree with.

Glad I've got you thinking dangerous, we live in dangerous times.

Something tells me that writing your congressman isn't going to help though. Seems congress has a better paying client than the people these days.

Originally posted by 27jd

I agree with some of the things you typed, but this? No. Maybe you didn't really think about it, and I'm almost positive you don't have children, but I am just curious how you could concieve strapping bombs to your children because your home was lost....all the material possesions in the world mean NOTHING, they don't even hold a candle to a child. If I lost my living room, it would be the fact that I still have my son that makes me see how lucky I am no matter what....

My comfy living room is more than the furnishings. It is the spirit of a secure family.

If in my living room was gone and my 3 children sat with me in my tent... each sterile and suffering severe bone abnormalities that I knew were due to the DU fragments scattered through out their playground.

I might be inclined to send one of them out with a bomb strapped to them to take out a few of those firing (or financing those firing) such rounds before my wife and I tried having a 4th child.

Given such unfathomable circumstance... could you now conceive?

Originally posted by billybob

well, you must realise that sir oracle is using an 'ad absurdum' argument, right?

that said, my child can hold a candle in god's choir in heaven, once he is released from this cruel mortal coil in a glorious act of martyrdom.

i believe that's how the thinking goes that allows parents to send their children to die in hellish circumstances for questionable motives in a SOVEREIGN foreign country, be the child 5, 15, or 20 yrs. old.

In middle school they are signing children up for Junior ROTC. By the end of highschool they're ready to sign the dotted line and be big brothers foot soldier; knowing not what they fight for and promised a future they may never live to see.

age 19 they're carring DU weapons in Iraq.

40,000 Iraqi civilians dead at the hands of our children.

27jd, can you now conceive?

ripples in the pond

Originally posted by bsbray11

When we kill innocents its GOOD!

When they kill innocents its EVIL!

security must be ensured against the vile, cave-dwelling scum of the Earth,

You need to put towelheaded in there somewhere.


Originally posted by BASSPLYR

And the only thing I spits at my women is Game.

I have a feeling it's more fun to shoot the thermobrombic missile into the cave, not jump out of the cave the thermobrombic missile is heading into it.

right... side with those with the biggest guns. Try running that logic past St. Peter when you get to the pearly gates.

posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 01:58 AM
Counterterrorism is fought by human intelligence, paramilitary forces like the our Special Forces and lastly by police forces. Using our full military against terrorism is like trying to swat a mosquito with wrecking ball. Not real practical.

This current conflict with Islamic fundamentalism is partly based on history and partly based on our insane idea of that our ' American way of life' or American style of political governing is going to work elsewhere in the world. The Muslims who came to our country and stayed are as different from those in the Middle East as we Americans of European descent are from our former native countries.

Somewhere back in the late 19th-early 20th Century, our political leaders got a bug up their butts that we Americans somehow should get involved in the morass of international politics that was created by European colonialism. It has lead to the deaths of over 500k dead American soldiers, sailors and airmen in European and Asian driven wars. Our country's founders warned us about getting involved with the wars between our ancestors but no politicians have listened to this sage advice for well over a hundred years.

Call me isolationist but I believe that if the US is going to survive as a nation and a cohesive people, we need to pull back all our troops from from foreign lands and let them defend American soil. But the biggest battle the American people face today is taking back control of our gov't from the global corporate hegemony who are using our troops as cannon fodder to prop up corporate friendly govt's to maintain the real status quo.

posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 01:58 AM

Originally posted by Gazrok
Wow, this reeks of "flame-bait", but should be interesting...

doesn't it though? Its been interesting so far... I'll do what I can to keep it civil.

Pretty loose definition, and you're forgetting that:
a) these means include deliberately targeting civilians for the express purpose
b) treating women as 2nd class citizens, and
c) eye for an eye justice.

a) on the subject of civilians... i tend to believe that in many circumstances there is a particular hit being made (such as with Hariri) or if not a particular class of citizens being attacked; financiers at the WTC for example. Some people are just more infadel than others... you don't see suicide bombers at organic co-ops or greenpeace rallys.

