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the true meaning of 666, the beast within.

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posted on Oct, 15 2006 @ 10:17 PM
hmm....very interesting.....



mora (mem - resh - aleph)

mem 13th letter = revelation (in this case 'revealed')
resh 20th letter = wickedness, the wicked
aleph 1st letter = head/king/creator



maakal (mem - aleph - kaf - lamed)

kaf 11th letter = crowning accomplishment
lamed 12th letter = teaching/learning



mishpachah (mem - shin - peh - chet - he)

shin 21st letter = divine power/provision/protection
peh 17th letter = mouth
chet 8th letter = new beginning/new life
he 5th letter = breath/spirit of God

(now these meanings are not according to what the traditional teaching is - it is the esoteric perspective, instead...)

posted on Oct, 15 2006 @ 10:25 PM
tav (400) resh (200) samech (60) vav (6)


(truth/perfection)-(the wicked)-(divine presence/holy of holies)-(man/redemption)

Check out the traditional meanings of those letters:

tav = sign/mark (literal) covenant/to seal (symbolic)
resh = head (literal) person/head/highest (symbolic)
samech = a prop (literal) support/turn (symbolic)
vav = nail (literal) secure/hook/add (symbolic)

Very ODD how 'head' or 'highest' (as in ruler) is also 'the wicked.'

I know both of these representational systems work consistently work throughout all the Hebrew scriptures - but I prefer the more esoteric symbologies, myself - because they have taken me a level deeper into my understandings.

Does this shed any light on '666?'

posted on Oct, 15 2006 @ 10:41 PM
one can not put a price on your level of sharing Queen. Yes, it does help me. but to all degrees, i am not aware of yet. i will review it. i am relatively weak right now, literally. i had an interesting morning, delved in deep thoughts. and then i watched the news and was distracted from my thoughts. read my last in the Omega and Alpha thread, it may make sense.

I am glad that no one got hurt in the 6.6 magnitude earthquake this morning in Hawaii. miracles do happen.

posted on Oct, 16 2006 @ 12:46 PM
you know honestly, I never looked at the phrase "I am the word." that is in the bible in the most literal form, since I naturally tend not to be a bible "literalist" in tradition, I make more sense of it when seeing it symbolicly.

i've always found something odd about numbers and words, and the coincidences of words youll hear or see, and phrase youll hear or see, that apply to things, and all kinds of numerical coincidences, as we call them, that seem to make sense but are thought to be completely random. I've always thought there might be something more to it than that, especially considering that the people who wrote these ancient texts that are in the bible and the gnostic texts that were not inclued by the nycene creed and all that had a language that could be literally deciphered into letters that each had a number.

In that sense I follow the ideas of Arius "the mad", founder of Arianism, but not completely, just similarly. He wasnt too popular at that meeting in nicaea.. heheh.

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posted on Oct, 17 2006 @ 08:28 PM

Originally posted by HarpStrings
I'm not sure this can be accurate being that the number of the beast was written of during a time when the Engish language was not used. In other words the "6th" letter in the Greek and Hebrew alphabet is z if I'm not mistaken.

you are not mistaken.

but, prophets are prophets because they are prophecizing. prophets are talking about the future, not always the present. and they do so as best as they can, with the limitations of their language.

it is a difficult task to talk or write about a thing when that thing will not have a name for thousands of years.

sometimes the prophets' languages were a hinderance to them, because the words did not exist.

let's look at the first loves again, remembering the first commandment, and that perhaps god wanted us to love him before we loved anything else.

i submit that are first loves are:

1) Fear.

-- (didn't every messenger of god, every angel say: "be not afraid"?)

2) Food

-- Why do holy men fast (go without food for a time)?

3) Family

-- Why do many holy men not have children?

4) Friends

-- Why do holy men preach to love everyone equally, and not be decieved?

5) Fornication

-- Why do many holy men choose to be celebet (sp?) /go without sex?

6) Finances

-- Why do many holy men & women take an oath of poverty?

perhaps the holy men and women of their respective faiths already know or suspect the same thing i have presented here for you.

perhaps they know that 666 is a reference to the loves that humanity place before their love of god.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 05:08 PM

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