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Space Shuttle Atlantis

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posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 06:43 AM

Is it half term time?

posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 06:59 AM
Fantastic, one guy spinning a tale.. and the other.. well I'm unconvinced with the "official line". I've always been a supporter of the "Secret NASA Transmissions" footage with the tether etc and there's been so much going on with this Atlantis mission which also remind me of the Mexican footage. It just seems like there's a concerted effort to just sweep it all under the carpet and get back to Britney and her baby or political machinations and bluster. Bereft of explanation. We're seeing plastic bags and swamp gas.. nothing to see.. sorry folks.

And yet we *know* that is simply not true.

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posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 07:05 AM

Originally posted by RiotComing
Y'know, what I think we have here is a genuine NASA person, brought here to do some routine 'cleaning up' or damage control, as some kid messing with a ham radio stumbled upon something perhaps he shouldn't have. I'd like to hear more from UK Alien Buff - if you're still here, don't let the Space Guy put you off. And Space Guy, even if he's spinning a tale, then where's the harm? We're just a bunch of conspiracy whacko's after all, right? Nobody will take us seriously anyway, which begs the question why someone from NASA would be bothered to even come here. Unless someone (unwittingly) actually *did* stumble across some sensitive details.

LOL, I did tell you that I'd get called a government shill in one of my 1st posts did I not!? If the UFO were actually some sort of alien craft and NASA wanted to keep it mum the dumbest thing they could do is try and talk down the subject - all that does is give it credence.

As for why I'm here? I'm a regular guy like everybody else of course! I'm a manned spaceflight mission controller by day, regular guy by night. One thing I've long sought to do is educate the public about manned spaceflight as it's something I'm very passionate about. I'm trying to do that here. I'm also and engineer by education with strong roots in the sciences. As such I demand that strong claims be backed by strong evidence. But that so rarely, if ever, happens on sites like this and it's a shame.

UK Alien Buff has already admitted he was pulling one over on us. Why did I call him out? Because people will believe it. Like it or not, many on the people of this site will believe any fanciful piece of crap you tell them so long as it is a sexy story about cover ups and conspiracy. That's a problem. Like I said, claims require evidence (and this applies to me too! I'm just not at work today to take the pics).

Back to why I'm here... I got into it with a guy over 9/11 - basically he insisted a missile hit the Pentagon which is bunk. When looking up some sites I came across this one and was thoroughly impressed by the 1st post in the "thread that everyone loves to hate." Good solid post that. But that's a topic for that thread and not this one.

Originally posted by RiotComing
Right.. so you have a scene of literally scores, hundreds of "washers" teaming through space, captured on video. That's about as believable as a "plastic bag" (the weirdest-shaped plastic bag I've ever seen) floating around causing concern, or a triangular formation of "tin foil and plastic".

I just watched it again and you know what, it looks weird, yeah. But I'm no photo expert and I'm not sure you are either. Odds are, the explanation is boring and unsexy and has nothing to do with alien spacecraft. BTW, has anyone put those images before photo/TV experts and gotten an opinion? I'm not sure.

The bag was definitely a bag. Like I said, I watched it all live, no cuts, no delay. Frankly, it was damn sloppy on the part of the astronauts to leave it outside the airlock but to be fair those suits are a real pain to work in.

Let me put it another way. You think that NASA is some super secret closed organization. It's not. It is civilian, not military, and the only people that have secret clearance at NASA are those who deal with trajectory analysis (due to the classified precision of NORADs tracking) and those who work the VERY rare NASA/DoD joint mission. That's a tiny fraction of the NASA workforce and even less than 1% of the people who sit in mission control Houston, Huntsville and in the case of ISS, Moscow and soon to be Japan and Germany too. You're basically expecting hundreds and hundreds of regular, non military people with no secret clearance spread across 5 sites and 4 countries quiet about this? Forget it. It would NEVER happen. Hell, I'd be on the phone to my dad in seconds if I'd witnessed something truly out of the ordinary.

