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Fish Used in War on Terror in US

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posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 10:47 AM
Following the fears of a terrorist attack on water supplies follwing the 9-11 attacks, some states in the US have enlisted fish in its fight against the Terrorists.

The Bluegill or Sunfish being used (Image courtesy of BBC see link below)

San Francisco, Washington and New York are using bluegills - also known as sunfish - to safeguard their public drinking water.

"It's like an early warning system - it acts as another line of defence," said Bill Lawler, co-founder of Intelligent Automation Corporation, the San Diego-based company that makes the anti-terror apparatus.


This is very similair to the miners using birds down the mines to test for gases in the atmosphere before humans became aware of the threat.

It must be said though that I feel this is a incorrect way of defending the water supply. By introducing a Biological contaminate that only affects humans or any agent that has a defered time to manifestation of any health effects. In the last case many people could have drunk or sprayed the water on crops before it became apparent.

Source 2

Wiki on BlueGill



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