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Space Shuttle Atlantis

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posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 09:31 PM
But since you’re with NASA, I would like to present a few individuals that would be directly related to your organization:

Donna Tietze Hare, ex-NASA Johnson Space Center employee/designer design illustrator, required top secret security clearance to work on high altitude photos of the Earth, and who later came out, claiming ufos were routinely airbrushed from many NASA photos. Why?

She’s on a list here along with Admiral Lord Hill-Norton: Five-Star Admiral, Former Head of the British Ministry of Defense (he’s probably faking it, right? the title’s too long…) and many others. (I personally think that Steven Greer is probably receiving a nice military brain massage for heading this program of subversives against the government’s party line).

How about Gary McKinnon? He’s the hacker that now faces federal charges for hacking into government and military computers - including NASA, and who claims to have found further evidence of ufo coverups in your organization, as well as gov/military organizations. I would include a link, but I already have in a previous post on this thread. He's gonna do hard time.

David Adair, former contract scientific consultant to NASA on UFO
propulsion technology (see Disclosure Project), “in 1971 I saw a lot of people working on these things [at Area 51]. I saw them underground working on all these different craft and back-engineering lots of stuff. I believe there are people that have spent 30 years or more working on these types of projects.”

Neil Armstrong during the Apollo landing, ““They’re here. They are right over there and look at the size of those ships. And, it is obvious they don’t like us being here”.”

Sergeant Karl Wolfe, US Air Force, also part of the (see Disclosure Project)

NASA Research Scientist (Gemini, Apollo, Skylab), Dr. Richard Haines, (see Disclosure Project), “Air Catalogue is a rather extensive library I’ve been collecting for almost 30 years from commercial, private, and test pilots. I have over 3,000 cases....”

Apollo 14 Astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, Ph.D., sixth man to walk on the moon, (see Disclosure Project), “Yes, there have been ET visitations. There have been crashed craft...”

US Air Force, NRO (National Reconnaissance Office), Master Sergeant Dan Morris (see Disclosure Project), “ Secretary of Defense Forestall was the first powerful person that was eliminated because he was going to release information [on UFOs]...”

US Air Force, Lockheed Skunkworks Engineer, Don Phillips (see Disclosure Project), “These UFOs were huge. They would just come to a stop and do a 60 degree, 45 degree, 10 degree turn, and then immediately reverse this action...”

The list goes on. Here are some nice quotes of which we know we can deny the veracity. The people making these claims obviously are not credible, nor do they seem to have any scientific background.

Further member list

Regarding the reality of ET craft visiting Earth, I wonder if it’s at all possible to discount the claims of hundreds of other credible, intelligent, sincere individuals, some of whom have worked for or at NASA, in just a few words.

I don’t mean any personal offense, but you proposition is strange and conspicuously timed.

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posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 09:36 PM
Hey 'Deck, thanx for the links... 'especially the second... ever notice how we don't see stars anymore in NASA footage? Hmmm.

Hmmm upgraded "better" cameras that show LESS than cameras of a decade ago... OK. Want some fun?... check out the late Martyn Stubbs "Space Phenomenon 2" experiments... cosmic "whatzitz" - funny streaks of light... It's in the late Graham Birdsall's - Smoking Gun - The Secret NASA Transmissions - it may be on the web... the "whatzitz" are there everytime I've looked... haven't done STS-115 yet tho' - too many other items of weirdness to sort. LOL.


Victor K.

posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 09:41 PM
Here are a couple of questions that you may or may not be able to answer. I’m asking merely out of curiosity…

1) Why would NASA need to airbrush any photos before public release? Are there pretty, female models in the photos uncomfortable about their weight? Would you be aware if they were? How?

2) Why haven’t we returned to the moon? Couple snapshots; test a couple rocks and we’re out. Was it just to place a flag? No interest in setting up a base, or to attempt a biosphere?

3) What’s on the backside of the moon?

4) Re: Atlantis, How could NASA come to the conclusion that all there was, was simply a trash bag and a small, thin, gumwrapper-sized shim, and some foil present when the object that struck the wing struck with force enough to warrant concern about reentry? (link, link).

5) The debris in question was speculated to have come from the cargo bay, but how could a piece of foil or a plastic shim, moving at the same speed as the shuttle, whip out of the cargo bay and hit the wing hard enough to damage it?

6) If this was a concern, wouldn’t the cargo bay be emptied out of concern that this might happen before takeoff?

6) If the “hits” to the wing were a result of “testing the ship’s flight control system”, then is this the first time this has happened? Is this test not taken into account with regard to this observed effect on the ship’s “hit” reader/sensor (obviously not the technical term)? link

7) Why did NASA become concerned about this debris versus any other “normal” debris that Wayne Hale said followed past shuttles, report about it to the news, videotape and photograph these objects as they flew close to and followed the shuttle in various trajectories (I imagine the shuttle wasn’t spinning in a circle and flying backwards to allow all of this debris to swarm around all sides of the shuttle and flip past it), and then shut off the live feed on the final day of the mission?

