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Electro-gravitic Propulsion

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posted on Sep, 19 2006 @ 08:51 PM
Is anyone familiar with Tesla's purportedly existant solid aether model for gravity? I am in no way experienced in the field but find the events surrounding his patents very intriguing, as there is little information on the subject available to the public. Evidently, most of his patents and un-encrypted notes were stolen by the FBI upon his death. These notes were key elements in deciphering his work, as he would often leave his patents seemingly unfinished due to the suspicion of the time that the U.S. Patent Office sold them to developing countries.

If anyone could share some information, hopefully some links to patents or the interview that I'm particularly interested in, one of Marguerite Merrington who witnessed the electrical propulsion of a lead cylinder in his laboratory. The FBI had interviewed her, 106 years later the interview the details remain undisclosed tp the public.

I would asumme that since the U.S. government has all of his late work, indefinitely and presently, engineering would be feasible; a period of over 100 years is possibly enough time to reconstruct his ideas, eventhough they were centuries ahead in the first place.

Unidentified Flying Objects... Its simple. The government has the patents, notes, and concepts that should reambiguate the entirety of physical paradigms across the minds of millions of physicists. They can now percieve the gravity upon which we are bound as solid, and manipulate space and time itself to change its immidiate location. The government has indirectly encephalized within us this quest to discover the mysteries of alien life that is assumingly watching over us; manipulating kryptonians, star-faring alliances central of pleiades, the grays and such... I do not disputie the existance of any of the afformentioned societies. However, it is conceptually feasible for the government to create time distorting electro-propulsionate craft, capable of transvering the earth and beyond through the ionosphere.

Speculation goggles past this point.

They have the plans. They have the encrypted notes. Who knows, these UFO's we've all been spotting may have been the product of this very U.S. government. Bob Lazar... he's a subject of the CIA or an even higher order which as brain-washed him to believing that aliens control these UFOs. It's a pattern. Disinformation and dellusion of an epic scale. Tesla's advanced technology stolen, deciphered, engineered and finally deployed to control all of humanity, profited by the the system in which we are forced to rely on fossil fuels, and the government's extreme measures to control the rest of it to redistribute to us to provide economic stability within the public. Disinformationists abound as they have been planted to tell us that aliens are here right now, further sceptifying the public into throwing the entire idea into the category of lunatic. Why would they do this? They have ulterior motives. With this technology they can not be scared of the people. They are scared of something far greater. Something they unleashed using Tesla's secrets.

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posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 06:54 PM
You are right about the technology, it has been heavily suppressed since after WWII espcially after operation Paperclip. The alien scenario is just a misleading charade, a load of crap. We are trying to reproduce the basic Tesla p2 system to achieve hopefully a working prototype.

Here is a link to the DToG:'s_Dynamic_Theory_of_Gravity

And to his flying machine page (which was separated from the above page):



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