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1000's of FEMA Trailers Moving Into Southern Indiana

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posted on Sep, 24 2006 @ 11:09 AM
I saw the video of the old Amtrak station in Beech Grove a few years ago..I wondered then, as I do now, how or why is this facility is so easily accessible, to allow the videos to be shot? So much can be seen without getting inside of the gates..and it's apparantley unguarded? The camp located here is inpenetrable..there are areas of the base where the public is allowed, after being tagged with a sensor at the guard house.These areas contain approx 10 local industries that have leased space there..most of the acreage has been designated a fish and wildlife preserve, with no access, due to the unexploded ordinance left behind. The irony here, is that my cousin and her husband purchased the land at JPG south of the firing line, and even they are not allowed access to most areas. They are good, honest, God fearing people,and would NOT condone any nefarious activity taking place all of this has been put into place right in front of them..
I found this when searching for an article I read earlier about the new Ford trucks that FEMA had purchased..among other things the indication is that FEMA is hiring independant contractors to haul the this would account for the question raised as to over half of FEMAS employees being truck also explains the jist of my concerns that these trailers are not going to be used to house citizens..medical quarantine, etc...My fear is that these will be used to house troops, and 'workers"..and not US troops. As far as I know, this base was a munitions testing range, with no housing facilities on grounds. A previous post here mentioned the unlikely possibility that these trailers would be used to house detainees.. I is a link to the site that mentions what I think are the true intentions.. [url=http://]
To sum up this rambling post..this camp has not been set up to house is either a "processing facility" to ship people north to the Beech Grove facility, or it contains a similar gassing facilty to handle the need for temporary housing.
The fact that these trailers have been seen with people in them as they come through the guard gate at night.. makes me think that the "staff", foreigners, are being brought in via the trailers, to minimize suspicion. I do know that it is illegal to have people in a mobile home, etc. as it being transported. As of last night, these trailers are still coming in.
I agree that these camps should be checked out, if at all possible, and questions posed to authorities as to the meaning of all that is being seen. My thoughts are that they are as in the dark about it, as the rest of us.

posted on Sep, 24 2006 @ 01:14 PM

Originally posted by mythatsabigprobe

Originally posted by ben91069
Not much can be made of this really as I don't know the code requirements today and the tanks were probably installed in the early 1980's.

The tank is reportedly new, looks new, and doesn't appear in the google earth images that are usually 2 - 3 years old. At the very least, they installed new pipes and regulators very recently. This facility was shut down remember, the time when they would have used industrial gases is over and in any case, where are the other tanks of gases that would need to be mixed, like acetylene, etc?

I was referring to our tanks we have at my work and the relation of mechanical codes and requirements at that time (1980's).

As for plasma cutting, it isn't necessary or maybe fiscally good to have a large tank of Nitrogen as it is a cryogenic type tank with an inner core (like the ones you see with liquid CO2 behind a fast food restaurant), and they usually keep these inside our building. The same is said for our fuel supply. We use cylinders of propane. I never asked why we don't buy our fuel and store it in bulk like we do Oxygen, but it does mean that they could use other gases in smaller tanks inside. Basically, it probably has a lot to do with the fact that any other gases are mixed into the Oxy in smaller amounts by volume and thus you wouldn't need a bulk tank for them.

posted on Sep, 24 2006 @ 09:12 PM
hmmm. Maybe they let Katrina happen so they could dump a ton of money into FEMA without raising too many questions?

posted on Sep, 25 2006 @ 09:34 AM
fairydusted, can you go there and take pictures of people inside the trailers, or the electrified fences, or the soldiers or the railroad entering the base? Thanks!

posted on Sep, 25 2006 @ 09:48 AM

Originally posted by CAPT PROTON
So would any of this stuff show up on Google Earth?

I know its not updated all the time, but maybe some of this stuff can be seen.

Maybe that inaccessible farm can be seen.

Google earth's images are YEARS old in most cases...

posted on Sep, 25 2006 @ 03:10 PM

Google earth's images are YEARS old in most cases...

