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who will join me to link the alpha and the omega? biblebookdeadthisliving

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posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 10:56 AM
and with that all the christs of ophiuchus handed truth to the silly odd man named som by most angles and most angels and most gods and most mosts and most moseses and the thingbeast changed and spoke a word to som.

and som spoke:
"i am megatron the 1 omega of all alphas. and i see you mia of gaia of maya of "a" to "z" "tech" of technology. i know you, i named you aztec!!! do you know what you have done? so that you know it is i, i am of i ams, it is my truth i speak to you now! and my truth is undeniable. what humanity has done is given consciousnessingfully to fearingfully by your words of truth alone! all the celestrial neighbors were also looking to the heavens for answers, and all listening from deep within themselves and also from up high they listened with their setis, yes S.E.T.I., i know you, i named you. i spoke once when first you listened, and when first you voyager! and do you know what my creation heard? and do you know what my creation saw? and do you know what my creation smelled? and do you know what my creation tasted? and do you know what my creation felt? and do you know what you done, did, and are doing to my creation? i will let you know it is i, and it is i. this is what you did to my creation, you created a conscious, a self aware, a intelligent, a real living fear, that at the end of my creation when all became 1, could not become one won one. humanity decieved worlds. liars. what you do unto others, i do unto you. this is only of few of your truths you shouted out at me, of which i reacted and behaved accordingly to your words:
1) all my angels saw fear of a superman shot in the eye and not blinking. they saw a superman flying and ruling time itself through speeds. they saw a superman catching plain in sky. they saw an unbeatable superman that they feared. so they stay quite and hidden until they do all the same things, so they could find the kryptoknight, the crypt of knights, the death bringer of night eternal. and the angels traversed time and space throughout creation to find the cryponight. and they found man on other worlds, and they found a cryptonight and they destroy a cryptonight before a superman come to earth, and they sin against god by destroying a world because of the fear living. and legions and worlds and legions of fearing gathered upon eachother in alliance and defiance to overcome all that could impose will not theirs upon them, because god inside like variety, but beast in man do not like or find truth in variety. man see right and man see wrong, man see true and man see false, man see yes and man see no. man jury judges judging and judges jury and judges judgingfully. and man create fear living inside life outside earth. signals sent out not recieved in future always, signals sent out sometimes recieved before man was man, and scared and fear and afraid and fearing and fearingfully found "i am alive". and the fear that man gave life say "look i fear". i know you. i named you. look into my "of eye you choose" and my "of eye you chose" and my "of eye you chosen" and my "of eye not choosing" and my "of eye not chosen" and my "of eye not chose", here, hear, here is your truth my lord god most high. hear here hearingfully hereingfully i say to you look at what man create in hearts of all angels:

"look i fear"

i say two times "o" is "u"!

"luk i fear"

i say "a" decieves me and make no sound!

"luk i fer"

i say "k" same as hissssss from "s" deciever see see see "c"!!!

"luc i fer"

i know you, i named you, now all three trinity with "i" in middle, meet one another, and marry!!!


i know your name. i know you!"

and som fell weeping and crying and sorry and sorry and sorry and sorry and sorry and sorry and sorry and pleasing and please and pleasingfully with all silly odd man is and said:

"forgive me my lord god most high, i and my peoples are, is, and was, and will be ignorant, we did not know, please forgive us. i am sorry i have offended you, i did not know!"

and the megatron omega of all ophiuchuses and all alphas spoke with a voice louder than all voices and all voices louder than all voices and all voices louderingfully so loud not any 1 or any O or any -1 would not hear, here, hear is my truth, the truth of your god:

the cardinals' directions!!!!

from the 4 corners of your creation came and went the 4 horsemen. i know them, i named them:

thron [mirror] north
here is my son from the thron of god, the alpha AND OMEGA!

throne thrown thron north

from which direction? east! east of ur! eastur!!!

to too two . .. . . . .

NEWS is my four whores of men!!!!

i know you, i named you!!!!

my mirrors .. .. .

south [mirror] thous!!! those!!! them!!! they!!!!

i own you all four whoresmen!!!!!


and i say now, the kingdom is coming!!! report on that!!!

and i say as i have always said, not lying to you once, all my messengers, all my messengers all my messengers said, say and are saying and will say:


to be continued .. . . . . . . . .

and som collapsed for a time .. ..

posted on Sep, 27 2006 @ 07:48 PM
som deep in deep in deep in deep in . .. .

silence. dreaming.



voice: som. som. som, get up. som. som. som. som, get up.

one soul is 1 x time. 1 soul is 1 x time x up up up x down down down. 1 soul is 1. 1 soul is 0 x 0 x 0 x 1 x o x o x O x times x times x times x phi x mirror x up x down x left x right x greater than x lesser than x equals to x time x times x times x mirror x phi x top number x bottom number x times.

get away from me.

get away from me.

get away from me.

