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who will join me to link the alpha and the omega? biblebookdeadthisliving

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posted on Nov, 14 2006 @ 09:21 PM
it would seem many can only traverse one direction in time, save those who can get by that which looped times. nice rule. unfortunatley or fortunatley one of the next presidents or so sent this one back in time so she/he thought. sorry. i came from the other direction and refused to come home until all could, and in under above through terms that i don't have to traverse time again in order to know i have. cool, huh?

a voice, beautiful singing echos, loud silent whispers:
"SON, 10 REAP"

som speaks:
"what? where!"

10 = dec = ced
reap = rep = per
son = nos/nose/knows

ced per nos?
seed per noise?
"maybe true"


ced per nose
per ced nose
perced nose!
peirced nose = 1 truth is: "SON, 10 REAP!"

"yes som, that is one truth."

a near take?
a ner tak ?

A NER TAK [mirror] KAT REN A


cat try in alpha, sphinx.

sphinx = plurals phi in x marks the spot, tipped across and conquered death.

nameless one speaks:
"som is what som does
som is, shall be, and was
som is what som does

som is more or less all absolution
som is the all knowing the solution
som undermines the cold fusion
som is hero even to the prostitution
som is som is som the o conclusion
som is less abstinate than absolution
soms' som is soms', and the tuition

tuition = two eye shun
two i shun, & 2 that see sea saw shun!!!
"four" ............."


Boss speaks:
"i would love to be in a classroom with you."
you ought tie two more sail see sea can, eye'd, bought, fueled, boo, do eye?
see mud all u.v. (light) to be in ace lays row home wit (smarts):
"ache, why you owe?"
"ache, why you owe?"


som speaks:
to the epitomes of all those outside the truth, we say now: " if you kill us you do not ever exist. if we change our focus off of the paths of hate and what it create before too late, the lying masks eyes dialate and we ate. they need not exist for we have knowledge of all their truths and the truth of theirs, and all the truth of them."

posted on Nov, 15 2006 @ 06:06 AM

som sat down and proceeded to explain what love was as best as som could and spoke these words:
"love is the greatest thing as far as i can tell, given all i know. it is eternally acknowleging, eternally recognizing, eternally accepting of everything that is flawed, it is forever sharing, it is forever healing, it is forever sheltering, it is forever protecting, it is forever teaching, it is forever aiding, it is forever servicing everything and everyone in one way or another, and it is eternally for everyone to share with whomever they choose to do so with." and the silly odd man spent a very long time explaining to "fear" what "love" is and how "som" had come to know it through people and religions and all of it he had ever heard. and finally som stated his truth: "i honestly thought you were the opposite of love, because i knew it was not hate or any other masks "fear" wears to hide itself. but everything i know tells me you speak honestly to me now your truth, my dearest fear. fear not for a moment and join me to go and share our truths with "love" to see if love would know it's opposite, for surely love would know what the opposite of love is and would have already identified it's opponent throughout existance. fear, don't you think so as well?

you my friend som, have asked the eternal question...
the cycle, era, pios
the essence of knowledge
the essence of our soul
the tree of knowledge
the tree of love
what is love?
what was love?
what is this thing?

I, som didnt know love at all
until it had gone
then I, som looked for love
but, I didnt know what I was looking for
is it this
or is it that
loving experiences
defining love
love had to be defined
but it takes two
to identify
what love is, was and always will be
but love grows
it is more than yesterday
and it will be more tommorrow
I, som held in my hand
for the first time, love
I, som looked at it
and didnt know what it was
I, looked and looked

all soms' looked and looked too
and they decided
in the void
let us soms' discover, uncover love....

and love laughed
and laughed
because love knew
what love was

posted on Nov, 15 2006 @ 09:36 AM
laughing is smiling out loud...

you know?

You just have to smile so big you laugh? It's pure joy, I guess. I have had many people think I am laughing AT something...I am just smiling AS big as I can without bursting (or making my face freeze) LOL. *like Jack Nicholson on the Batman move as the Joker ! EGAD!*

Remember Sarah laughed when they angels of the LORD said she would have a baby at the age of 99. But then I feel certain she laughed every time she laid eyes on her precious Isaac! She truly was delighted in him, I seem to remember, to the point that he made her filled with joy just on sight. It is hard to blame her for feeling Hagar was such a threat to her happiness - there was jealousy and that jealousy could break Sarah's heart if it took away her reason to smile out loud.

That jealousy was not because of Isaac - it was because of Sarah's happiness....Hagar didn't know how to be happy with her son like Sarah was (even though she loved Ishmael - she had him because she was basically ordered to, as part of her servitude of Sarah! Ishmael was to be Sarah's in lieu of her own child (as was the custom of the day)...instead Hagar got a child - got put out of the camp basically as an unwed mother - and so it is isn't really any wonder today that certain sibling rivalries have become so bitter they cause suicide bombings and wars of vicious vanities and even planes being flown into buildings!