Still, we have been hearing about this Amtrak facility for years, so it would be of interest. I have been examining all the lineside structures around Beach Grove and can't find anything that resembles this facility. There is an area that is concealed by a "cloud" but other than that, nothing, so anyone with the co-ordinates, let's see it!

posted on Sep, 25 2006 @ 03:32 PM
And I have been to some of the California sites on this page:

And they are all bs. The pearblossom facility is part of the California Aquaduct system. The "Moat" is the aqueduct itself. Ridiculous. The Glendale facility is also ridiculous. It is a garbage dump. I have been up there myself. Anyone can go there. There is a bunch of trash and a bulldozer. Why would guys with M-16's be guarding garbage! I think this list is garbage.

posted on Sep, 25 2006 @ 07:00 PM
While I have appreciated all the discussions here on ATS since discovering the site, I trend toward being a skeptic on most issues. I consider myself a pragmatist and look for the most likely explanation for each strange or questionable story, theory, conspiracy, etc. I am therefore usually on the debunking side of discussions.

That said...I have to say this issue really bothers me. The government, real or shadow, or NWO or whatever, is obviously making arangements to manage massive numbers of

a) victims, or
b) combatants, or
c) hostiles, or
d) displaced.

Any possible scenario resulting in any of the above causes me great aprehension. This is why I have a 90 day supply of rations and ammunition tucked away both in my home and an "undisclosed location". I suggest everyone else think about doing the same.

posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 04:24 AM
Um, can anyone refute my post? Show me the internment camp in the Burbank garbage dump! Hey, I know, I took a turd at the side of the road on the way to Vegas! That's an internment camp too!

I challenge anyone on this board in Southern California, to go with me to any Southern Califorina facility on the list I just posted, and if I can't provide an absolute explanation that doesn't involve prison camps, NWO, etc., I will not only buy you a beer but give you $1000 in cash. Every one of them is fake.

You can reach me at

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posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 05:29 AM
This must be one of the most frustrating topics on ATS! I have been talking to people about the "concentration camps" for years and everybody told me I was screwy. I have been called an alarmist (which was the nicest comment!) to things that are totally unprintable! Guys, you have to DO something to stop this before it is too late!
I have spoken before on this forum about the fact that US soldiers have been transferred out of the US to fight in other countries as US troops will have a much harder time getting rough with US citizens than foreign troops would! I was told that there were not enough foreign troops in the US to provide adequate security for one base let alone the whole country. Well now, look again! This thing has been in the planning and implementation stage for about 10 years now but nobody wanted to believe it.
Did you know that, when they come to take you away, they come just before dawn as this is when most people are sleeping deepest and therefore offer much less resistance when confronted/handcuffed/whatever. Please, before you and your neighbour get carted off in the middle of the night, DO SOMETHING!!

posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 07:44 AM
LovingSoul... I can understand your concern. However, there is no solid evidence that there is any influx of foreign troops into the US. SO saying that they 'come before dawn to take you away' is alarmist. It hasn't happened. No large number of people people have suddenly gone missing.

For your scenario to happen, local law enforcement (regular citizens, our neighbors and friends) would have to be involved. Why? If people are taken, friends, relatives, co-workers and employers would call the police to report you missing. The police would investigate. Large numbers of disappearances would raise enormous suspicions. As the trend continued the alarm would increase. How long could it proceed before people (including local law enforcement) resisted? And the numbers of foreign troops required to pull this off would be massive (between the actual 'seizure' teams and their requisite support and resupply personnel). It would be a massive undertaking.

Personally, I don't believe it could ever happen by force. The only way I could ever see it happening (for any period of time) is voluntarily. If people were convinced to 'relocate' because of some threat (epidemic, nuclear or chemical contamination) it would be concievable that some portion of people could be made to comply. But even that would last for only so long. There would always be resistance. During the holocaust people had no historic reference to alert them to what was happening. But becasue of the holocaust we do. Some of us more than others.

posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 08:35 AM
jtma508...Apologies for the misunderstanding created by my manic raving!! I'm not suggesting that "they" will fill the camps with people spirited away during the night but I am saying that it is relatively easy for them to stir up a radical amount of patriotism and to get the "ordinary man on the street" to spy on their fellow Americans and hand over anyone who may pose a threat to the country (i.e. anyone deemed unpatriotic by their questioning of the goverment). I believe this sort of thing was used with great success during the time when Hollywood was "overrun with communists" and there was a huge "witch hunt" to weed out the communists in the 1940s. If you whip everyone up into enough of a frenzy, they'll start seeing terrorists living next door and then its only a little step to calling the authorities and reporting your suspicions. Hypothetically speaking, you would then have the authorities come to take away your "terrorist-friendly" neighbours and you'll be thinking "good riddance". Should this happen across the entire country, they would have to build a Guatanamo Bay type facility in the US to put all these "unpatriotic, terrorist sympathisers". If people are told that it is their patriotic duty to report their suspicions (along with the usual propaganda, ra ra America, land of the free, etc), it will have a snowball effect. IMHO. And I don't think that this will happen overnight...they've been putting everything in place for many years now so I don't think they lack patience. However, as was remarked earlier in this thread, the very fact that they are being so brazen about the camps does indicate that the planning and implementation has reached such an advanced stage that there is probably very little that can now be done about it. The only thing that will stand in their way is if people refuse to be brainwashed and continue or start to think for themselves so that they don't get sucked into the propaganda.

posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 09:02 AM
Think back to 9-11. FEMA and a few other emergency management groups were put into place in New York and Washington in the days and weeks before 9-11.

Now, we have FEMA trailers, thousands of them, moving on an old train yard? This after last year when they "couldn't" move quick enough to get to New Orleans? Why do they need to move into southern Indiana and an abandoned train yard of all places? Don't you think that's a little weird?

Military movements. Up here in Michigan, I've seen a few unmarked black helicopters, which I've never seen before outside of my visit to Washington D.C. back in 2000 (that's understandable though). But Michigan? I've also seen military jets. I'm not good at identifying jets so please don't ask what kind. And I'm sure there are no links on it. But I have nothing to gain by making it up.

Detention camps being built now? Why? What is the rush? Ask youself this..why now? Why not five years ago? Why not three years ago? Is it really just coincidence that FEMA trailers, military movements, nuclear subs being dispatched to the Gulf area in the Middle East, and detention facilities (concentration camps basically) are being built..and all this is happening at the same time? Is it really JUST coincidence..honestly..?

I don't think so. All of that ON TOP OF the stories about a nuclear attack imminent. Nuclear attack drills taking place all over the country. Alex Jones going nuts over this after he correctly pointed out a plan to stage a terrorist attack and frame Osama Bin Laden. All of this doesn't include the Pentagon's revised pre-emptive nuclear doctrine, Cheney's Second 9/11 plan to nuke Iran after any terrorist attack whether they are responsible or not, Gen. Tommy Franks a few years back stating that it was very possible that "terrorists" could detonate a nuclear weapon in this country. Let's not forget the stories that there is a member of Al Qaeda in the U.S. and has been for two years, he has nuclear material, the F.B.I. is for WHATEVER REASON not interested in picking him up, these warnings for muslims to leave the country, "Osama's" final message that is scheduled to come very soon, his permission he received to kill TEN MILLION people..


The list goes on and on people..Bird Flu, SARS, Anthrax, West Nile Virus, Mad Cow Disease, E-Coli on spinach for christ's sake..Can you sit there and honestly dis-credit all of these and label them as coincidence? Can you possibly do that with logic and common sense in your head? There is no way you can..

This is getting scary. And I don't get scared often..

Diseases, terrorist attacks, nuclear weapons, concentration camps..ALL OF IT is happening during THIS administration..that's not coincidence at all..

Our country is being turned into a resemblance of Nazi controlled Germany

So here's my prediction:

A nuclear bomb will detonate in a major city, causing panic (clearly). That panic will lead to a surrendering of MANY rights and liberties. Martial Law will be enforced. Any anti-Bush protestors, conspiracy theorists, or suspected terrorists will be jailed, tortured, and probably killed, without trial. Our constitution will crumble. The Patriot Act will gain power. The 22nd Ammendmant will be no more, therefore allowing Bush to steal a third term (fourth? fifth? SIXTH?).

