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Fema Camp?Video here

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posted on Oct, 24 2006 @ 12:13 PM

Originally posted by magnito_student
I would have to take the Phil Schneider route on these FEMA camps. There is no way in the world they would risk having detention camps on a mass scale out in the open,,,IE CUBA Camp X Ray for Al Qaida.
Talking about a headache for the so called imprisoners from a already angry public thats just a hair from snapping now.

What angry public thats just a hair from snapping? The same public that yawned as Bush signed the Military Commissions Act? The public is doing nothing, and the Government and Military know that anyone who voices an opinion about the so-called 'camps' won't be believed anyway.

posted on Oct, 24 2006 @ 09:00 PM
Thanks for the info on the posts... Lets say these are true Camps to hold people who have to many questions...
But my question is this... How the heck would they get us into these camps?
I mean I know for one, people show up at my door dressed all in black and come trying to take me and my family away they have some lead comming there way.
Im sorry but to many people living here in the USA own guns, and hold their own when it comes to these things...
I know many people in the US military and they would never take part in something like this.. It just seems a little far fetched to me.. Not that I dont say its not true.. just highly unlikely.. And even if they did, how they going to get us all there? It would be over my dead body, and many others who feel as I do!

posted on Oct, 26 2006 @ 03:24 PM

Originally posted by DodgeG1
Some very interesting video's on this thread

But my question is why? why do you think these have been created and for what purpose?

2 words MARTIAL LAW....
they'd arrest for either being a 'threat to national security according to the PATRIOT ACT, or they'll detain you & your family "for your own safety" (of course).

we're only a presidential signature away from full Martial Law.

Originally posted by zysin5
Thanks for the info on the posts... Lets say these are true Camps to hold people who have to many questions...
But my question is this... How the heck would they get us into these camps?
I mean I know for one, people show up at my door dressed all in black and come trying to take me and my family away they have some lead comming there way.
Im sorry but to many people living here in the USA own guns, and hold their own when it comes to these things...
I know many people in the US military and they would never take part in something like this.. It just seems a little far fetched to me.. Not that I dont say its not true.. just highly unlikely.. And even if they did, how they going to get us all there? It would be over my dead body, and many others who feel as I do!

If men armed with machine guns and dogs came to your house and forced entry,

1: if you don't freeze you'll be shot on sight
2: even if you have a gun & shoot them somehow, they have armory & well, BIGGER guns than you do, not to mntion you'd be out numbered.
3: They'd then arrest you, probably blind fold & "ear muff" you, you'll lose all sensory and eventually lure you into a prison car where you'd be shackled & sent off in the thousands to the nearest detention camp.

(my opinion, let's hope I'm wrong...)


posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 03:50 PM
And now with the talk of the North American Union, I just heard the other day... one thing they want to achieve is more transcontinental railway systems

anyone else hear that mentioned? kindof coincidental?

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 11:34 PM
reply to post by Great White Cheney

Then we will be gassed sounds great and treated just like the Jews in the hands of the SS and Gestapo- why? You are the same just new and improved for the 21st century. Fascism for the new generation- give the
world a ecomonic collapse and remodel the world any way you wish.

Washington is not only turning in his grave his has probably jumped out!

Those who have observed the Nazi camps will know the similarities.
Lock and load, store your food and fuel spread the word.
Smash your TV and be discerning what you hear on the internet.
They are trying their very best to the plebs to think nothing is going
wrong. Human history has shown this- ie fal of the Roman Empire
and its similarities to the US one.

Remember at the end of WWII 'Paperclips' came to the USA- hardcore
Nazis. These guys care for animals better than people (environmental movement was founded by Nazi ideology). Now they are using weather / seizmic- weapons on China/Burma and whoever stands in their way. These people almost sound the real deal- claim to protect us but actually like feudal
lords of all- to enslave us. There intelligence apparatus reaches everywhere iin media- business and educational institutions. Its a well oiled machine that is designed for one thing- control and subservience not the constitution.

They hate us for our freedom.
Give me liberty or give me death.

Global Freedom fighters.

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 04:09 AM
reply to post by dragongirl724

Something isn't right, something just doesn't feel right.

