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If You Could Model The World, What Would It Look Like?

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posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 07:05 PM
Ok, well I started thinking about how I think the world should be,
and I thought it'd be interesting to see what other people think the
world should be like.

So, describe how the world would be if you were to model it.

If I did, well it'd be a much better place.
I'm chossing to use bullet form to show how it'd be.

-One World government based on Truth, Freedom, Justice and Democracy.
-No poverty or hunger.
-Complete transparency of government.
-Government of, for and by the people.
-Scientific progression at an unheard of rate.
-Full and total rights for every individual.
-Transhumanist practices, E.G. Cybernetic enhancement, genetic engineer-
-Socialist-Capitalist economy.
-Complete seperation of church and state, with violations of said resulting
in prison time.
-An extremely more iontelligent and educated society.
-An interplanetary space program, with colonies in orbit and on the the
moon and Mars.
-The use of clean and renewable energy.
-No war.
-Hunting for sport, or any other reason except survival, woyuld be illegal.
-People could own any weapon short of biological or Nuclear+.
-Huge amounts of laws for corporations, with heavy fines for breaking
the rules.

Those are the basics fpor my version of how the world should/will be.

So, post yours.

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