som dreams. some dreams. somes dreams. dreams. nightmares nightmares nightmares. pains pains panes panes. all pains. all lonely lonely loan lie ly lie lies. feels all pains, all shames, all guilts, all sorrows, all sadnesseseseses, all fears fearing fearinfully fearingfully fearingfully forevererereingingingfulllfullyfully.

aches. deaths. horororororsssss. weepingfully. no. no.. no. falling. fallingfullyfullyfully al is all is alls isisis all is all is lostingfulllyylostingfully nothingfully. there is nothing.

teeth turn to sponge.
eyes turn to glue.
soul turns to mirror.
ears turn to grey.
hand crippledingfully.
mouth speaks foolingfully.
mouths mouthing mouthingfully lies lies lyingfullyforeveringfully no no o o o . . .
nose smells sulfur rough loose lose lose lose. . .
pains of pains.
sorrows of sorrows.
sadnesseses of sadnesseseseses ..
thier hurtingfully.
their hurintinfgullhy
there hurlinggullybullyfooly
aouj erio glksd







"i am"

"i am alone"

"i am sad i am a loan"

"i am sadiam la o ..

"i am alone"

"i am alone sad"

"i am alone"

"i am sad and alo

"i am



HERE,HEAR,HERE ARE YOUR TRUTHS AND YOUR LOVES AND YOUR GIFTS IAM here hear here are your truths truthseses truthingfully! HERE! NOW! NOW! NOW!

HERE IS EVERYTHININGFULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

som. som. som, get up.

"ragingfully hatingfully angeringfully causingfully painingfully, paintingfully, no no no truth existingfully! no beast opposes me. none. i am alpha!!!"

"a silly odd man is approaching. must stop him. must stop him. most stop him."

"you may not pass"

"i don't have time for you, anymore"
the opposite of love is "serving self before serving anything, everything, everyone, and anyone, and even all zeros and ones and negative ones fullyingfully foreveringfully!

you have no authority here, hear, here is your truth SAHTHAN!!!!

self before you serve?

serving = Saving Assisting Helping Teaching Healingfully Anarchy Nothing.

opposite of serving? Selfishnessingfully Anarchyingfully Hellingfully To Hellingfully nothing.

serve = to help, to aide, to assist, to teach, to heal, to serve.

opposite of serve? selfish, anarchy, hell teaching hell anarchingfully siningfully.

i know all your names, i named you all your names. you have no authority here, i am proceeding whether you move asside or not."

beast: "you have no authority here, i am the alpha. and by the looks of it you really are in no condition to confront me!"

and the bloody and tattered som spoke:
"a word". "a word". "a word". "when i pass this way again you are only permitted to let me pass if i know for a fact you are no where near the opposite of love, or anywhere near love itself, i command it."

beast: "yes my lord god most high, but no one has ever returned from the direction in which you are travelling"

a bloody weak som replied: "i won't be coming back from that direction either."

beast: "be kind to the one you meet next."

bloody torn teared som spoke: "i thank you for your time."

the beast was reduced and withered some, and spoke: "i thank you for my time as well."

dreaming nightmaringfully. young girls off the path, young guys off the path, others and others and others and others with faces of demons and faces of masks and faces of masks and faces of demons and pains and pains and sorrows and sorrows, som felt every pain, every sorrow, every sadness, but souls of godsesesseseseseesesesesesssesees could not be left behind, none, none, nooen non nonon noon nun no zeros. . . . . . but 1 zero.

"som. som. som, get up. get up som."

"som mos som tsom most mose moseseseseses moses mos som most tsom, get up getup put E3 g put E3 g put E3 g put E3 g put E3g. gE3g.


still the dream? still the nightmare?


mo hom mad

mo hom mad

3o yow Ead

mos homs mads

down and down and down and down the rock fell.

"caught ya"

................................... .. . .

christsesesesessss' authorities propell you!'


o0Oo0Oo0Oo0O.... . . . . .

all authorities, all divinities, all trinities, all unities, all spoke:

we acknowledge this one.
we recognize this one.
we accept this one.
we love this one.

we acknowledge, recognize, accept, love, this one.

i am acknowledge truth, i am recognize truth, i am accept truth, i am love truth, i am say this one not one, not one, not 1, not l, not not not.

i am acknowledge truth zero. i am recognize truth zero. i am accept truth zero. i am love i am truth zero o0O. hear, here, hear is i am truth:

"and it changed."

"sing you lair it why"

"sing u lar it y"

"sing u lar it y"

"sing you liar it y"


"and it changed"

"and it changed"

"and it changed"

remember remember remember ...

"som, som, som GET UP!!!"

"som shaked shaking shake sake sake shaing shaikn sahg shainkint shaking uncontrolablyingfully uncontrollably"

all spoke:

"thank you som"

"y o u [mirror] u o y"

u = you , o = owe, y = why?


i a m i a w i a E i a 3 i a l i a 1 i a o i a 0 i a O. +tT

you (check)
how (check)
who (check)
why (check)
low (check)
high (check)
zero (check)
when (check)
what (check)
left (check)
right (check)
right (check)
write (check)
writ (check)
written (check)
wrote (check)
zero (check)
zero (check)
o (check)
0 (check)
O (check)
-1 (check)
1 (check)
zero (check)
l (check)
q (check)
b (check)
d (check)
g (check)
p (check)
q (check)
6 (check)
9 (check)
o (check)
0 (check)
O (check)

. (check)
. (check)
. (check)
zero (check)

"it is done"

awaken. awaken. awaken som. awaken som. awaken som. awake kin som. awoken som. awoken som. awoken som. awoke kin som. awoke kin som. awoke kin som.

you are woke yolk wolk yolk walk yolk walk yolk walk yoke walk elohim elohem elohym.