It's happened before, where American citizens were rounded and sent to internment camps in the name of national security...does the rounding up of people of Italian, German, and Japanese origins during WWII ring a bell???

People choose not to listen because they see the loss of American freedom as a thing that'll never happen.

What ever these bastards have in store for us in the near future, let me tell you, isn't a good thing, and we can only blame ourselves for letting them get away with it

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 05:51 PM
This little work of fiction speaks for itself. Any resemblance to person, events, organizations is purely coincidental. The intent is to show how easy it would be for the US to cross the line. It's happened elsewhere due to less.

The FEMA Camp:

Yesterday, that FEMA camp outside of town was only a tree farm. Occasionally there had been some trucks with workers going in and out. Locals tried to get the workers to chat about it and the only response – a disinterested stare. They were all illegals anyway. Work was work and the economy was in a recession.

Tonight as you sit at home with your family watching American Idol, the program is interrupted by a bulletin from CNN’s Washington news bureau. A female army captain in battle uniform is reading a report about some kind of nuclear device that had detonated within the City of Houston. No one has yet claimed responsibility.

12 hours later and with every update, CNN shows the faces of a dozen dark haired men with Middle Eastern sounding names. The FBI had raided their apartments and found large amounts of documents and other evidence, - video tapes, parts, tools, and rolls of lead foil. The scene shifts to a news crew and team of FBI investigators at one of the apartments mentioned. One reporter holds up a driver’s license –last name Tehrani. Other documents held up to the camera reveal that he is an Iranian immigrant, a physicist.

CNN cuts away now to a hurriedly arranged press conference at an air force base somewhere in North Dakota. George W. Bush announces that martial law had been put into effect one hour after the nuclear detonation in Houston.

He confirms everyone’s worse fears. For all 50 states and US protectorates, civilian air travel and railroad travel have been shut down.All police, fire services, public and private telecommunications facilities have been federalized under Homeland Security. Active duty, national guard units and private security contractors are in control of roads, bridges, fuel, and food warehouses. The President hardly pauses before he continues, and mentions that the November elections will be cancelled due to the present state of emergency.

Because perhaps, you’re a different kind of bear, you become vocal about the arbitrary dissolution of Congress and the mass arrests and detentions, under cover of numerous executive orders issued over the course of the previous eight years. You smelled a rat. You spoke up.

Flash forward a month: You are within the local ‘Freedom Camp’, being pushed along, away from your FEMA trailer. The guards are harassing some of the more stubborn ones. You see many with bloody noses and bruises, standing in a queue that stretches for three blocks. You are now in that queue.

“You all stink,” says one. “We’re getting all you maggots over to the showers so you can get decontaminated. It’s for your health and safety.”

“I’m hungry, when can we eat?”

“Not until you get decontaminated. Now shut up.”

You realize that the place you are being walked towards is the old meatpacking plant, but there are no animals in the stockyard at the edge of the camp, to butcher. First, some illegals come along and everyone is shaven down. They walk up to each person in turn, taking their valuables away and putting them into crates. A woman follows behind, says she’s from the Red Cross and asks for anyone interested in donating blood. They’ll be able get their lunch without having to wait for the decontamination. Many agree and are escorted away from the queue.

You are about to ask the woman why it would be safe to give blood if you hadn’t yet been decontaminated, but suddenly she moves along and someone else is now asking each man for his name and social security number. Two old men begin to mumble, unable to remember their numbers. They’re ignored as the queue begins to move again. The line of men continue to surge every twenty minutes or so, then halts.

You smell something acrid, greasy. Just beyond the shower building you notice a thick plume of black smoke rising. You begin to hear the whispers. You can’t see, but you can hear someone scream as he’s being clubbed down by three guards. The screaming stops.

You look around again and shake your head. How could this all happen?” you say to yourself. You feel a rising pitch of vomit climb up into your throat, and then all you can do is double over and retch. You are not the only one doing so. A rotten smell hangs in the air.

There is nobody there to rescue you. You cough and wipe your mouth with your sleeve and look around, angry now. One guy suddenly dashes out of the queue, heading towards a line of trees a hundred yards to the west. He gets 50 feet and then he’s dropped by a sniper from one of the watchtowera. He could have waited - he could have bought some more time, maybe a minute, maybe more. What did it bring him to be a hero and try and make a run for it? Nobody cared. You’re still here and he is not. You smile.