[edit on 22-9-2006 by Space Guy]

posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 07:18 AM
Space Guy, thank you for the response. I guess you understand the frustration out there when we see all these strange things floating around out there somewhat independently. And yes the shill alarm bells ring loudly when a thread like this pops up. In the name of good entertainment, it's what makes ATS fun and keeps us coming here, right. Have a good weekend.

posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 07:54 AM
It's difficult to imagine researching all of the evidence avaliable at your finger tips regarding the subject of ufos proper, which, by the way, does not hang in the balance on the "tether" tapes, or any other NASA footage being disproved.

It seems very irresponsible to come onto a board such as this and insult the people who may be sincere in their efforts. Especially, where there are moutains of credible individuals and evidence that would cause one to pause if they would just look. I agree that there are people who are unstable and dangerous, but like anywhere else on this planet, they are limited in number and are ususally easy to spot.

There are readers/posters here that yes, consider their own government as complicit, or at least negligent and culpable in 9-11. The Scholar for 9/11 Truth area group of supposedly credible "unpatriotic whackos", some of whom include Former director of the US Advanced Space Programs Development, a research scientist in bioengineering at Rice University, journalists and professors, etc. Now this isn't to say these people are explosives or terrorist experts, but they are concerned and obviously educated individuals questioning something they don't feel is in line with the administration's explanation.

I'm sure the companies and universities these people work for don't agree with their positions, or maybe they do, which shows there are a variety of views within the same organization. And I say healthy skepticism is seriously needed these days. And if that skepticism is in regard to something that catastrophic, then people with a sense of morality, ethics and sincere concern are not going to sit back and shrug their shoulders. Despite their possibly unpopular beliefs. It takes courage. And theyre doing it, one would suppose, with sincere intentions, and not for publicity.

If you do work in Mission Control (or did) at NASA, what would compel you to come here and post on an Alien and UFO message board? I would also ask if the individuals in Mission Control are given NASA top secret clearance. Are you aware of such a clearance? How far does your access go? Could you accept the possibility that there are projects going on, or locations held by NASA that you have not seen or heard of because of your clearance level? Is it possible that any classified programs at NASA have a compartmentalized nature?

Our government, space and military organizations have a need-to-know clause for, I couldn't say obvious, but for their own reasons. For you to suggest that you believe, despite seeing all of the NASA footage - and hours of other footage, photographs and testimony - that are available on the Internet that you are sure there is nothing going on, and that the people suggesting there is are whackos, only evidences either the great ability of NASA to keep secrets within its own organization, including wiping out its employees basic common sense, or you are here for another reason.

Almost 4 million people claim to have been abducted by ufos. Seventy-five to eighty-percent of the United States believes that there are craft not of this earth that have visited the eart. The fact that someone in this day and age can be called whacko to believing in something this obvious is only a reflection on the person making the statement.

And I hope that NASA doesn't hold your vitriolic view of individuals sincerely interested in space exploration, our future, and the possibility of contact. I would hope that NASA proper would be ashamed of that statement. But you never know. NASA felt so threatened about possibly losing its funding, and consequently its existence, that they felt compelled to deceive and mislead the United States Congress to the detriment later of two of their missions, just to get funding.

Those with access to extremely sensitive info are forced to sign a confidentiality agreement, which one would assume, would not include "all staff" or those in Mission Control.

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posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 08:12 AM
I'll tell you what; I'm GLAD... UK' is no one - with no data. Flying Hammer candidate? - ala GooglesBinHijacked? (SO's - best ever whack) lying on these boards is not approved behaviour. Better yet, Space' and UK' both bring the info of - dis-info... true or not - they add to the confusion and hype. I'll be lookin' for "V Kaminski" in MCC on a piece of paper - (no sweat off my anatomy unique to males)... gonna be recording anyway - and my u2u's seem to indicate others may as well... MANY WILL BE RECORDING STS-116 end-to-end (and hopefully someone can glom the non-public channel radio stuff).

You well-meaning "folks who are almost hooked-up" - bring us meat and fire and 3rd party verifiable data - till then go vogue a pose cuz without data, especially new relavent data then your just another brick in the wall. I don't care whether you're NASA, goy't shill or God's older, smarter sister or Bob Lazar - BRING US THE FREAKIN' DATA ANY WAY POSSIBLE.