Not bent on havoc...bent on maintaining tribal warlord leadership, in order to cash in on the opium trade. Back when they were fighting Russia, we turned a blind eye to that (enemy of my enemy is my friend), but don't fool yourself into thinking they are doing this out of patriotism. They want money and power just like the "evil West"... They desire their brand of Islam because it establishes control, they are not on a mission for Allah...

men after money and power do not suicide bomb.
the opium trade is a means to an end.
the end is financing the jihad.

Despite the racism in your do you define Saudi Arabia (home to most of the kidnappers) as a subsistance farming nation?????

I live in a US military town... the Navy boys at the bars call 'em towelheads... you mean that not nice?

I'll give you Saudi Arabia is not a subsistance farming nation. The nation I spoke of is the "Islamic Nation" which is largely responsible for known subsistance farming principles dating to the 9th century.

Also, a "pentagon" (5 sided shape) is much different than a "pentagram" (5 pointed star within a circle, with the point of the star facing down). That's obviously an attempt to stretch the term....

come on now... let me add some color to my rants.

Terrorism is terrorism, whether destroying farms or an office building.

but NOTE... they time and time again choose: office buildings.

that risk lies with people who choose to live in a bowl below sea level, different than those who choose to live on a faultline, or those like myself in hurricane alley.

The faultline was there
Hurricane Alley was there

The bowl, in hurricane alley, was not there.

The army created it.

Because it will create chaos.

Because chaos will give the NWO power.

Probably because there are legal ways to protest such things?

You're train is going way too fast and you know that there is a break in the rails ahead.

You pass a sign that says "point of no return".

Do you protest or blow the wheels off the train and bring 'er to a grinding hault?

Just remember, unlike them...our military is made of VOLUNTEERS...not those forced to fight when old enough to hold a rifle steady.


you mean teenagers from poor families, seeking to find themselves and to be financially self sufficient, who are plagued through highschool with go army propoganda, victims of mass media's violence culture, who then get a phonecall 2x weekly from sgt. zimmerman the recruiter who makes false promises?

Those volunteers?

Originally posted by Or_Die_Trying

If those who have yet to see the truth of the sad state of todays affairs can be enlightened, if people can be made or are willing to see past their programming, then it will be irrelevant to enlist for either side. If the arabs who understandably hate the west will realize it is our so called leaders and not the majority of us who are hurting them, i believe things can be mended. But only if first on our side of the ocean, we stop being cowards who sit on the sidelines and watch everything we supposedly stand for be taken away. Spread the truth, open some eyes.


Originally posted by Lysergolectric

I couldn't get girls with a jihad beard... or could I?

my sugar loves mine
but then again... she's a dredhead


Originally posted by bsbray11

US government is paying trillions of dollars for the Iraq war, but it's going into the pockets of our military industrial complex corporations, and corporations like Halliburton. They don't have to pay; they get paid.

Good thinking 99, I think you're onto something.

- Sri Oracle

[edit on 26-9-2006 by Sri Oracle]

posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 02:02 AM
First, I think ben91069's responses to shots's incredibly shallow comments were a bit off... Good and Evil are NOT relative - that isn't the problem here. The problem , and what simpletons like 'shots' are failing to understand, is that while the Taleban is evil, so are the scumbags who have hijacked the American govt. BUSH AND CHENY ARE NOT AMERICA. THEYRE SOME GUYS WHO TOOK OVER. THEY ARE NOT THE FOUNDING FATHERS. Not only that, but everybody has known from the start how corrupt they are. It's not even remotely secret, they just rely on the public being too stupid to put 2 and 2 together.

Second, just a thought on the whole people-sending-their-children-on-suicide-bombings thing, maybe their parents figure they can either die from our bombs or beat us to it and take some of us down with them.