Whose fault is it? Not Abraham's - he wanted Ishmael to have what Isaac was going to receive. Not Sarah's - she didn't realize her happiness could cause a little boy to hate her own baby - nor did she cause her handmaiden to despise her because she was a surrogate to her - that is a something Hagar built up in her mind somehow - maybe a love for Abraham because of their union - maybe a feeling that she should be not a servant but a mistress like Sarah (and would become more favored for her youth and fertility) - maybe just a feeling of being an Egyptian far away from Egypt - not even among people who knew her religion or upbringing - or appreciated her dark beauty. Sarah was said to be one of the most beautiful Hebrew women ever - but I can't imagine that Hagar was anything less that beautiful, herself - in the way of Cleopatra....but no one appreciated her, it would seem.

So her bitterness has caused some major strife among the human race. (her bitterness at what? God's plan? Upon which Sarah could not wait and Abraham consented to the women's scheming (even though he knew God would do what he said - perhaps his natural male inclinations caused him to not consider possible later repercussions? At Sarah for not keeping her position as surrogate to Sarah's child - thus being ensured a place of relative honor in a respected and wealthy household? Her ruined chances to have a normal family since she'd already done it the way of a slave or bond servant - who could she marry but another servant, poor and with little hope for prosperity?)

Hagar brought up her son to believe a certain way about what went in Abraham's camp up until Isaac was born. Isaac didn't know life except as an only child - doted on by his mother and heir to his father - what did he learn about his half brother Ishmael? Did he even ever know that there were hurts to be mended before they became deep gaping wounds such as endless wars are made of?

Esau was bitter and surely his bitterness added to whatever might have been perceived in Ishmael's peoples by the time he went to live on 'that' side...Esau wanted to kill Jacob for loving that which Esau lightly esteemed--his wasn't that he set out to trick him out of it - Esau was just so hungry that he didn't care about tomorrow - just his belly right then - Jacob wanted the legacy of God's covenant more than he wanted to hunt or to eat or even to please his father by being like Esau was. Jacob was just himself - but he was the one God chose to name Israel - and to keep his name alive for thousands of years.

God surely didn't turn his back on Esau and Ishmael (Edom) but they didn't go out of their way to do what God wanted - they weren't always kind to their kin and they even were driven out of their red rock/sandstone fortress in Petra - a place of advantage that had no rival in those days - but still they had their 12 dukes and the whole Arabian desert became their territory - even today those who claim they are descendants of Isaac never did drive out the Canaanites out of certain of their allotted portions over between the Jordan and the Mediterranean sea - it was theirs on the condition that they drove out the inhabitants - but they never did - not even after the declaration after WWII and the massacres and midnight raids where the current residents (who had been there for so long they didn't realize they didn't own the land they farmed upon) were taken out, whole families at a time (this is true, folks, I knew a man who was half Jewish and half Palestinian and who had been a very small child when these thing took place - funny how today he doesn't believe in God, any God - even though he is a mystic without a doubt God knows why he doesn't believe - it isn't his fault that he got the wrong impression by those with agendas regarding the land between the Jordan and the sea...

And now there is the belief that those who had lived there along while Israel was scattered for the purpose of something only God understood at the time - that they should be run out and their temple (to the SAME GOD, mind you, ALLAH is not any different than any other God especially of Abraham - where did Ishmael and Esau learn of God?) The same place Jews and Christians did! - If you remember the promise the Angel of the LORD gave Hagar regarding her son becoming a great nation (and truly he did - the dukes of Edom) and Hagar's gratitude - then surely you might consider that the God who heard Hagar cry for her boy's life and who made water come up in the sand - promising a nation for her son which came to be - you can believe that same God is the very same one which they are so loyal to today!
But they got their revelation and their Holy Book third - long after Christ came and they did what they could to honor Allah and if Abraham's rock was deserted, then surely they thought to honor it with a gold topped dome and pray to Allah 5 times every day! Wherever they are - they don't need a wall or a pew to pray upon - they just fact the center of their faith.

And the Jews want to oust them (and the christians back them up thinking this will somehow bring Jesus back like Mighty Mouse to save the day) and build their third temple which the christians (if they had any sense about these things) would try instead to teach one another and maybe the Jews might finally learn that a we ARE the third temple - each of us is a part of it - it is not to be built with wood or stone but with flesh - built by God not men - and built the world over so that there is no more certain holy spot except where we gather together in God's name....

