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Another ghost experience from me.

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posted on Sep, 17 2006 @ 08:53 PM
Well, its a little confusing considering this is a very new house. First family to live here.. but still.. I have had an experience that once again.. my brother has seen too.. only problem is.. this time i was first.. didn't mention it to anyone.. and about 2 days later he told me about it.

Well, we had just moved in.. my brother was sleeping over at his friends house. My mum and dad were out shopping. Well, it was a pretty normal day.. was home relaxing, watching tv. (I used to love cartoons) so, I was watching the "Scooby Doo on zombie Island movie.. it was about 4pm I remember.

I watched.. and for some odd reason, I really have no idea. I turn around behind me towards my backyard glass sliding door, and saw this lady in white, sorta.. glide by. Im saying glide cause I dont remember her having feet... or seeing legs in motion for that matter. She's something you'd expect in a japenese horror movie. A white gown, black straight hair. but not covering her face.. it was the side view.

I stared at her for a good 3 seconds.. she 'walked' past the entire glass door. from one window, past the next.. to the entrance of the kitched and faded away.
She looked extremly solid. not transparent.. not anything. Her eyes.. from the side looked like a very empty black. no eyelids.. just there. Her bangs came to about.. covering her forehead. White, i would guess it was a sleeping gown.. but fully covered.

The one thing I do remember was the amount of fear I was in. I have never been that terrified in my life.. I've had other ghost encounters that I am sure were real, (which i'll post after this) but have never felt so threatined, as if my life were in very serious danger. I was completly unable to move.. and I felt like my heart had just dead stop.. I dont even think I was breathing while watching this 'woman' walk by.

I really thought it was my imagination at the time.. actually.. hoping it was. I decided not to breathe a word of it. Well, few days later. Im taking a shower in the morning. Getting ready for school, i hear my brother knock something over. (we were grounded.. no tv allowed on) I dry off, get dressed and see whats wrong. He was sitting on our futon, and said he saw something walk by in the black tv reflection into my room. I asked him to describe it, and he was it looked like an asian woman in a white dress. Said she didnt walk but floated.

Weeeeell, i decide to tell my mom and dad what we saw.. asking them how it was possible for us to both see the same thing. Dad gave me a simple answer 'mass hysteria' which is believeable. I understand that.. but. A few days later, my dad had a nightmare of what he described to be the same woman.. and when he looked at her in his dream, he had a terrible chest ache.. and all the woman said to him was 'your only in trouble if the walls are green' he woke up.. and coulda sworn his walls were green... few days later.. my mom sees a shadow of someone upstairs walking by into her room. Said it looked like a man in a hat. (hat man shadow person?)

It hasn't happened in awhile, but I do have a new ghost that looks similair.. but as a child.. and not as menacing. Just felt like sharing a ghost story with you all Enjoy. ^^


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