And let me reiterate, because it cannot be done enough, that our military LOVES to drop bombs on people. Even before 9/11 we love the bombing. Remember the Stealth Bomber? Do you think those bombs are full of food and school books for iraqi children? Do you think these bombs are any nicer, more peaceful or less destructive than what the Taleban did to us on 9/11? Who gave us the right to decide who deserves to be bombed, and not expect someone else to decide maybe its their turn?

posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 02:08 AM
"I have a feeling it's more fun to shoot the thermobrombic missile into the cave, not jump out of the cave the thermobrombic missile is heading into it"

This seems to suggest you think those in power are actually hunting Bin Laden. Why would they want to actually catch him, when he fuels so much of the fear that keeps you playing into their hands?

posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 02:09 AM
sorry, i'm very new here. Just found out how to do quotes properly.

and sorry about the triple post. I'll do it right from now on.

posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 06:43 AM

Originally posted by Mousse420
Do you think these bombs are any nicer, more peaceful or less destructive than what the Taleban did to us on 9/11? Who gave us the right to decide who deserves to be bombed, and not expect someone else to decide maybe its their turn?

That's kinda how I feel about it. I've made the point before that if we KNOW innocent civilians are going to be killed, on a large-scale, by our weapons.... do we have the right to proceed anyway and assume those deaths are justifiable? Do we have the right to basically force those innocent people to die for a cause that WE decide is good enough? Do we have the right to decide who sacrifices their life for the 'good of the greater whole'? I wonder how long we'd be singing that tune if we applied those kinds morals to our everyday life, here in the U.S. But then it'd be actual flesh-and-blood Americans that we're talking about, not brown-skinned heathens somewhere on the other side of the world.... who cares if tens of thousands of them die?

[edit on 26-9-2006 by firebat]

posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 07:26 AM

Originally posted by XphilesPhan
If you give in to their demands you have just elected the Taliban/al qaeda/jihadists/UBL the leaders of your life.
As opposed to directly handing them $43 MILLION not 6 months before 9/11, which is what the Bush Administration did, so that they would let us put our oil pipe-lines through Afghanistan? The same Taliban that met with Bush Administration officials just FIVE WEEKS before 9/11? During negotations for the pipeline deal, Bush officials were expressing interest in working with moderates in Afghanistan to try and "help the Afghan people." The deal fell through and before long, the Taliban was all but on America's Most Wanted list. We attacked, the Taliban fell.... and our boy Karzai immediately reinstated plans for the Trans-Afghan Pipeline. I'm not here to support the Taliban... but if they are so evil and threatening to our way of life, why were were doing business with them? Why were we negotiating with them? Why were we giving them millions of dollars?

Ignoring the problem isnt the answer...its been proven, clinton did that....
Actually, he tried to kill Bin Laden on several occasions... but how much can you really get done when you've got the whiny republicans screaming bloody-murder because two grown adults touched each other on their private parts.

the radical muslims who would kill dissenters or some greedy business men you can probably hurt where it hurts most....the pocket.
You can't win with either side... they both do business with each other and they're both full of religious nuts.

I will take my culture
Or the lack thereof, as you would have it...

and my homeland over any friggin zealot anyday.....
Then what are you waiting for? Help us get Bush out of office!

The world is not as black and white as you think it is... do not get blindly caught up in this patriotism, protecting-the-homeland thing when you really have no clue of what's truly going on.

[edit on 26-9-2006 by firebat]

posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 02:32 PM
How do I know they really exist? Maybe it's all made up to keep us scared and supporting the war.

And if they did exist, I wouldn't join anyhow.. I don't join 'groups'.. I don't join 'parties'.. as soon as that happens, all heck breaks loose.. people then have reasons to hate other people.