More guards have arrived and they begin joking amongst themselves, pointing at the bullet-ridden body in the dust. They giggle at the sullen men queued up for decontamination. One turns and makes eye contact with those in the queue. “You all smell like pigdip. I hope there’s some soap left by the time you reach the shower. Only clean pigs allowed here.”

The other guards recoil in laughter. The queue shuffles, occasionally surging forward. It has been hours. There must have been a thousand ahead of you, but thankfully, you near the building.

You hear muffled sounds within, unable to make out the words, the meaning. You hear doors quickly open and close. Then you and others enter and hustled through a hallway. You are all told to undress and put your clothes in neat stacks on the floor. Helpers walk up and down the hallway, cheerfully telling everyone that their clothes will be tagged and returned after they’re decontaminated.

The mood brightens a bit around you. You can even hear some joking. Orders are for everyone to remain calm and quiet. You're reminded that there is plenty of warm water for everyone. It becomes silent now as you all shuffle slowly towards another door. When it opens, the helpers guide everyone and remind you firmly not to bunch up together, and tell you that it's selfish to waste soap.

You look up and see shower heads above you. You want to ask who has the soap and why the floor is not wet, but are afraid they’ll beat you if you raise your voice.

You notice now that the room smells of urine and death. Before you can say anything, the doors slam shut and the lights go out and a gas slowly rises up from the showerheads towards the ceiling.

You think to yourself - there might still be a chance that someone may somehow burst in to rescue all of you. You hear sobbing and realize it is coming from you.

And now you take in one long breath and your mind begins to fade to black.

posted on Dec, 10 2008 @ 07:57 PM
first of all fema camps and rex-84 are a reality. secondly, this facility is simply an amtrak repair station. i live close to it and took footage of the facility believing the rumor. however, the only thing i found was that they are repairing trains with a 2+ million a year government contract to do so and the government is taking posession of the refurbished trains. as to the prison camp rumors.. it could be used under national emergency to house prisoners, but unlikely as much better facilities exist. as to it being a death camp- ludicrous and as an alex jones listener i cant believe he has posted on under this video that
"It seems that this is indeed a death camp, for those on the red and blue list. It can process 26,000 people every 24hrs. The site has since been cleaned up to look inconspicuous."
the footage i took can be seen at:

although i did not believe it at the time of making the video, after research i really dont think there is anything to this facility other than refurbishing trains. everything else is standard for railyard security and it sure as hell isnt a death camp or a place anyone on a freaking red or blue list is going to go to.

posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 04:19 AM
We can't deny the existence of the camps. But the question is this = are they to be used for the good of the public, or to the detriment of the public? I can think of many situations in which these camps could be used. Say there is a disaster like the Yellowstone volcano erupting (it could happen) or any other disaster that affected the majority of the population in the US - there would be thousands of people without homes. And the ability to get food and supplies to the people who needed it would be futile since a large part of the infrastructure would be involved. Or say there was an epidemic of avian flu or anthrax, or anything contagious - the people infected would be herded up and put in these camps to dispose of the "infection". Or the NWO sets up shop and all people against the regime are rounded up. We know they are there. We know it is to keep the people in there from getting out. We know it will involve a large part of the population. We know there will be many deaths. There are only 3 things that will cause many deaths - a natural disaster such as an asteroid impact , a man-made disaster such as disease or anything that hinders good health (food shortage, etc.), or political unrest. Either way the gov't is lying to its people. They are preparing for something. I wonder if anywhere in the world a government is setting up the same type of camps. I would at least feel a little better knowing there is a looming world-wide disaster (?) instead of something that only affects the US. Of course they would never say the camps were for political prisoners..The lack of info, the lack of a reasonable explanation scares me.

posted on Jul, 4 2009 @ 10:00 PM

Originally posted by dragongirl724
I live by numerous train depots, some still in commision and others abandoned. Newark, Hoboken & Penn Station are enormous train depots that I frequently travel to & from...

I also use those stations and terminals on a regular basis. There is however a big difference between a station and a repair facility.