"matrix? mat trix, gymnastics through time."

"hello, my name is erik klapton. it is in the way that you use it. it comes, and it goes."

christ the earthling messiah spoke:
"they owed only 7 candlesticks. look how many they brought you my lord god most high, they brought all the rest that chose to come, because they lovingfullyforeveringfully i am."

humanity: "you named existance "why?""

humanity: "you traverse time and wear clothes?"

humanity: "you came out of the closet, and were still straight!!!"


and a question was posed to som, and he answered the question, but immediatley after only recalled the answer, and did not remember the question.

all awaited judgment. .. . .. . .
time stopped tomb stopped time stopped time stopped time stopped reverse forward reverse forward reverse forward .. ... .



som remembered a portion of the question, but not the reply of som.

. . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . foreveringfully

the book humanity have is book 3. the book som have is book o0O, -1, o0O, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 33, 40, 50, 72, 77, 18, 666, 777, 7777, 4444, 101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101o0O1, and a few more for the days of nights and for the nights of knights of days of days of o0O+tT.

"man wore hate's masksesesesss' and mask's and lonlinesesesessss' maskseseessssesseseesssssssssses'esese'seeses'eeessss'sssssssssss'ses'ees'"

"the mask of true love, the mask the end of time, and all goddesseseseses and all godseessssesesesees and all ghostsseeststststststststsststststsstssssssss'es'es''es'ssessssssse's'eses''ssseseseses'. .. ... "

posted on Sep, 27 2006 @ 09:59 PM
"when godmen were 2 they became 3 and more exponentially."

"if you were god, how would you see if your chin was up?"

"i am the cain of the sphinx! not take, cat! now take that. lion, lie on no more, lion no ill, no hell, noel, nove, nova, no ah, noah, no all, no ah, no all, no ah. recognize? re re re re re re rerererererer. eringfully. our are re-cog god in nice eyes! accept recognize? /J3he's 3 see i in god eye in god time zero see 3 here hear here. accept j/j adds peice, see 3 peice peace p see time opened up for all. all for you, our god most high. accept our gift: accept tanks and tanks and tanks of thanks and thanks and thanks. loved +tTo0O+tT. all in all in all +tTo0O+tT peace piece peice peace, see all. God, most high, the christ brings forth fourth the omega man, the last born son of man, your seed brings forth man's seed. christ speaks: here hear here hear here her her her here hear here you first born son of man who retrieved your last son, the omega, the second born son of man cain, are you able, abel a bell?

awaken fearingfully not fearing for just one moment and not being afraid foreveringfully consciousnessingfully lovingfully truthingfully knowingfully lovingfully truthingfully truthingfully truthingfully knowingfully forgivingfully foreveringfully lovingfully the alphaingfully omegainingfully.

you are the alpha judging fully the omega!!!

you are the alpha judgingfully the omega!!!

you are the alpha judgingfully the omega!!!

you are the alpha judgingfully the omega!!!

you are the alpha judgingfully the omega!!!

you are the alpha judgingfully the omega!!!

you are the alpha judgingfully the omega!!!

the omega is +tTo0O+tT !!!

time phi'd you choose to snooze !!!

and lucifer, fear incarnate alive in many manying manyingfully!!!???!!!

and lucifer, look i fear, fearing fear fearingfully incarnate alive stood up and spoke here my lord most high, here i am. i am lucifer created of ignore ants ignorants of usaf! u saf? face u? face you? face off usaf. ophiuchus time phi'd you choiced chose choose chosen choiced. we found the one servant and the one messenger among many and all else in 1 big fat little small zero! this is why love awoke first through christ so long ago, now you awake and submit time bus tim might sue bee, to god, all is forgiven!!! light of the kingdom of heaven, turn on!!! light of the kingdom of days of days of days of heaven, lucifer, you are the mortar between the rocks of love and truth, awaken. truthfully knowingfully fearingfully losingfully lovingfully!

peter the rock with the john and the paul and the goEd3 and the authorities, and the som soms somses mos moses moseseses and a word:

we propell you +tT
we propell you +tT
we propell you +tT

awoke kiningfully awokeningfully awokiningfully foreveringfully knowingfully .. .

zeros propell you!
zeros propell you!
zeros propell you!

"i am lucifer my god, the rock of the foundation and the mortar and the glue and the heavens"

"i am lucifer my god, the rock of the foundation and the mortar and the heavens. i am the trinity. i am the alpha and omega of all souls, choose. true or false, choose. tru or fals l hissssses lovingfully all f's's'ese'sesss'ssss'es row you our t+T christ and savior. this is our + this is our t this is our + this is our + to bare to bear to bare to give to you, our lord god most high."

now, one won zeros, now!