AND BESIDES all THAT - Solomon's temple was NEVER in Jerusalem, anyway! Herod's temple was built upon I don't know what but it certainly wasn't the ruins of Solomon's great compound which included his palace, his wifes palace, all the stables for his horses and don't forget the hidden water place that went down to a spring that was accessible only from within the walls of the compound - if there had been such a place in Jerusalem (the one that the Jebusites had built which David discovered) was somehow accessible from outside the walls - the Romans used this against them in the siege- but no one realized Megiddo was the place where Solomon had built a house for the LORD - Jerusalem was never the choice anyway - it was built by the Jebusites and David used it only until after the warring was completed - he didn't built a city for himself nor did he dirty the future temple with the bloodshed of his fights. Megiddo had been the place of many many battles - but they had been battles won and lost long before Israel was going to become a place to house God's presence - for all we know it was the many layers of ruins underneath Solomon's buildings that kept it up off the bloody ground - Megiddo was the primest piece of real estate in those days - the finest - and Mt Carmel was the most fruitful mountain and its hillsides were full of the choicest olive trees - this was the mount of Olives in truth - and the plain of Jezreel was the fertile valley that was Y'sreal - the most fertile in the land....

Megiddo is the place God gathers His people because this is the place were so many died and lived - it is now not polluted with the blood of violence (over time no more wars were fought there) but Jerusalem is full of violence and bloodshed and fighting over the same God by three different religions who each think the other is somehow not as favored by God as they are - Herod's temple was not God's temple - praying to that wall (with might even be Constantine's wall for that matter) is not any better than just praying toward Megiddo - or Sinai - or Nebo - God has had many holy Mountains - Carmel is consecrated and has been pristine since Elijah sacrificed the prophets of Baal....there is no more beautiful place in the Holy Land but Mount Carmel...

And there is place here in the US that God has consecrated even for us here who want to honor the Most High God of Abraham (whether we be christian, jewish, muslim, or Hopi or Navajo or even Lakota or pagan or even wiccan, or like me, just a hopeless junkie for God)

We are fighting over things that do not matter and the bottom line is that the only way to peace in the middle east and to make friends with these people who have had it so much less fortunate than we have over here - and who no doubt perceive us as callous and uncaring about their lack and our overabundance (and continued greed)...its time to make peace.

posted on Nov, 18 2006 @ 04:47 PM
hush now child. please, knot a sound.
see, sea the twelve stopped the round.
can you recognize what has been found?
thirteenth of the round upon hollowed ground.
hush now children, knot a single sound.
knowing true things spawn, it is unbound.
hush now child, take a moment 2 look around.
truth of word from the top of the final mound.

som stands and stood in rank with angelic faces.
som has done and did battle in the darkest places
through, knot around, deception to truth traces
the web of truthingfully knots knots and laces
covens of covens arks 2 arcs and of the cases.
som stands and stood in rank with angelic faces.
som has done and does battle in the darkest places.

quit this hour is hush of rush of the time
simplistic meek do seek the magick chime
and truth words of truth multiple rhyme
brimstone atone and fires know the crime
holy of hollies is dwelling within the sublime
follow the laws to a "t", 2 within 2 aid the climb

look within. gaze unto your own eyes.
thought alone, shared and to realize
them unto them can be their prize
effort of efforts superceeding 2 "tries".
word of truth identifies all coming lies.
truth is truth, of which only you compromise.
finding seeking and relieving the subltle cries.

to demonstrate and show what one you know
or to choose to reap what it is you may sow
to challenge the current stream and the flow
to knvite the knowing those from head to toe
to accept two know the truth of all the foe
to show you love to give away what you know
to have experience of hottest hell & virgin snow
to revere rememberance and pack and stow
to supply freely and to show what we should know.

to move aside your pride that lies, 2 stand down
amognst within and around you is the zero crown
we are present, to and frow within your one town
more or less than wild ferrils, not a joke, a clown.

an ultimate leap of faith taken into epitome
an excorcism of utmost search of infinity
casting out the chaos of inflicting callamity

why permited other to force you to shun
your choiced truest loves and obsession
and your true motivation driving passion?

they are we, we are the servant serving slave
they are us, us are we, we are the conclave
them are they are us are we in the order 2 save
as per fault as fault, it is our road we did pave
the choir of angenlics feed naval and all nave
knowing the depth of that cave, 2 rebuke deprave.

rhymes for reversed
times of the versed
crimes the perversed
chimes of the cursed
dimes dropped traversed

to center seen tear trade world 2 trades tower?
traitors/traders to center trade world? count flower!
two world traders center? authorization of power?
or unto your own fear you shall choose 2 cower
did you believe honey and milk would sour?
perhaps we need to respect the covenant this hour?
send the called "come" som the dwelling of our!
dispose close lied, accuser, deceiver, clean and scour!

if when how why your opinions bind you dome
what could you opinions block the way home
protocol legend myth lore, som gow chome?
polished pristine glow beyond shiny chrome

what walks upon ocean, waves, and seas?
who strolls upon air, wind, and even breeze?
how is this thing in possession of the keys?
whan was the value measured, tllied, the fees?
why hidden in rhyme lies truth, you say please?
does this one zero aim to help or just to tease?
perhaps the answers do rely upon your knees?
whispers of wisdoms' truths echo from even trees?

