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Please help me with some insight onto what has happened to me!!

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posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 01:41 AM
Hey guys,

ok well here it goes, My name is Ryan, i live in south africa in a town called boksburg, what i am about to tell you happened two weaks ago and it has me and my wife really confuzed, here it is:
about two weeks ago my wife and i were riding home together in my car after a long day of work, with our two kids in the backseat. My wife turned to me and asked me somthing, she asked me if i had seen that "airplane standing still in the sky" this morning on the way to work? naturally i said "WHAT????" she said on the way to work this morning she saw a plane in the sky just standing still quite close to our car where we get onto the highway. i asked her if she thought planes standing still in mid air was normall to her, naturally she replied "no ways" to which i said "if thats the case why did you not tell me about it when you saw it that second?" she could not figure out why she didn't tell me but asked again if i indeed did see it or not, i just laughed and said no. now the strange thing is that about after 10 minutes of driving after hearing what she had said, i started getting these flashbacks in my minds eye of an airplane standing still in mid air, i was shocked, it felt to me though like i was remembering a dream, i told her what was happening and we were both surprised, then in one of my flash-back i remeber seeing 2 red lights at the front and back of this airplane, so i decided to test my wife so as not to influence here answer, i asked her "were the any sort of strange lights when you saw this plane?" she thought a bit and then told me yes, 2 red lights!!! My heart almost stopped, this was so wierd, i told her in my flashback i saw the lights too! we carried on driving for a while and then i remebered somthing, i remembered that that morning we had left late for work, so it was not dark anymore, i asked my wife "what was the weather like when you saw this plane, she said she didn't know because it was still very dark and early in the morining, to which i reminded her that we had actually left late and it was no longer dark that morning!!! then the worry really set in because she could have sworn that she saw it that morning and it just started feeling like a really vivid dream to me. i said to that we need to try and think really hard about what happend, about 30 seconds after thinking hard about it, we both started to get a splitting headache and then suddenly my nose started to bleed (which never happens to me) anyway we tried to just chalk it up to "somthing wierd" then 1 night later, we went to get food, left our two kids in the car and grabbed the food, we came back to the car and my centrall locking remote would not work, so i took the spare key out and tried that too, but it also did not work, frustrated i just manually opened my car and as guessed off went my alarm to which i could not deactivat and had to drive home with annoyingly, the alarm would go off for about 1 minute, then rest for about 5 minute, the repeat the cycle. we arrived at out main electric motorised gate to our house, i hadn't even push my gate remote to open and the gate started going haywire, opening and closing and stalling and just behaving very mentally disabled, so i reversed away a bit and then the gate reacted normally, but when i got to close with my car it just went spastic on my ass again, after quite a long battle we finally managed to get in. it's been two weeks now and nothiing else strange has happend, but i still get one hell of a splitting headache if i try and remember that airplane! are we just loosing it or what??? the day before all this happend i was reading the top 58 sign of having been abducted. i dunno, just wierd!!!!!

posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 02:57 AM
Sounds like a classic case of an abduction episode.......lost or very limited memory, physical traces such as nosebleeds and headaches on tying to recall memory, vivid dreams of something unusual or something unusual made to look ordinary etc etc.

I would suggest to you to write everything down that you and your wife can remember. Also anything your kids can remember, if they're old enough. Because they will most likely have memories of the episode as well. Also, like for strange, geometrically shaped marks or cuts on either of your bodies and your kids as well. If you find them, write them down and their position and a description. Get as much info as you can about anything unusual you've noticed in your family's life or possessions of late.

Watchout for any repeat episodes of something happening. Write down as much as you can if you do undergo repeat episodes. Try and identify anything about who or what is the instigator of these episodes. Who are they, what they look like. Sometimes identifying them will make things less terrifying or at least more manageable.

If it gets too much, see your doctor. However, try and contact any UFO society in your country that you can. Or better still, try and contact someone like Budd Hopkins, in the US, as he and a number of people have dealt with this sort of thing before.

Good luck, and I hope your family stays safe and well.

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posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 03:36 AM
each person has a guardian. When you were angry that your wife didn't tell you about the plane her guardian placed her memories of the plane into your mind to compensate. Then it gave you headaches to stop you thinking because it was connected to both your minds and didn't want you both focusing hard on your minds. That gave you a nose bleed possibly because of pressure fluctuations.

My guardian does all types of stuff with electrics and mechanics. One time it linked two iron rings together just to amaze me. They are amazing beings.

So you weren't abducted as you imagine. Lots of people have been commenting about planes standing still in the sky lately. There is a pilot who explained how it is done.

So nothing unusual happened it was just your spiritual guardians transferring memories and making anomalies happen.

They are more like extra-dimensional or multidimensional but people generally think they are spiritual in nature because all they generally see is their light or astral bodies.

So just relax my friend. Nothing dangerous has happened to you and you are all safe

posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 08:55 AM
I have a post on maybe the second "Aliens & Ufos" page called " Floating Single Engine Airplane". I saw this same phenomena in Northern Virginia a week or so ago. I saw a small plane just sitting in mid air. After your post here, I'm considering that I might have seen something strange indeed...

I've read that sometimes people can see or encounter very bizarre things, but strangely feel absolutely normal and calm about's hard to understand why. Some say that in cases of ufo sightings, they actually hear voices telling them not to be afraid, remain calm, you will forget this, etc. I also read recently that a child had had a sighting of a disk shaped craft hovering very near a busy highway, but the child's mother saw nothing, even when the child pointed it out to her. The child was amazed that this thing was big as day and no one seemed to notice it...

I felt my experience was odd enough to mention it to close friends, and to post about it. Now I'm wondering...this plane was very close to the ground, just over some trees near the interstate in my case, and was angled at the road. I approaced it nearly head on from a mile or so up the interstate, and this thing did not move an inch...

Do not discount what happened to you...very odd....

posted on Sep, 21 2006 @ 12:16 AM
Hey OnTheDeck

it is pretty freaky, and no matter how much people try and tell me planes can do that sort of thing, they can't!! it just goes against all principles of why a plane is up in the air in the first place! did you see any lights? what time of day was it? my wife and i have been keeping a close eye on things lately, last night we saw somthing again, we could not make out whether or not it was a plane or what it was but it was flying very fast, very low and even stanger is that it was doing this right over our airport (we live very close to an airport, so we normally watch all the planes land with our kids) now, the wierd facts, No. 1 it was flying really low, really fast, which i have never ever seen a jumbo jet do (not at that altitude anyway) No. 2 it was flying like this right over the airport (that air space would never allow for that seeing as a jumbo lands about every 5 minutes!!!) No. 3 it had one solid light on display (now planes and aircraft normally have 3 solid a 1 strobe (always a stobe) 2 one wings, 1 on the tail and a stobe light on the belly) and there is no way it way a helicopter because it was travelling way to fast, we actually pulled off the road and had a look at it quickly! i think it's time i invest in a vid cam!!!!

posted on Sep, 21 2006 @ 09:12 PM
I too have seen these strange planes. I see them nightly and daily. I saw one fly over my neigborhood very slowly just today coming home from work. I am going to drive out on the country roads tonight and I am sure that I will see at least three or four planes and even more helicopters. It is very strange indeed. I really don't know what this means but with the recent Atlantis shuttle mission "space debris" I think things are going to get even more interesting in the coming decades. This is a great time we are living in even though the world seems like it is falling apart. To me, it feels like something big is on the horrizon.

Scared Little Piggy,
That is a very strange occurence. I would bet that there is much more than meets the eye with your experience. I wish you and your family well in your search for answers.

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