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The Great Trinity Conspiracy

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posted on Oct, 9 2006 @ 08:51 PM

Originally posted by Terral
That is your opinion based upon Annie’s speculations.

No, Terral, unlike you I am giving you direct communication (unchanged) which I receive from my Father. I do not speculate nor I preach opinions. When stating an opinion, I am always careful to identify it beforehand.

The members of the ATS Board and their readers are being introduced to my work gathered through three decades of dedicated prayer and intense Bible Study.

Really - do you think any of what you say is something new? That no one has yet been able to hear? Give me a break! Wake up to the dawn! Your self-deception is of a severe degree.

Our readers should be reminded that everyone here is offering ‘their personal’ interpretations in the form of speculations on each of these “Conspiracies In Religions” Topics.

Most are, yes. However I AM not. Don't take my words lightly - I speak them with full authority. The words I publish I get directly from the source. I write them when I am bidden to do so. And correct error when possible and of significance. Most around here don't see anyone as being serious - even those that might think I am condemned to hell for saying that I know because God has given me to know - well, their esteem is nothing to me. No man's opinion of me or my words matters one bit.

What makes Annie’s view of things superior than the next member’s “speculations?” Nothing at all!

The fact that they are given to me directly by Michael and the others who go 'to and fro' constantly in order to minister to me in the truth from the MOST HIGH God.

My explanations include a series of carefully prepared diagrams, because of what God has given me to see by His Spirit. I heartily encourage everyone here to point out any errors in anything I present and to backup your opposing views using Scripture. 2Tim. 2:15.

Your presentations are so full of error and confusion that it would be an unwise waste of time to parse them out according to their error. As well, it is a well-known fact that you have not come to the point at which you will be allowed to see. So your error is what is for you at this point in time. Partly exacerbated by the fact that you definitely seek your own Glory rather than that of the LORD - and in doing that you preclude any chance of divine revelation in truth coming your way. After you are humbled, then you will be able to give praise and receive truth.

Your BIBLE is written in the same ENGLISH used by your READERS.

My bible is written in Hebrew.

Your misspelling of Yeshua is Freudian in revealing Annie really does not know or understand the “Christ Jesus” (Romans 6:3, 11, 23, 8:1, etc.) Paul is writing about AT ALL.

I know HIM. I KNOW HIM in the deepest sense of KNOW. The name yeshua is a misspelling and misunderstanding - I do not misspell the names of my brethren for I understand the reason and placement for every letter which composes our names.

His name is Yehoshua.

The Jesus you know is walking around incarnate on the earth someplace in your vain imagination. This entire Universe holds together “IN” Christ that Paul is writing about, saying,

Terral, your impudence is becoming more than tiresome. You DO NOT know 'the jesus I know' so don't assume that you do. Ass + u + me = assume. Leave 'me' out of the ass u ride.

The Jesus of Nazareth walking around on the earth is the ‘incarnation’ of “Christ Jesus” IN Whom “ALL THINGS hold together.”

There was no man of 'Nazareth' which didn't exist at that time. He was a Nazarite - same as Samuel, John the Baptist, and Paul. I also am a Nazarite.

My God, woman, you have a lot of nerve making intimations about my ignorance in light of the facts in this case; and THEN to offer no references to Scripture?

Your ignorance plainly shows to me - and scriptural references are lost upon you - who has already preformed and molded scripture in support for personal doctrines.

I understand the lineage, the manner, the time frame, and the purposes. I was the mother of Mary.

But, what should we expect from one who worships Satan?

BE VERY CAUTIOUS in making your rash accusations - lest you be held to answer for your harsh words against the servant in the presence of that servant's Master!

posted on Oct, 10 2006 @ 03:25 PM

Originally posted by Terral
if you are going to write about the Son of God, then have the common courtesy to present the related pronouns IN CAPS.

Yes, in the English langauge God pronouns are capitalized, however you are hardly in a position to tell people how to use pronouns. When you start referring to yourself with pronouns instead of 'terral' all the time ... then you will have a leg to stand on in regards to teaching people how to use proper English.

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