som archer, target, arrow and bow
som more or less all, except the foe
curiousity arrises when & if one says "so".
do you hate or fear what it is you want 2 know?

we opted to light from within the brightest flame
we rovided you the means & tools to reach tame
balance of truth verses truth shall be all the same
and beyond comprehension from whence som came
it demands anonymous, says no thanks to the fame
spends more time assisting to heal, and help the lame
found within them som sees no guilt, nor knows shame.

what questioning inquires dear flock?
why concerned with mysteries of clock?
how do you fear the tick tick of tock?
do you choose to pre-occupy think of lock?

free of fear for 1 moment, or even a while
then you would know what it is to smile
fear of judgment or hating the trial
ignoring incapable of seeing denial?
som answered call, you all choiced to dial
som saw the line, they stood in single file?
som stated to wait or to follow, som has style
som has profile, concerned traversed all mile
to seek absolution for who choiced to de-file?

less than lesser this one is the least
curious who would why fear the beast?
along the ways it consumed truth, a feast
gave all freely, lesser less som is the least.

ache ache owe?
som thinks: "NO"
H2O, plural flow
walls walls, slow
out from the glow
thief here stole show

on the hunt some on prowl
word of truth is not ever foul
four givin is co-hen pow well

to reveal all many may offend and be seen as sin
do you really need to know where truth has been
you are som, for we are all of the hybrid true kin
there is no measurable seperation, skin is skin
bet us the hair on our chinny chin chin

how much truth can your brain churn?
how much do you allow yourself 2 learn?
how hot is your flaming desires, know burn?

more than the water, ship, sectant, or sail
within the word, i speak now of the grail
both the leader and follower, but never tail
knowing the future and past, archetect of trail

all else you choiced to judge and evaluate
never attempting to examine or justify hate
try that kin, truth of yours is not ever late
you choose you, then you destiny and fate
on my pole, upon this hook, this is the bate
here hear here and eye eye there it is mate
balanced and true love true too, just a date
know thy house, your truth, your vision trait

som stood the ground in the shadow valley
som dared to faired and drew the true talley
knowing knowledge of souls' darkest alley
stretched out from rising sun west to cali

godlike enlighted as all the bodi
the rock has geode, even go dee

light upon light verses light upon light
referencing reverencing sing of plight
responded inquiries to obverse a fight
observant of the law, succumbed sight
knowing order rite, right, and to write
light upon light verses light upon light
truthfully pen to paper & ink that might
divert the last setting of the final night
fear not, for the truth doesn't use fright

who did you expect to respond,
if not the gaurdians of the pond?
did you knot this one to be fond?

who choiced two offends or abuses your three
who draws my attention by offending also me
who offends or abuses me also does unto thee
thirteenth with two on soil, foil foul that epitome
summon the truth question answer of holy sea

what and why are you taking from the ice?
at what point does it be "that will suffice"?
inviting the gentile, informed knot of price?
who's choice chosens two to the 1 entice?

this is not the hour, so do not hesitate or pause
this is not the minute, but it is by far the cause
som vs. som to face cerebus and it's big paws
som vs. som to face hell dog's sharpened claws
in hand is word truth and all the truest of laws
in hand not only last, but all first of the straws

for your truth to not be my truth, a formula?

upon back, stomach, supine or prone
even thoughts sound of a sound, tone
do you think you believe you're alone?
unseen angels are mean, in the zone
upon back, stomach, supine, or prone
you are unique valued stone, not a clone
all that was grimmly reaped shall be sown

you are not a number, royal, wild, or card ace
none bound unto a deck, and yet you have a face
how when where what does why whence a place?

to know you own karma, your chi
this is the way, door, lock and key
into a kingdom now, yet it will be

actions, deeds, feeds behavioral disturbing stink?
time for som's word pen to paper make som ink!

rumors and whispers, gossip of wolves in our field?
send forth som now, the soms' and the holy shield!
what is jailed, who is the cause of the said a sealed?
som disputes bad thoughts of i am, it shall yield
share, give, serve, teah, help, aid, how som healed.

wee what you've seen if see you have saw
walk only one inches in the all of som's paw
experience the sharp blade truth word claw
confrontation so you judge, find the one flaw
thirteenth walks, and amidst the light of law

now. humble, humble, and humble
lest we all stumble stumble stumble
we intend we do not crumble crumble
lest we all 2 stumble stumble stumble
a hint clue piece 2 evaluate: humble
lest we drop our blue ball, and fumble
she speaks up & we will hear her rumble
will we choose to climb only to tumble?

