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Mainstream US media reporter...and viet cong spy many more?

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posted on Sep, 23 2006 @ 09:43 PM
The guy apparantly worked for Reuters and Time during the Vietnam war and was also a Viet Cong spy.

In the history of wartime espionage, few were as successful as An. He straddled two worlds for most of the 15-year war in Indochina as an undercover communist agent while also working as a journalist, first for Reuters news service and later for 10 years as Time magazine's chief Vietnamese reporter -- a role that gave him access to military bases and background briefings.

One would be naive to think this same situation could not currently exist. With the markedly anti-American slant of many of our mainstream media outlets, one can only wonder not IF they have been infiltrated, but to what extent.

More and more the media thumbs it's nose at the law. They have perverted the "freedom of the press" clause into an isidious excuse for media anarchy. More and more flat out false stories and doctored information are reported and put forth as fact (memo-gate, doctored Lebanon photos etc.). and with current technology it is scary to think the quality of the fabrications that could be. What have we not caught?

It's time to be vigilant folks, and trust no one.

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