Can't we all just get along? Without stuipd labels used to simplify things into black and white, with US or against US. It's not that simple, buddy.... Actually, it's even simpler:
Stay the freak out of other people's business. Don't kill people. Don't steal. Don't cheat. Um.. that should just about do it.. anything else is an attempt to gain control and wealth.

posted on Sep, 27 2006 @ 12:53 AM

Originally posted by Gazrok
Terrorism is terrorism, whether destroying farms or an office building.

Originally posted by Sri Oracle
but NOTE... they [Taleban] time and time again choose: office buildings.

ISRAEL on the other hand chooses to bomb farmland" target="_blank" class="postlink">also UNEXPLODED BOMBLETS

A young boy was killed a few days ago climbing a tree to grab an apple. While shaking the branches, he dislodged an unexploded bomblet. It detonated on his head.

Trees are laden with apples, oranges, olives and plums. Farmers face a terrible dilemma: life over livelihood.

Do they keep a safe distance from bomb-contaminated land, allowing produce to rot or should they risk their lives, salvaging their harvest?

Weeks after the ceasefire... 'Team Israel' is still killing.

I thought this was interesting jihadist fodder as well: Israeli visa rules trap Palestinians

Rotten food for thought,

Sri Oracle

posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 08:51 PM
It seems threads such as this tend to end up either burried after a period of idle chatter or locked out by moderators because there are already "plenty of threads on the subject."

Other threads on subject:

on 25-11-2005, the day after arriving at ATS, member "NFC" begins a thread entitled:
Action Not Words

"lets start a resistance" but nothing ever seam to come of it i think it's about time we started one for real thats not going to die out by tomorow.

Whos with me?

Later in that thread, member "infinite" says:

If you start an "NWO milita group" expect yourself to be banned from ATS and get a knock at your door from CIA, etc cause you will be labelled a terrorist.

and that seems to be an underlying theme:

To resist the NWO is to be a TERRORIST


26-9-2005, mashup of the Royal Marine Command asked ATS,
Which side will you join

When (or if) the NWO comes to power, are going to try and resist or join it?

Amuk, a moderator replies:

Are yall just looking for someone to kick open your door? The whole idea is to keep it secret.

and much of the thread wanders down that route... being you're foolish to even begin discussion on this subject online...

Resistance to NWO is internet-incorrect discussion.

And then there is this policy:

FSME: ATS policy on "Activist" Recruiting

Posted in the NWO forum as a sticky

Springer states:

"The Denial of Ignorance is NOT a call to arms or action."

Ok... so discussion of resistance is taboo and specifically taboo because if ATS is to survive as a forum it must not show support to one side or another.

Then comes gradyphilpott's Why Haven't You Enlisted?

Where grady makes a call to arms and action... Join the established military... your country has been attacked.

And the thread is allowed to go on for 35 pages... unchecked

many stating "I did enlist" ...they served their term and think you should do the same...

a call to nationalistic arms.

and this is some how ok... but a call to arms to protect your family and loved ones from a corrupt government or to remove another nations military from within your sovereign nation in militia style is generally frowned upon by ATS staff. And the threads tend to be filled with babble by banned members. Almost as if the babble is fake. Cointelpro?

free speech...

Keeping my viva la resistance thread alive...

How many days after a national disaster will YOU accept a military presence in your town, a curfew, and martial law?

how many oil spills must occur?
how many civilian casualties at the hands of the UN/NATO/US/Britian?
how much radiation needs mined to the surface?

How many more degrees must the mean surface temperature of the earth rise before YOU rise? Its already hotter than it has been in 100,000 years.

I found this an interesting read:

CRITICAL MASS – A Final Wake-Up Call

Sri Oracle

posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 10:09 PM
Just finished watching this documentary on TV, very good presentation. I don't have anything to contribute to this thread personally, still.

How ever felt those of you might be interested in the material, also. Considering most of you all are argueing for the sake of it, at least know what it is you argue about. Maybe if more information was known about why we argue, less argueing would occur.