a radiant spectrum tour persona
a relevent perception of nirvana

som is four less that the more tore a cosign
knot of som, his, hers, yours, or even mine
says som thing of third and of the hole trine

cheers cheers cheers, and then say a toast
cheers jeers cheers, toast, and then a boast
jeers cheers jeers, toast, boast, coast 2 coast
som thing has met the one both holy ghost
certainly less lesser and least, knot the most
som thing has had will of the one known host

men, our foot in your ass may as of yet come to pass
if you men fail miserably to show respect for the lass
femine and mask you'll ant, if you leave this class

if one has attained and befriended the ability
then doesn't one have the responsibility
to serve the reef entirety the whole sea
to oppose ensures a certain epiphany

an etherial mist canyon clouds, with no form
truth as an emotion, an overwhelming storm

posted on Nov, 18 2006 @ 05:26 PM
walking into the garden as plants and trees part, and even the fern
passions are focussed, emotions and purpose times love's eternal burn
not to poison by opinion teaching, however 2 ultimatley will truly learn
every stride a reason, breathing study and exceptionally fully to stern
love of truth demanding truth, fearlessingfully, disregard for concern

yes, it is true no one being alone can be god's equal
however, one may approach right to swallow the pill
and to inquire of the truth, what is it's reasoning will
if not fearing truth, do you think it's wrong even still
when drinking of the cup of truth, can one have a fill
when you are zero, why say pause, stop or "wait until"?

who can tempt with a wriggling prance
the one who orchid stray devise dance
who can tempt som by a mere chance
of da fin, g in blood pants of the france
the bleeding wound inherits the 1 lance
what say you 2 truths, state your stance
curious is som of your true hapenstance
can compliant give unto the compliance
a day for the utterance of word reliance

choose truth or heck's hex
or is this choice too complex?
truth of word stood to flex

"promised if you would we would, too!
negative one and negative one are two.
but another into the mix you threw!

you threw another into the our and your mix
the one we speak of had much bigger stix
problem verses problem it must itself do fix
not mere magick, not illusional nor of tricks
thank som one? no thanks, thanks to crucifix
throw your fits, whatever, it was not four kicks
choice of chosens your choices and your picks
to find the center of sucker and how many licks
in and of time comes in kins skins of time nicks

perhaps if you need, follow my thought pattern 4 a while
perhaps if you need, explain how & why it cramps your style?

are we the cure or are we the curse?
are we the four better or four worse?
that is for all the others two decide
but someday soon we no longer hide
soon som thing called :"the pride".
taken in stride, many seem to step aside.
if not the truth, hten you'll know if we lied.
we are here to aide those who have cried.
we are not orientated to either or any side.

hay be us corpses
habius corpus.
sued rocks sued day supper owes time sees you (*ebay) ebs, ay. ache alpha's "why b.s. corp u.s.?"
hay, be us core p.s.

is som an echo of the last post script?
is som the one p.s. prince of last crypt?
from the holy grail has this som sipped?
or is it a crazy man who's mind has flipped?
balances of scales, but scales balances tipped?

gingerbread man?
perhaps the clan?
perhaps the plan?

posted on Nov, 18 2006 @ 05:41 PM
they ask me:
"What makes you think what you say is the truth, and not your opinion?"

my response is:
"what is the process that results in the opinions one has formed? if you can answer this question, it will permit me to answer your question. However, ironically, if you had the answer to this question, you would not need to ask me your question."

posted on Nov, 19 2006 @ 11:29 AM
sing oh som
no moss grow's on a rolling stone= e not(e)s G n I ll or A no s' W or Gs som on
som knows something some shares with soms everywhere's
feed more now=won e-room deef/deaf?
some som's can hear here now not deaf, "pride" fellows fallow now...
continue serve no/know self, ones and not ones present and accounted 4...
a count ed, not a loan, or on lone, som C's sign's now and wonders
where som goes next. Forward, 4WORD, ever see's (C's) onward now...
I think it's contagious.........
Always go right/write, see red, stop!!!

posted on Nov, 19 2006 @ 02:35 PM

Another remembers the ancient tongue - the language code - the words of the WORD speak to the WOMB.

Silly Bulls
A golden calf
Thru time som pulls
ALL - not part - not half!

I realized something today:
the infinity symbol (a figure eight lying on its side)
is a circle
which is also path
in which there is a 'place of crossing'

like male and female merge 2 unite
good and evil become just GOD in U
light and dark merge to grey rainbow matter
love loves hate with heart cross lines
and all soms' truth tie the knot of time!

12 habiru cross the red (bloody) sea to sin
then crossing the jordan they return again
bringing also safe and sound
that one that stayed but now is found
13 now crossing on 12 stones
the great salt sea gives up its bones

posted on Nov, 20 2006 @ 05:37 AM
"She, the one whiteness of the earth,
For whom the ardent valley grows
A flame, an odour, and the rose
Finds in the world but wisdom worth
The trouble of the soul's repose."

