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Chickens come home to roost

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posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 02:02 PM
For the last several hundred years (for Uk) and for the last century (USA) both countries have sought to control, manipulate, imprison, murder, torture and exploit the indeginous peoples of many countries around the world and have done so with with increasing efficiency and are doing so as we speak.

Given the fact that there will always be a clash of ideologies between mainstream religions etc. is it hardly suprising that the people of these nations want to hit back at the UK/USA. Given the mindset and nature of radical elements within the Muslim faith and with the fore knowledge of a thousand years of history and several crusades could we expect any other outcome to our global activities.

If the radical Muslims in our own countries pose such a threat why are we allowing them to incite racial tension, why are we not arresting these people and deporting them. If the Muslim people of both our countries are law abiding citizens and do not sign up to the radical agenda why are we targeting them and not the radicals.

Is all this discussion of the current situation academic and its back to basics e.g. another holy crusade and if it is why dont we just come out with it and say we the christians/jews do not like the expansion of the Muslim faith because its the opposit to us and how we want to live. Would it not be better just to be honest for a change instead of using the mirriad of reasons for the recent problems. The Muslim radicals seem to have no problem expressing their views to the world so why do we.

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