Some folks have u2u'd me chastizing my cynical nature - Uh, sorry, ain't gonna change and this thread is evidence "that one shouldn't always trust your DJ" - I've been bitten six-ways-to-Sunday many times by sharing data and ideas with those not with purity of purpose and virtuous of intent. Bah, humbug - a lump of coal to you for dis-info play - Kronar of gold and respect for those who work towards the goal - TRUTH.

Victor K.

[edit on 22-9-2006 by V Kaminski]

posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 10:19 AM

Originally posted by Space Guy

Originally posted by UK Alien Buff
no. well not exactly. my source is brittish but works for nasa.

it didn't hit the shuttle at top speed whatever that is but it did glance blow it

Ya see, that CAN'T happen. US citizenship is a prerequisite for NASA employment. You can work for a federal contractor as a foreigner but not NASA.

I'm traveling this weekend so I doub't I'll be back until Sunday eve (Zulu that is). I'm here for any and all questions BTW.

[edit on 21-9-2006 by Space Guy]

That was why I asked the kid if his source was British. I found this story highly suspect and figured it was a kid who wouldn't know that a Brit Cit Civil Servant wouldn't hold a Top Secret clearance.

posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 05:20 PM
Don't you guys know that the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D/E) is real and hiding behind the moon?

This thread wasn't a complete waste of my time actually peaked my interest in Ham Radio...I might just have to do an ebay search and see what kind of gear/price range it takes...Now if I just could figure out how to TRANSMIT with a MicroFM FCC License...

posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 08:48 PM

Originally posted by Space Guy

Let me put it another way. You think that NASA is some super secret closed organization. It's not. It is civilian, not military, and the only people that have secret clearance at NASA are those who deal with trajectory analysis (due to the classified precision of NORADs tracking) and those who work the VERY rare NASA/DoD joint mission. That's a tiny fraction of the NASA workforce and even less than 1% of the people who sit in mission control Houston, Huntsville and in the case of ISS, Moscow and soon to be Japan and Germany too. You're basically expecting hundreds and hundreds of regular, non military people with no secret clearance spread across 5 sites and 4 countries quiet about this? Forget it. It would NEVER happen. Hell, I'd be on the phone to my dad in seconds if I'd witnessed something truly out of the ordinary.

try again. every single person sitting in mission control has at the very least a secret clearance. and by the regards to the picture of yourself in mission control comment: i've got a picture of myself sitting at flight in mission control.....and i was 15 at the time. not that hard a thing to get.

posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 09:32 PM
Before I go to bed I had post my interpretation on the events in this thread.

Although I do, honestly, find it hard to believe the UK ham radio guy, the question that begs to be answered is why, in the name of all things mighty and whole, would a supposedly EX-Nasa employee put so much effort into disproving something as simple and unbelievable as UK's claims.

Space Guy claims to be a regular user, however looking at his profile I see that he hasn't participated in a great number of threads, and doesn't have a lot of posts. You can see that his profile just signed up when this thread started.

This is peculiar to me. If your keen, you would have also noticed that UK guy also registered the same day.

After being pretty much demolished by Space Guy, the UK guy admits to making things up and vanishes. This seems kind of strange me to also. Sure - ok - could he be simply embarrased at being bashed down by a man who (seems to) obviously has an indepth knowledge of the inner workings of NASA?

Again, what are the motives that drive Space Guy? Just a good guy who casually browses conspiracy websites but chooses not to sign up and post until a kid with a big story claims to have overheard comms between houston and atlantis? Strange to say the least.

To the Mods - I was wondering what the motivation was behind removing the posted frequencies by UK Alien Buff?

I obtained a copy from Denied, and I have to admit (being an Avionics Technician who constantly works with radio's and frequencies) that is it a large, and quite impressive list. IMHO it would take awhile to forge these frequencies. And pulling them off the Internet is also not an easy chore. This, IMHO provides some air of relevance to UK Alien Buff.

I would ask UK Alien Buff to clairify what he made up. Did he make up the TOP SECRET insider info only, or all of it? Are you still standing by your claim of what you gleaned off ham radio?

I've seen plenty of threads discussing things like this, but I have not seen events transpire like this before. And I have given it alot of thought since early this morning. Something about the events transpiring in this thread deeply bother me.

We aren't seeing the whole truth here people, and I for one am denying ignorance.