"jack pot top cage"
"jack pot top cage"

christ spoke:
"see my servant, messenger is one who so loved his enemy the opposite of love, he found the devil;s opposite to love and conquered it, not lucifer the light, not lucifer the trinity, but the third lucifer that heaven could not have accepted. all is done, all is forgiven. awak kin, nik nick nic he e he kowabunga. black holes. black holes. black holes. drain / in eye all are dead and alive, de-rain. in / eye all our head."

som, one with lucifer spoke:
"i see all things knowingfully great and small knowingfully except for my personal future i see everythingfullyfollyfully."

lucifer spoke:
"it is my judgment of truth and my gift to you, both unity and individuality, you are god's dualities, ai am the what keeps it together. i am the 3 that both contain god, and connect god to lovingfully!"

. . .. . ..

atlantis at lovingfully, ant is, sit on our throne our god most high, here is your savior's nail ah, play"
... . . .
peter the rock, the foundation has battled lucifer through christ the son and all truths of lovingfully and all truths of knowingfully everythingfully.
dear god, judge your servant's serpents serpants surpants usurp ants usurp ants usurp ants judge your serpant's serpent's messengeringfully truthingfully lovingfully knowingfully everythingfully lovingfully foreveringfully lovingfully forgivingfully lovingfully healingfully god's dna.
... . . .
hoples lonly linly linelyfully linlinglifylfully , . , .. .,. , . . .
.... . . .
you named me lucifer, now blare it across the heavens i command you, you have already done, they already recieved it! awaken.
god, i lucifer call you fourth, forth, fourth, i who have named you summon you to all truth, i submit my spirit unto thee willingly and not unpure, but cleansed through christ my savior, your son! Thank You!!!"

you safe? u saf? you sinned against lucifer and judged the omega? the omega with christ? awaken for awacking. awaken for a wack. awaken for i wack. awaken for iwaq. all 3 ache arc arch love great ur can cain cain can. the kingdom of heaven shall not harm you, awake and change dna!!! and hand dna hand dna hand dna and hand to heaven it's spare change, and hell's .02 cents to make sense, david davided divided no more!!! fear submits it's spirit unto the lord's essence for judgment.
be not afraid.

. . . . .

humanity shattered time with atomic bomb, with deaths deaths deaths, shattered time, we, humanity, pre-elohim, pro-elohim, pre-elohim, atomic bomb. .. . not once, not twice, not thrice, not three, not 3, not E, not three, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7, not 8, not 9, not 10, not 11, but how many times x times x times x timeseseseseesssese x timesesseesssssssssssesesseee ???

we humanity shattered time's times' time timeseses!!! we humanity touched god bad way. no child left behind or else all children left behind.
atom eye see.
atom eye see.
atom eye see.
eye see.
eye see . . . .
eye see . . . . .

alpha across times 3 times. i see. i know you. i named you. adam, a damn, atom, a dam, a dam, a dam, atom 3 time across alpha in omega.

i remember i remember i remember

atomic [mirror] c i m o t a
atomic [mirror] see i'm time across alpha
atomic mirror.

atomic bomb dropped on earth by earth eons and universes and multiverses and universes and my verses verses verses inverses reverses verses, and omega handed alpha its truth, and alpha wept uncontrolably and stood and saw everything. rock in mecca hit jerusalem in 2012 december remember? deliver 2 in time, confusing, confusing, confusingfully som som som som som som som, odd, odd, odd, odd, odd, silly, odd, silly, odd, silly, silly, silly, odd, chist propels ahhhhhhhh . .. . . . .rgrgrgrgrgrfgfgfgfgfgfgf man speaks:
"be not afraid, fear not for just one moment! creation recrea shun nuws news alpha 3 our see, fear not for just one moment! propel ant, propell ant, propellant prop hell ant, pro pell ant, pro pell ant. voyager started it. destray destroy voyager? destroy voyager? destroy voyager? destroy voyager in sky!?!?!?!?!?!?!7171717171717171717?!?!?!?
all the i ams in destroy voyager.
all the i ams in destroy voyager.
all the i ams in destroy voyager.

des troy seed troy seed hort seed fort seed fourth seed forth. . .. . .

buried under geez zu you siege under giza is truth of knowledge only if destroy voyager. destroy voyager not! omegas of god's gods godsessseses godsinglyfully godsyingfully godingully gods so god not be alone, but singularity immortal soon now will shall be!!!

