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posted on Sep, 21 2007 @ 11:06 AM

I have a few links I thought people on this Jericho thread might be interested in:

ShaunOmac's BlogTalk Radio

Shaun is one of the originator's of the "NUTS" campaign and is very active with CBS and the Jericho cast and crew. He frequently has Jericho cast members and producers/writers on his show. It's at 9pm M-F and has a chat link for interactive talk radio. You can also listen to previous shows thru his site.

CBS's Jericho Chat

And the original Jericho chat, meaning, the first one created on the web is Jeritopia

Also there are a few message boards out there, one is at

Another is

and a third is

There are a few other boards out there as well...they are linked from these boards I've listed. Also Jerichon was last weekend and was a huge success! =) (Jericho's 2007 convention at Oakley, KS)

When I'm not here I'm at one of these...

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