One is designed to handle passengers and therefore conducive to public utilization and the other is a location used to perform maintaince on railcars and locomotives and can be dangerous to walk around without proper safety training.

Try to get into New Jersey Transit's Meadowlands Maintainence Facility in Harrison and report back to us, I am sure you will find it to be very similar to the Amtrak location.

Edit to add: I just noticed I replied to a 2 year old post, apologies.

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posted on Jul, 5 2009 @ 12:05 PM
This was done during WW2 to the Japanese if I remember correctly. This was also done during the Cuban immigration...... so it's possible to round up tons of people and put them in camps... It's been done before in our Country.

You spent you're whole life constantly reminded of the rights our grandfathers fought for...and you sat on your lazy rear end enjoying it's your turn to fight for the rights YOUR children will have....or won't have......

People who say things won't happen, because they haven't happened are prime cows for the slaughter.

As for Civil rights and Human only have the rights you're willing to die for. The rest of you depend too greatly on the judicial system to support you when you need it.... that is very sad...and I hope you will change your ways.

posted on Jul, 5 2009 @ 12:09 PM
You can't fight for your freedom using the judicial tools your master gives you. Don't you know that?

African Slaves didn't gain their freedom in U.S. Court. It took the dedication of a real President to sacrifice his people in the fight to attain it.


in other words....stop it with the phone calls to your's WELL beyond that.......

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 08:35 PM
I think this thread needs to be revitalized. These camps have a dark purpose.
In Jan, 2006, Haliburton, a subsidiary of KBR, was contracted by the Dept. of Homeland Security to construct detention facilities for said agency. $385million dollars over 5 years. When the contract is fulfilled in 2011, what then?
A Canadian doctor, Ghislaine Lanctot, and an Australian journalist, Jane Burgmeister, blew the lid off a supposed plan by the WHO, UN, and high ranking govt and corporate officials when they outlined a plan to committ mass murder of the US population.
Lanctot and former NSA official, Wayne Madsen, both revealed the H1N1 virus possess certain transmission vectors that suggest it has been genetically manufactured for use as a biochemical weapon. Lanctot further charges that the vaccine for the H1N1 virus itself contains a deadly virus, and the vaccine itself will cause the pandemic.
The planned pandemic will force a police state and martial law. The vaccine will be given to all, and any rebellious citizens will be taken to the camps.
Lanctot further charges that tiny microchips could possibly included in the vaccine. These chips would have codes and GPS capabilities. (For those who do not believe that microchips could be injected, look into VeriChip in Fla. who received clearance in 2004 to market implantable microchips. They were used on 200 Alzheimers patients in a test to prevent the patients from wandering. The chips were injecting into the triceps).

Transfer of power to UN or other high ruling body, which fulfills the implementation of the NWO.

Supposedly, there will be a nationwide program to introduce this vaccine after the implementation of the usual flu shot people get every year. The H1N1 vaccine will be given in a series of 3 shots.

I think someone needs to follow up on these claims. I, for one, will not be getting any flu shot.
These are fantastic claims, but

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 04:04 AM
one thing bothers me with this...weve heard that cheney didnt tell the CIA about his death squads...ok...that means he doesnt trust some of them to keep it quiet...or..thought they would be against it...

surely the same thing goes for the camps?..someone somewhere in a position of power MUST know something.

posted on Nov, 14 2009 @ 07:56 PM
This could be:

A: A psychological experiment on the populace with no other intended purpose.
B: A detention facility with no unusual purpose for the furnaces.
C: A death camp for a biological outbreak such as zombies.

posted on Nov, 14 2009 @ 10:37 PM
The thing about fema camps is that I really really really don't want them to be real.

If they are I fear the awakened/unawakened people will have less of a chance.
(Because then this scenario is alot more hostile!)

posted on Nov, 15 2009 @ 12:48 AM

Originally posted by '___'omino
The thing about fema camps is that I really really really don't want them to be real.

If they are I fear the awakened/unawakened people will have less of a chance.
(Because then this scenario is alot more hostile!)

Have you heard about Denver International Airport? There's another concentration camp/military base underneath it. That is why there is barbed wire fencing facing inwards there as well.

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