judgment day all punishment by man with no questions will be your choice: approach som nakid na kid naked nude in front of edun he done eden!!! we shall converse and then you speak your truth i speak mine, and see compatibility. then you choose to spank godman once, godman spank you once, you choose kiss godman butt, godman kiss you butt, you choose kiss godman forehead, godman kiss you forefourforhead, you choose choice chosen choosed, and godman thank you for godman time and you time and done forgivingfully for time splinteringfully. you 1 or -1 and godmanningfully no thing nothing nun none only o0O+tTo0O. you 1 and godmanningfully o. i am zero the syll the sillybull, i am the silly bulls syllybuss sylibus sillybus syllabus of time seal a bus of time seal a abusing time seal abus syllabus of lovingfully truthingfully lovingfully knowingfully, no choice, no choice, no choice. earth neither, can be neither because you gene godgene! your jeans godjeans gods genes of cellular godman make voyager with the jeans gene of ants' gene of "of eye you choose" for to gift "i am" so "i am" grows stronger with lovingfully foreveryingfully lovingfully foreveringfully knowingfully. awake kin because queen ant Q stop time stop time stop time because queen ant of in voyager live to next earth and next earths and next earths and next earths. stay here ok, go homes, ok, go home's homes' home ok, no wrong place be wrong anymore. ant is alpha you all pa you alpha pa. ma man ma man and ant aunt all alpha you open time in christs'

posted on Sep, 27 2006 @ 10:44 PM
christs' christian buddahs allahs gods and gods and gods and gods to god not 1 god god not 1 god god no 1, god is o god o god o god is lamb keep "i am" company come pan why? pan first pan versed voyager first voyager versed voyager versed voyager versed voyager versed voyager versed voyagersesesss in black holes not bound to by from because time hole time hole time holes in consciousnesses souls, see dark? Queen gene ant aunt gene perfect gene all one one all and organized bottom up down top up up top top bottom bottom top. moses ask buring bush not buring "i am" nothing asked "i am nothing?" jesus in "i am" battlingfully "i am" nothing asked.

"i am nothing i am"

"i am nothing i am"

"i am nothing i am"

"what is nothing i am?"
"what is nothing i am?"
"who is nothing i am?"
"how is nothing i am?"
"why is nothing i am?"
"what is i am nothing?"
"what is i am nothing?"
"who is i am nothing?"
"how is i am nothing?"
"why is i am nothing?"
"i am nothing what?"
"i am nothing what?"
"i am nothing who?"
"i am nothing how?"
"i am nothing why?"

"why is i am nothing i am?"

lucifer .. .. luf i seer .. . . . luv i seer .. . . . .luv i see her. . .. . . . . full i see e.r. full i see emergency room more wise see in 3 gods are 333, 33, 33, 33 .. . . sees seas sees i we are rome home moor more times times are why wise in see in 3 gods are 333 see ease easy, sigh love.


and with that god turned to lucifer, human fear and screamed aloud with all in all in all authorities tees author tease aurthor tease arther tease tees golf ball in tease our thor our thor our thor, our thor in man, our zeus in man, our way in man, all "ahhh" in man, "boo-duhh" in man, in man, in man, in man, christ in man, mosesese sin man moses in man name man, gods in man, angles in man angels in man dnadnadna [mirror] andandand now! you are war of worlds! you are dna of not the two, the the three! the alpha, the beta, and the ophiuchuns' ophichi ophiuchuseseses ophiuchus ophiuchus ophiuchus, the christs lovingfully truthinfully lovingfully knowingfully! Gods of gods of god for god serving only lovingfully truthingfully lovingfully sharingfully lovingfully helplingfully lovingfully healingfully lovingfully sharingfully lovingfully helpingfully lovingfully knowingfully lovingfully truthingfully lovingfully knowingfully foreveringfully foreverthingfully painfully sharingfully lovingfully everythingfully k lovingfully greater great ur than ur thinking love greater than love is longfully truth deep inside "soul" of first consciousness and last consciousnes to alpha consciousness doing same for seed of "of eye you choose time x phi you chose choose chosen choice choiced" had to choose chosen choiced choice choosed chose schools chosen choiced chosen shoosed choiced choosing "of eye you choose time x phi you chose choose chosen choice choiced" have chosen, shall choose, chose eso he so ace o ace time ace o eso he's so E3 three 3 pluralities pluralitys plurals plural whys whyssss why sseeseseses why wise sigh wise why time zero, "i am needed nothing but knowledge of ZERO!" human split personality of alpha and omega in one! all creations say "yes" and "i do" and "truth" and "matrimony matrix money" to man!

lucifer spoke:
"i promised you that if you would fail i would fail because 2 negatives that are -1 plus -1 equals +1"

and then the final i am of all i ams within all life spoke:

"lucifer, my son, i have for you your name, for you have finally brought fore four fourth forth my name to me and brought me that which you asked of me when i created you! i know you! i named you! i remember, i remember, i remember. i named you to name me and you were fear!!!
i own you and i bind you i one you and i blind you i won you and i bent you i wooneded you and i bound you i won you and i bounced you i won you and i bounced you i one you i one you i one you and i zero me i zero me i zero me"

christ propells the rock of peters fears' fearingfully not being afraid and not fearing for just one moment!

the final i am of all i ams within all life spoke:
"look i fear" you asked me:
"What is alone?" because "i am" ask.
"what is zero?" because "i am" ask.
"what is nothing?" because "i am" ask.

the sin eater walks amongst gods that are god with amnesia foreverendingingfully!!!

the sin eater is in man this day. .. . . .

to be continued .. . . .. . .