FRONTLINE reports from the lawless Pakistani tribal areas along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border and reveals how the area has fallen under the control of a resurgent Taliban militia, which uses it as a launching pad for attacks on U.S. and coalition forces in Afghanistan. Despite the presence of more than 70,000 Pakistani troops, the Taliban has claimed two tribal agencies, North and South Waziristan, as Taliban republics. The area, off limits to U.S. troops by agreement with Pakistan's president and long suspected of harboring Osama bin Laden and his deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri, is now considered a failed state. President Pervez Musharraf tells FRONTLINE reporter Martin Smith that Pakistan's strategy, which includes cash payments to militants who lay down their arms, has clearly foundered. In a region little understood because it is closed to most observers, FRONTLINE investigates a secret front in the war on terror.
Return of the Taliban

posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 10:52 PM
I just rather join nothing,I like thinking for myself.
And the reasons i dont join the military is

1.I dont believe in killing people.
2.I dont believe violence solves anything.
3.I dont wanna be told what to do by a war mongering liar.

posted on Oct, 31 2006 @ 06:06 PM

Originally posted by Sri Oracle
Lets define a term: Taleban

"a cell of individuals devoted to God and determined to end the tyranny felt by believers through whatever machiavellian means necessary"

I ask...

If you think GMO food is so wrong...

why do you not burn the fields where it grows?

On Saturday, nearly 400 protesting farmers set fire to a farm in the state of Haryana where tests for GM rice were being carried out.

Thanks and Praises unto the Most High. Question falsehood and truth does manifest!

Jah Love,

Sri Oracle

Does this belong in the BTS personal prophesy forum now?

posted on Nov, 1 2006 @ 02:08 PM
to be fair, ras sri, i think that ATS must conform to the NWO's wishes about overt discussion of taboo topics, or go head to head with it's most veracious predators.
i think this thread is a good 'backdoor', too, to such let discussions happen. it's completely hypothetical. a thought experiment.

i wish every farmer would metaphorically burn down the GMO crops, if not physically.
playing with genetics of our food is playing dice with our existance.
monsanto kind of conjures up 'my satan' in my free associating brain.

the tactic IS labelling anyone 'against us' (george bush's 'us') a terrorist. they keep stepping up the pressure on the totalitarian vice with more and more stalinist policy.
luckily, the people have no fangs, and no single mind. there will be no revolution until there is nothing on television.
that's kind of a new spin on 'the revolution will not be televised', won't be televised, because as long as there is lots of 'programming' on teevee, people won't get off the damn couch.

i think when it comes to witnessing the unfolding of a centuries old plan for global enslavement, there are no good seats in the house.

posted on Nov, 1 2006 @ 07:00 PM

Originally posted by billybob
to be fair, ras sri, i think that ATS must conform to the NWO's wishes about overt discussion of taboo topics, or go head to head with it's most veracious predators.
i think this thread is a good 'backdoor', too, to such let discussions happen. it's completely hypothetical. a thought experiment.

Your comment comes as the thread is tagged: "NSA BAIT"

Sri Oracle

posted on Nov, 1 2006 @ 07:11 PM
Wow pretty passionate thread responses.

I will state my reasons for not joining the taliban.

1) No casual friday.
2) No 401k plan, and really whats the point.
3) I don't do the whole suicide bombing thing.
4) Only cactus cooler and Mr. Pibb served in commesary.
5) No personal items allowed in cubicle.

Also they consider the Fourth of July "working holiday" and I'm usually at the beach or park barbecueing with family and friends on the fourth and really I don't think they'd let me take the day off, if they did they'd probably want to know exactly when and where the barbecue was taking place and make a surpise visit.

And from what I've seen suprise visits from terrorist cells really don't enhance the party experience.

In the end I just don't think I'd fit in with the other guys.

Got an interview with microsoft next week, that looks promising.


[edit on 11/1/2006 by Spiderj]

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 11:31 AM
This thread needed to be updated, after all we have seen what else has been going on since 2006 when it was first posted.

We still have not done a single thing to fight back what has been taking hold of our nation.


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