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Alien Objects Orbiting Saturn's Rings??

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posted on Dec, 3 2007 @ 01:07 AM
ok, i got thru most of the thread, and i have to ask,dont most of you believe in god?
well there's no pictures or proof of his existence,right?
and if you do , don't you think that man's most concieted thought is that the universe is just for us?
so why not other people in other places,adapted to their environments?
are you trying to tell me you believe in an invisible man in the sky that can't handle money,(george carlin), but you can't believe in forms of life other than our own? don't freak out everyone ,this is not directed to
everybody on here
it's kind of like believing in affirmatie action and not believing in profiling,isn't it?

posted on Dec, 3 2007 @ 01:21 AM
reply to post by Spectre0o0

Hey Spectre, if you haven't seen this thread (link below), then you haven't seen anything yet!


posted on Dec, 3 2007 @ 01:21 AM
Ooops!! Double post!! Now how in the name of the rings of Saturn did this happen??

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posted on Dec, 3 2007 @ 04:59 AM
Just posting my opinions on this thread, mainly relating to John Lear.

I don't want to be rude of flame but I really do find the lack of evidence for his claims disturbing. I will never rule out that he is totally correct about everything he believes, but I find it very, very unlikely.

The number of problems with the claims just off the top of my head is staggering and I'm sure if I did some research I'd come up with a hundred more.

What irritates me is that many members are backing John up on these wild claims without any real evidence either. I ask you - if a new member with no established history or connection to the ATS staff started posting these views up, would you be so quick to defend them?

While I agree we're not being 'told' to believe him, the way in which people are defending his claims while debunking alternative opinions is highly suggestive and virtually implies that John Lear is 'the law' when it comes to this stuff.

Again, I say always be skeptical. Be skeptical of the skeptics, particularly when they're riding on their status to give otherwise outrageous claims a higher level of credibility.

I mean in no way to offend or flame John Lear, it is possible he is correct and I'm merely not seeing it, but I think it's worth taking his theories for what they are - huge claims with absolutely zero evidence to back them up and clauses that almost state a lack of evidence is evidence unto itself.

Thats all from me for now. Hope I haven't upset anyone.

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 09:22 AM
The Saturn Earth Connection is a web site I've put together and now involves two people I know personally who have been out to this architectural world near Saturn. You'll see many images of a luminous object I hear is not in the rings of Saturn... it is in orbit and according to NASA orbits every 10 hours and 47 minutes. Google... michael connection. The URL is When you get there... click the NASA Connection... there are lots of Cassini images of a luminous object. The wild one is the image returned on 24 May 2006. You'll notice NASA instructed Cassini to switch to a telephoto lens to get this close-up of the luminous object. When Cassini located the object and shot an image... you'll note the stars are the same stars in these two images showing the camera didn't change position when it shot the close-up. And don't miss the image on 16 August 2004 on the same page... now that is the closest the Cassini Spacecraft was to the luminous object that I have found. NASA is not giving it a moon name which is a clue as to what they think it is. And it all fits in with the Urantia book which you can hear about in Michael's recordings.

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 07:40 AM
reply to post by mikesingh


posted on May, 20 2008 @ 04:33 PM

Originally posted by johnlear
Originally posted by jra

Could you discribe what the "real" Saturn looks like? Is it really that different? I ask because Saturn has been observed through telescopes since the early 1600's and is still viewed by amature astronomers today. I've seen photos taken by amatures. They might not be as high res and detailed, but they still look like Saturn.

We have trouble seeing the largest objects on the moon with our backyard telescopes and even photos taken by amateurs cannot resolve the building at the top of Copernicus.

Yes, Saturn still looks like Saturn through a telescope but you should know that it is a great deal further out in space than the moon.

That still in no way even begins to answer the question posed. Regardless of how far out Saturn is, the point is valid... even to the astronomers of old, it still "looked like" Saturn, as we now know it. And that was before the days of color cameras, high-res telescopes, and things like Adobe Photoshop, so we know the images the observers saw was not doctored.

Are you going to be so bold as to say that aliens also manipulated their telescopes, so they would not see the truth? C'mon... your answering questions with questions is a cheap cop-out, because you know you have no proof to offer. You said Venus and Neptune hold HUMAN life. Venus is too hot for HUMAN life. Other life, possibly, but not HUMAN. Same with neptune... EVEN if a human could withstand being so far away from the sun, and so terribly cold, the sheer size of Neptune is such that a human would be crushed by its gravity.