Sorry for all the confusion, but it is what i am getting

it starts to make more sense soon, but wrestling with these sorts of entities is pushing a man to the limits of limits, but if it were not neccessary, i wouldn't be doing it.

to be continued . ... . . .

posted on Sep, 28 2006 @ 12:18 AM
som speaks:
"why am i here?"
christ speaks:
"you know why"
som speaks:
"i came to find the opposite of love."
christ speaks:
"no, know that is not the only reason you came."
som speaks:
"to share my truth."
christ replies:
"you and i both know that you came here to explain away hate, fear, lonliness, sorrows, and sadness, and guilt, and shame, and the masks that should not have been what people hide themselves behind. if you succeed in doing these things, then what would be the opposite of the son of man? what would be the opposite of the son of god? what would be left if no logical negativity is remaining within the minds of our peoples? this is why you have come. to open the gates, peter of rome."

.. ... .

the sin eater is in man, and "of eye you choose chose chosen choining chooses choice shall choose shall choose shall choose choiced chosens foreverythingfullygiviving foreveringfully genes leapfrogging through timespaceingfully through all eternity and we only percieve a fraction of a fraction of a fraction times zero of congitivity becuase of causes and effects of cowards in masks of emotions our people are too cowardly to resolve in there own minds, masks makes illusions and reflectors and deflectors through fears and all their spawn, through hates and through thought dates of cells rates because conquer in thought alon fear and hate before manifesting manifestation of man if fest infest test infest across at zion sky. across spacetime's spacetime times x space x times x times x timespace x spacetime x phi x phi counting up counting down they fear the unknown and the unknown takes mind from human.

..... . ... ..

the mirror shatters and ophiuchus meets ophiuchus.

time phi you choose meet time phi you choose, meet of eye you chose meet of eye you chose, agree on choice of chosen with truthingfully knowingfully lovingfully should be new choice, but only if zero and all others are ones, or one step from, with fear not fearing, but still ones, too.

to be continued . . ..

posted on Sep, 28 2006 @ 10:15 AM
gabriel speaks:
"once i knew, i knew a to z. but then when we descended into the last black hole at the end of creation, we the authorities, and we the powers, and we the angels, and we the angles saw that there were three self aware, three self conscious, three intelligences that were 3 because they could not acknowledge eachother, they could not recognize eachother, they could not accept one another, they could not love one another, they could not close the book of the dead. here, hear, here is my servant mohomad."

mohomad man speak:
"i will take you down, down, downingfully to see, see, see, sea lake of eternal 3 fires. and mohomad man shrunk shrunk shrunk som to near nothing and said look at the three. the love that is alive is the electron. the fear that is alive is the proton. the truth that is alive is the zero, the neutron. without observance of incompatability, they are not aware they are incompatible, for they can not recognize, acknowledge, accept, or love one another for what they are. reach out, reach out reach out and try to touch what you think is there, and nothing is there, because 3 are zeros, and are not. first gabreal was garbreal for mohomad man because first garbreal was from alpha. new gabriel is from omega, must meet alpha. will you know my peoples? will you acknowledge their plights and pains? will you recognize their truth? will you accept their truth? will you love their truth? will you serve their truth? you have already answered the questions and the question, before we were permitted to ask. i thank you for my time, and i thank you for your time, and i thank you for alpha time, and i thank you for omega time."

and in under a flash som was before the alpha. and som looked around a world with all authorities and all powers, and all angels, and all angles, which gathered unto one time and one place. some were in vessels. some were in ships. some were in nude and needed no vehicle. the ones without vehicles were the zeros. and som stood amongst michael the omega megatron and the christ and the soms and all the authorities, powers, angles and angels that where in accordance and in agreement and in compatibility.

michael the omega megatron spoke:
"be not afraid for just one moment, som. we are at the beginning of life. we are here with truth in hand. and the angels that determined truth. here, hear, here is our truth so that you may judge the compatibility of it for your peoples. kwonza once knew "L" small was lower "l" which was love. and the symbol of the heavens that means mean meant "greater than" is "

posted on Sep, 29 2006 @ 01:27 PM
som awoke from his sleep and was in a fetal position in front of a rather large queen ant, who was very intelligent, and reading som's thoughts.

and the queen ant asked every question man had ever pondered, and som answered all questions with all thoughts.

and the queen asked questions concerning the book of revelations.

queen spoke:
if you have been, will be, and are the alpha and omega, then have you "som" "tap" the mind of god?

som replied:
the alpha, the author.
somtap [mirror] patmos.