- zeeon

posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 09:44 PM

Originally posted by zeeon

To the Mods - I was wondering what the motivation was behind removing the posted frequencies by UK Alien Buff?

though i'm not a mod, i would venture to say that having frequencies for nasa security on your web site, be they real or not, would most likely end up being a bad thing for the owners of this site. removing them was probably a CYA thing, and i dont blame them a bit.

posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 09:49 PM
snafu' makes a good point - things are not always as they seem. I am willing to be patient and see how righteous a dude or dudette Space' is... fair hearing. It'd be a pity and anti-thetical to trash someone who was "hooked-up" - never look a gift horse in the mouth.

Speaking of organizational structures in regard to NASA and it's affliates like CSA, ESA, RSA, JAXA... I'd not be surprised if there were a complete "master control" or "that which is above NASA" somewhere(s). Nuther whole parallel "shadow" deal-thing integrated but covert even to NASA "regulars". Maybe Space Command as HQ? Just who tells the INCO to change the camera view when "good stuff" happens? And just who's THAT person's master? And who sets THEIR policies?

As STS-115 "sinks-in" with me I find myself left with more questions than any other mission 'cept maybe STS-75 or 95. STS-115 has so many milestones of achievement, so many interesting anomalies, comments, lack of quality media coverage and investigative queries (I mean they took down the Ku band antennae for video and data a day early) or did they? Hmmm. I know it is co-incidence but why does most "work" happen while the US public is asleep? Hmmm. Been that way for a long time...

Ever since STS-114 I've paid attention to post-flight happenings of the crews... I may write a short piece on it. I will do the same for 121 and 115... it must be a total bummer to have experienced the pinnacle of human exploration and to come back and well, you know - have a normal vanilla 9 to 5 life. Years of training - no, a life of training, a two-week orgasm of peak-experience and then boom changing diapers and taking kids to soccer practice. Psychological-roadrash or what? It' must be like racing motorcycles... those who do will know what I mean.

I got the impression from Astronaut Tanner that as he's aged each trip up gets a little tougher to acclimate to zero G and that this maybe his last trip. Commander Jett says it gets easier for him each time up and that this may be his last trip too. Great humans - job well-done. I feel so sorry for Astronaut Stefanyshyn-Piper being required to do a dog and pony show the day after a two-week long adrenalin rush... I hope she feels better soon and maintains her "flight-ready" status. Canadian Astronaut MacClean - he is Mission Specialist Trained by NASA - perhaps he has another shot, but I'd look for him in Canadian politics/education sooner rather than later. Fergie has Commander written all over him - he'll be goin' to the Moon. Burbank will be one of the next gen explorers and quite-likely the "new king of the high-steel walkers". ISS is "gettin'-busy" and this crew made it happen.

Victor K.

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posted on Sep, 23 2006 @ 02:13 AM
Uh, I was grinding through STS-115 ascent footage. Got something of note on video and some low res jpeg stills. I'm not a graphics person and it was a pain. I'll have a buddy in the biz do some higher-res extracts next week.

The short story: after ET separation and the shuttle is photographing it falling away something approaches from the port side - uh it's whitish seems to have a central mass or globe or spindle and three appendages... it is not small, sorta reminds me of the Cingular logo a bit - no logo this.

Listen, I'm old and lame but I want to out these pics and vid can someone help me out? u2u me or something and I'll send the pics as a zip and if your email is big enough the video (bout 3.5MB) or give me the lame-tard walk-through on uploading graphics? I'm dyin' to get some opinions on this whatzit-object.


Victor K.

posted on Sep, 23 2006 @ 02:40 AM
I have these two posts on the thread Breaking News: NASA tracking object near shuttle!, seems very pertinant to be here as well.
Hope this is ok ......... I think it will be: it's copy & paste my own words, or say the same things only different

Originally posted by Misfit

I was filling in my bud on the whole thing, and this is what I ended up with :

We had a black flying object.
We had an object with the appearance of a Jellyfish.
We had a triangular shaped set of white lights
We had a light crossing all cockpit windows PERPENDICULAR TO THE NOSE OF THE CRAFT.
We had four real-time lengthy news briefings from NASA ( carried also on the Big 4 ) within several hours of which the ONLY subject were these objects.
We had all major media outlets reporting this event as breaking news, with follow-ups every news segment.
We had an astronaut claim on the radio to NASA of the first report of the white objects, in a tone of emergence, (quote) "I'm serious ...... I'm not joking";

We have now ............. nothing.

