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Aliens and the Moon - let's think about this!

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posted on Sep, 24 2006 @ 04:22 AM
Hello, I just thought up of something that I think could be quite possible. I am not of the belief that we did not go to the Moon. I think we did.

I also think so called 'Aliens', or at least perhaps their automated technology, were on the Moon while we were there, were there for thousands of years before that, and to this day are still there. What we are all looking for I think is right in our backyard! Let me explain.

If 'Aliens' evolved to the level of technology where they can overcome the absurd physical distances of space itself, one could gather that not only is their level of technology perhaps millions of years ahead of us, but that all of their technology is as advanced, not just their ships and travel ability.

What I am getting at is that it is a well known scientific fact that we humans, who are probably way behind the 'Aliens' in terms of technology, are already talking about and soon developing things like Optical camouflage, Active camouflage, and even the holy grail of this type of technology, a 'Cloaking device'.

These various methods of optically hiding something - perhaps even something(s) that are big, like buildings on the Moon, are probably going to be working in less that 25 years, and in 50, they might be so good that you could be standing in front of a building, a car, inches away from the hidden thing, and not even suspect something is there.

Now imagine how so absurdly advanced this kind of technology might be if the 'Aliens' are millions of years ahead of us!! John Glenn and the rest of them might have been closer to 'Aliens' than we could have ever imagined!

So what do you all think? Myself, I think this is at least possible. I think it's mostly agreed that if any Alien has physically come to this solar system, that they would have to be very very advanced compared to us. My best guess as to what type of tech they are using would be some kind of phasing camouflage, perhaps something like the ability to hide a entire building and it's contents not only from sight, but it actually slightly phases out of this dimension so an astronaut could walk right through where the building is ( was? ) ( still is? ) and not even know it was there.

When the astronaut leaves, it can be phased back to it's spot. Freaky? So would most of the technology would be even to our finest minds if it was millions of years ahead of us.

Also, while this does not have to do with the Moon, it has to do with Aliens. If they are actually here, and don't want to be seen, observed, etc.. I think it would be more than possible that they would use this kind of tech. And compared to what we can do, it would be flawless. No wonder even with millions of people looking at the sky and taking photos and videos that we have not seen one that we can say is totally for sure, a craft not from this world. Either they are not here at all, or they are very good at hiding.

I just pray that if I am of the generation that actually is involved in 'First contact', that they are friendly and even helpful, for if they are agressive and warlike, I don't want to even imagine what they could do to us with technology millions of years advanced of ours. I imagine it would be like a human looking at a common black ant, knowing that it cannot do anything at all to hurt you, if it even is aware of you at all. It's life and fate would be totally in your hands. Do you kill it? Spare it? Spare it and watch it for a few hundreds years more, then kill it?

Thank you for your time and intrest, I just had these things on my mind for awhile and I thought I would share them to see what people think.

- Mike

posted on Sep, 24 2006 @ 11:29 PM
There are infinite possibilities. Of these infinite possibilites, it is probable that there are an infinite amount of things that are infinite in nature such as universes, timelines, dimensions, matrices and so on.

When you reach the point of trying to tie together many infinite possibilities into our three dimensional space/time understanding, that's where you reach for the aspirin.

What if John Titor was right and there were no paradoxes because of divergence and multiple/infinite timelines. Then imagine infinite universes with infinite timelines. Within this mess, there are infinite dimensions. For all we know, the list just keeps going.

To humans, comprehending how this would work is beyond our capability and it's supposed to be. The universe may not be 15 or so billion years old but again, infinite. Imagine beings not millions or billions of years more advanced but a number we couldn't write in our lifetimes. What if beings could hop in and out of universes, what if they could control and harness the power and energy of a whole universe, existed purely of energy and yet still had masters who had masters.

What if all of this, our whole universe was simply an atom of a giant slug on some other planet of another universe which is also infinite. You could keep this going....infinitely....with infinitely bizarre ideas....and they could all be right.

Just a thought.

posted on Sep, 24 2006 @ 11:47 PM
Thank you, because my head just split open from a brain-fart
these are all such great opinions and could be very possible. we may infact NEVER know any of these possiblities...infact...we may never even learn to grasp it or even comprehend anything of this subject. we have a ways to go, but im sure by the time we advance to this step..we might not even be exsisting on this planet or even on these levels of dimensions. For all we million years from now...this race and planet could be nothing. and for all we know, we could be living in another galaxy by then...the possabilities...ARE Endless...

posted on Sep, 25 2006 @ 04:45 AM

Originally posted by Prote
....and they could all be right.

Just a thought.

Prote summed it right...if right means anything, given all the infinite possibilties, right maybe wrong somewhere...

I accept the possibility of alien activity on moon past, present & most definitely future.

What would motivate their presence on the moon is anyones guess. Mining, Observation, Chance....,

Anyhow, its probably a good thing to realize, begin to accept and embrace the moment..

posted on Sep, 25 2006 @ 06:08 AM
I also think its a good possibility that aliens are on the moon.Observation is the most likely reason that comes to mind.I truely believe they have been visting earth for millions of years.As far as them being aggresive,don't you think they could have taken over the earth by now?just a thought.

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