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nwn2 toolset pre-order fiasco..

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posted on Sep, 23 2006 @ 06:08 PM
As an avid Neverwinter player,and module designer,imagine my glee as i read about those pre order toolset offers.
Now,offset that with the absolute horror,when,finding a destributor here in australia and pre ordering my nwn2delux( my prescious......),only to find out later,that they had no idea what a toolset was,and no,they wouldnt be supporting the keys for the pre-order toolset download.

It was only after much searching on the net that i found out that the toolset codes would only be released through two...reading it right? yes,TWO destributing companies world wide.......what about the others that preordered through other shops? Nada buddies!

I still cant find to this day whether they will release the toolset to the unwashed masses on game release,or what............Did they drop the ball on this one? or.....Is it a conspiracy to put the release dates further back to xmas....the sweetest marketing plum of all?

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