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What techniques should intelligenence entities be able to use to garner infromation?

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posted on Sep, 19 2006 @ 10:08 AM
What would i do?

If i knew for sure they were the ones i was looking for and only had to get them to own up, then the skys the limit.

Best to start slowly though if they still don't crack under questioning then we can move onto sleep deprivation etc but only as a last resort physicaly inflicting pain.

Again this is only if you know its them, if you know for sure it's them then you must have evedance. If you ahve teh evedance then go to then sit them infront of a jury.

I geuss we have to use torture in some situations but lets not jum straight into it.

posted on Sep, 19 2006 @ 11:03 AM
I am surprised that there has not been more replies to this thread.....

Why are the individuals who are complaining about certain "information withdrawl" techniques, hiding from this thread?

I am really curious what their ideas of ways to extract what could be vital information.

In regards to Truth Serum:

How reliable is it?
How safe?
What type of side effects?
Does it work on everyone?

posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 05:23 AM
well, here's my sorry attempt at an answer....
for the most part, our police forces do their jobs without torture and by keeping by the rules. if someone gets murdered, they usually find the murderer, if there's a big narcotics deal coming down, they have ways of learning about it and closing the ring down. sure, it isn't 100% effective, but nothing in life is. But, how are the police finding out about the narcotics deals before they happen, or find the murderer? alot of times, they make deals with their buddies, don't they? ya know, give us what we want, and we'll reduce the time you're spending in jail a little less...

well, maybe here is the problem...we don't make deals with terrorists, never have, never will. the people we have in gitmo are there untill "the end of hostilities" and then they give us all the impression that won't be in our lifetimes. no real opportunitiy to prove their innocence....they're debate about that one. taken them far from home....the idea of escape and returning home seems rather hopeless. all hope taken from them, all chips removed from the table...
there's no bargaining power there. maybe this is what is creating the need for torture? I mean an innocent person can only think of so much bs to give a person before he runs out of ideas...and then, they'll still keep coming back for more, won't they? and the same can be said of the guilty ones can one really be sure that they've told you all they know? maybe he knows more, let's find out!!! are they interrogators psychics, that they know the guy knows something to begin with?? if they are, why don't they just read their minds and well, get the information that way...they aren't!

I have the same gripe about their parole policies, they won't give parole until the convict shows "remorse".....but, well, no system is 100% perfect, what if they are innocent? then all you are doing is coercing and honest person into becomming lier!

posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 08:44 AM
Terrorism ca not be treated like a 'police action'. Clinton did that for 8 years and look how many repeated attacks happened against the US and her allies.

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