The first de-briefing after shuttle landing, the black dot was dismissed as "we see junk all the time", the Jellyfish was dismissed as "a plastic bag". The two incidents of light were not raised ...... at all. Nor was anything else spoken of objects, by NASA nor the reporters. Let me reiterate that last one ..... the reporters did not ask any questions about it
Hell I'm not a reporter, but can think how illogical the NASA stance against plausability of :
-- "objects happen all the time" + "why have we not then had briefings all day on all previous missions, if objects occur in every mission?".
-- "probably just objects from the Shuttle itself" + "how does an object in zero gravity with no propulsion actions from any craft and no solar winds occuring get from its original location to crossing perpendicular to the nose of the spacecraft?".
-- "probably just objects from the Shuttle itself" + "what objects were they, being all Shuttle objects are accounted for?"'s wrap-up article had this to say about the objects: "__________".
That's right, they had NOTHING to say about it.

Anyone have anything else, of the illogical stance of NASA, to add ( or correct !! ) to this? ( a timeline was not my goal, just the occurances themselves )



Originally posted by Misfit
I don't think I've seen this idea brought up yet in the thread, if so, my apologies, I didn't catch it.

While the "hush-down", for lack of better words, was happening, I had the thought of ............. could this be a test, a "silent poll", as it were, to see what the reaction of the public would be to something happening in our space?

Any thoughts?




posted on Sep, 23 2006 @ 08:12 AM
A news report appeared in the UK this week, stating that the Shuttle was delayed on its return to Earth after a "UFO" hit the wing on the craft just as it left the Space Station.

Now there are two strange things in this report.....

1) I didn't see it reported on any other news source in the UK, which is extremely strange

2) Whilst they indicated that this UFO may have been something that fell off either the space station or the shuttle itself, they kept referring to it as a UFO and "origin unknown".

Something "falling off" the Shuttle normally makes headline news all over the world - so what happened here?


posted on Sep, 23 2006 @ 08:35 AM

I'm with you, it doesn't make sense.

This wasn't litter/debris we know that. The only two things in my eyes it could be is:

1.) Black Project

2.) UFO's

I don't think this is Black Project myself.

I haven't heard anything on the news since they landed have you, doesn't that surprise anyone?

With all featured about Roswell and Kecksburg you would think that we wouldn't let them pull this same crap on us at this time in history, but it looks like it worked for them before and they will get away with it again.

I don't think they are/will investigate anything I think they already know.

Someone wrote here about maybe it could be a test to see our reaction and it could be that, but in my opinion with all the camera's and live TV I think they got caught.

News is so fluid and they are experts at covering one story with something else more amazing to cover it.

[edit on 23-9-2006 by observe50]

posted on Sep, 23 2006 @ 09:27 AM
What im curious about, is where did the kid get the frequencys from.
Is it easily found on the Net, i doubt it, its a very long list, so i doubt he typed it up himself.

Ross, what was the source of this news report.?

posted on Sep, 23 2006 @ 09:41 AM
Thanx for the hesds-up nomad'... any chance of a link or the name of the UK news agency that that "outted" this near-hit/collision? I have discovered a new unreported anomaly and wish to "out" the video (3.5 MB ASF format) and some sequence of lo-res jpeg frames. I am splittin' a gut to get some folks to look at them.

I don't do YouTube or any of the other social-engineering "blackholes" and never learned how to upload images to this site... i could use a little help via u2u... at least some folks will find this anomaly as "another nail in the coffin" of ignorance. No sundog or camera flare or ice crystals - the thing looks solid and manufactured and navigates... help me I'm lame and old and slow. u2u me with a 3rd party email and I'd be happy to email them to anyone who'd promise to post them ASAP to ATS (great core community) on any of the STS-115 threads.


Victor K.

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posted on Sep, 23 2006 @ 10:04 AM
Video here, look for the time of 1.15 to 1.18

And three time frames here.

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posted on Sep, 23 2006 @ 10:08 AM
Hey D' thanx large from a person born when TV was a "new thing"!!! Aces to you!
So what is that thing? Opinions?

Victor K.

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