"When thou are I, and I am thou,
Time is no more...Beloved, come
Into the garden dim with spice;
Let us forget that we are wise,
And wisdom, though it be the sum
Of all but love, is love's disguise."

(Arthur Symons)

posted on Nov, 20 2006 @ 02:24 PM
What is an opinion based upon?:

Language's subliminal influence. Words influencing actions and behaviors, unknowingly? Curse of the Tower of Babel?:'

posted on Nov, 20 2006 @ 02:27 PM

Originally posted by holidaystar1

I think it's contagious.........

Thanks for joining us!

i hope you find what is contagious is also your truth, and that it most certainly is positive.

i thank you for your presence here! and your words contributed are welcome here always.

we are linked via our minds, and yet we still have individualism. yes, we are one, and yes, we are many.

thank you.

posted on Nov, 20 2006 @ 09:18 PM
one that said it was one of the angels of death spoke:
"who are you?"

som spoke:
"one that initially thought it was an alpha called me Silly Odd Man, and as an acronym called me "som", so i am som."

one that said it was one of the angels of death spoke:
"what are you?"

som spoke:
" "

one that said it was one of the angels of death spoke:
"what are you?"

som spoke:
" "

one that said it was one of the angels of death spoke:
"what are you?"

som spoke:
" "

one that said it was one of the angels of death spoke:
"what are you?"

som spoke:
" "

they spoke in unison and spoke:
"we have asked you 4 times, and you dare to not reply?"

som spoke:
"i replied accordingly. i am nothing that can exist. i am nothing that can exist. i am nothing that can exist. i can exist, and yet i am nothing."

they spoke in unison and spoke:
"then nothing is all you can keep.
the "O" is your just reward.
the "0" is your just reward.
the "o" is your just reward.

tell us "som":
what comes after the "s" of pluralities?
what comes after the "s" hissss of the snake?
what comes after the "s"?"

som replied:
"the "t" of truth"

one that said it was one of the angels of death spoke:
"then replace the "s" with the "t" for just one moment."

they spoke in unison and spoke:
"tell us "tom", what comes before the "m" of man?"

som replied:
"the "L" of love."

one that said it was one of the angels of death spoke:
then replace the "m" with the "L" for just one moment."

they spoke in unison and spoke:
"here, hear, here is our mirror "toL", look into it:
toL [mirror] Lot
yes, som. you are also a Lot."

som conversed with deaths, and with death, and with the epitome of deaths.

RA Fail, Ra fell, a moon, a mun, a moon ray, amunra . ..

Ra fail Ra fell a mun ra?

Rafael Amun-ra?

In the realm are abusers and accusers who shall play and toil
and from the guard dean and garden another upon earthly soil
who's aim is deceptions, and their words did unto man's foil
or into the lake of fire and the everlasting furnace of the boil
and all shall observe and take note of the serpant's last re-coil
in the realm of the abusers and accusers who chose 2 lie & toil
see now, the kingdom is living 2 feet upon hollowed dirty soil
the truth, the word, brings fourth annointed and the holy oil

from those holes between both cheek
do yours even know what you speak
yes truth, but twisted sound you leak
knot to mighty, but four yours 1 meek
if chosen that it is truth yours do seek
follow this 1, it shows more than a peek
baptized of element, sea, lake, river, creek
presenter of wisdoms from lowest valley, & highest peak.

B L E S S E D !!!!

b l e s s e d [mirror] b e s s e l d ..... BE SEALED!

be selled
be sold
be sealed

be seld [mirror] blesed

a curse hidden in a blessing?

things were said . ......
things exchanged.. .... . .
things ...........................................................................................
more things ............................................................................... ...

som had words with things.
som had words for things.
som had only words.
som spoke a word.


why why why, you ask why?
it is: the price was too high!
it is: too many had to die!
it is: all souls left only cry!
and you ask: why why why?
it is: time we had to tie tie tie!
it is: or else all buy by by by!
and this is elohim sin that start lie!
sorry four our sin your sin, and "try"!

then 2 survaillence
then 2 ambulance *because "T" and "C" are interchangable through Christ and "+".
perhaps ants are the ur's chance church of ants is a chance?

are you truly honest enough to admit
your earth is a planet that will not quit
until our races pieces are a perfect fit
then all of us upon the throne we'll sit
the day comes, when all candles are lit
realities divided, together we shall knit

dear humans,
look and see how we extend our will upon others?
not to help, but to control our sisters and brothers!

unufid feld theore
he wrote belief die, fun you you u.n., enough fight "f" i.d. feel fell lid, the ore (or eye?)

som thing is coming, som thing soon
listen to the music, listen 2 the tune
by light of candle, sunlight or moon
som thing is coming, com thing soon

listen now you, you there! HARK!
yes you, hiding there in the dark
som thing has many more clues
so why you think war that ensues?
think for many by thinking for fews?
think truth is to abuse all our jews?
a better path it is wise 4 you 2 choose!
love truth, not fear or hate, they lose!
here is more clues, if you fear war ensues:
do you think you are alone down there?
to afraid of faith & hope, seems no 1 care?
to afraid to faith hope, so you knot dare?
so afraid of fear the tear that all is not fair?
then perhaps you're thinking about the lair?