The moon was not "placed" into orbit. In fact... the moon is still moving AWAY from the Earth. Saying it was placed there, implies a fixed position, which is false, otherwise, it would not be moving away from us at all. Besides, what would the reason be, to put the moon here? If aliens are going to mine it, they are going to mine it no matter where it is. The same thing with the rings of Saturn... number one, why would they be "making" the rings of Saturn. Two, why would a species so advanced take the time to place each individual bit of ice and rock that comprises the rings in their place? We're talking about over BILLIONS of tiny and large fragments... these must be some royally bored aliens.

Look, I'm not trying to be combative, but you can't make a claim telling people that a "real" image of Saturn would blow their minds, yet refuse to offer an example, or even a description.

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 07:37 PM
Well all the people on here have the right to say what they want and what they believe but not the right to ridicule those beliefs.....
Anyway i stumbled onto this subject whilst trying to find info on the evacuation of earth by aliens in the event of total destruction of earth due to the abuse we have given her. sounds stupid doesnt it it but thats exactly what i read in an article but for some reason cant find that article anymore. The article states that these ships are the rescue craft for earths inhabitants and that soon LA will fall 100 feet into the ocean creating 1000 feet high tsunami that will destroy the surface population of earth and cause planet wide earthquakes that will rip the planet apart. The article even tells the reader that 2-3 days prior to the event that these craft will send thousands of shuttles and we will be evacuated, it even states that you must not bring personal possesions and just walk into the beam of light emanating from the shuttles (sort of elevator). Now you all think im probably nuts but this is what ive read ???? and it makes a good read and an alternative answer to what these ships are.

By the way dont ask me if i believe as i really dont know but it does make one wonder does it not???????

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 05:36 PM
reply to post by SearchEngine


without stating an opinion one way or the other it does ocurr to me that there might be two fairly obvious reasons for the saturnians to build rings around their planet.

one: depending on the inclination of the rings as opposed to the inclination of the planetary axis, perhaps they serve to block harmful rays from the sun on the inhabited areas of saturn?

two: why not do it as art? we have an artist here on earth that does huge works of art (wrapping islands in pink, et cetera)...i apologize to him for not being able to recall his name. a sufficiently advanced society that is capable of building such huge 'ships' would certainly be capable of creating such projects!

here's a question: has anyone ever reported anything concerning the existence of extraterrestrial aesthetics?

just a playful thought...

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 05:55 PM

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 06:19 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

saturnians???????? did I miss something????

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 02:22 PM
post by Anonymous ATS
hi i am in seventh grade i read your text and i agree and disagree too. If saturns ring were not there that does not necesarily mean the suns light would pass by saturn because the rings on saturn are not the only thing blocking the light saturn itself is helping too so only a little light would pass through.
i am probably wrong but i just am geussing

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 02:42 PM
reply to post by BolianAdmiral

Was it really necessary to revive a long dead 1 year old thread to post your thoughts?

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 03:22 PM

Originally posted by WithoutEqual
Can I ask a really dumb question?

Mr. Lear you can choose to reply or not, as the question might not be worth your time.

But the one ovbious question I have is why? Why would anyone/thing want to build ice rings around a planet? It must have some ovbious function or postitive gain otherwise why would anyone do it? Say it is a alien civilization, wouldn't they have taxes or something similar to fund a project like that? If so, I highly doubt anyone would support a proposal to build ice rings (a rather large project) just for asthetic purposes.

Remember in Star Trek Insurrection, the Rings kept the people from aging. Well perhaps it provides a resonance of ions and other artifacts that keep its populace safe, healthy or energized? It could have something to do with them being caretakers of the galaxy, like we are caretakers of earth, or were until we developed and found we could be "evil" for greed etc..

I think our nerfed mental and cultural states afford these alien beings to use us at will due to there advanced states if they so choose, which im sure a majority are enlightened in there own specious way.

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 03:29 PM
reply to post by rocksarerocks

Was it really necessary to revive a long dead 1 year old thread to post your thoughts?

Why do you care Rocks..?

At least that poster has something of value to add, unlike you...

Pipe down guy...

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posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 01:03 PM
Just found this on youtube...

Incredible UFOs caugt by NASA near Saturn's rings

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 11:09 AM

Originally posted by johnlear
Sorry for the delay, I was working on the Copernicus Crater.

Norm Bergrun wrote "Ringmakers of Saturn" and shows in detail how he found (from Voyager 1 and 2 images) 3 huge spaceships making the rings of Saturn. Norms spent over 20 years with Lockheed as an engineer and scientist. Copies of "Ringmakers" are available at his website, or Amazon or through me ($50 plus postage).

Hi John...may I pls buy the book from u if possible? If so,pls forward details to = tks...butlincat

posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 12:22 PM
Rare Interview With Norman Bergrun Speaking About the Ringmakers Of Saturn also known as EMVs

James Horak talks about the EMVs

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