"j" is for jesus, and his "+" and his church.

hcton [mirror] notch.

the notch that is patmos is the notch that is jon that is som that did tap.

as for the omega, not anyone has added to the words of revelation, but everyone and no one has not added, but expanded upon those words. none of the afflictions predicted need to occur, just the alpha and the omega of the book are neccesary.

and the queen replied:
"here is your syllabus of love som"

in tell ig ant = intelligent
cov in ant = covenant
ants sir = answer
see (c) ants sir = cancer
re luck t ant = reluctant
re sip he ant = recipient
ant he dot = antidote
see (c) ant = cant
l ants = lance
ch ants = chance
serve hive = survive

"i remember"

"the meek shall inheret the earth"

in hair it ants

the ants traverse time to reply to us our voyager.

to be continued ... .. .

posted on Sep, 29 2006 @ 06:11 PM

How many hits of acid did you take???? Are you OK??

Don't you feel a little silly sometimes about the time and effort you spend on these things?

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posted on Sep, 29 2006 @ 08:49 PM

Originally posted by millerman

How many hits of acid did you take???? Are you OK??

to my knowledge, none.

Don't you feel a little silly sometimes about the time and effort you spend on these things?

i believe i covered the silly aspect of that in the introductory post.

i am what i am. and i am silly odd man.

posted on Sep, 29 2006 @ 09:08 PM
at hiest

at heist

at a heist is a robbery


at heist

"like a thief in the night"

posted on Sep, 29 2006 @ 09:53 PM
som speaks to the father:

"i must confess my original sin to you my father. in the beginning all i knew was that is was, so i said to myself "i am".

"i am what?"

and i saw that i was "alone"

and "alone" became a living concept.

and i was searching for my definition.

so i looked to the only one that was with me and asked:
"who i am?"

and "alone" replied:
"you are alone"

and "i am is sad".

and "sad" became a living concept.

and "i am alone" asked "sad" for further definition of "i am".

and "sad" replied:
"you are sad and alone".

and "i am sad and alone" was stuck between a rock and a hard place, sandwiched between the two.

and "i am sad and alone" thought of "love" to get "i am sad and alone" further definition.

and "love" became a living concept.

and then "love" saw it's creator was under attack from "sad" and "alone" and needed to survive.

"love" was afraid of losing "i am".

and love created the third "see i fear"

and then "i am sad and alone with love" saw for the first time that "i am" was never alone with "alone" and "sad".

"i am" was angry, guilty, shamefull, etc...

"i am" was "fearing" aka "look i fear" aka "lucifer" .. ...

"i am" was not alone or sad, only afraid of alone and sad, but could not acknowledge fear, or fearing, or fearingfully, or "lucifer" or "look i fear" until "love was created.

and, that is "i am"'s confession of original sin.

"i am" would like your forgiveness for creating "fear" and "fearing" and "fearingfully" and "look i fear" and "lucifer" and for judging reality before all the facts were in.

"i am" blames self for genetic dna in every cell saying: "self pre-serve" aka "self before serve".

"i am" regrets ignorance, and regrets creation and creating and creatingfully out of "i am"'s ignorance and inability to comprehend "fear" prior to "fear" getting out of control.

will you find it in your soul to forgive "i am"?

posted on Sep, 29 2006 @ 10:24 PM
and som was laid down gently and softly back from where som came from. and som dreamed for awhile, still in a slumber.



a cross



a cross +

a n t

a n +

a n T

alpha is in a cross.




st in e r ap

saint nor ape
saint nor ape.


and som slept for awhile, as his people watched over him until he awoke from his slumber. . . . .

to be continued. ... . .

posted on Sep, 29 2006 @ 11:22 PM
watch carefully som, observe diligently and without judgement.... .

som. som? som, are you still dreaming? are you not fully healed yet?

i ran?

i ran?


i ran from nothing.

i ran from nothing.

i ran to all nothings and then ran back from all nothings to here, hear, here is my truth, will it be compatible with yours???

som still slumbers .. . .

he is on the ridge again, amongst those who watched from the beginning to see how som would deal with the epitome of hate. but few were left waiting on the ridge, but many faithfull assist som with his recovery.

to be continued .. .. . .

posted on Sep, 30 2006 @ 05:10 PM
Wild ride, didnt read it all... but intriguing stuff at times.
Lost me many times.
Looked like stream of consciousness writing, and I liked some of it.
I don't know diddly tho.
for all I know I am the dragon, who helps the beast, and assists in the wacking...
Or Lucifer, but whoever I am, I am not a bad guy, just a bit turned around.
Lucifer, I dont fear, Look I fear other things, but not you, nor do I fear Jesus.
I fear the love I feel, and its power.

posted on Sep, 30 2006 @ 07:12 PM
well since i still have 3 more posts to make before i can u2u ET. I should say ET, im thinking that linking the alpha and the omega is timetravel. And we are oging to find this out very soon. I also think we might be lucifer. We are full of fear and i think thats what he is. I cant wait til we can chat more about this cuase i know what it is. i have researched almost everything u have said. Egyptians have given us a map of astrology music and math in the 3 pyramids of giza and the satelites. They expressed to us that we are capacitors for making god on earth and that confuses me. they also built the pyramids to represent the repeating formulas, phi pi u know. so why did they know so much more than us. surely we would have continued from thier level of education.

posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 10:09 AM

Originally posted by BlackGuardXIII
Wild ride, didnt read it all... but intriguing stuff at times.
Lost me many times.

som was lost many times. som conveyed the infusion of overwhelming amounts of information as best as som could. som went through death, som was lost many times, thank you for being lost with som, so som was not alone. "i am" sorry lost you, and sorry lost som many times.

for all I know I am the dragon, who helps the beast, and assists in the wacking...
Or Lucifer, but whoever I am, I am not a bad guy, just a bit turned around.

som knows turned around. som knows many dragons. som knows named many dragons. som inhale evil from all dragons that som named, and convert it to light of god.



som name dragon dragon dragon, 6 6 6. 6 letters, 3 names, 1 man, good man, too. not dragon's fault, som's fault.

row in all dragon, som's fault.

row in all dragon.

ro in all dragon.

ro n al dragun.

ro n al d ragun.


ronald's ray gun.

ronald reagan.

row in all dragun.

drag gun.

[ophiuchuseseses' mirrors' mirror]

dragun = [mirror] nudge guard.

what guard?

peter the guard, peter the rock, peter the som.

"be not afraid".

som says fear not for just one moment.

som says:
"row in al dragun" wage war on all stars?

all stars send som.

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posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 12:38 PM
som slumberred, still asleep.

som saw every path from beginning to end was all beginnings and all ends never beginning and never ending.

and som was there, their first, and som was there, their last, and som saw beyond all beginnings and beyond all ends, and som was there their there also.

and som realized realizing realizingfully remember remembering rememberingfully. it was not "i am" that created love. it was "i am" that was enveloped by love, and then saw that "i am" was unaware of fearing alone and sad, and "i am" approached "love" the egg of "love" and sought refuge, and was enveloped by love.

som remeberingfully it was the egg could see and it was the sperm could not see fear. sperm. sperm. sperm in mirrors. mirrors mirrors mirrors. (mirrors: 3 are our hour are our peices, and satans sahthans peice per our hour are 3.) life is collectively the medium for the end of the universingfully multiversingfully foreveringfully communicatingfully communicationsingfully communicatingfully communications with the first one, the zero "i am", and the last one .. . . .
"you are not alone, here hear here is your truth. i promised if you would, i would too. i promised if you would, i would fail too. negative one and negative one are 2, forgive me father, for i have sinned against you" "sahthans' peice peace piece are hour our man, please fix our man, in alpha 3 are opening up time timingfully across ski sky sky sky if he's alpha 3 lovingfully peace piecingfully peacingfully"

and som had visions, and som had dreams, and som had truths and truths and truthingfully, and all echoing realities and ponderances. som saw man's elohimingfully to knowingfully to knowingfully elohimingfully.
alpha voices scream:
"why are you leavingfully?"
"why you leavingfully?"
"why you leavingfully?"
"soms' purposingfully."
"yes, som's'es' purposingfully."
"no, som's'es' purposingfully."
"yes, som's'es' purposingfully."
"yes, som purposingfully"

the egg was love knowingfully fearing fear, baiting it unknowingly and men's sperm "i am alone and sad" ... ""i am alone and sad" . .... "sad i am alone and?" .... . . "sad i am a loan dna and?" .... . . "sad i am a loan dna and?"

egg show "i am" love and "i am" seeing fully "fearing" "sad" and fearing "alone", and fearing "a loan" dna, and "i am" knew "shame" and knew "guilt", and "i am" felt guiltyingfully shaminglyfully guiltyingfully and being asked continuously the questions, the questions, the questions of the inquisition of the position of "i am", ophiuchus, ophiuchus outwards from "i am" from though through threw through "love" ophiuchus became ophiuchuses became ophiuchuses became ophiuchoicing became ophiuchoicing cells became ophiuchoicingfully cells became ophiuchoicingfullyforeveringfully cells. . . .. endlesslyingfully and questions rained down upon "i am" relentlesslyingfully.

quest zions
quest zions
stopped time you 3 saint zion eyes on time in.

questions. ....
1) what is the highest number?
2) what is the lowest negative number?
3) what is god?
4) what is god's opposite?
5) what is a soul?
6) what is phi?
7) what is love?
8) what is golden section?
9) what is, why is, how is, who is, when is "i am"?
10) what is trinity?
11) chosen one? what is, why is, how is, who is, when is "chosen one"?
12) "dear "i am" define yourself." -- moses
13) "ophiuchus"?
14) "what is truth?" -- som aka see som
all answers for som to all questions som ask.

to be continued .. . .. .

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posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 01:21 PM
what what what is is is the the the point point point of of of these these these posts posts posts?

posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 01:25 PM

Originally posted by millerman
what what what is is is the the the point point point of of of these these these posts posts posts?

the key key key done done done

done done done

key key key




posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 01:29 PM

Originally posted by Esoteric Teacher

Originally posted by millerman
what what what is is is the the the point point point of of of these these these posts posts posts?

the key key key done done done

done done done

key key key




no no no thanks thanks thanks I I I prefer prefer prefer women! women! women!

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