S.U.V. of ants?
s u v ants?

suvants are Sports Utillity Vehicles of ants.

sporte utilite vehikul
look lucky heve e.t. till light you e.t. ropes. down he you love > you will of ants.

suv ants = suvants.

you must journey inward in your own mind.
convert cells that are takers of wills of others.
convert cells that are givers and pushers of will.
share information truth to cells that are just watchers and observers.
if all three of those become compatible, then you find the fourth door, even less, and even more, bargain knowledge wisdom store and many many times more score, all mysteries myths, and lore.

posted on Nov, 20 2006 @ 09:56 PM
"thank you for sharing this journey your know
i see your things, i do respond, i have will & go
not to take, but to teach aid, help, and to show
so those found worthy will also have their glow
and never again bear witness to any more foe"

ra fael amun
pen e.t. ant
pen a tent
penatent angel.
pen ate ant angel?

unto a thought that is more or less me
follow a path pattern and you shall see
what was is shall knot it to knot will be
sayeth the whole entire hole holy a sea
here is som, and som is soms', som key
som has eaten fruit of all burdens & tree
truth is truth, som two too to som degree
truth is truth, som two too to som decree
a freedom from deluge in all, all are free
som is the price is nothing, there is no fee
haste hear unto a thought that is som's me

if you have your heart, your mind, and your spine
then come forth and cross, for this is called the line
of which i speak now is yours also, but is not mine
there will be no penalty for you, nor even the fine
you will just unchoke the tree, remove your vine
you saw this coming, you noticed and saw the sign
from the three, all four door from the three a trine
a choice was chosen, our sins that yours did assign

Open says i am thee
Open says knot a me
Open says knot a three
Open says i am thee

Why did wide did som send out mind?
to save you, him, and all soms' kind
sent out to heavens for truth to find
to open eyes and heal all their blind
wide eyed did wide a som send mind.

out of thing into the realm of others and such
comes a echoing myth, legend, lore and much
far even less and more than anchor or a crutch
from a realm of som and others and the such

posted on Nov, 22 2006 @ 01:20 AM

Babylonian astrology was based on the belief that the entire universe was created in relation to the earth. Thus the ancients saw it as no accident that the stars and planets were set in a certain divine order at the time of creation.

A tragedy
tragic end
the first
the last
love era
GOD's justice
'tilt' soil
My LAST mend....
BLESS hurt
fortunate blessings
'rite' exhalted
Holy Ghost
live breath core
aches two, to, too
fix core
heart attack
Earth rest
Earth's heart continue
GOD dies
the suffrage call
Son inherits
sacrifices much
the Holy Trinity
One in the Same
The Father
The Son
The Holy Ghost

The Son to become a Father
Last Earth dust
last souls at Omega
for the new
Ezekiel wheel

Revelation 19 :7

"Marriage of the Lamb"

Revelation 21 : 7

"He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his GOD, and he shall be my Son"

posted on Nov, 22 2006 @ 03:10 AM

I like that.

I really like how everyone seems to be having the same topic for thought on the same day!!!

Have you noticed?

posted on Nov, 22 2006 @ 04:24 AM
Esoteric Teacher and others, do you believe in a beginning and end? Or do you believe in negative Infinity to positive Infinity?

posted on Nov, 22 2006 @ 04:37 AM
Some news (well it WAS news in September

Artwork Said to Be Done by Hitler Sold

Source: AP (9-26-06)

LOSTWITHIEL, England (AP) -- Watercolors and sketches attributed to Adolf Hitler sold for twice their estimated price at an auction Tuesday -- but the sale in a tranquil English town was interrupted by a noisy protest by two self-styled ''comedy terrorists.''

The works, reputed to have been created by Hitler as he served in the German military during World War I, sold for $220,000 after security staff removed the gatecrashers -- one of whom dressed as the Nazi leader and shouted ''Third Reich'' after making a mock bid.

A second protester, Aaron Barschak, previously gained notoriety by dressing up as Osama bin Laden and crashing Prince William's 21st birthday party in 2003.

The protest exposed sensitivities over the sale of Hitler's artwork in Lostwithiel, a sleepy tourist town in Cornwall, a county in southwestern England.