7 cont'd) This was an event reported around the world and followed very closely by media far and wide, yet NASA did not feel they needed to run live feed of objects that still had the potential to impact the shuttle – in other words, NASA was flying blind and unconcerned about the behavior of these objects? Why would NASA attract worldwide attention, and then turn off the live feed that people were obviously extremely interested in? Is this protocol for the last day of flights, or just when unknown objects are performing maneuvers around the shuttle? NASA is trying to draw attention to its missions, and after past tragedies, it should be celebtrating its successes(?).

8) When one of the male astronauts says in a nervous and serious tone, "Something just flew past my window. I'm/we're not joking." (and I heard this piece of tape) a viewer advised that the astronaut reported a light outside his window. Can you verify this, or explain what would make one of the astronauts so nervous about something as mundane as debris or "litter" passing the shuttle?

9) Why was so much debris (8-9pcs)floating around the shuttle after it had been sitting at the space station all that time?

9) Is the complete, unedited footage and audio of this mission available to the public?

10) Do you know what a “disinformer” does?

Be careful when you answer, because if you decide to offer refutation on behalf of NASA to specific questions, because I have the benefit of the United States National Archives fifteen minutes away, the Freedom of Information declassified material, and the most horrible arsenal of all, Google, I am able to investigate your answers to a degree that not even NASA has calculated yet...ok, I’m being goofy…thanks for playing…and don’t take this personally…and please stop calling everything ice. It sounds like NASA’s frozen the brains right out of their heads…

posted on Sep, 27 2006 @ 08:55 AM
I have a question for you Space Guy.
What is your opinion on John Lear? He states that (and in a matter of fact way) NASA are all liars and everything we have ever learned about the Sun, Moon and every planet in our solar system is a complete cover up. Humans live on planets such as Neptune and Jupiter and the moon has a strong atmosphere with trees, rivers and towns built there by aliens/humans.

posted on Sep, 27 2006 @ 09:44 AM
Good one Mega'. Wish I'd thought of that. What Mr. Lear says about NASA being sub-ordinate to DoD makes perfect sense to me... must be a crew of "minders" inter-leaved with NASA's "I just work here" civvies... NSA educated manager-minders? Stealth INCO's? Flunky-photo-finishers? Military-mulitiplex mavens? Boffins of BS?

"If you can't blind them with brilliance baffle them with BS" - most reprehensible.

What would a Space Command be for? Commanding Space-borne assets? Nah, couldn't be, as Space' has said and Pavel Vinogradov - "NO ONE CARES". I bet we'll hear that "sound-byte" some more as a mantra/chant of dis-info. Or at least that would appear to be the message sent by this cavalier-cavalry. Oh right, I forgot the world's public IS "no one". LOL. Hmmm, isn't Astronayt Williams NSA-educated - look it up - field-manager? He gets to "hurtle" Earthward in a day or so - let's ask him and see if he goes all "spillkus" or "verklempt" eh?

Beauty Mega', well-done!

Victor K.

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posted on Feb, 2 2007 @ 05:08 AM

Originally posted by V Kaminski
why does most "work" happen while the US public is asleep? Hmmm. Been that way for a long time...

Uhhh, because NASA does their best to make the shuttle and ISS crew days coincide and the ISS crew day. The ISS crew day is based around GMT because the the primary control centers are in Houston and Moscow. GMT is 6 hours off of EST and 9 hours off of PST. That's why.

Jesus people! It's not a conspiracy, it's pragmatic decisions made by really smart people.

posted on Feb, 2 2007 @ 05:21 AM
Well, Space Guy is on posting ban because he's saying what needs to be said and he's saying it from a position of expertise. But since it isn't what people want to hear (affirmation of their ridiculous theories) he gets shut down.

Way to go ATS moderation team. "Deny ignorance" my arse.

posted on Feb, 2 2007 @ 10:04 AM
WTF I just went through this entire thread, why did space guy get banned?

Weve got some immature teenager telling us ridiculous stories then later admitting he was lying, thus wasting everyones time and further reducing ATS member's credibility. People that post stupid stories, drag them on for pages after pages and then either admit they are lying or it becomes blatantly obvious should be banned permanently.

Then we get a guy who works for mission control, posts pics to prove it, and he gets banned because he says hes never witnessed any UFOs. If he wanted to toy with us he could of posted that pic and said that he sees UFOs on a daily basis. This forum would go insane. Everyone would believe him. All the 30yr od virgins, living off this conspiracy stuff, in their parents basement would have an orgasm from the excitement.

But he tells the truth instead and gets banned a result.

ATS credibility has without doubt dropped several notches.

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