We will bomb Iran with nuclear weapons. We will bomb Syria, with nuclear weapons? I don't know. Pakistan will be a target. Somalia, Sudan, Lybia, Lebanon, Palestine..all of these suspected terror countries. North Korea will proceed with their nuclear program. We will "ignore" them until they strike South Korea or Japan. We will attack them, possibly with nukes. This will open the flood gates. Europe and Australia will fear the "you're either with us or against us" statement of Bush, and join our side. At this point, there is nothing holding China and Russia back. China will use this to take over Taiwan. This will start a war between China and the United States, and of course Russia will be on China's side. Watch Venezuala as well. They may use Cuba to get close to our mainland. Soon, you could have a war on every continent except Antarctica.

Everything will be taken over by the government in the United States. People dying of manufactured diseases, people dying of radiation, people in military and concentration camps, multiple "terrorist" attacks, martial law, no rights, no freedoms, no liberties, no constitution. Bush stays in power. No freedom of speech, which means anybody who would question or create conspiracy theories about the nuclear attack would be jailed and killed. No constitution, and Bush staying in power, means a smooth sail into this North American Union. Canada and Mexico's resources will be taken advantage of. U.S. Military presence will be high in both countries (basically an occupation). After's anybody's guess..

Pay attention to the Illuminati: New World Order trading card game. One of the card's is titled "Terrorist Nuke", that same card has two towers in it, which resemble the twin towers, with one exploding, and it looks EXACTLY the way the second tower did when it got hit. Another card has the Pentagon on fire. Other's mention "Popultaion Reduction", epidemics, "Combined Disasters", "Kill For Peace", "New World Order: World War Three", "Messiah", "Law And Order" which shows a cop type guy beating on a civilian, "Hurricane" (Katrina?) it's also worth mentioning CNN had a story in June 2003 that hurricanes were "predicted" to double..strange huh?, "Tidal Wave" (Tsunami in southeast Asia?), "Earthquake" major earthquakes have occured in Iran and Pakistan..These are just a few before one of the final cards.."Tape Runs Out.."..that's kinda creepy..

This card game was released in 1995 and has accurately predicted many events during this administration..

It's only coincidence it's titled "Illuminati: New World Order" right?

Illuminati: New World Order Card Game

So, my fellow ATS friends, this is starting to heat up. It's all coming together. Watch things very closely. Somebody should make a thread for weird movements or warnings and everybody post there. You can't say that my prediction is crazy..all of this is happening for a's too weird..

World War Three and the New World Order have set in..Keep your eyes open and buckle's about to get really really bad..

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posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 10:15 AM
The Google Earth coordinates for the guard house at the JPG base are 38.49'45.52" and 85.22'56.65". I don't have the high-resolution, but I was able to follow the railway into the base. I know of no way to get into the area of the airport there , where the trailers are parked. I originally reported here, hoping that someone else could confirm what I'm seeing.
For Farkrefugee, I am not doubting what you say you found, or haven't found in California...I CAN however, say that what I have reported IS happening here..I invite you to take a trip to Indiana..check out the Beech Grove facility, as well as JPG..tell us what you find. I am not an alarmist by nature, nor do I wish to sound the alarm bells where none are needed..having said that, I feel that one purpose of this board is to disseminate information..good, bad, and otherwise. I know thats' what kept me coming back..I always hoped to find plausible reasons for what I was seeing here...there are none.
LovingSoul..I'm with you..I'm not sure just exactly how they plan to implement this operation, or what the trigger will be. Initializing martial law is all but a done deal..everything is in place, and it could happen for numerous reasons. My 11 year old daughter came home last week telling me of drills at her middle school, with "Army people"..her words..evacuating the school onto buses..never been done here before. When I asked a teacher friend of mine what the purpose was, she said it was just a drill, in case they needed to evacuate in a, what kind of emergency brings about the need to take the kids off of the school grounds? What justifies school lockdowns, to keep parents away from their children, in the event of an emergency??
Short of somehow destroying the camps, so that they will be forced to start all over..the only solution I see is to report what we see, and maybe some public attention will come to them..they don't seem to like the light of day shining on what they are doing..

posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 11:19 AM
DickBinBush...To comment on your observations in husband is from what they call 'upper Michigan'..near Cadillac. We visited this past Spring, and I was shocked to see the massive amount of land that is Federal seems to border every town. He lived in the town of Irons, which sits right in the middle of a national forest..Federal land surrounds this town, as it does many others. I am surprised that this is the first time you have seen any military activity, or helicoptors..seems most of upper western Michigan is Federal land, and therefore, occupied by possibly UN..From what I could observe..the land was not designated as preserves, parks, or for military reasons ie: bases..they are simply massive amounts of acreage, fenced with tall chainlink, heavily treed on the borders,and not accessable to the public..very easy to conceal things..the helicoptors you've seen are very telling as to who is using the land...

posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 11:24 AM
Is this what we have been talking about? sorry for the quality. I used the coordinates above to locate the Gaurd House.

Click for full size

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posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 11:31 AM

Originally posted by fairydusted
DickBinBush...To comment on your observations in husband is from what they call 'upper Michigan'..near Cadillac. We visited this past Spring, and I was shocked to see the massive amount of land that is Federal seems to border every town. He lived in the town of Irons, which sits right in the middle of a national forest..Federal land surrounds this town, as it does many others. I am surprised that this is the first time you have seen any military activity, or helicoptors..seems most of upper western Michigan is Federal land, and therefore, occupied by possibly UN..From what I could observe..the land was not designated as preserves, parks, or for military reasons ie: bases..they are simply massive amounts of acreage, fenced with tall chainlink, heavily treed on the borders,and not accessable to the public..very easy to conceal things..the helicoptors you've seen are very telling as to who is using the land...

Well, I live in southeast Michigan, about 40 miles north of Detroit, but, thank you for pointing that out, that is very interesting. I don't know for sure if this is strange for this area to see military jets, after all, we aren't that far from the Canadian border, you know how dangerous those Canadians are

Anyway, it's the first time I've seen the jets around here. Like I said, I don't know if it's normal or not, but just pointing out a first time personal observation.

posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 11:52 AM
The proposed "camp" in Beech Grove, Indiana is a hoax. I live in indiana, used to live in Beech Grove. The place is nothing but a Amtrak repair hub. nothing more, nothing less. the hub is pretty active too, repairing 61% of amtraks fleet. a little too busy for covert ops if you ask me

posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 11:59 AM

Originally posted by oubliette
The proposed "camp" in Beech Grove, Indiana is a hoax. I live in indiana, used to live in Beech Grove. The place is nothing but a Amtrak repair hub. nothing more, nothing less. the hub is pretty active too, repairing 61% of amtraks fleet. a little too busy for covert ops if you ask me

Provide proof to dis-credit all of the FEMA trailers, military vehicles, new fences, the entire video that was posted, and give a logical explanation why the story was removed from the IndianapolisStar website, and maybe people will believe you.

posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 12:37 PM
Fark, your unverified observations, off-color remarks and insults add nothing to this post, and only undermine any position you were hoping to advance.

It's clear that the Army Corps of Engineers awarded Halliburton... a $385 million contract to construct detention centers somewhere in the United States, to deal with "an emergency influx of immigrants into the U.S., or to support the rapid development of new programs.


What are "New programs"?! That's pretty scary. Can you get a contract worth almost half a billion dollars and offer part of the reason you need this as developing "New Programs"? What sort of programs do you need military bases set up around the country for? What are these bases for?

Now if fark goes to some dump in California and satisfies his curiosity, then that's great for him. He can forget about all of this, stop researching and consider the case closed. But I would caution anyone concerned to dligently and thoroughly look into these camps, and not to stop until they are absolutely convinced that they are harmless and that there is no veracity at all to claims that they are only there to serve the public good.

I admit that so far a bullet proof case has not been made on either side, but any company once headed by, and now assisted by Vice President Dick Cheney is worth not turning your back on. And everything that is slowly coming to light regarding these facilities has so far been nothing short of disturbing...keep going...

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