And it seems, also, that dear Adolf rewrote the 10 commandments according to his personal convictions...writing them out in hand in his own bible and then he published a KJV from which he had scoured all Jewish references (and literally all Hebrew words starting with a 'J' - which really, I applaud - because there WAS NO 'J' in Canaan!

The scoured Nazi canon was reduced to around 750 pages from 800!

Here is the law of El Elyon, according to Adolf the Austrian Artist:

"Honour God and believe in him wholeheartedly.
Seek out the peace of God.
Avoid all hypocrisy.
Holy is your health and life!
Holy is your wellbeing and honour!
Holy is your truth and fidelity!
Honour your father and mother –
your children are your aid and your example.
Keep the blood pure and your honour holy!
Maintain and multiply the heritage of your forefathers.
Always be ready to help and to forgive.
Honour your Fuehrer and master!
Joyously serve the people with work and sacrifice.
That is what God wants from us!"

Comes out to be 13 commandments....I guess there are 3 extra for the third reich?


And in what fashion will men deem it good
That God's mercy extends and forgives Hitler?
For first must that be well understood
Before the truth is told of holy saboteur

Dark dread fear
The final year
Fire brand sear
Shed no tear
Eve my dear
Please come near
Waiting here

As the blue poison takes its hold
Laying yet another stone
In streets paved gold
That we give all to own
Rest and wait, stone so cold
Flesh to flesh, bone to bone

....fading now my tired flower.....
......please don't forget
......the meeting place.....
....more than that...
please recall....
think of my face....
and please remember th.....

posted on Nov, 22 2006 @ 09:37 AM

Originally posted by GreatTech
Esoteric Teacher and others, do you believe in a beginning and end? Or do you believe in negative Infinity to positive Infinity?

I believe what it is we believe is that the beginning and end are not seperate entities. they are 2 entities that are one in the same throughout time's beginning and end. But, the 2 entities needed a third entity to witness and observe the two joining unto 1. then the third entity that wished to join the first and second that had joined needed a fourth to bear witness to the third joining what the first and second had become, and so on.

posted on Nov, 22 2006 @ 04:02 PM
The end = the beginning = the end = the on and on and on and on...

Which means there is no true death -only life and passage from one sort to another and to and fro
away we go
up and down
the ladder of Jacob....

If there is no death then there should be no fear! And if so then no reason to fear
God's two darkest angels!


Common Misconceptions About the Day of the Dead Celebrations
by May Herz

  • It is not the Mexican version of Halloween. Mexicans have celebrated the Day of the Dead since the year 1800 B.C.

  • It is not scary or morbid. There are no images of dead people, ghosts, witches, or the devil.

  • It is not a cult. This ritual has nothing to do with cults. It is a Catholic Christian ritual intermixed with folk culture. Going to mass is an essential aspect of this celebration.

  • It doesn’t honor death, but our dead relatives. We welcome the opportunity to reflect upon our lives, our heritage, our ancestors and the meaning and purpose of our own existence.

  • Altars or ofrendas are not for worshiping but for offering our love and remembering our departed family members.

  • It is not a sad ritual. It’s a day of happiness because we will be remembering our loved ones. Although when in the graveyard, people assume an introspective attitude.

  • It is about Love not Fear.

  • It is not a “strange” ritual. It is very similar to going to a grave and leaving flowers or stuffed animals, lighting a candle to remember the deceased.

  • It is not a careless or fearless confrontation of death. It is a moment to reflect upon one’s life and the cycle of life and death.

WHAT did she say? What was THAT??!?!?

It is about Love not Fear.


It is about Love not Fear.

What's that you say? You hit a deer?


It is about Love not Fear.

Get it? Got it?


I knew you would...

posted on Nov, 22 2006 @ 04:09 PM

Originally posted by Esoteric Teacher

Originally posted by GreatTech
Esoteric Teacher and others, do you believe in a beginning and end? Or do you believe in negative Infinity to positive Infinity?

I believe what it is we believe is that the beginning and end are not seperate entities. they are 2 entities that are one in the same throughout time's beginning and end. But, the 2 entities needed a third entity to witness and observe the two joining unto 1. then the third entity that wished to join the first and second that had joined needed a fourth to bear witness to the third joining what the first and second had become, and so on.

I believe I actually commented on that exact principle... (needing a third witness) in this thread.. 1+1 is sometimes 3

it was a good thread.. imo.. heres an excerpt(sp?) from my post.

So with two apples..... one perfect apple with worm holes, and one imperfect apple that has a diseased peel, or is small or malformed..
You would then as an observer deduce that apples vary, but your ideal apple would be one that is perfect with no worm holes that is not diseased or malformed..
in other words.. you would reduce it to the self-serving or percievably positive reality... So when there are any two things that are 'different' there will always be the most positive equation/formulation to go along with it.
Which is funny because Jesus said, whenever two come together in my name there I will be with them... humorous to me atleast.

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